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Karaoke Party Slot

Karaoke Party is a 9-payline video slot, powered by the well-known Microgaming software platform. There are 5 transparent reels set against a purple backdrop. This slot is inspired by an interactive entertainment called “Ka­rao­ke”. The symbols are colourful with a rich soundtrack and graphics. You can try the slot here on this page for free or visit any of the Microgaming Casinos listed below to play for real money.

Before the entertainment begins, players are advised to adjust their bets. By selecting the “Bet” button, you will reveal the “Coin size”, the “Coins”, and the “Lines” option. Use arrows to navigate the “Coin size” from 0.01 to 1. The “Coins” vary from 1 to 5, while “Lines” range from 1 to 9. “Au­top­lay­” enables reels to turn without interruption for a selected number of times. To start the game simply hit the “Spin” button.

The Wild is the Karaoke Party logo. It acts as a substitute for any symbol, except the Scatter. When the Wild helps players form a winning combination, all wins are multiplied by 2.

The Scatter is the Red Dice. Regardless of their position on the reels, 3 Scatters trigger 15 Free Spins, during which all winnings are multiplied by 3.

Any winning combination activates the Gamble feature. Players can skip the feature, or play in order to increase their winning amount. If you guess the colour of the card your winning will be doubled, whereas if you guess the suit, the winning amount will be quadrupled. If you make a wrong guess, your winnings will be lost and you will be returned to the main game.

Game Play

Coin Size: Set the coins size.
Coins: Set the number of coins to wager.
Lines: Set the number of lines.
Bet: Set the number of coins per line to bet.
Gamble: Start the Gamble game.
Autoplay: Set how many times you wish for reels to turn without interruption.
Spin: Set the reels in motion.

Karaoke Party Slot Reviews by Players


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HelmG 83 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Another of my favorite slots came on the line. In the past 25 days, until Christmas 2016 many times I got to this slot free spins promotion. The real refreshment for my "wounded" budget, which I reduced the number of holiday bonuses. Microgaming has once again proved its leading position in the production of online casino games. Karaoke party is an online slot machine that brings together the fun of karaoke party with friends and excitement due to spectacular gains in the slot machines. The main part of the game offers classic fun playing slot machine games with various characters that appear on the reels. Classic opportunity for doubling the gain occurs when the realization of any gain in the basic part of the game, allowing duplication or quadruple winnings of players. At least 3 scatter symbols open 15 Free Spins that triple increase each win.

Players will quickly fall in love with this video slot machine, such as liking the same karaoke. With a minimum deposit of only 0.01 and a fantastic gains to 150,000, Karaoke Party is a real hit. This casino game with 5 reels and 9 pay-line in the shelter of a karaoke party provides a thrilling experience. And when we add the generous bonus features, players will not be separated from their computer. Watch as inspiring group of singers on stage, bringing you fantastic payouts sliding rollers. Joker symbol substitutes for all symbols except the scatter symbol. You will be fascinated feeling when you spotlights illuminate the feature doubling profits, which opens each time gain in the main part of the game. Choose the right card and double or quadruple your winnings! You can multiply your winnings as long as it is within the permissible limits.

If you get three scatter symbols, all will become three times, but that's not all. Free rotation can also be extended, as already ignited a hot atmosphere. During Free Spins, all paylines are the same as in the regular game. Karaoke Party casino game is riddled with bright and shimmering colors with colorful characters on the rollers. These graphical effects transform the classic game in a unique experience that is only possible in today's world. This machine has a simple design that allows the player to maintain concentration throughout the duration of the games. Unbeatable sound effects with the melody, which increases continuously run by players in tension and synthesized melodies and modern rhythmic tones act as exciting, and relaxing. The vivid sounds of excitement and encourage players to incessant clicks and celebrate every win. In fact, I'm delighted designs games and the opportunities it brings.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Karaoke Party is a video slot game from one of my favorite providers Microgaming. For this reason I have to try every game that comes from them. Karaoke Party was a game that I have played quite recently and for some reason I did not even know that it was released. I had a really good session at the beginning where I was getting some good wins during the base game thanks to the wild symbol. But somehow I could not activate the free spins.

Karaoke Party is a 5 reel and 9 pay lines video slot game. There is only one special feature in this game and that is the free spins feature. At the beginning I found it really difficult to activate this feature. I could not get the third scatter no matter what. I was losing my patience with this game when I reached more than 200 spins. I somehow managed to hit 3 scatters and I got 15 free sins with x 3 multiplier. I could not get more than 3 symbols on a line so at the end of the session I got only 50 euros. At this point my balance was the same as when I started playing the game. So I was in doubt whether to continue or make a withdrawal. So you can guess that I continued playing the game. I managed to activate the free spins very fast this time and I won another 50 euros this time again. After this my session was over I felt like I was not going anywhere and it was like walking in circles so I made a withdrawal.

Karaoke Party is a good addition to the Microgaming portfolio I must say. The only thing is that I did not see the game in the right light and it did not show to me its true colors but next time I hope it will.
blondie 1094 reviews
Karaoke Party is the newest game from Microgaming software and as usually, I had seen the promotional video for this game before it landed and I wasn't very impressed. I am used to see new games from Microgaming and even though I always try them, I almost never stick with them. Karaoke Party is no exception.

First of all, this game stands out from other Microgaming slots just because it has an interesting theme which is inspired by Karaoke and for most people karaoke is associated with fun time with friends and it brings good emotions. The design is quite fun as there are smiling people as game symbols and the sounds are pleasant too. But I feel like they could have incorporated this theme more in the game, for example adding some karaoke bonus round. But design and the theme in general were the only things I half enjoyed.
The first thing I already disliked about this game was the fact that it has 5 reels and 9 paylines. There are a few 9 liners that I actually like but after playing this one I felt like it was very hard to get a decent win on the base game. I had a 30€ balance when I played this game and I sticked with minimum bets, but not even once in my two hour session I had a win over 40x bet on base game. But on a positive note, the game gave me regular, small winnings of 2x-10x bet mostly because of combinations with wild symbol, which kept my balance steady for a long time.

Bonus wise this game only has one feature and it’s free spins bonus where for 3 or more scatters you get 15 free spins 3x multiplied. This feature is quite standard and many other Microgaming slots has it, however, I do think that the feature itself is decent. But because the game has only 9 paylines, the winnings I experienced from this feature were disappointing. Since I didn't get any of the higher paying 5oak winnings in free spins, my best result was 70x bet win.

Overall this is a game I tried and won't be playing again. The design is pleasant but the payouts were quite low. I do think that this game would be much better if it had 243 ways, then I could find myself playing it again because the bonus itself is good and has decent winning potential, but since I am not a really big fan for 9 line games (with exceptions), I find this game quite boring.
Afi4wins 1334 reviews
Singing in a Karaoke Lounge? Ah, yes. I used to do that quite often with my working colleagues. On weekends, after a week of hard work, it would be time to get a bit of relaxation and to unwind. Sing some favourite songs and down some drinks. Sing on your own, sing along with your friends, or just sit around with the lovely GRO. You do know what GROs are right? So no need for me to explain in any way, lest my review here turns around and go astray, hehehe. I love music and I love singing, right from my schooling days. Won the third prize in my College Talentime Contest way back then, entering it for the very first time, so that was quite an achievement. But after all these years, singing in the bathroom has now ceased, but sometimes it does happen whenever a song just couldn't get out of my head. If driving long distances on my own, singing along with my earphones is a must. It keeps me awake and alert, seriously! If you ask me "come join my karaoke party?", you'll get a big grin and that's where I wanna be. Hehehe.

Well, for a game like Karaoke Party here, the background soundtrack is not really what I wanna hear. Yes, it is quite lively no doubt, after it doesn't help me much in my game play. There was one night I was very tired and getting sleepy, but my fingers won't go to sleep, they were very itchy, trying to find a game to play became very picky, but Karaoke Party finally put me to sleep, oh blimey! How I wish the soundtrack could be a thumping and foot-tapping kind, spinning the reels with my head nodding all the time, my fingers clicking in tune to the beat and the rhyme, win or lose on the game, at least I'll have a great time! Hehehe. Nope, nothing of that sort with Karaoke Party here.

The game logo itself is the Wild symbol, pays 1111x the total bet for 5 of them, and doubles all wins with it too. At least this symbol isn't dumb. The Scatter symbol pays 500x the total bet, now that is good, getting 3 or more of those Scatters award a Free Spins game of 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier, and more free spins can be retriggered. This is also good, but yet to be seen, especially the retriggering bit, which very rarely come in to hit. The Lady and the Man solo singers both pay 83x the total bet for 5 of them, whilst all other symbols have lower win values right down to 11x the total bet. Well, those aren't really that good, but they aren't that low either. Probably just a tad above average, I would say.
How I wish a lively game like a karaoke party game can live up to its name. The base game play was nothing much, with nothing interesting to lift up the game. The Free Spins game couldn't pay big, mostly average, mostly lame. I want to like this game, but sadly enough, the poor payouts are to be blame. Ah well, I hope your game can be better with good wins to gain.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Microgaming recently released a slew of new online slots and I would so like to see even more. Karaoke Party was released on 3rd August 2016. This is a 5-reels 9-paylines video slot and it comes with quality graphics and a relaxing background soundtrack. I can't understand what is the reason behind creating new releases which actually look like some oldies. This should definitely change. I am saying this because I believe they are loosing customers by doing so and NetEnt is getting a much bigger piece of the cake for their creative and super cool game features. And of course, talking about futuristic look, Microgaming is far from it. I decided to try out Karaoke Party, the only one game I have never actually liked. I am a bit disappointed and I must tell that I don't like the symbols in this game, except for the Scatter symbol (dices, of course).

Whatever I have won on my 0.09 cents bets came from Wilds and Scatters winning combinations and they were all less then 50x my bet size. Sadly but true, I didn't manage to trigger any free spins either. 3 or more Scatter symbols will trigger 15 free spins and all wins are multiplied x2. More free spins can be retriggered. The logo Karaoke Party acts as the Wild symbol and substitutes for all symbols except for the Scatter symbol. It's the most valuable and rewarding symbol at the same time. Wins with the Wild symbol are also multiplied by x2.

My first session wasn't too much fun, especially knowing the fact that I didn't trigger any of the features, which means that I will have to wait for some time before I would give it a second try. This game may be worth a trying out, depending on what each player is looking for or wants in a game.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
This game was just released a couple of weeks ago and I was extra keen to give it a try - more so than I usually am, even, with Microgaming slots - because of the fact it was a nine line game which is a style that seems to have been sadly neglected by the big name slot providers in recent times.

It was a bittersweet moment when I began spinning the reels however. First of all I find the theme and graphics to be really quite tacky and lame - Microgaming are usually experts at presentation so this seems a bit of a slip for them although the interface itself is typically high quality. Secondly and most importantly it turns out that this is just a clone of a much older Microgaming slot model and an incredibly common one at that - this is nothing more than a reskin of Thunderstruck!

Not that that is automatically a bad thing - Thunderstruck is a great slot afterall, so popular it spawned a slew of clones immediately after its release infact but this is the first one to pop up (to the best of my knowledge) for quite some time now.

I won't go into too much detail about the game as I can't imagine there are many who don't already have some knowledge of either Thunderstruck, Spring Break, Ladies Nite or Adventure Palace - and thats just the well known clones of this slot engine! It's really a very typical machine, from the nine lines, the scatter symbols which award 15 free spins with a 3x mutiplier, and the wild symbol doubles any win it forms a part of. The maximum payout is set at 3333x stake achieved by scoring a full line of wilds during free spins, and five scatters has a chunky return of 500x bet as well which can be tripled during free spins.

That's really the outline of the game, but unlike the often completely unobtainable maximum wins in NetEnt games, I have actually seen screenshots of people hitting the jackpot in Thunderstruck, so if you like the look of this game it's definitely worth a try - personally though I think I'll stick with Thunderstruck or Agent Jane Blonde as I much prefer the theme of these games.
It would really have been nice to see a completely new nine line game though!

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