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Jungle Jim El Dorado Slot

Jungle Jim El Dorado Slot is a 25-payline payline video slot, powered by Microgaming software provider. Based on the search for Eldorado, the game is beautifully designed and it offers 2 interesting features. There are 5 transparent reels set against the jungle backdrop. Give Jungle Jim El Dorado Slot a spin for free, or visit any of the listed Microgaming Casinos to play for real money.

Before you head over to South American jungles, you are advised to set your bets first. Use “Bet” to regulate coin size, varying from 0.25 to 25. The “Au­top­lay­” option enables reels to turn without interruption for the selected number of times, whereas the “Spin” button starts the game.

Jungle Jim logo is the game’s Wild. It acts as a replacement for all symbols except the Scatter, which is the 2-Ring Zodiac symbol. Land at least 3 Scatters simultaneously anywhere on the reels to trigger 10 Free Spins. What’s more, Free Spins feature may be retriggered.

Rolling Reels feature is active throughout the game. As long as the winning combinations are formed, the contributing symbols will disappear to be replaced by the new ones. It gives players chance to increase their winning potential.

There is the Multiplier Trail which increases upon every spin. Namely, the initial spin starts with a multiplier of 1x and goes up to 2x on a next spin. The multiplier may go up to 5x during the base game, while during Free Spins rounds it may reach a value of up to 15x.

Game Play

Bet: Set the number of coins per line to bet.
Autoplay: Set the number of times you wish for the reels to turn without interruption.
Spin: Set the reels in motion.

Jungle Jim El Dorado Slot Reviews by Players


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LeoDubbed 142 reviews
It's Tarzan, it's George of the jungle, no it's just plain Jim in the jungle.

Microgaming was best known for it's creativity of making video slots. This gaming provider has been our online games providers for about 2 decades. Now, that's a record. I always have been a loyal player to them and I have a lot of respect for them.

It occurred to me that Microgaming is less inventive nowadays. I really don't expect from them to clone a game from their rival. Ofcourse it goes without saying that NetEnt has grown into a great online gaming provider but I guess each provider copycat from each other. This game for example, it is so obvious that it's a clone of Gonzo's Quest. Be honest, you can see it immediately after a few spins.

It's not a new game from Microgaming, in fact this is probably a reboot or a sequel of their older game with the same name and if you ask me, they have improved the game massively. Better graphics, better sounds and of course, a big change of gameplay in the positive way.

Like I said before, the game is a clone of NetEnt's Gonzo's Quest but there have to a slightly difference. There are 2 differences between those two games. First difference is the paylines. Gonzo's Quest has 20 paylines and Jungle Jim has 5 more. In Gonzo's Quest, 3 or more scatters triggers the free falls but they have to be in a winning paylines and in Jungle Jim this is not the case. That's what I like most about Jungle Jim.

I've played this game just a few times back in 2016 soon after it was released. The first few times I had luck and managed to trigger the free falls after few spins. However, the winning of it wasn't very pleased. I do believe Gonzo's Quest pays way more than Jungle Jim and that's why I like Gonzo's Quest more but I think I'm not the only one.

Despite the comparison I do like Jungle Jim and I probably will give this game another run sometimes this week.
Jungle Jim El Dorado is unlike most of the Microgaming video slot and it looks so different. It looks like Microgaming 'borrowed' rules ideas from various providers.If you look at the game rules it reminds so much of the NetEnt's famous 'Gonzo's Quest' video slot. Evene thought Jungle Jim El Dorado looks so nice none of the 'old' gamblers like clones and same goes for me. I am uspet with Microgaming because it seems they have troubles making uniquee slots lately and on the top of disappointment we have quite poor pay tables too. Game appearance and graphics are really nice but still its just another clone to me.

Even I had some decent wins and nice sessions I still don't like idea of being clone. The first time I tried out this slot was in Vegas Palms Casino. I have received 10 Free Spins to try out the newest releases. I can't tell for sure but there was around 2 or 3 euros won from Free Spins. Even disappointed I kept playing as my inner voice have 'told' me to not change this game and I was right. All of a sudden I have triggered free spins feature and won significant 30 euros from it on my 0.25 cents stake. I kept playing and then another decent win came in and it was like x 100 my stake. That was so,so nice and refreshing. I almost forgot it's a clone game.Since I had successful session at Vegas Palms Casino I used chance to play this slot on several occasions in different casinos and I wasn't mistaken. All sessions were successful, at least I didn't lost my balance down to zero but opossite, I made some money.Not only Microgaming but all games providers should learn that players don't like clones and please offer something uniquee. It's a shame such a beatuiful game like Jungle Jim El Dolaro seems to be just another clone guys
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Jungle Jim el Dorado is a really nice video slot game from Microgaming. This game is very different from all the other games that they have produced until now. I think that graphic wisely this could be my favorite slot from Microgaming.

Jungle Jim el Dorado is a 5 reels and 25 pay lines video slot game. The game is powered with the Rolling Reels feature with a multiplier that increases with every win and a free spins feature too. During my session I had no wins at the beginning or only some insignificant ones.

The main attraction in the Jungle Jim el Dorado video slot game is the free spins feature. The feature is activated with scatter symbols but they need to be on the first, second and the third reel. It took me really a while to activate this feature I even lost hope that I will see the free spins in that session though. I got 10 free spins and during the free spins the multiplier goes from x 3, x 6, x 9, x 12 and up to x 15. This showed me that the feature has a potential to pay huge but all I got was a multiplier that did not go higher than x 6 and all I won was 34 euros.

What kept me playing was the base game. The Rolling Reels is a really powerful feature because this means that I was getting many free spins during the base game. There were some big wins thanks to the Multiplier Trail that increases the multiplier with every consecutive win. The multiplier starts at x 1, then x2, x 3, x 4 and x 5.

Jungle Jim el Dorado is a really nice slot and I highly recommend this game to anyone. There are nice wins that will keep your balance and do not give up if you find it difficult to activate the free spins, because eventually you will.
blondie 1094 reviews
Jungle Jim Eldorado is one of Microgamings' newest slots and it was released around two months ago. I did see a promotional video for this slot and truth be told, I wasn't too interested in this game simply because it looked like Netent's Gonzo's quest slots' copycat. Quite recently Euro Palace casino gave me free spins on this slot and it was the first time I tried it. The spins didn't give me much, but I decided to deposit and give this game a decent try.

So with 60€ balance I started to play this game. The slot has 5 reels and 25 paylines and with that in mind, the minimum bets are set to 0.25€ per spin.The game is inspired by the jungle theme and Jungle Jim is the main character, who's looking for treasures. There are so many things that this slot has in common with Gonzo's Quest that it's safe to say that Microgaming has taken their inspiration from it- the theme, multipliers and even free spins bonus is the same.

Having that said, I did like the design for this slot, it has treasure and jewel symbols. And whenever you get a win, the winning symbols are taken out and new ones come to their places, and the multiplier for the win increases. That's a really nice feature as it allows you to get decent base game wins, as the multiplier on base game goes from 1x to 5x. So I managed to play over 700 spins and I have to say I did have a good time with the game. I had one win on base game near 100x bet due to a good 5oak winning combination. And I also managed to trigger free spins once. I was a little upset when I won only 20x bet from the spins, as they also have the multiplier reel and it goes from 3x up to 15x. But I also have to admit that it was hard to get decent wins on base game, except for that one big win, all I had was 10x bet winnings up to 15x bet. I also don't like the way free spins are triggered as you need scatters from left to right and wild symbol doesn't substitute scatter as it is on Gonzo's Quest and it definitely makes the spins harder to trigger.

Overall I think that Jungle Jim is a decent game and I might play it some time. The design is pleasant and I do think that with up to 15x multiplier it can give decent winnings. But at the same time, this slot compared to Gonzo- I will always stick with Gonzo as the design is better and I've had better wins.
zerooo 742 reviews
Jungle Jim El Dorado is a 25 payline video slot powered by Microgaming software provider. This game is probably a clone of a popular game Gonzo's Quest by NetEnt.
The rolling reels is a mode which is active all the time during base game and into free spins feature. It can award multiple consecutive wins. The win multiplier increases with each consecutive roll. Into base game you can get up to x5 multiplier, during free spins up to x15 multiplier.

I think this game is designed nice, it has good graphics. When I was playing it I had some luck at the beggining. I got some decent winnings at base game and because of that I played it for a longer time. My bet stakes were not so big, I mostly bet small bets up to around 0,50€. Free spins feature is interesting just because one thing –multipliers up to x15 which is really big. But to get the biggest multiplier is very hard. For me it was even harder to trigger any free spins feature.

And to be honest I never got any free spins feature at all while I was playing it. I know that at Gonzo's Quest is also hard to trigger free spins, but here it was impossible. I made over 200 spins on it and I never triggered them. The winnings during base game were sometimes really good… well at the end I never get any win bigger than x10 bet and I lost my balance very quickly. I don't like this game just because I never triggered free spins. I don't think I will play it again in near future. I would rather try my luck at popular Gonzo's Quest where I had much better luck than at this one. I just can not win anything from Microgaming slots. I will rate Jungle Jim with 5 out of 10 possible stars.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
I'm sure I can't be the only one who feels like Microgaming was having a bit of a laugh when they came up with this one - it's almost a carbon copy of NetEnt's long time popular slot "Gonzo's Quest", even the subtitles are bizarrely similar and I honestly can't really work out why Microgaming would choose to do this... perhaps revenge for Reel Steel or another NetEnt derivative of their work? Whatever the case, I don't ever remember NetEnt copying a Microgaming slot this blatantly and I wouldn't be surprised if the lawyers got involved at some stage over this one.

There are a couple of differences - 25 paylines in this game compared to 20 in Gonzo's, and one very nice change is the fact that the free spin trigger symbols are actually scatters in this game so there's no chance of getting three onscreen but still not triggering the bonus as has happened to me more times than I care to recall in NetEnt's game. Frustratingly though the scatters still only appear on the first three reels, so it really is very much a token change.

The advertised RTP for this game is 96.31% whereas Gonzo's is slightly lower at 96%, although confusingly the paytable is slightly worse in this game with the top five of a kind returning 120x your stake rather than 125x in Gonzo's quest. Despite this the maximum possible win from a single spin is reasonably high at 3680x making this reasonably high variance although it really doesn't feel like it in general play and of course such a win is only possible during the free spins.
I've never been a huge fan of Gonzo's Quest in all honesty and I think Microgaming could have made this game a lot better if they had tried. I was also surprised when I compared the games side by side to note that the animation seems quite choppy in this game - there are noticably fewer frames to the reel animations than in Gonzo's and although I think this game looks higher quality when it's standing still it definitely suffers when the reels are in motion. I think this game just edges ahead because of the proper scatters, but there really is very little in it.
Afi4wins 1331 reviews
Have you ever played Jungle Jim before? No, no, not played him, played his game, his oldies games, I mean. Well, I have and I'm pretty sure you have too. Not that bad those games, but the graphics can be a bit lame, but it's okay for being oldies games. Time moves fast, time waits for no man, not even for Jungle Jim. Many years have since passed, and now our jungle hero comes back to life, looking all new and all fresh, and going hunting for that elusive El Dorado treasure. Hmm. I thought only that helmet-in-his-eyes Spaniard explorer and that fatty Tribal Chief went hunting for it, but now, we have Jungle Jim too. Ah well, 2 or 3 years too late, but never mind.

Playing Jungle Jim El Dorado is no different from playing Gonzo's Quest or Rook's Revenge. They share the same game concept and design, each with their own icons and symbols, but our Jim here prefers something a little different from the other two, so voila, no grid boxes and less of the various masks. Hehehe. Being a new game from Microgaming, the graphics are up to contemporary standards, not astonishing or vibrant enough, but pleasing to the eye nonetheless. The first other difference that I noticed with Jim is that...he isn't as adventurous, nor cheeky, nor playful, as like our Spaniard friend, who can even do the 'moon walk' dance in the jungle. Hmm. For Jim, he is contented with just looking and resting one arm on his trusty spade. I really wonder how he manages to keep that big spade in his tiny little bag though. Must be a technologically advance cybernetic spade that. Hahaha.

Even for a 'Rolling Reels' game like this one, the Wild symbol does not have to be dumb, but it is. No paying for itself, no doubling of wins, no expanding, just substituting. 3 Scatters pay 5x the total bet and awards 10 free spins with a dynamic multiplier, and more free spins can be retriggered. But I didn't get any retriggers, as always. Other symbols in the game pay from 120x to 2x the total bet for 5 of each kind. A low paytable.
Not being a fan of Microgaming games, I played this Jungle Jim game only once so far, taking up a match bonus with my deposit. I really hate how Microgaming games tend to start off cold. It took over 340 useless spins before the first Free Spins game could come, which paid 43x my bet amount. The next one came after 140 spins, paid a nice 65x win, disappeared for a long while, then came back with a 31x win. Somehow or rather, Jungle Jim just doesn't play as good as Gonzo's Quest. Too many empty spins, the Free Spins games are hard to come by, and I didn't get any retrigger at all. I couldn't win anything big, I ended up losing everything, but most importantly, I did not enjoy playing this Jungle Jim's game. I'd prefer playing that Spaniard's game anytime!

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