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hajnrih 1376 reviews
I used to play the Gold video slot game very often. I know it is nearly impossible to trigger the free spins round, but still the winnings during the base game are okay. This is a 5 reels 20 pay lines game from Microgaming software. I really like the theme and the sound effects of this game.

Every time I play this slot it takes me ages to hit 3 scatters at once and to trigger the free spins round. This is the only thing that I dislike when it comes to this game. I enjoyed playing the game though. I really think there is something in video slots that are all covered in gold, they are somehow luring. I usually play this game with min bet of only 0.20 but the last time I thought I should play with a 1 euro bet and hope for greater wins. I was getting 5 of a kind combinations throughout the session which kept my balance. I triggered the free spins round after 100 spins and I got 15 free spins with x 3 multiplier. The win was not that impressive it was just 50 x bet. At the end of the session I have lost all my money because I increased my bet again hoping to get more or at least to trigger the free spins round again, but that did not happen unfortunately. But at other times I would leave the game with some good amount on my balance so I am not mad when I lose everything while I play this game.

This is a game that can be addictive so I would probably play it again in the future. The wins come and go but the thing is that the game itself is entertaining, so you somehow go back to it. I would warmly recommend this slot to anyone. If you want to have some good time and win some cash, this can be the game you should choose.
paquito76 867 reviews
This slot game called Gold is really very simple from every aspect. I mean with the name like this we easily can suggest that the luxurious life and all of its representatives is the main target theme and also we can have some conjecture that the interface is covered with lot of gold colours and what kind of luxurious items can be the used symbols here. We can’t go wrong in any way but I think this interface deserves a closer look. From appearance standpoint this interface is really dominated by gold tint which is everywhere from the background image through the frames of the reel area, the decorative motives and of course the symbols themselves but seemingly it can be seemed as a very one-dimensional displaying work which should be boring but it’s really not that thanks to the great design of the pictorial elements. We can see gold credit card and gold watch in the background while the symbols illustrate gold bars, jewels, gold records, and cards and the common ground of them is all of them golden related depicting form which I think really greatly structured and looking at the screen in its entirety they really could reflects a baronial lifestyle and the special world of richness. I think this appearance is able to fulfil its main goal namely to be attractive where the gamblers like to return to and enjoy what they see.

The slot itself is a 20-payline game where the features and game rules are very decent but I have some issues with the paying ability of the winning combinations. Of course I’m not thinking here of the best paying five of a kind type win which is 10.000 times of line bet but for example the second highest rewarding icon has just 750 coins top prize and I would like to see if between these two awards would be more steps and there would be at least one or two symbols that would have the ability to pay around 2500 and 5000 coins. Unfortunately, this relative poor paying power of the majority of symbols can be felt during playing the normal game because even if the winning tendency is solid but the wins can’t be too profitable and I don’t really feel that I could win any massive amounts here.

I’m saying this even if the Wild has win doubling ability which really works and frequently can be seen practically but somehow I still don’t feel that the base game would be a good rewarding part of the game. So in my opinion to get the best result from the game we have to focus on the Gold Record symbol and not just because it can award 100 times of total bet amount if 5 of them land on the reels but rather because of it free spin triggering power. 3 or more such wanted icon on the table activate 15 free games during all wins are tripled and importantly the side game can be re-triggered which is not rare to be realized. Once it really happened when I felt myself extremely lucky and this re-triggering process happened 4! times during a session and needless to say with approx. 50 spins really caused a nice surprise for me.

Even if the side game is very promising and usually it well rewarding but once we sadly don’t spend the majority of our time playing with this feature and secondly the main game should be much better working and paying regardless what’s like its secondary game. I don’t think the slot would have player-friendly or even just correct paying quality during base game and that’s really not helping induce me to return to this slot every time when I’m around a Microgaming casino.
I really believe if some upgrade would be made at this segment by the creators it would be a nice gesture and then maybe not just me re-consider the playing habits regarding to visiting this game more frequently.
valentin68 535 reviews
The World can say what he want, still Microgaming casinos are the best, ever! After I played a few dozen slots from new casinos that I have never heard of them (although some were quite good), I said that I will never end up with my old love: Microgaming slots. Here, if you know where and when to play you have the best chances of winning.

The “Gold” slot comes together with a song that translates all the above very well, using the following words: “Gold! I always believe in your soul, You have the power to know, la, la ,la ...". melody that not only fits perfectly to all Microgaming casinos but also is a very good choice for the “Gold” slot. This slot makes you feel like being one of the “whales” of the Internet. (I read a few days ago in an online article that on the internet one can find all types of people: “minnows” - those at the bottom of the internet business, “scavangers” –a bit above minnows, “hunters” - those from the middle of the internet businesses who are active, "hunter packs" and on the top on the internet: the "Whales"!)

I do not know where I am situated in this hierarchy, but playing this slot “Gold” full of this precious metal, for sure you are in the front line. Everything here is pure gold: Bars, Rings, Cars, Audio Discs, even the minor symbols. You will not wait too much for the wins to come and the first time you enter in Free Spins (when all payouts are tripled), you will earn enough and add good money to your pocket. Despite the fact that this is a “simple” slot, for the minimum bet of 20 cents generally you will find very easily to collect more than 5-10 extra Euros. However, like when playing other Microgaming slots, unless you are carefully and do not stop, you can get into losing money as easy. In 200 spins that played, I entered 4 times in Free Spins, from which I came out with a win of some 4 to 13 Euro.

Nice is here this music that accompanies Free Spins and sends the player into ecstasy. The slot is good for both music and the richness of gold, and also for the game itself. Like I said, Microgaming is the best!
I never realised that this slot game was based on Spandau Ballet’s 80’s hit classic: Gold. I’ve played this game one time during a really long session, but it never came to my mind that this game was somehow connected until I just read The Runner’s review below. It’s quite ironic but when I think of it now, it all makes sense.

The background melodies and of course the hit song plays once you hit the scatters. But in my defense, it took me ages to get 3 scatters in the first place. My session wasn’t a good one when I chose to play this game. Nevertheless, I think I enjoyed playing this game more or less. That must say something about the Gold video slot as well.

The game itself has been produced by Microgaming and offers 20-paylines and 5-reels. The theme is Gold and the slot is therefore nicely decorated with a golden layout containing symbols like, golden cars, watches, bars, credit cards, suitcase (wild) and even golden scatters (disk).

The minimum bet is only €0.20 and thanks to the fine background music it’s really entertaining to play. I played 1 euro bets on this game with my last 100 euros, after losing a 3300 euros profit earlier on. So you can only imagine how messed up I was at the time when I went to play Gold.

But it sure has kept me busy though. If the slot was dead, I would have lost my last 100 euros in no time. However, the constant teasing with the scatters and then showing none on reel 5 was quite annoying though. It did that the whole session long.

It did give me several 5oak combinations though to extend my playtime. The wilds (suitcase) drop in very regularly as well. After 50 minutes of playing I finally had 3 scatters which awarded me 15 free spins and a 3 x multiplier. I believe wilds even award a 5 x multiplier. My win was around 50 x betsize and after trying to get the free spins again, I went bust sometime later.

Overall a nice game that can be quite addicting indeed.
Scatters teasing, slightly annoying.
Th3 Runn3R 119 reviews
United States
Based on the 80's hit song from Spandou Ballet, Gold is one heck of a game powered by Microgaming.
Golden layout, great music and wow the intro when the free spins bonus is triggered just makes my heart beats very fast.

Finally, a Microgaming game that match a WMS game (in my opinion).
Personally I love the 80's songs so this game is to me a big hit, I kept pushing the spin button and when the free spins is triggered I just sing a long the music.

The other thing I like about this game is not only that golden look and awesome music but the game also pays.
Free spins bonus round can/are also triggered very quickly, in the half an hour playing this game I won about 5 free spins bonus rounds which is very rare for a video slot.
Wild symbols are also multipliers (2 x as normal wins) which makes big win more possible. This game is like the game I mentioned before (the legend of Olympus) but with a better paytable.

Gold is now on my top 10 video slots list. I found this game about a month ago and I wonder why I didn't noticed this game before because I know I would play this game very often. I think it's probably I wasn't playing a lot at a Microgaming casinos lately.

I do recommend this game to all video slots lovers/fans because this game will take you back to the 80's (if you are born in the 80's) again en something tells me that you will be experienced the same thing as I did.
Well done Microgaming, you found my soft spot and I will play this game for quite some time and probably it will cost me a lot of cash for the next few months (lol, just kidding) but well done!
I hope in the future Microgaming (or others) would make a lot more games like this and I will be defenseless and became addictive to them.


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