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Glow is 5 reels video slot that runs on NetEnt platform and it has 15 pay-lines. This is a beautiful Nordic nature-themed slot whose reels are set against the backdrop of aurora borealis glimmering over the pine forest. Also, there are some quite soothing sounds playing in the background. The symbols are represented as different stylized animal masks, as well as high card symbols. The whole design of this slot is mesmerizing, so give it a spin here for free or visit NetEnt Casinos to play for real money.

Before you go relax and enjoying this celestial event you should adjust your bet. Coin denominations go from 0.01 to 1 and can be set by +/- buttons in "Coin Value" section. In "Level" tab, you can set the number of coins per line. By clicking on "Max Bet" you will set the maximum bet available. "Spin" button is represented as the two circular arrows, and it will set the reels in motions. "Autoplay" will turn the reels for a chosen number of times without interruption.

As far as bonus rounds and extra features go in this video slot, they are pretty sparse. You can encounter a Wild symbol and Free Spins feature in this slot.

The Wild symbol is represented as the pink animal mask, and it can substitute for all other symbols. If it creates a winning combination, the win will be multiplied by 2. If you hit more winning combinations, you will be paid for the highest one.

The Free Spins bonus round is not triggered by any special symbol nor with a scatter. This bonus round is incorporated in the base game and can be activated if you hit 5 high value symbols. Each combo formed with one of the animal symbols awards you with free spins.  All wins during this round are multiplied by 2, and this feature can be re-activated. When you spend all of your free spins, you will be taken back to the base game.

Game Play

Coin Value: Set the coin denominations.
Bet Max: Set the highest bet possible.
Level: Set the number of coins per line.
Spin: Start the game.
Auto Play: Turn the reels without interruption for a certain amount of times.

GLOW Slot Reviews by Players


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I liked 'Glow' by NetEnt since I came across this great looking game. Its inspired by Northern Lights. The whole story sounds and look amazing, just like the slot created exclusively for the Betsson Group which you probably heard of, if not, you should check it out as it's safe and reputable group of online casinos.

When talking about new game, when waiting new video slot to come out, you start wondering what features are, how does it paytable look and is it high or medium variance game. Then you start spinning, the best option is some 'Free Spins' offer on casino and then after your game session ends you can decide whether to put your money in our stay away from particular video slot.

I want to play 'Glow' video slot but it ain't so easy. So much going on around, so many new releases and I can't catch up with everything. Quite simple.This is low variance slot and the maximum you can cashout is x 600 your stake, now you can get a clue what am I talking about. There isn't bonus game, only Free Spins feature with x2 multiplier attached .

I can't recall if I played long enough to say more about this great video slot. I know it's low variance but I want to play. I don't remember of any decent win during my sessions but that not a big deal either. This is 5-reels, 15- pay lines video slot. No Scatter symbol and I am not surprised considering its paytable. Combinations which include only one animal symbol will award you Free Spins. With hyperproduction of the video slots, you don't come across great slots.. sometimes it is paytable that will keep you away of the game because at some point you realize you want to make some money and you start looking after the game that suits you the best. I do recommend 'Glow' to give it a try.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
I felt a spooky sensation of Deja Vu upon spinning the reels of NetEnt's "Glow" for the first time, so many things about the game felt extremely familiar but I just could not put my finger on it, even after looking at the paytable for a few minutes - I definitely recognised the free spin mechanics but just could not remember which game I was trying to think of...

Eventually when I did work it out, it all made sense - this game is a clone of "Fruit Shop", another NetEnt game but not a particularly popular or well known one, hence my inability to easily remember it. There are several years inbetween the release dates of these two games, so I cannot help but feel NetEnt are simply cashing in by creating a "new" game which has been based entirely on the maths model and mechanics of one of their long-forgotten earlier creations - Why not introduce a few new features, modify the payouts for some of the symbols? or even - wait for it - create a brand new slot altogether! Wouldn't that be something?

That's not to say that "Glow" is a bad game. The graphics and sound are excellent quality, though I think most of us have come to expect this from a NetEnt game by now, and playing it can be a lot of fun regardless of it's slightly shaky origins.

The game features a slightly unusual bonus system whereby free spins are awarded for any winning combination. The top symbol gives a single free spin for two or three of a kind, or two or five free spins for four or five of a kind respectively whereas the other picture symbols give free spins for three of a kind upwards. During the free spins further winning combinations give a retrigger of up to a further five free spins, and even the low paying TJQKA symbols can add you a free spin or two here. The result is that whenever you are winning you continue to receive free spins, during my best session I managed around 50 free spins in a row as a result of this sytem and there is even a 2x multiplier during free spins as well!
Considering the game has only fifteen lines I would of hoped for the paytable to be slanted a little more heavily towards large wins, alas Glow is most definitely a low variance slot as its maximum payout is only around 600x your stake, so this isn't one to play if your hoping to see a monster win. Nevertheless, it's fairly kind on your bankroll and you can get a lot of play time out of this one most days, so it's still worth a look.
Fiekie247 236 reviews
South Africa
Glow is a Netent powered slot game based on northern lights. Being set behind the mountain backdrop at night makes this slot looks amazing. With 5 reels and 15 paylines which means you can win big for only $0.15 per spin.

These northern lights also have a very special power of their own as they make the local wildlife, including Bears, Reindeers, Wolves, Mountain Cats, Owls and Rabbits, appear with a glow of their own.

Look out for the bear symbol which is the wild symbol and multiplies winnings by 2 when it forms part of a winning combination of symbols. What makes this game exciting for everyone is the free spins fest feature. Unlike any other slot where you need to get 3 scatter symbols to enter free spin or bonus round, with Glow you only need to have a winnings combination with any animal symbol. Depending on the amount of symbols on the winning combination depends on the free spins. Wolves, mountain cats, owls and rabbits awards 1 free spin for three of a kind, 2 free spins for four of a kind and 5 free spins for five of a kind winning combination. The reindeer which is the highest paying symbol also award the same free spins as per all the other animals with the exception of 2 reindeers on a payline awards 1 free spin as well.

Now I play fruit shop more often, but getting winning combinations in Glow is much easier from what I noticed. I normally play this game at $0.45 per spin my biggest win during the free spins on 1 spin was about x70 my bet. I even crushed wagering using this game once and made a nice withdrawal. I consider Glow as one of my favourites and would recommend you give it a try as well, if you are a fan of free spins.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
I remember I came across this new NetEnt game just about its release date. It hasn’t been added to the AskGamblers directory by that time and as I liked it very much, so I decided to start a new topic about it. That was almost a year ago and this slot was produced exclusively for the Betsson Group and was initially available to play only at Mr Smith Casino and at Betsafe Casino. Nowadays, you can play this slot in many casinos, so I guess they pay in order to add this beautiful game to their games list.

This slot theme has been inspired by the Northern Lights, and I am writing this review with deep emotions in my heart, because it made me discover and hear of Northern Lights, so many thanks to this slot which amazed me then. Northern Norway is most likely the most comfortable place to see the Northern Lights, but this strange and beautiful weather phenomenon can also be seen in other parts of mother earth too.

There are hundreds of thousands of people living in this huge geographical area and it’s one of my must-visit destination. I definitely suggest you to enjoy the feeling of this Northern Lights beauty partly through playing this magical slot game. As the Northern Lights belt hits the Lofoten Islands, let hit some facts that you can expect when you hit that spin or start button on your computer or mobile unit.

This Glow slot game has 5 reels, 3 rows and 15 paylines. It is a thrilling experience when wild bear symbols appear on any active payline, awarding you wins with a x2 multiplier. Another interesting fact about this game is that if you trigger any winning combinations with just one animal symbol, you get awarded with free spins. Free spins pay with a x2 multiplier too. More free spins can be retriggered during the free spins feature game and some really nice and decent wins are possible to get. Sadly, there is no scatter symbol in this game though. The minimum bet is 0.15 cents and anyone can afford to feel the magic of this Northern Lights inspired game. I personally like this game way too much and I might even possibly win the maximum 2000 coins one of these days.
zerooo 742 reviews
GLOW is 5 reels video slot machine with 15 active pay lines. It is designed, powered by NetEnt software provider. I played this game many times when I got some free spins on it, but I have to say that I do not like it at all. The design and graphics are good here, but the payouts are not so good for me. So I rather play other games than this one.

Here you can find wild symbols which substitutes for all symbols. If you get winning combination with wild, the pay out will be at x2 multiplier. Otherwise this game has only one feature which is free spins. Bet line wins in free spins pay the win amount x2. Bet line wins with some animal symbols award free spins. Here are no scatters, so this game is pretty similar to Fruit Shop for free games. During free games any winning combinations with some matching symbols award you extra free spins.

The max number of free spins which you can get at the beginning is 5. I triggered free spins many times here, it is quite easy to get them. But for me all free spins ended in around 2- 3 spins. I do not like this kind of free spins, I rather see scatters and fixed number of free games which I can get. Here you never know how many will you get and I do not like that fact.

Otherwise the main game is quite boring, with all small payouts. I never had any big or even decent winnings – during free spins and into main game. I am sure I will not play it again. Well maybe only if I will get some free spins on it, otherwise I do not think so. I will rate it with 5 out of 10 possible stars.
blondie 1094 reviews
Glow is a game from Netent software I know already for a while and at that time I didn't know it was an exclusive slot only few casinos had, as I was playing it at Triobet casino and had few free spin offers at that time. This month many Netent casinos added this slot to their game selections and I decided to spend some more time with it, as I didn't have a lot of experience with this slot.

The design of this game is really unique and doesn’t look like other Netent slots because it is inspired by northern lights and animal spirits, and I really like that about Glow. But I have to admit that those times when I've played this game on my phone, it's quite hard to differ the animal symbols because they are so alike. But from the technical aspects this game seems almost the same as Fruit Shop, it has 15 paylines and awards free spins when you get animal winning symbols (and on Fruit shop it's fruits).

Recently I made a deposit of 30€ at Jackpotland casino, where I had received free spins on this game earlier. Since the minimm bets are 0.15€ per spin, I didn't bet higher than that and I have to say that I got disappointed with this game. It has free spins round, which is their only bonus, but from my experience the payouts are quite low. For two highest paying symbols you get 1 free spin 2x multiplied but for all other animal symbols you receive 1 free spin for 3 symbols, but atleast if there is a win on the free spins, you get extra free spins.

The highest amount of free spins I've got so far have been 16 and they paid only 30x bet. I think that the only good thing is that there is a wild symbol that doubles a win, so that makes getting the spins even more easier. But I think you need to be really lucky to get a big win on this game, for example in the free spins round 5oak combination with a wild symbol could pay good, but that isn't an easy combination to get, in my humble opinion.

I lost my entire balance on this slot within a few hours. I would choose it when playing with a small no deposit bonus, because for a while my balance was steady or even up for a bit, but since my biggest win on base game hasn't gone over 20x bet and free spins 30x bet, I won't be spending much more money on it. I would recommend to try this game, because it looks really great and could be decent fit for wagering, but I wouldn't have high hopes.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Glow is a new game for me but I don’t know when it was released. I came across it by chance when I had a bigger balance and wanted to try some new game. I saw it and it looked nice. I took a look at the paytable and the features and decided to give her a try.

This is a 5 reel, 15 payline slot. I like slots with 15 paylines because I had some of my biggest wins on them. The graphic and animations are great. I like the symbols, they are very clear and simple. I also enjoy the background music. It reminds me of some movie and it is very relaxing as you play. The paytable is somewhat descent with the highest paying symbol awarding a win of 2000 coins for 5 of them on a winning payline. This game doesn’t have scatters only wild symbols. It has a doubling function whenever it is in a winning combination so you can have some nice wins with wilds here.

This game offers only a free spins bonus, but you don’t need any feature to trigger it. It is activated if you get a win with at least 2 or 3 of the main symbol. You can get up to 5 free spins and further winning combinations award more free spins. This way the more wins you get the more free spins you get.

I started playing this game for the first time on minimum bet and gradually started raising my bet up to 1.5 euros. Then I managed to hit 2 of the deer symbols followed by 2 wilds. I had a big win and in the free spins managed to hit a few more good wins. When the free spins ended I had 180 euros plus on my balance so I can say I had great luck with this game from the start. I had a few more descent wins on it ever since and I expect to win even more on high bets.
katemak 1170 reviews
Glow, another moment from Netent Entertainment, did it surprised me, not at all, another game with average if not low variance paying game. First time I saw this game it surely has reminded me of Secret of Stones slot, just because there are too many similarity of the symbols, with 5 reels and 15 pay lines, where the minimum bet takes from 0.15 cents, so another cheap slot if you are low on balance.

The theme about this slot, as I have read and see, is about Scandinavia Northern light with a pretty nice design, made from 5 main symbols, which represents the animal masks, which are 5 of them. The Deer, Wolf, Bear, an Owl, the Rabbit and some letters and numbers, which of course pay less. The pink mask which to me it looks as a cat is the wild symbol and will multiple the winnings X 2, so the interesting part of this game is that it has no any scatter or bonus symbol, but will reward you with free spins, only if you manage to trigger 5-2 same symbols on an paying line. The most you will get is 5 free spins if you manage to catch 5 same animal mask on a winning pay line.

The free spins can be re trigger, meaning if you have winning combination during the free spins, having same mask symbols will award you with extra free spins up to 5. So I have been playing this game several times, but from all I saw, I don’t think this game has potential of some big wins, I would classify this game in the low variance paying slot, just because the winnings I was getting even from the free spins were very average or low ones.

Maybe a nice game if you have bonus to wager, but the winnings doesn't came too often and the winnings from the free spins are nothing special. I must say it’s another disappointment from Netent Entertainment, which I expected more, because the last new games coming from this provider, seems to be all low variance or medium paying slots.
The first time I played Glow it reminded me of another NetEnt slot. The symbols have some similarities with those of Secret of the Stones. That’s where the comparison ends though since the gameplay is quite different. It been a few months since I last played this game when I stumbled across it at Kroon Casino.

I found it somewhat weird since it was the only casino that had this game back then. Apparently the pre-release was held at Kroon Casino as an exclusive game for that time being. Not sure if this game is available anywhere else yet other than Kroon Casino. Glow is like mentioned above a video slot produced by Net Entertainment.

It contains 5-reels, 15-paylines and 3-rows with the minimum bet being only 15 cents. The symbols resemble all types of animals besides high value card symbols. I started playing this game at 75 cent bets and had my ups and downs after 30 minutes of playing. Never won more than 30x bet during that time and pretty much had the same left as my starting balance of 150 euros.

This game differs from most NetEnt slots in the way how it awards free spins. There are no scatters in this game. If you have a winning combination containing any animal symbol, then you get awarded a few free spins. The Wild symbol contains a 2x multiplier to help you double up your winnings. During free spins there is a 2x multiplier already so this offers a nice incentive to have a good win there.

You even get additional free spins if you have more winning combinations during the free spins session. It does not matter whether it’s achieved with animal symbols or card symbols if I’m not mistaken. I found this game to be a bit dull though as it was very difficult for me to get some winnings during those free spins adding no value or whatsoever. How hard can it be to connect when it matters? Well, very hard since the symbols failed to form a combination most of the time.

I eventually ended up upping my bet to 1.50 euro per spin and lost my whole balance sooner or later. Although the game looks very nice on the outside and the graphics are spot on, it seems to be yet another NetEnt game where you have to invest a fortune to have a decent sized win. I could be wrong but that’s the feeling I had while playing this game. Therefore I wouldn’t recommend it to any of my gambling friends.
Wish I had some more success and that the new NetEnt games are a bit more player-friendly. All feel like high-variance games lately with only small rewards.

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