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Girls With Guns Frozen Dawn Slot

Girls with Guns Frozen Dawn Slot is a 243-payline video slot, powered by Microgaming software platform. The game’s main symbols are beautiful girls who carry huge guns. There are 5 white reels set against the snowy mountains background. The game is the sequel to the original Girls with Guns Jungle Heat slot. Players are welcome to try the Girls with Guns Frozen Dawn Slot for free, or visit any of the listed Microgaming Casinos to play for real money.

Before entering the game, players are advised to set their bets first. By clicking on the “Bet” button, you will reveal both “Coins” and the “Coin size” option. The coin size ranges from 0.01 to 0.05, while the number of “Coins” staked per line varies from 1 to 15. The “Au­top­lay­” option enables reels to turn without interruption for a preset number of times, while “Spin” starts the game.

The Wild is the Girls with Guns logo. The Wild act as a substitute for all symbols, except the Scatter, which is the Satellite symbol.

Special Wild Symbols may occur on reel 3 and expand making the entire reel Wild. The reel then acts as a regular Wild card.

Shootout Bonus feature is randomly activated in the base game after a non-winning spin. During this feature, 2 or more Royal symbols may occur anywhere on the reels. Once they do, one of the girls emerges and starts shooting. Players need to pick one of the targeted symbols the girl fired at, in order to reveal cash prizes.

When players land at least 3 Scatters anywhere on the reels simultaneously, a random feature will be activated. There are 2 features that may be triggered at this point, either Frozen Wilds or Magnetic Wilds. Each of these two features offers players 12 Free Spins.

Once Frozen Wilds Free Spins feature is triggered, all Frozen Wild symbols that landed anywhere on the reels will remain stacked and act as Wilds for additional 3 spins before melting away. In case the frozen Wilds form a full reel of stacked Wilds, the entire reel will stay Wild for the remaining number of spins.

When the Magnetic Wilds Free Spins feature is activated, the Magnetic Wild symbols may occur only on the reel 5. As soon as they do, these symbols shift position to the leftmost reel, where they are held in place until the end of the feature. In case Magnetic Wilds fill in all 3 positions on the reel, that reel will explode and disappear.

Game Play

Coin size: Set the coin size.
Coins: Set the number of coins per line to wager.
Autoplay: Sets the reels in motion without interruption for a chosen number of times.
Spin: Set the reels in motion.

Girls With Guns Frozen Dawn Slot Reviews by Players


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hajnrih 1376 reviews
Girls with Guns Frozen Dawn is an amazing slot game coming from Microgaming software. I have lost so much money on this slot, but I have won a lot too. This is a new version of an already existing slot. This is a very complex slot and for that reason I love to play it. This game has 5 reels and it has 243 ways to win. I always play this slot with 1.80 euros bet. I know it is a lot but the payouts are always better when you play with more money.

The free spins feature sometimes is very easy to be triggered and sometimes it is very hard and almost impossible to trigger. The free spins round features frozen wilds or magnetic wilds. Every time I was triggering the free spins round I was getting frozen wilds, so I do not know how the game pays with magnetic wilds. You get 12 free spins in this video slot. Once I got 16.35 with only one frozen wild during the free spins round. The wild landed on the second reel and it melted after a couple of spins only. The next time I triggered the free spins round I got an amazing 150 euros, but it took me a while to trigger them.

What I like the most when it comes to this slot is that the base game has a huge potential too. There is a random shootout bonus when one of the girls appear and the most that I have won was 50 euros, but that was not all, I also had some 40 x bet or 30 x bet prizes too.

Once I lost almost 200 euros before I triggered the bonus, but once I did I got all the money that I had lost back. This is an awesome game. I like everything in it, the graphics, the sounds and the bonus rounds.
Girls with guns frozen dawn it is next game from Microgaming, there is a another game called just Girls with guns and one other edition of this video slot game at Microgaming.

Game has two types of free spins, which are chooses randomly if you hit 3 or more scatters. First one is a frozen wilds (if wild appears,than it will be held for 3 spins), and this second one is called magnetic wilds, it's very good one, you can hit there big, my best result was getting in this feature, win around 50 dollars from 0,30$ bet due to few very nice wins.

So, there is nothing bad in this design, but I can't write anything so nice about sounds or how game looks. Just typical and nothing special, but of course I can't write that this is bad point of this game.

This video slot has 243 lines, and minimum bet is 0,30$. Game sometimes is very bad, so you should try to be careful with bet size. When I lost 50$ here with out getting free spins feature or some win more than 3$, so I played this game with 0,30$, so it was a little bad experience for me, it happens and it's nothing so new for me after this loss.

Next one is expanding wild on reel 3, that can help to win big, but when if we have other wilds on another reels too. There is little feature triggered randomly shootout bonus, we just pick where girl have to shoot, nothing interesting it is because prizes are very low.

Overall it is nice interesting slot game to try, but this is so hard to get huge win here, because you really have to make this with many wilds. But not surprising, in 243 lines video slots you usually can't win anything huge at all without a lot of wilds.
In my opinion there is too little chance win something bigger.
zerooo 742 reviews
Girls With Guns Frozen Dawn is 243 payways video slot which came from Microgaming software. Last time I played this game at Go wild casino. It has nice design and payouts in this game are pretty good.

Into the main game we could find one bonus feature and its called shootout bonus. This appears after a non winning spin or like I say dead spin. One of the girls may enter and target symbols on each reel. You must then pick one of the target symbols and you will win a cash prize. I think this feature is better than dead spin, but most of the time it pays poor. I don't like features where I need to pick something and after that in return I won some pennies.

The free spins feature is better. With at least 3 scatters you get 12 free spins. There are two different modes of free spins. One is frozen wilds and the second is magnetic wilds. I like features where wilds are sticky. In frozen wilds mode wilds are held in place where they land and will remain wild for 3 additional free spins, after that they will melt away. The magnetic wilds mode is better for me. The wilds appear only on reel 5 and they are pulled to the left available position on the reels. This wilds stay on positions till the end of feature so I think that is better just because of this. I had frozen wilds feature many times, I was nearly too wild line but the wilds melting very fast so I prefer to see sticky wilds.

I played this game a couple of times, sometimes the free spins feature is easy to get, on the other side sometimes it is impossible. If the game is not in the mood, it will eat your money very fast.
Into the free spins feature I would like to select which feature mode I prefer to play, I don't like that is randomly assigned.
Girls with guns II - frozen dawn is game made by Microgaming. I played this game couple of times, and I liked it and I play it from time to time, but not very often, because I had a lot of 243 liners from Microgaming to choose from and this one is not my favorite.

I like that this game could pay decent money. Also I like stacked wilds on all reels, and also special expanding wild on reel 3. Similar system to Avalon II slot. Very nice.

I like freespins features here. Both. When you got 3 or more scatters you will be awarded with freespins feature. There are two different working freespins feature. Magnetic wilds and frozen wilds. I will not describe both it is long and not very interesting, but both has potential for big wins. But I prefer magnetic wilds, for me it seems better paying and also better potential.

I had once win more than 100 bets in magnetic feature. In normal play I had a lot of wins like 50 bets, but never break 100 bets task. Also it could eat money a lot and be careful with your bets. I rate this game with 7 stars, there is couple of things which make me unhappy.
I did not like shootout bonus. It triggered by random and you just pick and see prize. I never got more than 10 bets in this feature and triggered it more than 10 times. It is just not good.

I did not like that sometimes it seems impossible to get freespins feature. Once made 300 0.30 stake bets. Lost 50$ which i had and did not win anything.

And I did not like that even when you finally got freespins feature and wait some decent return for at least 30 bets, slot could pay you 10 bets and left you with bad emotions. It can do any slot, but somehow in this game i saw this much more times than even in Immortal romance.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
I find the whole girls with guns theme a bit laughable really, do guys really get off on this kind of thing? I bet there is a film or a video game on which this slot is based but I haven’t actually heard of it or seen it, if not though, then I just think the whole concept is really rather silly! As it’s a 243 ways game though and it was released since I started playing on-line, it was inevitable I would fire this one up and give it a go – a few casinos gave me some free spins for a start!

As it happened, I got rather lucky with some of those free spins, winning a cool 600x my stake in the frozen wilds feature, and this was the very first time I had played the game. When these things happen it can be very dangerous, just as when you start to play a new on-line casino and hit a ridiculous hot streak, sometimes it can be hard to remain focused and sensible. In my case I decided to up my bet wildly and then very rapidly watched my balance almost disappear before I hit another smaller, but still significant, win in the second feature, “Magnetic Wilds”.

I love most stacked wilds games, and this one has a few other neat features, such as a shootout mode which can occur randomly after any non-winning spin and award you I believe up to around 100x your bet. Hitting three or more scatters starts the free spins feature, but you don’t get to choose which one. I love the fact that in the frozen wilds feature, if you get a full column frozen at once the entire reel becomes stuck for the rest of the 12 free spins, sadly there is no retrigger possible though so it is quite difficult to get multiple columns fully wild, but I have seen it happen once or twice!
Things that suck though – only 100x your stake for all five scatter symbols. This is such a rare event I don’t know why there are so few Microgaming slots that offer a significant prize for landing it - NetEnt’s seminal classic “Dead or Alive” awards a rather tasty 2500x your stake for the same feat, which I reckon must line up with the odds at least slightly better. The fact you can’t choose your feature in this game is a bit annoying as well, particularly because I much prefer the frozen wilds one and think the rules of the magnetic one are a little bit unfair and unbalanced… I’m unsure if the which feature you get is 50/50 because of this, and would assume that magnetic wilds is slightly more likely than frozen wilds.
Girls with guns frozen dawn it is sequel game from Microgaming, there is a first part of this game called just Girls with guns.

Well, there is nothing bad in this theme, but also I can't say anything really good about sounds or game look. Just usual and nothing special, but of course I can't say that it is weak point of this game.

This slot has 243 lines, and min bet here is 0.30. Game sometimes is super sucky, so be careful with bet size. Once I lost 100$ on it without getting free spins feature or any win bigger than 5$, and I played with 0.30, so that was quite terrible experience for me, but this happens and nothing special for me after such loss.

There is two types of free spins feature, which chosen by random when you hit 3 or more scatters. First one is frozen wilds (if wild appears - it will be held for 3 spins), and second one is magnetic wilds, very special one and you can hit there big, my absolute best result at this slot was get in this feature, around 150 dollars from 0.30 bet due to couple very nice wins. Also there is expanded wild on reel 3, which can help to win big, but if only you have other wilds on other reels too. And there is small feature triggered by random shootout bonus, you just pick where girl should shoot, nothing interesting here because prizes there are almost always are very low.

Overall this is very interesting game to play, but it is not so easy to get huge win here, because you really need to make it with many wilds. But nothing surprising us here, in 243 lines slots you usually can't win anything huge without lot of wilds.
Hard to hit feature, sometimes feature paid very very bad. Shootout bonus is not interesting. This is negative things I can say about this slot.
From Girls With Guns: Jungle Heat to Girls With Guns: Frozen Dawn. Microgaming sure finds its ways to keep us players busy. A nice change of scenery as well which most of us certainly can appreciate. But the main question is whether this slot is much and much better than its predecessor?
As a player I would always like to see some improvements if a software provider decides to develop a new version of a slot. But I also realise that sometimes a video slot is so complete and perfect, that the expectations can’t be met. In addition, it’s also a matter of personal opinion like it always is with reviewing/playing a slot.

Just like its predecessor Girls With Guns II or Girls With Guns: Frozen Dawn has the 243 ways to win format with 5-reels. The minimum bet is only €0.30, but I played this game on €1.80 bets most of the time and it was one huge disaster. Besides the similar format, this game also has stacked wilds and a symbol on the 3rd reel that can turn that whole reel wild.

So even the base game has some huge potential. But what’s really different while playing this game? First of all there is a random shootout bonus when one of the girls pops up all of a sudden during base game and shoots some symbols that reveal a prize. I won like 5 times my bet with this feature a couple of times.

You shouldn’t expect too much from it. The main difference however comes to show during the free spins. You need 3, 4 or 5 scatters to trigger 12 free spins and then you win one of two possible features which randomly get assigned: Frozen Wilds or Magnetic Wilds.

First time I played this game at Guts. I think I lost 150 euros in no time without hitting a feature or getting to the free spins. Next I played it with 1.20 euro bets at 32Red I did achieve to make it to the free spins feature.

I got assigned to the Frozen Wilds feature. This means that if a wild appears it freezes for 3 consecutive spins. So there is some huge potential to win there. The Magnetic Wild feature has some other characteristics, but I didn’t manage to trigger that. I’ve won like 150 x bet size thanks to many Frozen Wilds during that feature and also managed to hit it again during that same session, winning 50 x bet size.

I haven’t played it since then, but I would definitely like to. Overall a nice game and definitely an improvement from the previous release.
Random Shootout Bonus. I would have liked to see it being something special. Now it's not even worthy to appear really.
catapultaudio 52 reviews
United Kingdom
I did not a lot of time playing this games predecessors, but when this one was released I was undoubtedly a full on devotee of Microgamings 243-way slot game range, therefore, I could not even wait until the end of the week to make a deposit to try the game out, therefore I decided to load up 32red casino in "Play for Fun" mode on release day instead.

Checking out the paytable, everything seemed pretty much standard to begin with - these 243 ways games never really blow you away with their base game paytables unfortunately. It is always all about the feature, and what mechanism the developer has implemented to allow you to win a large number of prizes on those 243 pay ways simultaneously.

In "Girls With Guns: Frozen Dawn", there are two features, but surprisingly you are unable to choose your preferred feature each time you catch three or more scatters - it is chosen at random automatically instead.

The first is the "Magnetic Wilds" - in this mode, wilds appear only on the last reel, and are automatically "pulled" to the left each time one lands in view. The symbol will remain in its new position until you complete the entire first reel with wilds, at which point it will collapse. This feature can really pay big, but you need to get very lucky with two rows of wilds building up without you ever catching any on the third row and destroying your accumulated stack. It can be very frustrating, but also very rewarding!

The second, and my favourite feature, is the Frozen Wilds - in this mode, wilds appear on all reels, and will remain in place ("sticky", like in NetEnt's Dead or Alive) for 3 spins after first landing onscreen - should you manage to fill any single reel entirely with wilds, it will become permanently frozen in place for the remainder of the feature. Once again, this feature has massive potential, it can be frustrating at times, but not nearly so much as the magnetic wilds feature.
A truly great slot game, my only issue with it is the inability to select your preferred feature after hitting the scatter symbols - I do not believe there to be a huge difference in theoretical RTP between the two modes, so why not allow the player to choose their favourite? It is possible I am wrong in this assumption, as it is unlike Microgaming to not salllow the player a choice in this way. I am quite sure there must be a reason for it that I cannot fathom. Regardless, I wish they had found a way to make it user-selectable!
Girls with Guns – Frozen dawn is another stunning video slot game by Microgaming. It is a 5 reel and 243 play line slot game with exceptional graphics and a great soundtrack playing in the background.

The minimum bet of the slot game starts at $0.30. The girls with guns logo serves as the wild which can as usual replace any icon except the scatter symbol. The amazing part of the wild feature in this slot is that when wild appears on reel 3 it expands takes up all the rows. Thus it increases your wining.

Now coming to the another interesting feature of the slot that is shootout bonus which can trigger on any non wining spin. In this bonus round you have to shoot at the red targets and you can earn instant wins. The free spin feature is triggered when three or more scatters appear on the reels and 12 free spins are awarded. This feature is of two types one is with frozen wild and the other is with magnetic wild. Both the wild stick to the reels but the magnetic wild is drawn to the left of the screen till the 5th reel. You can always have good wins if the free spin feature is triggered.

I tried this slot recently at casino luck beginning with the bet of $0.30. I could not manage any big win in the first 20 spins. But after that I triggered the free spin feature twice in next 5 spins. That was the game changer for me. I won a bit less than $50 at a bet of just $0.30. In an hour of play I was able to win around $70 but I never increased by bet from $0.30. The slot has good returns even with the low bet.
The slot is a real fun to play and has great innovative game play. My rating for this slot will be 8/10.
katemak 1170 reviews
Girls With Guns slot is form Microgaming provider, which is 5 reel and has 243 ways or paylines, which has to be played or have to bet on all, so the minimum bet starts form 0.30 $ per bet. I tried this slot at Gowild Casino and I liked its graphics, music and characters also.

This game is all about Girls with Guns, which are 6 f them, fighting or are on mission to save the earth. The Logo of the game Girls with Guns is an wild symbols which substitute all other symbols except the Scatter one. Wjhat I like about this game and the wild symbol is when it appears on the reel 3 is stuck wild and it turns all the reel as wild so wining can be huge, well that depends what will you catch on other reels.

This game has an free spins feature which will you triggered if you catch 3 garandes on the reels, then you will be rewarded with 15 free spins and they also can be re triggered, during the free spins. I found this slot,very interesting and whenever I have chance I am playing this game.

The last time I played this game in GoWild casino, when I was left with only 2.40$ on my account, so I was playing another game and then I switched the game to Girls with Guns and I was very surprised, because of those 2.40$ I manage to raise my balance to 48$. Right after the 4th spins I triggered the free spins feature which gave me 45.40$ with 0.60$ per bet, so I could continue to play at that casino. I like this slot and I will play it in the future, because it's giving me solid winnings or it might be an lucky slot for me, because this is ladies game.

Good Luck!
yapro 790 reviews
This game was released this year i guess by microgaming software company. I of course waited this game, since prequel is really great and amazing game, one of the best microgaming game at all. Imagine what the guy who love stacked or expanded wilds was feel when i first time open this game? yes, cheated, but of course it is first impression...

This game like a prequel has 243 lines, and thanks god microgaming does not change it, i like 243 liners, they really interesting to play, much more interesting than 25 lines games, at least for me. This game is really great one, first great thing - expanded wild on third reel, like at prequel, i really enjoy with this feature. Second great thing it is bonus game, that can start after any non winning spin, it is usual picking game but once i get x 50 total bet on it, which is great result. Free spins can be triggered by 3+ scatters, and can be two types, this decides at random before feature starts. Magnetic wilds appear only on 5 reel and then move to leftmost, till make all the reel wild and disappear next spin. Second one, frozen wilds, is much more interesting for me, i prefer it. If wild appears on reels, it will stay for 3 spins, and then will be melt. If full reel will be filled with active or melted wilds, it will become stacked wild for the rest of free spins.

Game is really great, and my best result is x 250 total bet after frozen wilds feature, but potential here is much more bigger. Great high variance sequel, i like this game and thank you microgaming that you continue good job after prequel, will play again of course. Just did not bet too high, because sometimes it is hard to get free spins, but anyway it is high variance, so you know this and did not complain then.
Afi4wins 1314 reviews
By the look of it, Girls with Guns should be a very interesting game indeed. An action-packed thriller with feminine warriors, something like Charlie’s Angels if you like. Yeah, I’ve always been a big fan of women fighters, thanks to the likes of Lara Croft and even Mrs Smith of Mr & Mrs Smith fame. Would have love this game more if Microgaming had used real female icons instead, but that’s another story. Still, the graphics and animations are super enough and entertaining too. 1 star up.

With every game, I would look at the paytable first, because that is where you can judge the payouts. So what does Girls with Guns have to offer? 5 scatters pay 100x total bet. 5 Wilds pay 20x total bet. Oh please! These are amongst the lowest paytable I have ever seen! Playtech’s 5 Wilds would pay 5 times more than this, and I can already imagine how the entire payouts in the game are going to be like – very low! 2 stars down.

Where feature games are concerned, there are 4 types available – a random shootout bonus, 12 free spins with frozen wilds, 12 free spins with magnetic wilds and the center reel expanding wild. The random shootout bonus sometimes pay well, most other times not. As for the free spins feature, you get only 12 free spins even with 5 scatters? Oh, come on! That’s injustice, considering how difficult it is to get 5 scatters. Not only that, the free spins feature are miles apart from 1 to the next, and when they do come, the payouts are seldom above the 100x total bet mark. 1 star down.

After many hours of playing Girls with Guns, I must admit, the game is fun, infectious, and able to stretch the bankroll for longer periods of gaming enjoyment. True, the payouts are low most of the time, but they do come often, giving a nice overall balance. 1 star up.

Still, I’m wondering how that maximum payout of $109,250 can be achieved though, because I just cannot see the how! And because I haven’t won anything from Girls with Guns as yet, it’s another 1 star down.
valentin68 535 reviews
All weak parts from the first series of this slot (“Girls with Guns Jungle Heat”) have been removed and playing here at “Girls with Guns Frozen Dawn” you will feel that you are dealing with a good slot from Microgaming casinos. I do not say very good, because the best slots here in Microgaming offer at least from time to time more than important wins (see for example “Scrooge” or “Tomb Raider 2”) or a large number of features and possibilities of winning. But this slot is definitely a slot of at least an 8/10 rating.

Like the first version of this slot, “Girls with Guns Frozen Dawn” is an action slot with 243 lines. But unlike the first version in this slot the payouts are significantly increased. There is no payout less than 20 cents (for 3 “Girls with Guns”), given the bet is only 30 cents. Very often even a win is worth much than a bet, about 40-50 cents. Even if the music behind the game is not extraordinary like in “Girls with Guns Jungle Heat”, it is good enough and anyway this matters less for a gambler.

I played here several times a for a few days and the best thing is that every time I returned after 200-300 spins with balance exactly where I started. That is, even I played each time 30-100 Euro the difference was just a few cents. The slot has some interesting features that you cannot find in other games. It is possible that occasionally the central reel to become an extended Wild. It exists also a so-called “Shotout Bonus” when occasionally a girl fire with a gun on the symbols on the screen that become targets, for a particular payout. But what is spectacular is the Free Spins round when the Wild symbols are either frozen (they stay in place for 3 consecutive spins) or magnetic (this means that after the first spin they are attracted on reel 1 and stay there until the entire reel is filled with Wilds) . In both cases wins are large enough for any player to be satisfied.

The slot is good and as I said in the previous review, the girls are very attractive. Well, at least I am not sorry I played here and sometime in the future I will return to play at this game.
Like in the previous version “Girls with Guns Jungle Heat” there are too many symbols. 9 major symbols (the girls) + 5 Scatter symbols + minor symbols + Wild. The large number of symbols is always to the detriment of their alignment.
Icymod 758 reviews
Awesome, Terrific and Excellent wins were some of the words to describe my experiences with Girls with Guns - Frozen Dawn. My first impression about this video slot was, "I think it's going to be better than Girls with Guns - Jungle heat". What I want to know is why would it turn blazing hot then have everything freeze over in the next series? I would imagine another slot with a name "Girls with Guns - Night Fall!" as the next idea. Girls with Guns - Frozen Dawn, for 243 ways to win, pays plenty!

At first when I decided to play this on GoWild casino during my "Birthday" I first lost $5 from my beloved Sneak A Peek - Doctor Doctor then I switched from nurses doing their "jobs" to girls going ballistic in the frozen environment. I started with just a minimum $0.30 first then I waited until my balance was tough enough to place $0.90. I couldn't do it at the moment knowing my balance will fall down quickly if I did! Then I triggered the "Frozen Wilds" free spins after hitting 3 satellite scatters!!! In this feature, there are Wild ice blocks that freeze on the reels until 3 free spins, it's great if there are more landing on the reels. I loved it that 4 Wild Ice blocks went on every reel once except for the 4th reel and later created 5 of a kind Wilds on the reels.

At first I had a serious $176.44 then I had a 2nd high $119.98. My screens will be here for the 5 ice block wilds and my second high win which was through a $0.90 bet after this crazy win! Who would have believed a single $0.30 bet would put me on this huge win! I later continued with $0.90 bets and gotten the Magnetic Wilds Free spins which only paid $30.18. It's not as hard working as the Frozen Wilds but when it comes to free spins, the Frozen Wilds free spins does a more excellent job despite my bets of $0.30 and $0.90! Extras that made Frozen Dawn super were the random shootout bonus during my normal spins! For no hits anywhere, sometimes I was prompted to choose a letter/number to destroy for a small to medium win. Some of my wins for $0.90 bets were $3.58 and $3.77 but can no less like $1.08 and $2.65. The amounts were a bit odd but they are better than having a spin for no wins! Frozen Dawn put me in a great spot to win and I'm sure it will put you in the winning spotlight too! My advice is to spin on a minimum $0.30 first until 2 or 3 features come, then increase the bets after collecting winnings from free spins to get a larger win total! I felt manipulative in this slot! Everything went so well in a short time! I just got very lucky..........both on my birthday and my time playing Frozen Dawn!!! There were plenty of Satellite scatters that they weren't shy to hit the feature! I have to admit Frozen Dawn is way more easier and more effective in earnings than with Jungle Heat!!!! There's no other way to say this except Girls with Guns - Frozen Dawn is extremely tappable, it got so serious on so many levels that I loved it!
Frozen Wilds are the utmost favourite I like to hit and I always hope to hit these instead of the Magnetic Wild Free spins. It's my most hated feature because the wilds are limited to only the last reel and they don't appear very often. When they do they move to the left side! Much worst though is making a Wild reel of these wilds on the left as the reel with all 3 wilds will make all of the wilds I collected explode! This means I have to start over again!

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