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hajnrih 1376 reviews
Garden Party is a video slot game from IGT. The design of the game is splendid and the sound effects too. I wish I could say the same about the wins, but no. This game ate my money with the speed of light. I started playing on min bet and I had only 15 euros on my balance. Most of the wins were small and insignificant and I found it really difficult to activate the feature too.

Garden Party is a 5 reels and 1024 ways to win slot. The game uses Multi Way Xtra wagering feature but I did not see it in action when I played the game. There is only one special feature in this game and that is the Garden Gnome Bonus feature. The feature is activated with at least 3 Garden Gnome symbols and then you have 5 options to choose from. I managed to activate the feature when my balance was really low so I was in doubt what to choose. There were 5 free spins with x 20 multiplier, then 10 free spins with x 15 multiplier, 15 free spins with x 10 multiplier, 20 free spins with x 5 multiplier and 30 free spins with x 3 multiplier. I decided to choose 15 free spins because this was something in the middle nothing too extreme. I won 30 euros which was nice at that point. But, later I continued playing the same game because I thought it will start paying bits and pieces but it was not. I lost all my money and I could not continue playing any more.

Garden Party seems like a nice game, but looks can be deceiving. I chose to play the game because I was lured by the graphics, animations and the serene sound effects but that is not what I am into when I play online slots.
Icymod 758 reviews
An IGT game by nature, this flowering beauty that is Garden Party is 1024 ways playing at 5 x 4 reels. Now I am not here for the pretty flowers, I was here by invitation from the headmaster to commemorate the special event in the Garden Party which would be it's annual Garden Gnome bonus feature! What had lured me into this video slot was more of a calling.....a gut instinct to rustle through the leaves to uncover a game that would pay in fistful of dollars. My actions were right despite liking the theme of flowers, fountains and such.

Getting through each spin for $1 a spin to $1.50 turned out to be an amazing session. Just warming up to Garden Party for a little over 20 minutes has given me 3 triggers. The 2nd trigger showed me a good time!!! Once there were 3 Garden Gnome scatters holding a sprinkler a second screen bonus appeared to avail 5 feature options. One for 30 free spins at up to 3x, 20 free spins at up to 5x, 15 free spins at up to 10x, and the last two which I almost always pick are 10 free spins at up to 15x and the boldly aggressive 5 free spins at up to 20x!!! It was sooo good seeing a full stack of fountains on the first 2 reels, a partial 3 symbol stack on 3rd, 2 symbol stacks on 4th and 3 stack symbols on the last reel came about a, 18x win multiplier! This entitled me to win over $324+!!!!

For such a pretty game, this can deliver gorgeously attractive winnings!!! After my big win, I settled to increase my bet just a little higher!! Epic winnings, random multipliers in free spins depending on the choice made and very big potential for only a 2 coin bet!!! Ultimately, as a pretty slot, this slot gets a bangtastically high 10 out of 10!!! I am not a big fan of gardens, only the financial things it can potentially bloom! :D
Most dead spins occur upon $2 or higher so do not bother trying to catch big wins with this bet......the random multipliers in free spins with lower bets will collect the slack for you!!!
paquito76 867 reviews
The interface of Garden Party is a visually very well-done job by IGT and without being too effusive I think it has one of the best looking supplementary background image what this developer ever made. It’s really a perfect picture with the best chosen elements and colours and the relaxing atmosphere what this beautiful garden illustration depicts is really awesome. Strangely, the reel area couldn’t be so effective visually even if it is also a great work. The pastel background of reel area is just OK but I would prefer if it was transparent and the otherwise pleasant butterfly, rose, fountain symbols are seem to be a step behind the quality of background image and I don’t really like if a symbol got such graphical interpretation which more or less but covers some portion of other symbol on the screen. Anyway, the overall big picture is very attractive and if every work of IGT could bring this same displaying quality I’m sure there would no one out there who would any negative words about them.

The slot is a 1024 ways-to-win type product but we can’t meet here with typical IGT solution, the hexagonal interface which I think is a good idea because I believe most player like the traditional formula what they know well and like. The ‘1024’ working scheme means that we play here with MultiWay Extra feature where the same icons on one reel multiply wins and the emblems’ positions on a reel don’t really matter until they appear on the consecutive reels. Because of this used feature the numbers on the paytable can’t be compared to a traditional working slot and I think the 500 times of triggering bet top prize of a winning combination is a respectable award.

2 different symbols can provide that but while Fountain only has paying ability till the little Dwarf character also can activate the bonus round which is actually a traditional free spin feature. After getting 3 Dwarves on the screen we have the freedom to choose the conditions of free spin which we think would fit the best to our style or just hope to get back the best result. The possibilities are 30 free spins where win can be multiplied up to x3, 20 extra games with possible x5 multiplier, 15 games-x10, 10 spins-x15 and 5 games with max. x20 multiplier. Of course these multiplier values are the best possibilities but each and every spin there has own randomly chosen multiplier number.

I prefer the first three options because I think they could give me the best chance to play the session long enough but at the same time to have a chance to win bigger prizes. I can’t complain because this free spin session is really great and most of the times it’s rewarding enough and occasionally I could be very satisfied with the final result. Of course this extra segment needs the special Garden Party emblem too - which is the Wild of the slot - to be real impressive and profitable and it’s especially useful icon if at least one Wild appears in a winning combination when it not just replaces other symbols but also can double that wins. The slot doesn’t offer anything else but in my opinion it doesn’t necessarily have to do that as this game is a very correct and relative rewarding product thanks to the lot of winning options.

Eventually, this is a very complete game with some very good qualities and that’s why this is a surprisingly pleasant product for me. I think we can find here everything what we can ask from a modern slot where we can enjoy a very admirable interface and work along with a fair partner and if luck is on our sides getting some nice and respectable returns. I could recommend this slot everyone, better saying almost everyone, because I think the gamblers who seek for some actions and real excitement, won’t be satisfied with what they could get here but others really can enjoy this relaxing and very calm environment and the pleasant times which are spent here.
valentin68 535 reviews
Garden Party is a slot from IGT casinos and when playing at it, now in the middle of the winter, you feel like the spring has come. The slot is actually a garden full of flowers that smiles to the player at each spin. To say that the game is just beautiful is not enough and the joy of the spring coming, slowly embraces you accompanied by some flute music that is just right. In the middle of this garden full of flowers there is a fountain and some dwarves who bring with them the Free Spins.

I noticed that most of the slots with 1024 paylines are found in the IGT casinos and because I am trying to play all the slots having “all ways win” and I never before had played an IGT slot I have chosen unconvinced at random this slot. I have seen first that the bet of 50 coins was too big and after a series of slots where I loss, I was not really willing to accept other low paying slots. And my surprise was very big when at the 3rd spin I had 4 dwarfs that gave me a lot of Free Spins. The slot is somehow trying to fool you: it says for example to choose between 20 Free Spins with up to 3x multiplier and 30 Free Spins with up to 2x multiplier. What would you choose? I guess the 3x multiplier with fewer spins but you will be tricked. For every Free Spin the multiplier is chosen at random, and it is better to have 30 FS with an average multiplier of 1.5 than an average multiplier of 1.75 with 20 FS.!! Ha, ha, ha, you just have been tricked.

But you cannot be upset because eventually playing with that huge bet of 50 coins very frequently you will be in advantage here with over 1,000 coins. In fact that is why the slot is good. Sometimes it takes from you, and pays only 10 to 30 coins, but as often it gives and then hundreds or thousands of coins are guaranteed. It is all about luck and if you are not too greedy, you will definitely have your pockets full at some point because the game (like the spring it brings), is generous.

Finally I will say this again, I was not expecting a slot so good from the first presentation and from the first 3-5 spins. But sometimes surprises are really nice.
There was a moment in my game play when I was in loss with about 15-18 Euro compared to the amount of start. But when I won, I won big enough. Sometimes in just 10-30 spins a major advantage of 10-15 Euros disappears, because the bet is so big.
Garden Party game is a pretty cool game powered by IGT. I play it on Mr Green and some times it really surprises me. A couple of times I got the feature on my first spin, and that does not happen to often to me.

The game has 1024 lines, which pay in any position and the minimum bet is €0.50. Most of the time I get the bonus on the smallest bet and that limits my wins. I tried playing this game on bigger bets but they just did not pay out.
To get the feature on this game you have to get three or more gnomes anywhere on the reels. The feature is really cool and you can select your own number of spins with a random multiplier. Best one in my view is 15 free spins with up to 10 multiplier. I almost always pick it and even on a smallest bet it could pay over 100 x.
The fountain is stacked in this game and also is the biggest pay. If you manage to fill up few reels with them then you are guaranteed to win big, especially if you get 10 x. It is very rare to get 7 x or more, and most of the times it give 2 x or 3 x. If you see big multipliers then the game is paying out and it is your lucky day.

My bets win on this feature was over €80 and a couple of other times I got very close to it. My smallest win was around €15, which was not so bad, compared to some other games.

I think that the graphics in this game are very good and keep the played entertained for a while. I also try to change bet now and then to change the game play and most of the time it works on this game.
If I was to rate this game I would give it 7 out of 10. Pretty cool and interesting.

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