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Game of Thrones 15 Lines

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Game of Thrones 15 Lines Reviews by Players


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Inactive user


Game of Thrones is a 5-reels 15-paylines by Microgaming. It was released sometime last year and I liked it at first sight. At first, it was just by sight, then I had some decent wins and I fell in love with it. I remember I had said something similar to this in the forum. I also remember then others too started playing this epic video slot and they made quite decent successes on it. It was a pure beauty for my eyes and music for my soul. I haven't played this slot since last year and I am so missing the feeling of spinning through its reels. This game is inspired by the legendary and ultra popular HBO series, Game of Thrones. The series is renewed and we will wait until mid 2017 to see what HBO has prepared for us in a total of seven new episodes. The eighth season will start in 2018, so I believe there will be so much more to watch, and I am happy that Microgaming released this game.

It seems that it's really hard to trigger all these Super and Mega wins from paytable, but still, you can make some decent wins here. When I listened to its background soundtrack, it makes me feel revolutionary and ready to get into the battle. Not for the throne though. The Free Spins feature is the one to chase. You must collect 3 or more Scatters in order to trigger this feature. It will reveal 4 houses, each with its own free spins and multiplier. Baratheon House - 8 free spins with a 5x multiplier. Lannister House - 10 free spins with x4 multiplier. Stark House - 14 free spins and 3x multiplier, and finally, Targaryen House - 18 free spins and 2x multiplier. I think this is the house for my residence. Well, I would like to see multipliers of up to 15x, but I can't do much about it, because they are the people who decide on the paytable. I can't recall my wins while playing this epic game but I love it so, so much and will play this game anytime I can afford it. This is a must try game and I promise you gonna love it too.
Inactive user


In this video slot provided by Microgaming, Game of Thrones comes with a 15 paylines, stacks of wild logos, typical number/letters symbols, 4 symbols representing the Baratheon's, the Lannister's, the Stark's and the Targaryen's houses. Now to me personally, speaking from one person in the big crowd, that I am not a huge hardcore fan of Game of Throne's because I am more of the "Walking Dead" type of guy! The provided soundtrack when hearing it is like tracking down a mysterious figure, uncovering legends & years of buried ancient knowledge and viewing an old map.....during which the Game of Throne's has done.......the map of Westeros!

Free spins in my opinion were fair at best. It is a "hard to get" and "hard to earn" feature especially when play the Baratheon free spins. It is so over played that I do not get many wins upon a 3 coin bet, and funny that the 2nd option, Lannister free spins of 10 Free spins at 4x with 4 stacks pay a little bit better! The last thing in which often happens sometimes are 2 scattered thrones that pay a random scatter pay. Epic soundtrack, 15 paylines, 2 scatters paying random scatter pays, 4 different free spin houses to choose from and let's not forget the gamble feature that seems perfect in detail for the video slot! A 5 out of 10 for many reasons.


The free spins were not delivering the big wins I had imagined! For about 75% of the time in triggering either the Baratheon or Lannister free spins, wins were about no more than $30 and about occasionally for a low 25%, biggest wins were $96.10, perhaps a little more but nothing to motivate me to click my electronic rodent over again. For 8 Free spins at 5x on 3 stacked symbols the Baratheon symbols hardly appear in free spins! Ahh, the dream of getting free spins with "soooo much to gain". The Lannister free spins miraculously pay slightly better but as for the Stark and Targaryen free spins I do not touch them at all.......okay I lied, 1 in 8th chance I will play Stark free spins.
Afi4wins 1637 reviews
Reviewed on May 8. 2016


When I won my first ever huge win on Games of Thrones back in the year 2015, I was so thrilled and excited with the game, even thinking that perhaps Microgaming had at last come up with a new game to rival NetEnt's Dead or Alive. I was wrong! Games of Thrones can never surpass Dead or Alive, it can't even keep up with Dead or Alive!


What I've noticed with all of Microgaming games, is that the paytable can promise you the world, but all it can actually do is just to throw sand into your face! Just empty promises and blatant lies, all of them! It is now almost one year since the Game of Thrones was released around mid 2015, but I've yet to see or even hear of anyone getting 5 full reels of those Stacked Wilds, or even getting 15 Baratheon icons with those Stacked Wilds! So, where are they? Where are all these monstrous wins that the paytable promises? Don't they just look like empty promises to you? Well, it certainly does to me! Maybe all these are just hot hype to get every gambler's attention and money, never intending to give them back any! Nope, where Microgaming is concerned, I will not give them the benefit of the doubt, not until I can see what I want to see, and prove to me that all that isn't just empty promises!

Whether you prefer playing with just 15 paylines, or playing with the 243 ways, it really doesn't make much difference, where getting those big wins are concerned, because they hardly happen! Yes, there are plenty of 'BIG WIN's and 'MEGA BIG WIN's coming up onto the screens, but are they really big enough? Nope! Most of the time, they aren't even 100x your bet size! Just as in the blardy popular game Immortal Romance too, I've now come to grips to never believe in Microgaming's paytables. Trying to get 5 reels of Stacked Wilds is just the same as trying to get 5 reels of Wild Desire. I don't believe in them any more!

If all that isn't enough, have you ever seen or heard of anyone getting 5 scatters in any free spins game? Getting 5 Wilds is even worse. It can only happen when the Wild symbols don't pay for themselves, or when 5 substituted Wilds pay a blardy low win. Microgaming can never be like Playtech! 5 reels of Wilds in a free spins game, 5 scatters in a free spin game, non-jackpot payouts of exceeding $250,000 at a time, all these have happened so many times before in various Playtech games. How many times have you heard of such a win coming from any Microgaming game?

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