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Afi4wins 1232 reviews
Here we go with another animated cartoon Aliens game, Galacticons, listed under Microgaming games directory but not by them. Not a new game, not an old one either, and playing with 243 ways to win makes it a fairly recent game. The Aliens look happy enough, but aren't that interesting to look at. The card symbols are again the same ones as used in a few other games from the original game provider, such as 'In It To Win It', 'Sovereign Of The Seven Seas' and 'The Joy Of Six', amongst others. Not a very pleasing overall presentation, I would say, and I particularly don't like the Wild and the Scatter symbols not having the 'WILD' and the 'SCATTER' words on them. This causes a slight confusion and uncertainty when playing the game for the first time.

The blue Milky Way is the Wild symbol, a dumb symbol that doesn't pay anything for itself, but at least it doubles all wins with it and substitutes for other symbols except for the Scatter and Bonus symbols. Nope, it doesn't become stacked or expanded either. The Sun is the Scatter symbol, paying 100x the total bet for getting 5 of them, and getting 3 or more of the Suns trigger the Big Bang Feature game, a Free Spins game by another name. There are no other feature games available and this sucks. As for the other symbols, the Red Alien pays 16.6x, the Blue Alien pays 13.3x, the Purple Alien pays 10x, the Spaceship pays 6.6x, and the rest pay from 3.3x to 2.5x, all per total bet for getting 5 of each kind. A very low paytable, even for a 243 ways to win game.

When 3 Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels, 10 free spins without any multiplier is triggered. A purplish Black Hole symbol appears randomly on one reel for each free spin, acting as an extra Wild symbol. It substitutes for other symbols as the main Wild symbol does. During the free spins, any adjacent Aliens to the Black Hole are captured and paid either 1x, 2x, 3x or 5x the total bet for each of them. Capturing the Sun adds +1 free spin, and capturing the Milky Way doubles all wins for that current spin. The Free Spins game cannot be retriggered. Argh!
As mentioned earlier on, I do not like the Milky Way and the Sun symbols not having their respective indicators for being a Wild and a Scatter symbol. The Free Spins game offers only 10 free spins without any multiplier, unless that Black Hole captures a Milky Way, but only that one spin gets all the wins doubled. All others are not, so the payouts aren't ever going to be good or big. My 2 Free Spins games paid wins of 39x and 40x my bet amount, not too bad but not good enough either. I doubt if any good big wins can be achieved, and I cannot imagine what the maximum possible win could be either. There's no mention of this in the paytable, but I can bet is isn't going to be a good one.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Galacticons turned out to be a very annoying game. I played this slot once and I do not think that I will do it again soon. When I started playing, at the very beginning of my gaming session I got 25 euros during the base game. The symbols and the sound effects are really irritating but I continued playing because I thought that this game has a potential and it will take me out of the gutter.

This is 5 reels and 243 ways to win slot powered by Microgaming software. I think that you need to be a space or UFO geek to like this kind of slots. The Galacticons has only one feature called Big Bang Feature. You need 3 or more sun scatter symbols to trigger 10, 15 or 20 free spins respectfully. The free spins are only the start of the bonus round. There is a big hole that floats on the reels after every spin and reacts differently every time. If it lands next to the spaceship or one of the characters it awards you with a multiplier that goes up to x 5. If it lands next to the scatter it gives you one free spin and if it lands next to the Milky Way it will multiply your prize by x 2. This feature is very unique and I have not seen anything similar like this before. I triggered the feature only once and I got 70 x bet win. The problem with this game is that it is impossible to trigger the free spins, it somehow seems that you are always missing that one scatter symbol. If you trigger them at least once during your session consider yourself lucky.

I had a very long session with this slot and at the end I got nothing. I have lost all my money on this game and it does not seem that this game has the potential to award huge, or, better say, at all.
zerooo 742 reviews
Galacticons is 243 pay ways video slot from Microgaming software company. Here you will be travelling into space and see many planets, stars and aliens. I like the theme for this game and also the name of this video slot is pretty cool.

Big bang feature is the only feature here in this game. Three or more scatter symbols triggers the Big Bang feature. You can get up to 20 free games for all five scatter symbols. Some ˝black hole˝ symbol appears at the start of the free spins and remains on screen for each spin. In each spin it moves to a randomly selected symbol position. This symbol replaces any symbol it lands on. Beside that you can get a random bonus prize up to x5 multiplier.

I played this game only for a short time and I had no luck on free spins feature. I think the payouts are too low here, I never won more than x30 bet from feature. Also in each spin when black hole symbol moves on the reels and gives you some multiplier prizes I expected bigger winnings. Not only some pennies. I do not like this game, the payouts should be set higher.

Also during main game I never had any big win. All my winnings were low to around x10 bet. I do not like this kind of games, so yes, i will not play it again. Also I lost some of my balance on this game and I do not like playing games where I am losing money.

I will rate this game with 6 stars. I think the theme and design is good in this game, but the payouts are too low. I would expect some bonus game because of that. But there is only one feature and the game could become boring if you play it for a longer time.
Galacticons it is Microgaming slot game, I played it only couple of times, but from my experience I am like this slot. It is quite unusual game for Microgaming, with everything nice here, but unfortunately I do not like freespins feature, this is why I am almost not playing this slot and unlikely will play in future.

Galacticons game looks great, no complaints. Nice painted symbols, nice sounds. Also this slot game has 243 paylines.

Unlike most other Microgaming 243 lines game wilds here not stacked, not expanding, and nothing really special. Wilds appear on all reels, and add x 2 multiplier to wins. Payouts at this game is quite good, 5 of a kinds pay good, and this is why I think that probably this game deserve a go from me again.

Freespins feature can be triggered by 3 or more scatters. Based on amount of scatters you can get from 10 to 20 freespins. And freespins feature is something strange here. During each spin there is black hole, which going from one place to other each spin, and collect best paying symbols near it and add prizes (not higher than 5 x total bet for each). If wild collected - it will bonus prizes at this spins will have x 2 multiplier. If black hole collect scatter - you get + 1 freespins.

Well, base game is not boring and quite interesting, but freespins here I do not like. Black hole work as wild also, but feature with collecting symbols is not great. I think if Microgaming can add here much more better bonus prizes - game will be more interesting. My best result during base game was higher than 100x total bet, but I never braked 50x total bet mark in freespins. Quite sucks, because I love freespins with potential. But here it is hard to get anything decent during freespins, if only from slot payout, not bonus feature.
Freespins feature is not very interesting, and I have a feeling that base game have even more potential.
valentin68 535 reviews
Somewhere in an unknown galaxy to anyone else, three species of aliens have met. One is red, one is purple and the third is blue. Each came to the meeting with his ship and landed near a glowing sun (Scatter). In the middle of the galaxy there is of course a black hole (Wild) which shows during Free Spins and absorbs all that is near it: Galaxies (x2 multiplier for all wins), suns (+ 1 Free Spin), aliens and ships (+ payout).

This is the review of a slot of an extraordinary slot named “Galacticons”. The three aliens with their ship, bring here frequent combinations of “5 of a kind” that offers a maximum payout of up to 8 Euro (playing for the minimum bet of 30 cents).

A slot so beautiful was impossible not to have 243 ways to win and not to be accompanied by a “galactic” synthesizer music as mysterious and as beautiful as the slot. Praises to be given are many and the main characteristic of the slot is a lot of humor and mystery together with the great generosity of the game. Maybe until the entry into Free Spins this generosity is less observed, (although the balance during the normal spins does not suffer too much) but when you enter the Free Spins you are getting tens of Euros from this round. What is very nice now is that the black hole mentioned above, is also Wild (besides the “Galaxy” symbol itself) and brings further wins (and even extra Free Spins) absorbing adjacent symbols. Almost every Free Spin wins and like I said, the wins grow significantly.In the second round of Free Spins I won about 37 Euro (see the screen shot above)!

The play of the game “catches” you from the first 20 spins because of the nice story and good music. The spins are alert and you do not even realize when you played the first 50 spins and you already managed to enter in Free Spins. After 250-300 spins I realized that my money had increased with over 35 Euros. Maybe others will lose playing here, but I love this slot in particular.
Galacticons is a very nice slot from Microgaming, and even though the graphics look a tad bit simple, it’s simply an amazing game with an outstanding second level bonus feature. That being said, I can truly say that I really enjoyed the brief time I had while I played this game. The first time I came across it was at 32Red, it was on top of the flash lobby and I thought I’d give it a try.

Although I’m no space or UFO geek, the slot does have some similarities with Space Wars, Big Bang and Attraction. The theme only differs slightly as far the galaxy thing goes. The symbols are made up from several outer space creatures.

The slot has the famous 243 ways to win format and offers several ways to win a decent prize. I’ve played this on €0.90 bets, but low rollers can rest assured knowing that the minimum bet is only €0.30. Not sure about the max prize that can be won, but I think this is a low to medium variance slot.

Winning combinations seem quite easy to make. I had several small hits in the 10 x - 25 x betsize range to build up my bankroll steadily. Although I didn’t use a bonus, I must say this slot is probably ideal to grind out remaining wagering requirements. In addition to the creature symbols, this game also features wilds (blue symbol) that give you a nice 2 x multiplier and the scatter symbol (sun).

You need 3, 4 or 5 scatters in order to trigger 10, 15 or 20 free spins. I managed to trigger the free spins twice by hitting 3 scatters. The free spins feature is called the Big Bang Feature in this game. This feature gives a guaranteed prize, since there is a special purple symbol showing up during every spin taking over one symbol, which it replaces as a wild.

What it does then is swallow up two of the creature symbols around it and reward 1 - 5 x betsize. I hit more than 60 x betsize twice with this feature, and therefore It was really fun to play. Never seen such a feature before.

Also keep in mind that if another scatter appears, you’ll get another free spins, while wild symbols hold a multiplier 2 x.
This game doesn't seem to have the ability to award huge wins like DOA or Immortal Romance. That's not the nature of this game though. Use it for grindin bonuses I'd say!
yapro 790 reviews
Galacticons is Microgaming video slot, and I can say that I played this slot a lot in past, it is really oneof the most successfull video slot for me in case of money, I can not remember any bad experience with it.

I think this game is looks even better than TS II and Immortal romance, really everything is awesome here with graphic, and I can only put off my hate for Microgaming.

Base game in this slot of course can be named boring, because no any special feature during it, but I still like it, average wins like 10 - 20 x total bet comes come often on reels, and my balance usually just grows and grows when I am playing this slot. Wilds did not have any multiplier or anything special, but at least this wilds also come often. Freespins can be triggered by 3+ scatters, and there is black hole during freespins, which add some extra things like: money win, multiplier x 2 for this freespins win, and +1 freespins if land on wild during FS feature.

I tried this game many times in my life, and everything is very good with it. I do not notice anything bad about it, and like I said most times I played this slot I have nice run. Did not expect big wins on it, it is low variance slot, but couple of small hits can boost your balance quickly. My best withdrawals from playing this slot was 150$ withdrawal after a hour of playing from only 20$ minimum deposit, so yes, this slot can give you some money.

8 stars, it is awesome low variance Microgaming 243 lines game which looks really great. Of course if you prefer high variance slots and want to see ultra big wins this slot probably not for you, but just for playtime and some entertainment this slot is great.
Icymod 758 reviews
Galacticons, I think I did this already, I think. I don't know as my HDD is wiped cleaned from being corrupted so I'll do it.

Galacticons is a 243 ways Microgaming video slot that I only see available in the instant flash version of any Microgaming casino. A few, to name them, are 32red, GoWild and Vegas Palms! I have been lucky with this video slot a few times before, it's very easy to hit the normal symbols like letters/numbers and aliens in different colors but the thing I like the most about it are two things, hitting 5 of a kind combinations that give out this whimsical twilight zone themed tune and the bonus round which I'm sure all of you will like!

The bonus is called the Big Bang Feature that gave me 10 Free spins that when triggered, the music theme is again whimsical and alien-spacey themed. The best part during these free spins is that a black hole appears and lands anywhere in position and when this happens it'll absorb all high symbols, that's aliens, space ships, the sun and the blue milky way wild. Whatever's around the black hole it sucks them in, gives out a prize (depending on what it absorbs) and it acts like an extra wild for normal combinations before the bonus prize wins! Bets like $0.90 and $1.20 are better when hitting this feature because the 1 x - 5 x as well as 2 x multipliers from milky ways (it only applies to the symbols it takes down) and combinations make all the prizes look fantastic as opposed to $0.30 or $0.60 bets!! 243 ways, a black hole that absorbs for prizes (2 x multiplier on bonus wins for absorbed symbols, not sure about the free spins though, 1 x -5 x wins and extra free spins) and is always the extra wild in combinations besides the Wild milky way and this is either an excellent game or a terrible failure only that the trigger for this feature is just random for me. It can hit right away, hit after a long play or never hit at all!
Getting extra free spins by finding the black hole to absorb the sun symbols are very rare in my free spins. Sometimes triggering the Big Bang feature has been a tipping scale point where in one of my plays it won't award me the feature quickly and in another it would be very generous, as in one trigger it hits then after a few spins (5 - 8) it triggers again! Worst play on Galacticons, no triggers on any of my spins!

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