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Fairytale Legends: Red Riding Hood Slot

Fairytale Legends: Red Riding Hood slot is a 20-payline video slot, powered by the well-known NetEnt software provider. This fairytale-themed slot is filled with many surprises and magic features. In fact, there are 7 bonus features in total. Five transparent reels are set against the moving backdrop. Players are welcome to try Fairytale Legends: Red Riding Hood slot for free, or visit any of the listed NetEnt Casinos to play for real money.

Before you meet the adorable Red Riding Hood, you are advised to regulate your bets first. Coin value ranges from 0.01 to 1, whereas the number of coins varies from 1 to 10. “Au­top­lay­” is used to adjust the number of times the reels spin without interruption. When you are ready, simply hit “Spin” and start the game.

The Wild is the Red Riding Hood, which may land on the reels 2, 3, and 4 in the main game. However, during Free Spins, the Wild may occur in any position on the reels. In case players land at least 2 Wilds in the base game, the symbols will act as Sticky Wilds and award a Sticky Wild Respin. The treasure chest is the Scatter and it may occur on reels 1, 3, and 5.

There are 3 Random Features to be triggered in this game Fairy Magic Spin, Fairy Surprise, and Fairy Wild Spin. Each feature may be activated randomly in the main game. In particular, the Fairy Magic Spin has a random cluster of 5 to 9 matching symbols that land on the reels, upon a single spin.

Fairy Surprise may only be triggered after a non-win spin. During the feature, one medium pay icon is selected randomly on the reels. Other symbols will then turn into the selected symbol. The game continues as long as there are winning combinations to be formed.

Fairy Wild Spin feature is all about the Wilds. In this feature, up to 4 sticky wilds may land on the reels 2, 3, and 4. The feature is activated when players land at least 2 Wilds in any position on the aforementioned reels.

Players need to land at least 3 Scatters simultaneously to trigger one of the main Bonus Features. In order to activate Beware the Wolf, Free Spins, or Coin Win feature, you need to pick one of three chests and find out which feature to play.

During the Beware the Wolf bonus feature players need to move around the board and collect prizes, including multipliers, coin wins, and the jackpot coin win. The multiplier goes up to 20x as there are 5 types of locations Coin Win, Double, Arrow, Jackpot Coin Win, and Collect.

Once the Free Spins feature is activated, players will receive 10 Free Spins, while during the Coin Win feature players get a multiplier of 15x.

Game Play

Level: Set the number of coins to bet on.
Coin value: Set the coin size.
Max Bet: Set the maximum bet that the slot allows.
Autoplay: Set the reels in motion without interruption for a chosen number of times.
Spin: Set the reels in motion.

Fairytale Legends: Red Riding Hood Slot Reviews by Players


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LeoDubbed 135 reviews
Grandmother, why are your eyes so big? That's because I just won big time, dear child.

Fairy tales, who doesn't like them when we were kids. I actually still love them. Some of them are also made into a movie. Some are dark and targetted for the adults but some are also made for the kids. I believe a few of them also has been told and retold way back in the 18th century.

The game Fairy Tale Legends : Red Riding Hood is however looks very cartoonish and child-friendly but no kids are allowed to play them since gambling is for adults only. Earlier, NetEnt has released a game called Koi Princess and personally I love that game. It's also a cartoonish game but the game runs very smoothly and that's why it's so enjoyable. This also applies to FTL: RRH, I love the way things animated. I am a anime fan myself, I watch a lot of manga and I really appreciate what NetEnt created.

FTL: RRH has interesting features but what I like the most is the Into the woods bonus feature. Unfortunately, this feature is not selectable because it is hidden in one of the three chests, so it's always a surprise when three chests are appeared on the screen. So far I managed to reach the grandmother's house 1 time. I was kinda surprised to achived it, I know not many players are able to reach the finish point and I was happy to be one of the luckiest. By reaching the grandmother's house I was rewarded with an extra 2000 credits.

I love the random fairy feature, mostly she gave me big wins but nowadays it is not that easy anymore but the game is still awesome though. I don't play the game that often anymore. Not that I don't like it anymore, I am now in an exploring fase. I like to find new and exciting games but like real explorers, I sometimes need some break and go back to the good old things.

I had great time playing this game back in 2016, I can't wait for another Fairy Tale Legend game NetEnt will release. I wonder which one will be next. Maybe it's the new Jack and the beanstalk? Or is it maybe Cinderella? Till then, I guess we have to do with Red Riding Hood.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Fairytales Legends: Red Riding Hood is a video slot game that I have played couple of days ago from NetEnt. I simply loved the slot from the very beginning. The sound effects reminded me of the cartoons I used to watch as I was growing up and the wins reminded me why I play online slots.

Fairytales Legends: Red Riding Hood is a 5 reels and 20 pay lines video slot game. The game is perfect. As soon as I started playing the game I was getting some great line hits. The symbols appear stacked so many times I had the first 3 reels covered with the same symbol. The wins were always going somewhere between 10 x bet and 20 x bet. This was keeping my balance on a quite decent level. There are 3 random features during the base game but even though my session was long I did not manage to activate them all. The Fairy Surprise feature is the one that I was getting most of the times. This feature can be activated after a non winning spin where a symbol is chosen and the reels are spinning until you get a sure win.

What I loved the most in the Fairytales Legends: Red Riding Hood slot was the free spins feature. This is activated with 3 scatter symbols. I initially got 10 free spins but for every scatter during the free spins round I was getting plus 2 free spins. So I ended up with 20 free spins, and I must say that this really adds up to the excitement. I won around 70 euros from this feature. I realized that that is the maximum in the free spins round because even though I activated the feature couple of times again I never got more than this.

Fairytales Legends: Red Riding Hood is a game that I would highly recommend to anyone.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
The story of Red Riding Hood isn't a particular childhood favorite of mine, but I was still keen to take a look at this new slot anyway as it's apparently just the first in a whole series of these Fairytale Legends games. It's a great looking game, animated beautifully, really bold and bright colors, sharp and crisp high definition graphics... perfect NetEnt presentation as usually basically. One thing I really appreciate with NetEnt is that they often choose not to include repetitive background music on their slots, as I almost always end up turning the sound off on games which feature that kind of music anyway. Red Riding Hood instead opts for a few simple atmospheric sounds, and it works really well.

I was pleased to see that NetEnt have put plenty of features in this game, as far too many of their slots recently have just been a straightforward base game and nothing else. There are three features that activate randomly before, during or after a spin in the regular game as well as three possible outcomes when the bonus chest scatter symbols land. The Fairy Magic Spin feature adds up to nine matching symbols at the start of a spin and has been fairly kind to me, and the Fairy Wild Spin seems like it might have a lot of potential too when it adds several wilds to the screen, pays out and then awards a free respin as well.
When the scatters land the game will award either 15x your stake, a bonus game, or ten free spins with extra wild symbols. It can be pretty disappointing if you get the 15x stake a lot when you've been hoping for the better features, but in all honesty there have been times where the result of the other bonuses has been so poor I ended up wishing I'd just hit the cash prize!

It will take you a while to see all of the features this game has to offer, but with a maximum jackpot spin of just 400x your stake (and not many ways of hitting medium sized wins of 100x your stake or thereabouts either) this can end up being a dull and frustrating game. I look forward to seeing the other games in the series, but I hope they pay out a bit more than this one.
zerooo 742 reviews
FairyTale Legends Red Riding Hood is the newest game powered by NetEnt software provider. It has nice fairytale theme and 20 active paylines. I tried it just once or twice with my own money, otherwise I used some free spins on it when some casinos gave them as reward for active players.

This game has many wild features/modes. I like wild symbols in every game, because those symbols have best pay out ratio. Sticky wild re-spins is first feature here. Wilds appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 and on all reels into free spins feature. 2 or more wilds appearing on the reels in the main game act as sticky wilds and award a sticky wild respin. I had many times respins while I was playing it, but I never won much from it. Most of the time my winnings were low, very low.

Beside this feature/mode there are some more which you can get: 3 random features are fairy magic spin, fairy surprise and fairy wild spin. All feature are activated randomly in the main game. Fairy magic spin is a feature where you will get a random cluster of 5 to 9 medium win symbols; those symbols appears as an overlay on the reels for one spin. I don't like this feature so much, there is only one spin with this feature and I never got anything big from it. I don't think this could provide some really big winnings. Not this feature.

The faity surprise is randomly activated in case of a non win situation. A symbol is randomly selected from the medium win symbols on the reels after a spin. Other symbols, starting from the low win symbols will turn into the selected symbol until a win is awarded. I never got this feature while I was playing it, I don't think this feature is so great.
The last feature which is randomly selected is fairy wild spin. 3 or 4 wilds randomly appear on the reels 2, 3 and 4. After the reels stop, and the wins have been paid, a sticky wild respin is awarded. I like feature, but the wilds should be on all reels not only on 2, 3 and 4.

Beside all those feature there are also bonus game and free spins feature. This slot from NetEnt is designed good, with a lot of features but the payouts are not so great as I expected. I would rather see less features and better payouts. My ratio 6 stars.
Afi4wins 1299 reviews
Here's another game that's themed on Fairy Tales, this time it's on our little darling Red Riding Hood. Never mind how she got that name, a very strange name indeed for a sweet little girl, but blame that on the original creator of the character. I was expecting to see the Wolf appearing somewhere in the icons, but nope, apparently, the wolf is kept hiding in the woods, waiting for the little darling to appear to it, maybe. Anyway, I'm glad the Wolf doesn't play any part in the game, except by its name. There's already more than enough of the Wolf in various other games. So this time, let the little girl be the main character instead. A refreshing change at least.

The first two things that struck me about this Red Riding Hood game were the absence of any payout for the Wild symbols, and the absence of any Scatter symbol. That removes a lot of additional winning chances out of the game, which I don't like at all! The Wild symbol appears only on reels 2, 3 and 4 in the base game but can appear on all reels in the Free Spins game. It also substitutes for other symbols except for the Bonus symbol. Yep, the Wild is a totally dumb Wild symbol. There are no Scatter symbols, as already mentioned, but there is a Bonus symbol that appears only on reels 1, 3 and 5. Getting all 3 of them triggers the Bonus Feature game. Nope, no payouts for these Bonus symbols too, making them yet another dumb symbol. Well, Red Riding Hood is one of the very few NetEnt games that uses 2 dumb symbols at the same time in a game. I hope NetEnt isn't following Microgaming's traits! As for the other symbols in the game, the 'FL' logo pays 400x, the Shield pays 250x, the Key pays 200x, the Rose pays 150x, the Book pays 100x, and all the rest pay 60x, all per line bet for 5 of each kind. A very low paytable indeed.

There are 6 feature games here, 3 randomly activated in the base game, the other 3 appearing in the Bonus Feature game. The 3 randomly activated features in the base game are, the Fairy Magic Spin, whereby a random cluster of 5 to 9 medium-win symbols are awarded, the Fairy Surprise, whereby a random symbol is selected, and all the lower symbols are then transformed into the selected symbol. Theoretically, it may be possible to get all same 15 symbols in this feature game. The third feature is the Fairy Wild Spin, whereby 3 or 4 Wild symbols are randomly placed onto reels 2, 3 or 4 before the start of that free spin. After paying off whatever winning combinations, a Sticky Wild Respin is then awarded, with all the Wild symbols held and locked in their positions.

In the Bonus Feature game, pick 1 out of 3 chests to reveal 'Beware The Wolf Bonus', 'Free Spins', or 'Coin Win'. In the 'Beware The Wolf Bonus' game, there are 5 types of prizes to be won, namely a Coin Win, a Double Win, an Arrow Win, a Jackpot Coin Win and a Collect Win. Spin the Whirlgig to move along the playboard to win the prizes. In the Free Spins game, 10 free spins are awarded but without any multiplier, and each chest appearing during the free spins award +2 more free spins. The Coin Win feature pays 15x the total bet amount.

With so many feature games available, including the regular Free Spins game, payouts for each feature tend to be diluted and lesser in amount. From my several plays on this game, both using free spins and deposited money, the wins that I've gotten so far were all around 15x to 25x my bet amount. Disappointing payouts I must admit, but I haven't yet got that 'Beware The Wolf Bonus' feature, so I don't really know if that feature can pay better. Let's hope so. There have been a few nice looking wins, that should have paid quite nicely, but the very low values of those symbols kept the payout amounts down and below expectations. This is again very disappointing for each time it happens.

Nonetheless, playing Red Riding Hood seems to be enjoyable and exciting enough, despite all the low payouts I've gotten, but it does have better potentials. No doubts about that. How much better is yet to be seen though. Until I can get good bigger wins, my rating on the game have to be based on what I've achieved, and not on what can be theoretically achieved.
wowow12345 9 reviews
Love almost everything about this game! I firstly tried this game through Limoplay and did my first withdraw there! Random features saved my few times almost 0 balance to alive.

There are 3 bonus features. I reached 96 free spins the most so far during one free spin session. Each box gave 2 extra spins. I got 3 boxes all at once in the free spins feature, which added 10 extra free spins for me. (I bet 1 EUR/spin that time, end of the feature I had around 100 EUR extra). Wolf bonus was my favorite part! I hit "double" in the game, sometimes I had 10x or 14x one jump, therefore I managed a big win at that time.
The 3rd bonus feature "coin win" doesn't pay so much so far......feel a bit useless.
It is just the game we say:"Just drop your money to the rubbish"...So many features,so intrested themed slot,BUT very poor payouts!!! I think that netent must delete from her database,this slot!!!I force my self to play it for a week but the bigger win i manage,were 59€ with a 10€ bet!!!i feel so sad,because netent's new releases must respect and the player...thank you!!!
blondie 1093 reviews
Red Riding Hood is the newest game from Netent software and as a fan for the software, I was looking forward to try this game. The game is inspired by fairytale theme and this particular slot is inspired by the fairytale Red Riding Hood. The inspiration is visible throughout the slot- starting with the design, the name and even bonus features.

To be honest I have quite mixed feelings about this game. I have tried it a few times now in Doublestar casino and Slotjoint casino and few other places with couple of free spins. The game itself has 5 reels and 20 paylines, random features that come up on base game, two bonus rounds and also sticky wilds. From feature point of view the game is full of everything and that definitely makes it very exciting and I like that about it. But from other perspective- I find myself getting really low payouts. In some of my sessions of this game I would have no features at all and I would end up with a loss but the last time I played this game I ended up with a small profit.

So I guess one of my favorite parts of this game is a sticky wild respin. It happens when you get 2 wilds on base game, but it can be hard to get them as they land on certain reels only. But when it happens, you get one respin with the wilds and it has helped me to get a few small wins. I do like the fact that there are also 3 random features that can come up anytime and one of the fairies will either turn reels into certain symbols or add wilds. My favorite of the 3 is the wild fairy but unfortunately it came up the most rarely.

But as always, there are bonus features that are stars of the show and I like them both equally. When you get treasure chest on reels 1,3 and 5 you need to pick one of them and you can get either coin win, wolf bonus round or free spins. I have had them a few times now and I really like them both the same. The wolf bonus is a trail of multipliers and you will walk certain steps, which you get by clicking the button, until the game ends and the wolf attacks. With this feature I have had a decent 40x bet win but I guess I like it so much because it is entertaining. The second feature is 10 free spins and whenever treasure chest lands, you get 2 extra free spins. I was quite upset by the fact that the free spins have no multiplier as otherwise it would be the perfect bonus feature. My best score so far has been 34 free spins with 60x bet win. I definitely expeted more than that.

Overall I do think that this is a decent release as the theme is interesting and design is nice, but overall this is a game I won't be playing more, simply because the payouts are quite upsetting. With 34 free spins I definitely expected a win over 100x bet and also the game can be quite a money eater as I said, in few sessions I didn't get any of the features at all and it's hard to get a win over 15x bet on base game alone.

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