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Cricket Star slot is a sports-themed video slot powered by Microgaming software platform which is full of exciting features for you to enjoy. This action packed slot comes with 5 unique reels with none of the usual Playing Card reel symbols appearing; instead they feature all the famous cricket players. Take this exciting slot for a spin for free right here on this page or head to your favourite Microgaming Casino to play for real money.

Before you start spinning the reels on Cricket Star slot, select your bet size. Use the arrow buttons under the middle reel to adjust your bet denomination. Pressing the “Bet” button you will be able to choose the coin size. Having done that, click on “Spin” to begin playing. There’s a total of 243 paylines that you can win on in this slot game. Alternatively, you can always use “Au­top­lay­” to spin for a predetermined number of rounds with no interruptions.

What’s more, this slot has plenty of in-game action and a wild wickets feature on reels 2, 3 and 4, and Rolling Reels. Three or more scatter symbols will get you a set of free spins. Those free spins are played on the Rolling Reels structure and all winning combinations that spin in are credited to your account. Just then a multiplier comes into play and those winning reel symbols are removed from the screen and replaced with new reel symbols dropping in from above.

On the other hand, Wild Wickets is a bonus game which can be triggered randomly as soon as you start playing. One to three of the middle reels on that base game spin will then be randomly selected and turned into completely wild reels.

Game Play

Coin Value: Adjust the base coin denomination.
Bet: Change the number of coins on each of the 243 lines.
Spin button: Play at your selected wager.
Autoplay: Spin several times in a row.

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Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Cricket Star must sound an like exciting game and that would be true if there was something to enjoy. What you can see in this 5-reels 243-paylines video slot is something widely spread across other slots by Microgaming. They isn't anything new here and I think this is another game created in order to eat money and not to give anything in return but peanuts. I am saying this because I have never heard of this game paying big. There is no doubt that because we didn't see any of such big win being published and discussed in the forum, it doesn't necessarily mean it's not possible. Yes, it is possible, but we must look at the paytable in order to get a better clue.

There are many Stacked Wilds here, but it didn't help me to get anything win worth mentioning while I played this game. Up to 40 Wilds could cover your screen, and there is also a random Wild Reel which pays if there is a winning combination. Unfortunately, the Wild symbol pays nothing, 5 Scatters pay only 250x your total bet, and they also award 15, 20 or 25 free spins. There is another interesting feature called the 'Rolling Reels'. During the Free Spins game, the multiplier can increase up to 10x, but unfortunately, the Free Spins game cannot be re-triggered.

What I noticed almost in every sports-themed slot by Microgaming, is that there are too many sporting moves symbols. The whole screen looks overloaded and it's pretty annoying. The game would look very elegant if only with a few symbols showing the actual sporting moves instead of so many. When we add all the features, or when those symbols become activated, the whole game looks pretty messy. When you don't know how to win in a game like in this Cricket Star, because it looks impossible, then you just want to leave and never return.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Somebody really needs to take Microgaming to task for their endless clones in recent times, and as nobody else seems to be doing it right now... I guess I will pick up the mantle. I enjoyed Break Away, the Ice Hockey themed game that this game, Cricket Star, is so completely based on - that would not be the end of the world, creating an alternative game to satisfy the tastes of Microgaming's huge number of players - however, in addition to these two games there is also Tigers Eye, Cool Wolf, Football Star, Basketball Star and Rugby Star as well.

There is no difference between all of these games, with the exception of the symbols used - mostly just to reflect a variety of different sports. And this isn't the only game and slot mechanic that Microgaming have overused in this way, it's been quite a while now since Microgaming released any new games that really stood out to me and in fact just this month they have announced the released of two new clones of the aging nine line game Thunderstruck - which already has many clones by way of Ladies Nite, Adventure Palace, Spring Break and god knows how many I don't know just off the top of my head!

When I come to play a slot game, I can honestly say that I don't make my choice entirely based on what particular sport I am into... nor can I imagine Cricket fans only wanting to play a cricket themed slot. What I do want is interesting features, big wins, good quality graphics... maybe some new ideas, something which NetEnt seem to do a lot. Of course Microgaming tend to offer more exciting paytables and so they have been my favourite slot game developer for a long time because of that fact alone, but I am honestly running out of patience with all these clones of the same game showing up month after month. Please, Microgaming... try something new now?
Afi4wins 1232 reviews
Hmm. We've seen all kinds of Stars from Microgaming. Football Star, Basketball Star, Rugby Star, and now Cricket Star, not to mention several other games that uses the same basic game design and game play, like Cool Wolf, Break Away and other titles that I can't quite remember their names now. Generally, each and every one of these games offer almost identical paytables, offer almost identical Stacked Wilds and randomly activated Special Features, that playing one game is as good as having played all the others. Individual preferences being more in terms of the overall design, the soundtrack and the theme of the game. I, personally, don't quite like such sporty games, much less cricket, but for game sake, I would try them out nonetheless.

Without repeating myself for the endless time, Cricket Star has more than 40 Wilds on the reels, being Stacked Wilds on the last 3 reels, plus a random Wild Reel in the base game offering guaranteed wins. The Wild symbols don't pay anything, 5 Scatters pay 250x the total bet, 3 or more Scatters award 15, 20 or 25 free spins with Rolling Reels feature, with up to 10x win multipliers, but more free spins cannot be retriggered. All symbols in the game are pictures of cricket players and fans, and what a screenful of messy clutter they all make! I just cannot quickly make out which icon pays what, sheesh! Maybe others may like it, or may find it acceptable, but certainly not for me. Not only that, all the symbols have damn low win values from 10x down to 1.6x the total bet amount. A very low paytable that cannot possibly offer any huge wins but only mediocre ones.

To cut a short review shorter, suffice for me to say that I have not got any good wins from Cricket Star, not a single win that exceeded 100x my total bet, most of the payouts tend to range around the 20x - 30x total bet amount, and the overall payouts of this game can be mediocre only.
True to my words, Cricket Star plays no differently from Football Star, or Rugby Star, or Basketball Star, or whatever. I prefer the symbols, icons and overall presentation of Cool Woof much better than any of these sporty games, which comes to me as very messy, very cluttered, very confusing and very distracting. I've never liked any game with such characteristics, regardless of how well that game may play or perform.
katemak 1162 reviews
I have no idea what’s the point of cricket, because honestly I am not such a fan of Sports of any kind, especially of the Cricket one, but even so I enjoyed playing this game. Cricket Star is 5 reel and has 243 winning way, with 0.50 cents minimum bet, another one of the newest games from well known famous software Microgaming, as it title said it’s a sport theme video slot and by my opinion has a lot to give.

I really enjoy playing this games, just because I tried them all, with those Rolling Reels called as a bonus round, which appear only on the second, third and fourth reel. Well to have awesome winning it would be great if you catch all three of them, but must admit that happens very rare, they become all wilds and the winning can me up to X 10 multiplier, well that depends with what bet sizes you are playing, but even with a minimum one can boost your balance.

The free spins feature is the same as the other sister games this slot has, the scatter symbol is the Cricket Ball with World write on it, so triggering 3 of them will award a player with 15 free spins, 4 of them with 20 and 5 of them with 25 free spins, with great multiplier which goes up to 10. The beauty in this free spins is the Rolling reels again, they are wild and if you managed to catch all three of them on the third, fourth and fifth reel there is a great big win coming to your way.

After I have played Cool Wolf game, I have tried all the game including Cricket Star, because believe me they are all a kind, they are so similar, the only difference is they changed the theme slot and of course the symbols on this reels. Because I like this kind of slots and have really great wins on this game, well much more on the other I mentioned above game, I do recommend this slot, because it has potential of big wins. Good Luck!
In most games background is mostly a simple combination of colors or a reflection of a randomly colored surface, with this it's just a playground for cricket. The terrain is the background and the elements that are associated with this game are distributed on the drum with five columns and even 50 payment lines. Although relatively few countries that play cricket in the world, this is no reason that you can not play the slot machine in this situation when you do not know exactly no one basic rule of the game. The most important thing is to know, with which symbols you get the most money in this game are the two symbols, wild and scatter.

I like that, what this game has a so-called explosion of symbols when the line is winning. I also won four symbols of players with a cricket bat on positions 1,2,3 and 5, while my fourth column was filled with "cricket star" wild symbol, so I immediately got a € 20 wager of € 1 per spin . From my experience I can confirm that the percentage gains in this game is quite high, because every few spins I won 3-5 € in one spin. Such a game, I came into a situation that after the initial € 80 per account, with stakes of € 1 per spin, after two hours I had € 95.

It is not so bad considering that I was in a couple of occasions fell below 40 € and then reduce my bet per spin to € 0.50, this means that at stake was a line of minimum 0.01 coins. I've always favored games with more payment lines and this is like the Incredible Hulk one with even 50 such opportunities. Added to this is a 243 ways to play so that is understandable why so often come out some greater gain in the game. The most money I've wasted on the Playtech games, but here it was not the case after three days of constant play, my account increased to € 72, so I already had a € 152 that I could use the other slots. When I finished my adventure and I will describe that in one of the following review.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Cricket Star is a game I tried for the first time in Goldrun Casino. So far this is the only casino in which I made 2 deposits and had 2 withdrawals. I had a descent balance of over 150 euros so I wanted to try out some new game. I saw this slot and realized that I have never played it before. Cricket is a totally unknown game to me, but I don’t mind that this game has a theme like that as long as it pays.

This is a 243 payline slot with 5 reels from Microgaming. The minimum bet here is 0.50 euros so you need a bigger bankroll to play it or lots of luck to hit something descent in the first spins. I started playing on a minimum bet and only 3 spins later I got wilds on reels 2 and 3 and had a great win because I got a nice 5 of a kind win. After that I spent over an hour playing this game and saw almost every feature this game has to offer. The main advantage in this game is the stacked wilds. You can get stacked wilds on reels 3, 4 and 5 during base play. There is also a Wild Rockets Feature which randomly turns reels 2, 3 or 4 into wilds. This is the part of the game I like the most.

The free spins bonus in the game reminds me a lot of the rolling reels bonus on Thunderstruck II. If you get 3 scatters you are awarded with 15 free spins. More scatters award more spins accordingly. In the free spins bonus for every win the winning symbols are replaced by new ones and the multiplier increases. In theory the wins here can go up to 10 x multiplier, but I never passed more than 4 x multiplier.
The only setback in this game is that the free spins can’t be retriggered and the higher 0.50 bet.
blondie 1081 reviews
Cricket Star is one of the newest Microgaming slots, and as a fan of Microgaming software, I was eager to try this game.

It is very similar to other Microgaming games with the fact it has 5 reels, 243 paylines and free spins bonus round. As the name already tells, the theme of the game is cricket game. I am not very into sports theme, but this game seemed decent. There are wilds - on 3rd, 4th or 5th reel they are stacked, but also one of the reels - 2nd, 3rd and 4th will randomly turn wild, giving a guaranteed win. There are also free spins, if you catch at least 3 scatter symbols. If you get 3 scatters, you'll get 15 free spins, if 4 scatters-20, but in case you're lucky enough to win 5 scatters- you'll play 25 free spins. Well that is a very nice amount but I bet it's quite rare to get them. In the free spins game there's a Rolling Reels feature, which award consecutive spins with up to 10x multiplier wins. However, I think it is a cons that the free spins cannot be retriggered during free games.

I wanted to try this game and I did that in my favorite Microgaming casino - Zodiac. I had 30€ in my balance and I placed 0.50€ which are the minimum bets and started to play 100 spins. After only first few spins, I somehow magically got 4 scatters and a big win of 25€. Then I played my 20 spins and I was both surprised and little frustrated - 20 spins gave me 18€ win, which is quite small, since I had 0.50€ bet and many 5 of a kind wins in the free spins. Also, I was sad that the game cannot be retriggered in free spins, because I actually managed to get 3 scatters, during free spins. But I liked the idea that this game (both main game and free spins) had something in common with Gonzo's Quest - the winning combinations fall down and new items come increasing the multiplier from 2x to even 10x bet. I didn't managed to further than 3x multiplier.

I spent about an hour with this game and got another set of free spins, this time 15 free spins. They paid me 40x bet winnings, however, I didn't really get my balance higher, it even dropped a bit, because other than the 2 free spins I overall got there, the regular spins in main game didn't pay anything.

Although I am not the biggest fan of the look of this game, I think it may give nice winnings, so I think I will play it some time. But I think you have to be guarded with a stable bankroll because if this game starts to give empty spins, it will empty your balance quickly.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
Cricket Star is another sport based slot that caught my attention and I decided to try it out although honestly I have no idea how this game actually works in real life nor am I a big fan of it. This slot is brought to us by Microgaming software and it has 5 reels and 243 paylines with a minimum bet of 0.50$ so you definitely must come prepared.

I started playing this slot at a minimum bet and from the very start I like the game very much. With more than 40 wilds that appear stacked on reels 3, 4 and 5 and the avalanche system that destroys a winning line and gives you a respin, this feature goes on until there is no more winning line, so these winning can really stack up for a great win. The highest win that I had with that was 10.6$ but this is also thanks to those stacked wilds.

So as I continued play I was really eager to land three or more scatters for free spins feature, but it is really hard to trigger them. (3, 4, 5 scatter can award 15, 20, 25 FS with a rolling feature that can stack up to 10x multiplier for a chance of us really awesome wins). Also I loved the wild wickets feature that randomly turns reels 2, 3, 4 into wilds which surprised me with a good win also thanks to the stacked wilds.

Overall this is a very interesting and fun sport based slot with a lot of interesting features and good payout possibilities. The only thing that I dislike about this slot is the fact that it is really hard to trigger free spins since it took me over 250 spins to trigger it and after that it took me even longer to trigger it for the second time, although I had a really nice payout of over 25$. 8/10
paquito76 867 reviews
The shame on me that being a sports fan I still don’t know too much thing about this kind of sport but maybe it’s forgiven as cricket is not so popular in our continent and it’s also not the best promoted sport in this territory. I suppose partly because of this though I saw the name of this slot in the game list I never tried this game but recently the time has arrived and finally I could play this slot. Knowing it’s a Microgaming product I had some expectations about the visual world it create and luckily I didn’t need to disappoint. Though this interface is very similar to a Football themed slot from this same software developer but it’s absolutely not a problem as I find both this and that pictorial work very great.

This slot has a very modern look and we can see a stadium on the background which is almost a guarantee to be in an authentic environment. The reel area is colorful but fortunately in the right way and I never felt that they would be dominated or even ruined the screen and in my opinion with the decent usage of them just increase the great experiment here. Naturally, the symbols depict mainly players but fans, referee, ball characters also can be seen which all have great graphics. I think overall it’s a well-made interface for a great sports themed video slot.

The game is a member of ‘243-ways-to-win’ group and I like here what I can’t experience at some recently played similar games, namely, the increased expectation because of this working system really fits well to the theme more importantly the graphical world of the appearance and these segments of the game well harmonize to each other so here at Cricket Star I can really see the potential in the slot and it makes me believe that I have a chance to win big here.

Though I normally dislike if a Wild hasn’t got any win multiplying ability and doesn’t pay by own but here somehow it doesn’t seem to be so much problem and it’s because the Wild appears in stacked format only on the last 3 reels and luckily it seems to like its job as it really a very often appearing emblem that gives a very good chance for not just once but more winning combinations to be completed. Maybe I would love to see if it would work rather on the 3 middle reels giving even more wins but it still can be with this working rule real powerful.

The slot offers two little features that both have the ability to boost wins. The first one called Wild Wickets feature which is triggered randomly and basically it’s capable to turn into Wild one of the middle reels and the other is the Rolling Reels feature or drop down symbol function, it doesn’t matter what we name it, it means if a winning combination is completed the winning symbols disappear from the screen replaced by another icons and of course giving spots for newcomers and possibilities for new winning combinations. It’s always great if we can get more Wilds on the table so utility of the first mentioned add-on is evident but normally I have issues and not always like the second mention extra as most of the times it doesn’t bring any significant wins to the table and sometimes it’s just bothering me because it slow down the gameplay and it doesn’t do good for the play rhythm but at Cricket Star I could achieve some nice wins with newcomers too and it was thanked mainly for Wilds because 80% of the cases if the first win needed stacked Wild to be formed, the new arrangement also brings new stacked Wild on the same reel and it’s obviously well increase the chance for the second win.

This Rolling Reels feature is even more powerful at free spin which is activated if 3 or more Ball scatters appear anywhere on the reels during normal game and give 15, 20 or 25 free spins. If consecutive wins are visible during this session, every additional wins are multiplied by increase numbers so the second win with Rolling Reels feature is worth two times more, the third win is multiplied by x3 and so on until a fifth winning combination’s value is multiplied by huge x10 multiplier. Needless to say, how great this increased multiplier possibilities and playing the slot and getting free spins I also could witness its rewarding ability.

Though I have just spent cumulative 1-2 hours with the game but I really like what I’ve seen and experienced here. I love the sports theme and its graphical realization, the features which are really usable and give the players real advantage and the free spins and its potential to give out some really noticeably wins are definitely there and all in all in my opinion there’s nothing here what we could complain about or really miss and that’s why I agree with the opinions which say this is a very complete and a real great product from this developer. It’s a highly recommended slot in my opinion.
valentin68 535 reviews
It is very good that occasionally Microgaming remembers to make a clone for some of its oldest slots, like “Footbal Star”. The last clone of Microgaming (“Lucky Firecracker”) was just the game “Gung Pow” renamed, but here at “Cricket Star” this means however something else. Although it is a clone, this “Cricket Star” has many parts changed from the original game (“Footbal Star”) and the slot is good. As I said: it is a good there are nice MG games even if they are clones.

We Europeans know very little about cricket, played in UK and Australia and baseball, played in US (probably just that in both games someone is hitting a ball with a stick). Here in my country, there is a somewhat similar countryside popular game (played with a stick and a ball) which is called “Oina”(rounders). 19 years ago (when I spent several weeks in US) I had the opportunity to attend a real baseball game. I remember that to my question “how this game is played”, I was told that if I want to learn the rules I will need a few days or weeks of good explanations. And so I preferred just to keep in mind and remember the “show”.

“Cricket Star” is really a slot full of this show. The emotions are real and seemingly detached from the real game. For a bet of 50 cents, you have to play a slot with “all ways win” that is very generous with wins. Unlike the past MG games, here you win consistently, and some Euros every few spins are absolutely guaranteed. The game features are largely the same as the “Footbal Star” features. You have here whole reels full of Wilds, and sometimes one reels is randomly transformed into an extended Wild with a guaranteed win. The Free Spins have also a multiplier, so that after each consecutive win from the same spin, this multiplier is increased up to 10x. And just like playing the “Footbal Star”, sometimes in regular play some payouts are minimal (2-10 cents for “3 of a kind”) yet those fully stacked Wilds are doing a good job. Perhaps that here the Wilds are to be found mainly on reel 3 and more rarely on other reels (unlike at the “Footbal Star”), but it is also good and as it is.

This is an entertaining game full of emotions, with beautiful wins and a music that seems to tell exactly the story and this sport. Thumbs up MG for this game!
The only negative thing are those very low payouts of the minor symbols. Other cons do not really exist.
I’m not much of a cricket fan but I don’t know what it is with slots based on a sports theme, because they do always manage to capture my attention somehow. This goes for the new Microgaming game Cricket Star as well, which has been released just before the ICC 2015 Cricket World Cup.

It shows that no Microgaming release goes without a thorough thinking process apart from Lucky Firecracker maybe. Those guys should be fired! Just kidding Microgaming :D. I think cricket is an underestimated sport in the world because it certainly has a huge audience in especially Asian and Commonwealth countries.

So there should definitely be a high demand for this game which certainly doesn't disappoint. Cricket Star basically has the same format as BreakAway from Microgaming and some other slot which I can’t think of right now. The game contains 5-reels, 3-rows and a 243-ways-to-win format, while the rolling reels feature is also in place to give some extending playtime. The minimum bet is a bit high though with 50 cents per spin.

I had the chance recently to give this game a try. Though, I must have cached it during a dry spell since I lost about 75 euros in a very short time. I don’t think I had more than 300 spins altogether. The slot looks attractive on the outside with good graphics and certainly manages to engage the player.

The reels are filled with various cricket players in different outfits. On reels 3, 4 and 5 there are stacked wilds with over 40 wild symbols. So be prepared for them to drop in quite regularly. My main problem was that I hardly managed to get decent consecutive wins despite the rolling reels feature being present. The payout for the symbols isn't too great unfortunately. You’d really need a 5oak to get a decent win combined with lots of wilds desirably.

The white Cricket Ball symbols is the scatter by the way. You need 3, 4 or 5 scatters to trigger respectively 15, 20 or 25 free spins with an increasing multiplier all the way up to 10x. During base game I doubt if I came any further than 10x bet. I managed to trigger the free spins only once and it paid merely 20x bet. Obviously I wasn't too lucky but I do think this game has lots of potential simply for the reason that it has stacked wilds and a 10x multiplier.

Last but not least there is also a random feature called the Wild Wickets Feature which can occur any time during base game. It then turns reel 2, 3 or 4 completely wild. So basically if it turns reel 2 wild, then you can possibly get up to four reels wild if you get lucky.

Overall this is a decent game despite my bad results which I will probably give another shot.
Very difficult to get consecutive wins on this game unfortunately. That being said, it’s a hard battle to advance on the multiplier ladder during free spins and therefore big wins must be extremely rare on this game I think which make it a high variance adventure.

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