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Big Chef is a culinary-themed 15-payline video slot which runs on the Microgaming software platform. The game’s wild card is the Big Chef Logo icon, while the slot’s scatters are the Menu symbol and the Cloche symbol. Players are welcome to test the slot on this page for free or choose any of the Microgaming casinos from the listings to play the game for real money.

To showcase their culinary talents, players need to first regulate their wager.  The “Bet” button hides 2 more buttons: “Coins”, which alters the number of coins wagered and “Coin Size”, which selects the coin size ranging from 0.01 to 0.5. Pushing the +/- “Bet” buttons selects the total bet. “Spin” starts the game and “Auto Play” allows players to turn the reels multiple times uninterrupted.

3 or more Menu icons trigger 10 Free Spins, wherein all wins are doubled. 1 Big Chef Logo on row 2 or 3 causes the symbol to rise upwards forming a Rising Wild. After each spin, the Rising Wild icon rises to the next row and acts as a wild card. When it reaches the top row, it remains on the same position for the duration of the ongoing spin. Rising Wilds only emerge during Free Spins.

1 Cloche symbol on reel 5 activates the Base Game Free Spin feature. Players are awarded 1 Free Spin. 1 Big Chef symbol on row 2 or 3 forms a Rising Wild.

Game Play

Bet +/-: Adjust the total wager.
Coins: Decide on the number of coins to bet.
Coin Size: Choose the coin denomination.
Spin: Start the game at the chosen bet.
Auto Play: Turn the reels for a preset number of times uninterrupted.

Big Chef Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1232 reviews
When I see this Big Chef game, I think of another game, 'What's Cooking', by Playtech. That cook there fell down, got up and carried on with his cooking, but this chef here, he didn't fall...he just didn't cook at all! Not for me anyway. Whether this is an oldie game or not, it doesn't bother me, because the game doesn't attract me at all, nosirree, not one tiny bit!

Before I go into the whys of not liking this game, let's look at the paytable first. The Big Chef is the Wild symbol of course, 5 of him paying 333x the total bet, with nothing more you can get. Yep, a dumb Big Chef! The Menu is the Scatter symbol, 5 of which pays 100x the total bet. 3, 4 or 5 of them award 10 free spins with a 2x win multiplier. Nothing more, and no retriggers! Dumb Free Spins game! The Cloche is also a Scatter symbol, but appearing only on reel 5, to award one Re-spin of the reels, to create a win. Well, that's what is supposed to happen, but most of the time, those re-spins gave no win at all! Dumb Re-spins! Out of many re-spins that I got, only once a Rising Wild appeared on one of the reels in the re-spin round, but paid absolutely nothing! So, how do you expect me to like it? Dumb Rising Wild!

Oh, what is that Rising Wild, you are asking? It's a Wild symbol that only appears in a re-spin or in the free spins. It doesn't appear in the base game. When it appears, it rises up and creates new Wild symbols on that reel, up to 2 additional Wilds. That's all it does. No doubling of wins. It's supposed to act like an Expanding Wild, but given a Rising Wild name instead. Hmm! All the other symbols pay from 53x the total bet down to 6.6x the total bet. So, is that good or bad? It's a 'hmm'.
My play on this Big Chef game? How I wish I hadn't played it at all! It was very disappointing to say the very least, with most things being dumb things, and payouts that cannot even exceed 10x my bet! A real 'what the argh!' My balance went down all the way, never seeing any upturn, not even once! The Re-spin sucks big time, the Free Spins game sucks big time too, suiting the name Big Chef. More like a Big Bluff to me!
hajnrih 1376 reviews
I had a really long session playing the Big Chef slot just because I thought the slot was good even though the pay table is so tight. But after awhile I realized that this game will not open your appetite for more. Watching the game I realized that it is a big nothing. Now and then I was getting one free spin, but I never got any payouts.

I was not even excited for the third scatter because somehow I knew it will not appear. I only got one average win which was only 20 x bet for 5 chefs, but yet again it was nothing special.

This is a 5 reel slot with 15 pay lines and the game is run by the Microgaming software. There is French music in the background which is a great addition to this game. The symbols are really cheesy and they are all related to the theme of the game. You can see a chef, a waiter, a kitchen hand and some meals.

There are 2 bonus features. The first one is my favorite the free spins, which somehow I did not manage to trigger even though I spent so much time on this game. 3 or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels will give you 10 free spins with x 2 multiplier. Maybe that is the reason I played the game for so long just because I hoped to see the rising wilds during the free spins. They can bring some big wins, because they extend upwards and can make some winning combination.

The second bonus feature, on the other hand happens very often but for me there were no wins. This is triggered when you get one cloche serving plate on reel five. If a wild lands on that spin again it will start the rising wilds feature, but that did not happen either for me.
katemak 1162 reviews
Big Chef slot from Microgaming software is one of the freshly added slot games from famous provider Microgaming with 5 reels and 15 lines. At first when I saw this slot game I thought it is more liner, like 30 ones, but I guess I was wrong. Must admit even Microgaming they keep disappointing me every time, when the time comes for realizing some new video slot. Don't know about the other players, but to me it surely looked as another low to medium variance slot, so yet another not for my taste slot.

The graphic of this game is just superb, because I as a player am fan of the cartoonish slots and the theme is all about Chef and their preparation of the food. This newly slot I have played only several times, don't know why, but it reminds me of another new slot game Rabbit in the Hat, or maybe because they are 15 liner slots and the fact I cant hit something decent.

This game as any other have wilds, but what was interesting about the wild called, cloche or the serving plate, so while the player plays in the base game and caught the serving plate on the fifth reel then the player gets rewarded I free spins or re spins, just because the wild will stand there till you get a winning combination till the other spin. While playing the re spin if another wild lands on the reels, then the player gets another re spins, so actually you are rewarded with free spins as long the wilds appeared on the reels, when they stop then the re spin feature ends.

The free spins feature is something difficult to be triggered, because from my experience I cant catch those three scatters. So lending three of them will trigger the free spins rounds. The free spins which the player will get are 10 with multiplier X 2. I have only once triggered the free spins feature and can't say I am satisfied with it. Maybe not my cup of tea slot, well definitely.

Good Luck!
blondie 1081 reviews
Big Chef is one of MG relatively new slots, it came out in May and I still am not a fan of it. It has 5 reels and 15 paylines, and as a bonus they have free spins round. To be honest, I think it is one of my least favorite games from Microgaming software so far.
The name Big Chef gives me associations of French kitchen and desserts so I was a little surprised to see meat symbols all over the place, but that is just my personal taste. Also, I think that the graphics are quite poor, they remind me of graphics that Betsoft games have and I am not a fan of them either.

This game has two types of features. One is a free spins bonus round which is triggered by 3 or more scatters placed on wherever on the screen. For that you'll get 10 free spins with 2 x multiplier. There, whenever there is a wild, it will expand to the reel above and will stay until it has gone entirely up. When there are more than one wild and they both expand, it can give nice winnings. But at the same time, I've experienced two entirely wild reels with a 0 payout too. Position means everything I guess!

The second feature is a free spin that is awarded during main game, if a cloche scatter comes up on 5th reel. Then you'll get 1 free spin on the base game.
So far my biggest winning has been from free spins and it was 70 x bet I think. Although minimum bets are 0.15€ and cannot be lower because payline amount is fixed, when I play it, I place 0.30€ bets an my biggest winning was with those bets as well. I think that free spins round isn't too hard to get but most of the times winnings are small. But the base game free spin feature is worse, so far it hasn't given me any winnings at all, so I think it just seems like they have more than one feature but I wouldn't expect anything out of it.

Overall I do think I was a little harsh about this slot but I do think it is just an average Microgaming slot with design that needs improvement. I think there's some potential to win decently on free spins round with rising wilds and that's the best part of this game. Can't rate higher than 7/10.
Big Chef Slot is one of the newer games created in Microgaming. This game comes with 5 reels and fixed 15 paylines. I do not like it too much when the number of pay-lines is fixed because that reduces the possibilities for maneuvering. Otherwise, many Micro gaming games that have appear in recent times comes with a fixed number of pay-lines. The graphics and animations as the overall look of the game are appealing. The theme is cookery and here you have a multitude of symbols with culinary specialties. Games with this theme are a bad influence on my body weight because they make me hungry. I just have to eat something while playing this kind of games.

When it comes to features this game have several. There is the standard, for a video slot game, wild symbol feature. Then the cloche feature. If on the last reels you get the cloche scatter symbol then you have one free spins and finally there is the classic free spins feature. For 3 or more Menu scatter symbols you get 10 free spins with 2x multiplier. All in all in my opinion, it is insufficient. If you ask me, it would be good if there's a classic for example pick up bonus too.

As this is a recent game in the Microgaming casinos offer I did not have a chance to play it so often. But still, I tried it a few times in several different online casinos. The last time I played it was in Jackpot City Casino with quite success. In about half an hour I came to the free spins 3 times. The last time I won free spins I had total wins from these free spins greater than 80 x bet. All in all, I was in plus of around 30 euros for that time, playing with a bet of 0.15 to 0.45 euros per spin.

Big Chef is a video slot game that did not impress me but I'm going to give her a passing grade. For this game I give 7 of 10 possible stars.
Big Chef it is new Microgaming game release. Tried this game already couple of time, and I am tried this game already two times with decent amount of spins each, I am think it is awesome game!

Game looks quite regular for Microgaming, this time Microgaming decide to not create game with awesome graphic or anything super, but just regular everything, but still this is perfect looking game for me, I can't complain. Also there is 15 paylines.

Base game here is great one, and I am can happily say that it is interesting and not boring. Microgaming made a great trick to made base game playing in this slot very interesting. First of all wilds here on all reels, unfortunately without any multiplier for wins, but payout for wilds is quite good, so it is worth to get it. What I really enjoyed special freespin feature. When at reel 5 appear special freespins symbol it is starting one freespins. During this freespin if wild appear on reel (not at highest possible place) it will trigger trailing wild feauture, and with future respins all wilds which appear and initial wild will grow up by one position, until disappear. Was not happy from begin with this feature, but when it paid me more than 100x total bet, I of course change my mind. Great potential, very quick feature and land come often on reel 5.

Freespins feature can be triggered by 3 or more scatters. Then you will be awarded with 10 freespins with x 2 multiplier, and with trailing wilds feature. Should I say more, awesome feature with very high winning potential.

Overall it is just awesome slot. Two times I played it - two times I am really was happy. There are no any doubts that I will visit this game again; I want to get wild line!
There is nothing bad about this slot, absolutely, everything is awesome!
Raptordinos 866 reviews
"Weak and tight" are the first two words that come to my mind after a long session playing "Big Chef", the new slot from Microgaming released during the month of May. It is always necessary to be very careful when giving a poor opinion about a game developed by this renowned company because of the huge number of fans that slots of this brand have, but still playing just for fun, the feeling is such that it hurts like if it were real money, and it is ironic that a game with a theme inspired by a renowned gourmet restaurant, it seems that the dish of the day had been my demo balance, which was devoured slowly but consistently at the rotating of the reels and to be honest, I'm still looking for an explanation for what Microgaming had established a pay table so incredibly tight for this slot being this one a game with only 15 paylines and paying winnings made only in right-left direction, that is, it is not bidirectional as other similar slots; the best payout that can be achieved in this game is 333.33 times your total bet, a pretty decent value in my opinion, which would be the payment you would receive for completing a line of five of Wild kind, but to get an idea of the challenge that this represents, I can make reference to the only three 5 of a kind lines that I managed to complete for exactly 500 turns, one with the symbol of the soup, another with the symbol of chicken and one with the symbol of the boy with the dirty dishes, which certainly in no case represented some really significant gain to me.

The most innovative feature in this slot is the single free spin feature that is activated by the appearance of a single symbol with the image of a tray with lid on the reel number 5, which gives a re-spin and occasionally 2 wherein every wild symbol appears expands by one symbol upward and sometimes by another additional symbol leaving the entire reel become wild ready for the second re-spin in the latter case, this feature is quite original from my point of view as I do not remember seeing that on another slot, at least not right now. I will rescue this feature on this slot, because in general, I say with sadness, that this game has not been much to my liking, although it is almost certain that sometimes "Big Chef" will find a way to win the approval of more than one player.
valentin68 535 reviews
It is enough to me how long I played the "Big Chef" slot. The slot is one of the new Microgaming slots and I played here twice on two consecutive days. The slot is like all Microgaming new slots, which means that it does not really bring anything new to the game. This is not a weak slot because it a Microgaming slot, but like most of the Microgaming slots lately you know everything about it after the first 50 games played.

This is a slot with the theme of the different dishes, very appetizing, but being with almost no extraordinary gains as some older Microgaming slots bring. If you play here at “Big Chef” probably you will not lose too much but you will never have good earnings. The good part of this slot is the small bet of only 15 cents, but there are many unpleasant losing consecutive games.

Just when I was writing these lines, I entered the Free Games and I gained from one game some 34 Euros, that is over 200x bet! Yes this is what I say myself a good payout, just that it took more than 200 spins played to get this win. In all previous 200 spins I had just small or medium earnings, not losing nor earning something. Perhaps I should not be so unhappy with this slot, but here the Wilds are quite rare, and its feature, the 10 Free Games are often unconvincing.

Although I had enough extra (now I have 32 Euro extra) the “Big Chef” still failed to convince me. This Microgaming slot is a pretty good game, but not extraordinary. Microgaming has many good old slots offering more passion in the game and also excitement. This slot has one great quality: the very appetizing foods.
Almost all gains from BigChef are small and unconvincing. 15 paylines are insufficient although the bet is small enough.

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