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Zombies Slot

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Keep your brains safely tucked away in Zombies, a thrilling five-reel video slot from NetEnt. With exciting wild features and a zombie-shooting free spins round, this definitely isn’t your typical video slot. Give Zombies a try on this page, or visit any of our listed NetEnt casinos to play Zombies for real money.

Before you dive into the creepy world of Zombies, take the time to choose how much you want to bet. To change your base coin denomination, use the “Coin Value” panel. Then, use “Bet Level” to adjust the number of coins on each of the game’s 20 compulsory paylines. Push the circular spin button to begin playing, or push “Max Bet” to play with a 10-coin level. You can also use “Au­top­lay­” if you are afraid to be in the same room as the zombies (or if you just like the convenience).

Zombies features several bonus features that make it worth playing. The Stacked Wild on the middle reel will expand if there are winning combinations to be made, boosting your odds of getting line hits. Additionally, Zombies may randomly place wilds on the reels on any spin. To trigger the game’s free spin round, get 3 or more scattered Toxic Canisters. During the free spins, you’ll have the opportunity to shoot some zombies yourself and score instant cash prizes.

Game Play

Coin Value: Set your coin size.
Bet Level: Adjust the number of coins wagered on each line.
Circular spin button: Play at the selected bet.
Max Bet: Play with a total wager of 200 coins.
Autoplay: Spin automatically within the selected criteria.

Zombies Slot Reviews by Players


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Zombies is a slot that looks so creepy and not girly at all. But I used to play it a lot. I mean, I don't like seeing human brain, blood all over around but I do have my dark side like everone else :P I am sorry if I am mistaken but I believe there is dark sid inside of every single creature on this earth. The theme of this video slot created by NetEnet is zombies. Graphics looks good and background sound is quite scarry . Just like in a horor movies when you expect something to happen. Talking about paytable ... it is very poor with the highest possible win of 1000 coins if you trigger 5 of a kind of then highest paying symbol. Low variance game but these game can be just perfect if there is a bonus that need to be wagered. Slow and steady you could meet wagering requirements with these ' kind of ' slots.

In this game there are two wild symbols. Random wild and Stacked wild symbol. Random wilds appears on reels 1, 2, 4 and 5. Stacked wild appear on reel 3. Stacked wild feature can make you some nice wins but unfortunatelly it does not appear during Free Spins feature. I am not happy with Free Spins feature at all. 3 Scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the reels will start the feature but there is only 5 Free Spins. Big minus to this ' creepy ' game. But there is something really cool. During this feature you shoot zombies and for each zombie you manage to shot you get coin prize. In Free Spins multiplier goes from x1, x2, x3, x5 and x 10! That's super! The last time I played which was over a year ago, I had so much fun and I made huge progress toward this super funny slot. It's exciting, creepy and I recommend it to everyone.
LeoDubbed 148 reviews
Zombies, who are not scared of these creatures. I've seen many horror themed video slots, Blood Suckers, Mythic Maiden and others but NetEnt's Zombies is the scariest of them all and I'll tell you why.

Every gambler has been to a land based casino and experienced the games on a big screen and high volume sound and sometimes with an extra feature like vibrating seat/surround sound etc.

Well, I do not visit land based casino that often so the other way to experience the maximum of casino experience is to play the games on big screen and a Dolby Digital Surround set.

First time playing this game I did not know what to expect and I was surprised and shocked, literally. I did not know that this games beside free spins feature also has another feature which's a random wild symbols when a zombie suddenly jump on your screen and scream. My heart was beating like hell.

I must say that they did a great job with this game and I need to wear a diaper everytime I play this game or just lower the volume but I'd rather be a scared player with a full diaper than a wus.

Like other games I also have a love and hate relationship with this game, sometimes the game eats my money like a hunger zombie on a free brains buffet and sometimes it fills my wallet so full I just fell off of my chair.

NetEnt is one of the best leading gaming providers on the net and I just read an article that they will go 3D, I really hope they will add Zombies to their 3D games list so I have a reason to buy an Oculus Rift VR headset.

My biggest win of this game is 700x bet with a bet of €1 and the worst loss? more than 250 spins played without any bonus round triggered.

If you planning to play this game, I'd advise you to play it on a bright room with a lot of lights.
The free spins bonus can only be triggered when 3 vials appear on reel 2, 3 and 4.
The game could consume a lot of money.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
I'm guessing "Zombies" was created to milk the hysteria created by AMC's "The Walking Dead", although it could just as easily be any other zombie movie or TV show in all fairness. NetEnt don't do a bad job when they have a license in my experience and I'm surprised they didn't do that for this game, although perhaps Zombies are ubiquitous enough these days to warrant them saving their money.

Base game winnings are pretty average by NetEnt standards, with 50x bet awarded for the top Circular Saw symbol. This can be multiplied by 2x, 3x, 5x or 10x during the free spins round, and it is also possible to score multiple lines simultaneously by way of the zombie stacked wild which appears on the third and center reel. The jackpot is given as 100,000 coins, which calculates at 5,000x your stake - although I'm unclear how this is actually possible.
The bonus game is a little on the tight side in my experience - for a start there are "scatter" symbols only on reels two, three and four, I'm unsure how that affects the likelihood of actually starting the bonus round but my guess is that these reels are reasonably short because the feature does appear to start fairly regularly. When you do get into the free spins mode you are first greeted with a zombie shooting stage where you get a small multiplier of your stake for each zombie shot. This repeats itself in between each of your five free spins, and there is an ascending multiplier for each spin as I mentioned earlier. This culminates in a single spin with a 10x multiplier, inevitably of course this will normally be a dead spin.

With the average base game wins and the miniscule five free spins, its pretty hard to recommend Zombies even if those multipliers do give it some potential - its just too rare to actually see a decent win for my liking.
In this game you will experience joy, and fear because of the appearance of the symbol. Frankly, I was most afraid of myself because I lose control and start to lose money from the account at lightning speed. If you love horror movies, then you will fall in love at first sight in this slot, like a maniac. I look drum rather reminiscent of my favorite Bloodsuckers, probably because there is a lot of blood on the symbols. But the way of winning the bonus round is identical to the above-mentioned Bloodsuckers slot. The only difference is in the number of payment lines, this game has a total of 20 payment lines. This is the most important fact, because everything else is just psychology, nothing more. Zombies slot I play on three casinos which are: Bet365, Unibet and Stan James. At Stan James in the last month, the most I've played this game.

For the purpose of writing this review, now that honor belongs to Unibet casino. These symbols blades act a bit, as the fruit of a sick imagination, but when you look at the title then anything else and do not expect under the title Zombies. My role here range from € 0.20 to a maximum of € 2. Most often I play with € 0.40 per spin, because generally separate € 20 or more when I play this and similar slots. This coincides with my rules, bet per spin should be about 2% of the amount in the account. Immediately upon entering the Unibet Casino, opening this slot and move with stakes of € 0.40. I took the auto-play of 25 spins and in the top 10 have not won a lot, after these 10 spins I got the bonus round, from which I drew great € 12. In the last ten spins I had bigger gains, they were mostly a combination of three or four symbols that do not make a lot of coins.

The conclusion here is that you will not stay long if you are weak at the scene from a horror movie. Someone who has nightmares certainly will not choose a slot in which it appears the brain, bloody saw and lifted eye. The biggest problem with this slot begins when you start to lose money, all these "bloody" elements are just blockages which if overcome, you've done it. I like the sound that comes into play especially when you put the headphones and turn up the tone. I admit that time is a bit hair-raising, even though I'm not a timid girl. I was unable to win never an amount that could put as screenshots in the forum section "100x winning screenshots". As I said, usually I play this slot at Unibet and Bet365, but I think to transfer some money in the William Hill Games and that there continue to research these bloody things.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
A zombie is definitely the last creature I would wish to meet up with. I don't mind aliens, but hell not for zombies! No matter the fact that it's probably just a fictional term, but I got very scared of such horror movies in my early childhood days. You can still scare me to death if you touch me in the dark, when I least expect that. The term zombie comes from Haitian folklore, where a zombie is a dead body, reanimated back to life, through various methods, most commonly by using black magic. Well, in my country, we don't have such folklore practices, they are limited to only national folklore dances.

Playing this Zombies game some time ago, within the first 20 spins, the biggest win I could get was only 1 Euro! A Stacked Wild appeared on reel 3, but that was it. I was hoping something big would happen, but none of that came. Then, another combination of four 'eye' symbols paid me another 1 Euro win. Finally, I managed to trigger a Free Spins game and I had to shoot those zombie creatures with five shots. There's a dynamic win multiplier attached to each shot and each accompanying free spin, and as you shoot down one zombie, you win some coins, get one free spin, and then those zombies would come closer to you for the next shot and next spin. The win multiplier increases from 1x in the first spin, then to 2x, 3x, 5x, and finally to 10x in the fifth spin. I ended up with a BIG win when one of those zombies appeared on my screen, its head got cut into two, brains and blood spurting out of its head, paying me a nice win of 6.10 Euros for me. This game also feature random Wilds and a Stacked Wild, the Stacked Wild only appearing on reel 3. The base game isn't much fun to be honest, until you get to the part where you start shooting those zombies and get a free spin after each shot. This is in the Free Spins feature game, where all the fun begins.

I wished I could have collected more random Wilds in the base game and in free spins too, but I didn't. I played this game last year but never really liked it's theme. The prize of 1000 coins, which is the win value for the highest paying symbol in this game, seems decent enough for it's paytable, but collecting five of that symbols to win that prize doesn't sound like an easy job at all.
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
If ghosts don't scare you, if Dracula doesn't scare you, then maybe zombies might? Hmm, none of the above scares me, game wise of course, but playing with zombies can be fun and strangely exciting. Imagine shooting their heads off, then see them walking up to you, headless, dead but alive...dang! You prefer Dead or Alive instead huh? Well, okay, but I'm gonna talk about dead but alive zombies for now. They do thrill me! But how I wish I could shoot them with a Gatling machine gun instead, and see how they would splinter off into thousands of tiny pieces! Eeeew! Hahaha. Sorry, but no such extreme violence allowed in this Zombies game! Aww, okay!

And so, there I was, facing dead but alive zombies, approaching me nearer and nearer, as I frantically try to shoot them off, before any of them could eat me alive. But with only 5 shotgun pellets, not much I can do there, except get 5 of those blardy zombies and hope for the best! Yep, that's exactly what you will get in the free spins game. Exactly 5 shots available, so better shoot their heads off properly! Hehehe. Is the free spins game any good? Well, honestly speaking, the free spins game is the only place where you can get nice big wins! Each shot carries a win multiplier. The first shot, 1x, the second shot, 2x, followed by 3x and 5x. The last 5th shot pays 10x. Get 5-of-a-kind hit at this 10x multiplier, on the 5th shot, and see your credits go sky high! Add on earlier big wins with the 3x and 5x multipliers, and you can end up with a pretty huge win, I can tell you this! But of course, it's easier said than done! Hehehe.

In the base game, the 3rd reel can have an Expanded Wild zombie, covering the full reel, and there's also a Random Wilds feature, whereby up to 6 Wilds can appear anywhere on the reels, after any non-paying spin. This feature can pay good as well. What about that single Expanded Wild feature? Well, it doesn't help most of the time, except for giving out some small or some decent payouts in the base game. Two or even three of them could give much bigger wins though, but that is not in the game.

My early plays on Zombies did produce some good results, but nothing really outstanding that could break the 500x total bet win. I may have gotten one or two wins of 200x or more, but I no longer have those screenshots to show. Lost all of my older screenshots when I changed to a new laptop. The one shown above was a win of 187x on a $2.00 bet.
Well, what more can I say about Zombies that I haven't already? I wish there could be more than just 1 Expanded Wild zombie feature, and I also wish the top paying symbol, the chainsaw, could be much more than just 1000x the line bet, which is too blardy low! Nonetheless, this game is worth a go, just hope that it isn't running on a low. Hehehe.
zerooo 742 reviews
Zombies is another video slot from NetEnt. It has 20 active paylines and minimum bet is set to 0,2€. Into the game we could find random wild feature, free spins feature and stacked wild feature.

I tried this game a couple of times and my best results were around x100 from free spins. Random wild feature appears after any spin which has not activated free games or the stacked wild feature. You can have up to 6 symbols which will change into wild symbols. I received a few times this feature and I had some nice wins. Not big one, just small to medium one. I like to play games where this kind of wild features is available.

The stacked wild feature appears only on the middle reel, reel 3. This feature can increase your winnings during main game, I received it sometimes but I expected more from this feature. The free spins are one of the best part here at Zombies. You need to have 3 scatters which appear only on reel 2, 3 and 4. This will activated 5 free spins. You will win some coins by shooting zombies, but there are also different multipliers. You can get up to x10 multiplier. I received also free games while I was playing, but the results were not so good.

I don't think I will play this game more often, because of small potential on winnings. Maybe I will open it sometimes to have some fun on it.
I expected more free games from this game. Also I don't like that 2 scatters don't paid me anything. The paytable could be much better; many times I expected more from stacked wild feature. The bad thing is also that we could not find this feature into free games; I think it will be more interesting if the game has it.
Zombies is slot game made by NetEnt. Pretty funny game which I play sometimes, and in this game I had some good wins.

I like theme of this game and how this game looks. Zombies is forced everywhere now, including walking dead show and game, but I am not tired with it so I like it. Also symbols looks good, sounds good, and animations are good. Very nice.

I like payouts. It is not like some other slots where you get 5 of a kind and surprised that it is not even big win. Here 5 of a kinds pay good, specially best paying symbols, which is key to win nice money.

I like stacked wild on middle reel. It is not like in other slots just regular stacked wild, but here if you get it not fully stacked but there is some win - wild will appear fully on reel automatically. Very nice and few times help me to complete nice 5 of a kind.

I like random wild feature. It is trigger any time, and with some scary sound. Very funny was first time when I was really scared by it. Once won more than 100 bets after this feature, luckily on reels land couple of wilds, and this feature also added me couple of wilds, and I get big win animations.

That's all things which I like with this game. There is few things that I do not like, I list it in thumbs down part. I rate this game with 8 stars.
I do not like that freespins feature here is not very interesting. First of all there is annoying animations with killing zombies and getting prizes because this prizes very small, never win there anything good. And also because feature award only 5 freespins. Multiplier is up to 10 x, but 10 x only last spin, and it is so hard to get solid win on this last spin.

Also I do not like that scatters appears only on 3 middle reels, because sometimes it is hard to get it.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Zombies is a slot I used to play a lot in Mr.Green. There were a few tournaments and this game was one of the leading games there. The theme of the game is zombies in a supermarket and the game play is really interesting. The slot has a descent graphic and the background music is intense so you are always waiting for something to happen.

The paytable is poor with 1000 coins as a max payout but the game does offer a few interesting features which can award some bigger wins. This game has 2 wild symbols. The first is a regular wild and it can land on all reels except the central, it is reserved for the stacked wild. The wilds don’t have a multiplier attached and there is no 5 of a kind wild payout. There is also a random wild feature which can be activated after every spin. Here two zombie heads appear and shots are fired to award wild symbols. You can get up to 6 random wilds on the reels. If you have a big win a zombie appears and you kill him with a hatchet. Pretty gruesome if you ask me.

The free spins bonus in this game is triggered when you get 3 scatters on reels 2, 3 and 4. Here you get only 5 free spins. Each spin has a multiplier which goes to x 10 for the last spin and in between every spin you shoot at zombies to win coin prizes. If you are lucky to get a nice win in the last spin you may get a win of over 100 x bet.
Usually you get some nice win in the random wild feature and in the free spins bonus. In my experience the free spins bonus is very hard to trigger. Sometimes it takes well over 300 spins to get it. My biggest win was just a little over 150 x bet in the bonus round because I got 3 wilds on the reels. I tried this game for many spins but it doesn’t provide some big wins.
blondie 1094 reviews
Zombies is a 5 reel 20 payline slot game with the "walking dead" or in other words, zombie theme. I am fascinated by this theme that's why I was very happy to explore this game. It is a Net Entertainment powered slot, so of course you can see great design, graphics and wonderful color scheme. Although usually I wouldn't like to see eyeballs and bloody saws as symbols in a slot, Netent makes it work.

This game as most online slots offer wild symbols and free spins bonus, caused by at least 3 scatters on the main game. But the thing I found interesting was the Random Wilds feature when 2 zombies cover the front of slot and put wilds in random places, the feature itself isn't that interesting, but the way they have designed it, is. As it has 20 lines, the minimum bet you can place is 0.20€. To trigger free spins round, you have to get 3 scatters, but the thing is they have to be on reels 2,3,4, which makes it much harder. For that you'll play 5 free spins. 5 free spins isn't much, however, between each of the spins, you'll be in a supermarket and you'll shoot zombies, for which you will gain coins too. So the bonus game consists of 5 spins and 5 shootings which is much better than the free spins only, and I do think that shooting them is kind of fun. To add, free spins start with 1x multiplier and it increases, the last spin has 10x multiplier, so if you have wilds on your spin, the winning can be great.

Main game is really interesting too because of the features. There are wilds, that substitute for everything except scatters and can land everywhere except on reel 3,there's also stacked wilds that only appear on 3rd reel and can come up as 1, 2 or 3, but anyways it endures and increases winning combination. All these features makes this slot so exciting, and playing with small bets can still bring good wins. So far I haven't got close to 100x bet size but I think it's quite possible, features come up really often and I will probably play this game more because of the excitement and design but the payouts I think are average, personally I haven't seen 500x bet size winnings from any player.
paquito76 867 reviews
As in film history the apocalyptic themed movies came into vogue again the video slot creators also recognized the popularity of this kind of products and Zombies from NetEnt is one of the prominent representative of the subject. Probably this game has one of the most terrifying interfaces as we can play with eye balls, brains, living dead's, bloody axes as symbols and surprisingly mainly thanks for the great graphics it still has impressive appearance in some ways. I like the very suitable background sounds and music and the little video game like side game is also a nice work from the developer’s part. I think the pictorial world the game creates is very complex and a very appreciable interpretation of the theme.

This slot is a 20-payline product and I think don’t go wrong if I say the Wild plays very important part of being success in this game. Though the best paying symbol is not this emblem, and telling the truth this substituting symbol doesn't pay any by itself but it has really great qualities to boost the winning chances. Normal Wild appears only on the first and last two reels with limited functions, namely, it only replaces other symbols in winning combinations without adding any plus to them but on the middle reels it appears in stacked format and it may cover any positions of the reel if this action means a new winning combination is completed, but the best of it is the Random Wild feature. It can be triggered basically after any single win when any symbol(s) on the table (up to 6) can turn into Wilds resulting sometimes a nice return. I like this feature the most at this game as I almost collected as many great wins by it as I could do during free spins.

Collecting 3 non-paying Scatter on the three middle reels 5 free spins are awarded but it’s a very interesting extra games section. After every spin a secondary screen introduce where an automatically played little side game in side game starts and our hero shoots down zombies and every target is worth coins that added to Zombie Score. The traditional free spins also has great payout potential as the first spin is played with x1 win multiplier, the second spin with x2 then x3, x4 and the last one with x10 multiplier. After the free spins are ended the collected Zombie Score and won amount are multiplied by the line bet to determine the profit of this bonus game. Perhaps the 5 spins doesn't seem too much but some of final results are very satisfying, believe me.

Based on my history with this slot, Zombies usually works in very extremist ways. There’s really occasions when nothing happens for a long, long time and when I started to hate it and think about changing game, bummm something real good can be visible on the screen and I can praise myself to have such patience and stuck to the plan and kept playing on Zombies. For example, last time when I visited this slot I was really ready to switch to another game when the great Random Wild feature is activated and got 6 Wilds on the table and this only one spin was worth more than €100 for my €1 bet. Generally, it’s a typical Zombie behavior so I can advise don’t let yourself bothering by the possible longest cold streaks because this slot really capable to surprise you in positive ways and give back a very nice return in just one spin or a free spin segment.

This slot belongs to that category in my book where I like the game working system much more than the appearance of the game. I've got nothing problem with its exterior at all, even I like and appreciate it but I think what we get from Wilds and free spins occasionally are really superb. The game segment provides me the 2 most important factors what I’m looking for in a slot – entertainment and good rewarding system so pairing them with a decent displaying quality and an awesome video slot is front of us waiting for dazzle us. I like this slot a lot and I hope we will have some more memorable sessions together.
Zombies it is Net entertainment video slot, and it is not their worst slot, I have good times playing this slot.

This game has 20 paylines, and it's animations and sounds are great. Atmosphere of zombies totally great, and this is big and good job by Netent, I saw couple other slots with similar theme from other software, but this one by Netent is obviously best one. Also game is luckily interesting during main game and freespins, because there is couple of feature which make me interesting and which can give some nice win.

Random zombie attack adds randomly wilds on reels. Also on reel 3 there is stacked wild, if there is any win with it, it will cover all 3 reel. Freespins triggered a bit unusual - 3 scatters on 2 3 4 reels. There is only 5 freespins, and between each freespins there is some kind of bonus game, which earn a bit more coins, but always very low amount. Freespins played with increasing multiplier, up to final 10x multiplier. There is possible to win huge amount, if good symbols lands, or even 3 same symbols which pay good will award nice win.

My best feature was when I hit 4 chainsaws during freespins with 10x multiplier, win was something like x400 or x500 total bet, can't remember exactly. Usually everything interesting happens on last two freespins and during zombie features, I had few good wins, and I know that slot can pay good money.
I did not like that bonus game between each freespins is useless and waste of time, it is award 1-3 x total bet usually, or sometimes a bit bigger, but never something decent. It is make me really not very happy when freespins comes, freespins took couple of seconds to play, and bonus round between it about 20-30 seconds, very annoying.
Zombies is a great thrilling slot from Net Ent productions specially the back music of the slot creates the much required thrill in the theme of the slot. The symbols used in the slot such as brain, eye, the blood stained saw machine are just amazing.

I fell that slot does not returns money in the beginning. It needs something like 50 spins or so to start the returns. You have to be a bit patient while playing this slot and I also increase my bet after 50 spins or so till then I keep the bet lowest possible that is $0.20. Coming to features of the slot there is a stacked wild on the 3rd reel of the slot. Whenever it appears it returns usually 15 to 20 times the bet.

There is also a feature of random wild feature which appears in less frequency. It converts randomly few symbols into wilds and it can appear randomly on any spin. It returns about to 50 to 60 times the bet. The both above wilds can no be triggered in the free spins. The free spin feature is hard to trigger because the scatter can appear only on 2, 3, and 4 reels and you have hit on all the above three reels to trigger the free spin feature. I guess I was most unluckiest person when I triggered the feature. You get only 5 free spin in this feature and a multiplier is awarded in every spin starting from 1 x to 10 x increasing in every spin. And there is also a zombie score after every spin which added in the end. I guess I was most unluckiest person when I triggered the feature. I was unlucky because I just made just 35 coins in one spin and rest 4 of them were non wining ones. And zombie score was 360 so in total I made just 395 coins.

It is a good addictive slot and I love it. So I would rate the slot as 9 on 10.
oneLoVegg 55 reviews
Zombies slot is very interesting, I like to play. I can not say anything bad about this slot,Ii am always very happy after playing, even after I lost some money in this slot, I am usually have good feelings about it, because it is a lot of fun. Of course I tried this slot many times, and I have something that I want to share.

This slot offer 20 paylines, lowest possible bet here is very good, only 0.20 per spin. I am usually play with this bet size, but sometimes when balance is good, I play 0.40 or 0.6 . And very rare I play with 1$ bets, but I do not like to use such high bet, as usually I withdraw if I had at least 100$ on my balance and no any active bonus.

Most interesting fun I have with this slot at Redbet casino. I have ultimate good game time, I enter slot with 30 euros on balance, and start playing with 0.4 bet. At Zombies sometimes is very hard to hit freespins, because special scatters appears only on 2, 3, 4 reels, but this does not took long for me to hit it. Freespins is great, not so many unfortunately, but last one has x 10 multiplier, plus usually extra bonus game between each freespins add some good wins for me.

First 3 spins did not pay me anything, four spin paid 21 euro, and I was already very happy, because total win from feature was 25 euro, I think for 0.4 bet it is good, specially with not big balance. But last spin was great, and zombies drop some wilds to me, and I won 55 euros more. In total it was almost 80 euros, and it is one of the best my hit at this slot. In short I can say that it is good slot to play with any balance, because lowest possible bet is only 0.20 also this slot can pay very good.
Zombies game is powered by NetEnt. I really like this game, in fact i like the whole zombie theme. I love the movies and PS games so when i spotted this game i really wanted to try it. there are 20 lines in this game and i tried bets ranging from €0.20 to €1 and for me personally a bet of €0.40 was perfect.

There are few things that i really like about this game. First thing is the wilds, there are plenty of them and if you get wild on the middle reels it covers the whole reel. The second it the random wilds feature, it is really cool and has given me great wins. The third is the feature, it is really cool and has 10x on the last spin. I dont know why but i get random wilds feature a lot on this game. It is as if the game know where i want the wilds to be and puts them there. On my bet of €0.40 max i won on this feature was around €25. it is not the biggest win but i was very happy with it.Plus this feature came out a lot and it all adds up.

The feature in this game is awesome too. It is a free spins feature and you get five free spins when you get scatters on the 2,3 and 4 reels. Each spin the multiplier goes up, all the way up to 10x and also you get to shoot zombies for cash prizes. max i won was around €40, nothing great came out on last spin, if it did it would have been awesome.

The graphics on this game are cool but the sound effects are awesome. I really enjoy playing this game and can play it for a long time. If i was to rate this game i would give it 8 out of 10.
yapro 790 reviews
Hey people, did you want to kill some zombies? I'd like to kill them, always enjoy video games and movies about zombies, and also i enjoy every time when i play this game. Game should scare players, at least i think this is what netent want, but to be honest with you it is absolutely not scaring, and looks even a bit fun. Also i can tell you one bug about this game, when it is triggered random zombies feature, when few random wilds appears on random place, everyone can already see how much he win on the win box, even before wilds appear. This is really annoying and makes thing bad, and i am surprised why netent still did not remove such things from their slot, who want to know how much win before pressing spin? Correct answer of course no one.

This game definitely has some good wins chances, but generally it is hard to win something more than x 300 total bet on this game, my best hit was on redbet casino, and it was 240 x total bet after free spins, i get something nice on x 10 multiplier, but can't realize now what does it was. I never had really great ups on this game, but also never get so bad experience on it like for example it can be on dead or alive game. But i am think this game is boring a bit, and feature is not interesting.

Conclusion: Game is interesting, funny, and can entertain. Variance is not too high, and no one should fear to bust out fast, but based on my preferences and experience, i can not rate this game high, because i did not like it. Also this annoying thing with random wilds make me sad about this game. This is not best netent game, but someone of course can have fun with it.
This slot from NetEnt is a 5 reel slot with 20 paylines and a minimum bet of 0.20 euro! I want to say that I have played this slot only one time because I didn’t like this kind of slots with zombies and vampires themes!

I cant say that it was a nice experience playing this slot because I am playing usually slot games that I like their theme,graphics and characters! This slot has very ugly and scary characters and symbols and I wont play it at midnight!

The free spins feature of this slot it’s a little bit different because you have to catch the 3 scatters on reel 2,3 and 4 to be awarded 5 free spins! Also this slot has a stacked wild feature that appears only on reel 3 and a random wild feature that may appear after any spin which has not activated free spins or stacked wild feature!
I put 10 euro on this slot to give it a try at Unibet Casino,I played on 0.20 euro bet but I didn’t managed to win more money! I caught a single time the 3 scatters that awarded me free spins and I won only 3.4 euro from this feature!

If someone will ask me to argue why I don’t like this NetEnt slot I would start to say that I don’t like scary/zombies/vampires slots!Also the graphics didn’t impressed me so much,the characters are very scary and I don’t think it is a pleasure to play this slot just to relax in a weekend!

I want to rate the slot and I will give only 7 for the graphics,theme and characters! For the payout rate I will give an 8 although I think that isn’t well deserved! Overall it is a bad slot game in my opinion and I wont play it again,maybe if I will have a no deposit bonus or free spins!
This is net entertainment video slot, and it is has lot of fun and interesting to play, at night also!

Idea of the slot is zombies, and there is such pictures like saw, brains, and others. Really not so horror, but if i play at night, like i do few times, and make high sound it can be really scary that i scared to go to toilet one time, really, this is funny, but i fear of zombie apocalypse. Interesting slot with nice atmosphere.

This game have no bonus game, but has some inserted feature and free spins bonus round, and it is really fun to see this features. In main game it is possible to trigger zombies wilds, zombies will suddenly appear on screen with horror sounds, and this zombies will make few wilds, one time i even get wild line from this feature. One glitch is that once they appear but still not made wilds, i already can see how much i win, this is bad thing and did not interesting, and netent should fix this. Free spins can be won by 3 scatters, this scatters come only on 3 4 5 reels, and when it is appear, 5 free spins awarded, every free spins multiplier grown, and last free spins has big x 10 multiplier for any wins. Between every spin slot award some coins for bonus game, in which hero shoot at zombies.

I play this slot most times when i have low money on my account, and this slot save me many times, even on 0.20 euro bet it is possible to hit wins like 50 euro, and this is nice life safe chance. Good atmosphere and nice payouts should be ok to play this slot. Random wilds also can pay nice win, and i had some big wins on this slot and some fun. Also some fear of course.
Icymod 758 reviews
Zombies is a thrilling 20 paylines NetEnt slot that produces just above average pays. As a video slot I think it is enough to say it's more than a pass to play on but I only tend to play it once in a while. Should Zombies turn as good as The Walking Dead or Dawn of the Dead for example while the existing paytables keep there values along with more attributes installed to supplement this slot then I will gladly play it on a commonly basis. Heck, I would go on a max betting chill spree if this idea is as great as the aforementioned movies.

This video slot is something I would look forward to often even though the feature is hard to come by! In Zombies, the undead video slot, the way to trigger the free spins that are worth a small 5, need 3 virus capsules in one spin on Reels 2, 3 and 4! Every Spin for 5 rounds there will be zombies shot to give scores to the tally on the corner which is equal for prize winnings! Cool! It starts with a round of shooting. After each round of shooting zombies, the spins commence and the multiplier increases per spin up to the last spin being a really outstanding 10x!!! The last spin is the most valuable if the last free spin hits something, if not then that's some tough luck to be had. So in order, shooting round, free spin, shooting round, free spin etc. until the 5th spin! For each spin that completes, the horde of zombies in the shooting round multiplies, getting closer and closer for that dramatic, panicky impression. Oh no their closing in! A flamethrower would wipe them all out for a win all option which I believe is a good idea for this feature :D. If only they had it :( . When I hit these free spins which are only for a few times, I got $53 total from 5 free spins. The last free spin gave me a $30 win, it was an amazing surprise!

The other features being as a miniature interest would be types of Wilds. There are wilds that randomly occur in a normal spin for up to a large 6 max wilds anywhere on the reels and the other wild type is the single stacked zombie wild on Reel 3. This stack can nudge in any direction if there are partially one or two wilds, too bad this can't trail downward after the nudge, that would be pretty sweet. I would recommend 3 coin bets on Zombies as I don't feel it's necessary to bet higher than usual especially if I hit free spins then the multipliers will compensate for everything. 2 coins will also be tolerable.

Above average payouts, a free spins feature that's challenging to hit but worth the coins I put in, 3 wild types (normal wilds on every reel, stacked wild on reel 3 and random wilds in base game) that help normal wins blossom and my final rating on Zombies gets an 8 out of 10!
Zombies is typical theme-slot from NetEnt and have to say that even if I am not a fan of zombies, vampires or werewolves and that kind of things, I really like that slot. I am not played it so much but just sometimes. Graphics are typical zombie-themes with brains, chainsaw, gas mask and everything what belongs to stereotypical imagination of future dystopia, where world is ruined after somekind of catastrophe and zombies roam and hunt people.

Zombies is typical 5 reel-slot with 20 lines, and you cannot choose less lines. Wilds comes quite often and there is also reel-wild, which makes whole third-reel to wild. Also fantastic thing in that slot is Random Wild-feature. You suddenly can see that zombies faces appears to screen and invisible gun shoots them and every shot becomes to wild, so that feature might give you a big win. When you get big win, you can see an axe splitting head of zombie. If I remember right, Zombies was first NetEnt-slot which has Random Wild-feature, so in that case Zombies is also somekind of forerunner. :D

In my opinion Zombies have one of the best freespins what I have seen, though from my own experience those three scatters comes very rarely. You get only 5 freespins, and those are 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x and finally 10x. But in between of spins you automatically can shoot zombies and get money for every killed zombie, so in those freespins you everytime win at least something. It is always very positive to see NetEnt-slot which freespins are different than what most other their slots have. :)

I have played that slot in many bets. From 20 cents, which is minimum-bet, to 10 euro. I have not ever won over 100 euro from that slot, but after all I am not disappointed to that slot and I have not either lost so much money to it and often I have got more money back than I have put to that slot. So I can say that my experiences of Zombies are just good and positive. Very nice slot and I recommend it to everyone, but hopefully will not see nightmares of zombies. ;) :D
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