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Wonky Wabbits Slot

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Wonky Wabbits is a 15-payline video slot running on the NetEnt software platform. The game’s wild card is the purple symbol with the yellow word “Wild” written on it, behind which a wild rabbit is hidden. Players are welcome to try the slot on this page for free or visit any of the featured NetEnt casinos to play the game for real money.

In order for the bunny rabbit adventure to begin, a bet should be adjusted. The coin value, ranging from to 0.01 to 0.5, can be set by clicking the “Coin Value” selector and the bet value is adjusted with the “Level” selector. To start spinning the reels, “Spin” needs to be pushed. In order to play the game multiple times without interruption, players need to press “Auto Play” and if they wish to spin the reels at the highest bet, they should opt for “Max Bet”.

If a wild card appears on the reels, it is duplicated to the position that creates the highest possible win. 2 stacked wilds can emerge only on reels 2 and 4, which means that a maximum of 14 wilds can appear on the reels after the wild duplication.

When 5 Carrots emerge on an active payline, a jackpot of 1500 coins will be awarded.

Game Play

Level: Choose the bet level.
Coin Value: Select the coin size.
Spin: Start playing the game at the chosen wager.
Auto Play: Play the game for a number of times uninterrupted.
Max Bet: Spin the reels at the maximum bet.

Wonky Wabbits Slot Reviews by Players


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LilianInThaHouse 657 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
I never thought Wonky Wabbits was so funny before I decided to give it a try. It looked cartoonish and that was it. Didn't seemed to be in my taste but I was so wrong. This slot by NetEnt rocks and everyone should give it a try sooner or later.This is a 5-reels, 15- pay lines video slot with minimum stake of 0.30 cents.I triggered BIG WIN on the start of my session but how come 9.60 euros on 0.60 cents stake could possibly be a BIG WIN. Not to me. Pay attention to Wild symbols because they can make you some cash so far I know.The only feature here is Wild duplication and it tells me there is no way this game could pay out massive amounts of money.Wild appears on all reels while 2 stacked wilds appear only on reel 2 and 4.This means 14 wilds can appear on the screen after wild duplication. Not so good not so bad.

Plus there is no Free Spins or Bonus feature at all. All this tells you that at the end of your session you should grab your cash and change the game if you want to keep 'hunting' and win some cash. Wonky Wabbits will make you smilling but it won't make you winning money so be aware.

We said there is single feature wild duplication. Well pay attention to wilds.Every wild symbols duplicates and add more wilds on the screen and all that in order to make some nice wins.This game pays both ways which increases wining chances. My overall experience is good but what the huge minus to this video slot is pay-table. Nothing to be excited about but opposite. The highest paying symbol is carrot and you get cash prize of 1500 x your stake for collecting 5 of its kind. Poor pay-table this must be.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Here's another super fun game from NetEnt, I'm pretty sure I haven't seen another slot game that plays out like Wonky Wabbits despite several years of gambling on-line!

You won't be hugely surprised to learn its another game in the medium-low various category - the jackpot win in this game is just 1300x your stake, despite the possibility of getting 14 of the 15 onscreen slots filled with wilds, and as with so many NetEnt games, your chances of ever seeing that event occur must be in around a hundred million to one or greater - after all, the legendary Starburst with its "amazing" 500x stake maximum win has yet to produce a screenshot of this event on any forum I am aware of despite being offered at hundreds of on-line casinos for several years now.

Despite this, Wonky Wabbits is a fun game - the mechanics are as you would expect for a five reel slot, there are wild symbols on all five reels, although reels two and four feature two stacked wilds as well. For every wild that does drop into view, it wild duplicate itself randomly into another space on the screen and should you be lucky enough to land all seven on screen simultaneously the end result will be fourteen wilds, plus one single other symbol.
Sadly for me I got rather hooked on this game after winning a very tidy £200 from a handful of free spins I received from my regular casinos upon its initial release, and despite playing probably tens of thousands of spins, I am yet to see more than ten wilds on screen at the same time, so that should give you an idea of just how rare these events are. There are an awful lot of dead spins playing this game too, and the regular wins are nothing to get excited about either. All in all it looks good and is lots of fun, but I really hope I don't end up spending my own money playing it again for any reason in the near future!
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Wonkey Wabbits by Net Entertainment was definitely a slot which was very down on my 'must try' list, but then I saw screenshots from our member Katerina / Helena and she posted up some really nice screenshots. I think I wasn't the only one who started playing the game after seeing these screenshots, and I would honestly suggest to all to check AskGamblers 'Winning Sreenshots' forum thread, not just to get the truth but also to see that it is very possible to make insane big wins on the many games. No doubt NetEnt creators were inspired by Wabbit, which is an American animated serial from Warner Bros. The word wonkey perfectly describes wabbits in this slot. Weird, whacked out, messed up, but super cute. The background is set in a vegetable garden and these super cute wabbits are very hungry, looking for their vegetables, in this 5-reels 15-paylines video slot, playable from 0.30 cents bet per spin. What’s more exciting is the unique Wilds duplication feature, duplicating the Wild symbols, creating more Wilds onto the reels and greatly increasing the winning chances. As expected, the most valuable symbol is the carrot, and these wabbits are trying to get them to fill their soft stomachs with delicious food, including red tomatoes, corn, broccoli and purple eggplants.

Umm, I am feeling hungry now and I would make me soup out of all these vegetables mentioned above. I actually had tomato noodle soup tonight. I love them like these wabbits love their carrots. I am not impressed by the background sounds but I am impressed with the feelings that I had when I last played this game a year ago. It was super exciting, but anything good never lasts forever, just as my session did. But, I did make a few wins, but not even close to those that you can find in the forum’s ‘winning screenshots’ thread.

This game pays both ways, which is a positive fact to me, and I love the Stacked Wilds and the Wilds duplication. My bankroll is about to increase and I am going to spin this slot again soon enough.
zerooo 742 reviews
Wonky Wabbits is great designed game from NetEnt. It is funny and it could provide great wins. It has 5 reels and 15 active paylines.

First time when I played this game, I played it for a short session and I was not so happy. I had many dead spins into it and I thought that I had bad run on it, since I made many spins and received nothing. Later I closed the game and a few weeks ago I started to play it again.

Now I know that with this game you need to be patience. This game has only one mode and this is wild duplications. If a wild symbols appears on the reels, it is duplicated to the position that creates the highest win. Wild can appears on all reels, two stacked wilds only at reels 2 and 4. You can get up to 14 wilds symbols which are really great for game with 15 paylines. Before I did not know that it could provide such a big winnings.

But to get those wilds like I said you need to be patience and wait longer time for them. Especially for half of screen of wilds or anything like that. But the paytable is good, I played at minimum bets and the best results I got were around x47 bet. I think this game is good; I should probably play it more often. The graphics and design are awesome, it is unique and I like that very much. I like when many wilds appear and then starting to duplicate. It is a great feeling, because you know that it will be big win screen animation. I think this game deserve my ratio of 9 stars. Maybe I missed one bonus here to be even more fun with those wabbits.
Wonky wabbits is game made by NetEnt. This is funny slot, but it is quite dangerous in bad time. Couple of times I lost big amounts of money on it because did not leave game and just continuing playing waiting that it will return me my losses. I think everyone make such mistakes like this from time to time.

I like how this game looks. Rabbits is a bit mad, or not a bit, but they looks really mad. It is just funny. Sounds and animations are ok, but animation to which I could pay attention it is wild and when more wilds appear. Funny.

I like that there is both ways feature. It means that your winnings pay not only from left to right, but also from right to left, and what is most important wins for 5 of a kinds are doubled due to this feature. Due to this feature min bet in this game is 0.30 and not 0.15 (there is 15 paylines).

I like that there is no scatters and bonus symbols. No, I like different features which triggered by scatters, but of course sometimes I want to play just without everything like that. Just straight playing without needed to pray to see 3 scatters to activate feature.

I like single feature here. It is feature with duplicated wilds. Each time wild appear on any place - it will add another one. Also I noticed that duplicated wilds always(or usually) appears on very good places to get good winnings combination. If you land 3 wilds anywhere it means that you will have wild line. And of course you can land even more wilds, based on paytable I guess it is 7 wilds or so. My best was 3 wilds, never land higher.

I like this game. I won couple of times more than 100 bets here. And many times I won 30 - 50 bets wins, which can come in short amount of spins and greatly increase balance. I rate this game with 10 stars.
I could not post anything in thumbs down. Like with all 10 stars games.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Wonky Wabbits is a very funny slot coming from NetEnt. When I first saw the name of the game I thought I would see symbols with Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd. I can’t say I was disappointed because they weren't there because this game has a funny cartoonist design. This is a 15 payline 5 reel slot but the minimum bet here is 0.30 euros. I have to say that’s a bit high for a game that is not a progressive slot and I only play it when my balance is high.

Overall it’s a fun game to play because it makes you smile while you play it with all the wacky rabbit animations and music. It makes you think that a game like this can't produce any big wins. From the bonus features there are none. The game doesn’t offer a free spins bonus or a pick up bonus. The only thing interesting is the wild multiplying feature. Every wild symbol that appears on the reels adds another wild symbol so this can produce some nice wins. I have seen some big wins with reels full of wilds but only screenshots from other players. I have yet to see a screen full of wilds on my screen.

Another good feature in this game is that the wins can some from left to right and right to left. That’s another plus for the overall gameplay. I had some descent wins on this game but nothing big. The last time I played it I lost 20 euros very fast and didn’t have any descent wins.
The thing I don’t like in this game is that it can eat up a lot of balance without producing some big win. From my overall experience I think the RTP of the game is really low. Sometimes you can end up with 1 win of 2-3 x bet in 10 spins and just watch your balance sink. It would be nice to add some bonus feature like wild respins or free spins. I think that then a lot more people would play this game.
blondie 1094 reviews
Wonky Wabbits is a wonderful Netent software powered slot game. It is one of the rare games I can actually describe as this - when I play it, no matter what the result is, it always makes my day funnier and makes me smile. It has 5 reels and 15 (actually 30) paylines, but the minimum bet is 0.30€ per spin. I usually play this game with 0.30€ or 0.60€ bets. Some people may find this game not too interesting, just because it doesn't have any kind of bonus round, neither some special bonus or free spins. But I have to admit, this game for me never gets boring, the design is splashy and the wilds are really exciting.

The game has very colorful design with letters and garden theme, and when wilds come up, the rabbits come out, it looks really good. When the wilds appear on the reels, they do the usual Wilds job-increase the maximum spins winnings but they do it by duplicating on the winning position. There are also 2 stacked wilds (they are the same, just 2), but they can appear only on 2nd and 4th reel giving the opportunity to duplicate maximum of 14 wilds.

Last time I played this game it was at Casumo casino. I had made a 30€ deposit and wanted to spend it only on rabbits. I placed 0.30€ or minimum bets and set autoplay for 100 spins. I have to say that in my case I don't even expect huge wins with this game. It usually gives me regular bet alike wins or 10-20 cents above, this time was no different. Few 4x bet wins appeared, but mostly 2x-3x bet so after the 100 spins my balance already was down to 10€. I played another 50 spins and then my balance was empty.

This game is nice, it is fun to play but I have to say it can take away money like crazy. 30€ was gone in 15 minutes. And although I like everything, I would like to see smaller bets options (to not lose my credits so fast) or bonus round to make this game more rewarding.
paquito76 867 reviews
Though I suppose there’s a connection with cartoon world (Looney Tunes?) here at Wonky Wabbits but I think the slot itself has a very cute and charming interface. I like here the nice symbols and their illustration methods can’t turn into childish or overdone pictorial solutions and every displaying element are really powerful and captivating but my personal favorites are the little winning animations that sometimes make me laugh about it. Interestingly, NetEnt made a very simple and not too versatile appearance for this slot and even if I’m not a fan of comic style slots but somehow I still love this little game pictorial world, how all kind of vegetables were used as symbols and the funny look of rabbit and perhaps I can appreciate it because of its simplicity but overall this is a very decent designing work.

I always liked at NetEnt slots that most of the time they capable of applying innovative things to their products and even if a game doesn’t bring any new thing to the table but little changes here or little modifications there and even that slots that would be just another ordinary games on them market still can be interesting and very playable ones. For me that’s the case here with Wonky Rabbit which could be easily considered as a cute but otherwise average 15-payline slot but with the great working scheme of the Wild and the potential to win some nice rewards by its help really makes the game an entertaining and eve an exciting game for me.

This Wild is among the few that I still like and find very usable even if it can’t multiply win and doesn’t have win multiplying ability but the extra feature that assigned to it almost make them forgettable add-on's. Every Wild appearing on the screen brings with itself another Wild which randomly can be any other icon on the table which would promise the possible best result and on the second and fourth reels it may appear in 2-stacked Wild format giving a possibility for 14 simultaneous Wild to be on the screen at the same time. Of course the chance for this is happening is very slim but when I think about that situation, it really would be something special.

The other very important thing which can compensate a little that this 15-line slot doesn’t offer free spins, bonuses, win multiplier at all, is the fact the game is working by using ‘both-way-pay’ system where we can expect the winning combinations is completed starting with the rightmost reel to and not just the traditional left to right direction. Though there are times when the slot doesn’t like to give too much wins for long time then suddenly 4 or 5 Wild pop up on the reels and that only single spin can reward us 30-40 times of bet and if that arrangement contains for example a 5 of a kind win with Carrots which could provide the best line prize of the game, 1500 times of line bet, well, that spin even could reward even more.

I consider this slot is a very correctly and well-made product that has the ability to keep me entertained, make me smiling occasions and even possesses the power to be rewarding and I mean here to real rewarding in lucky situation.

I really think there’s a place for these kinds of slots where we don’t have to shoot everything that comes along or doesn’t offer hyper, giga, mega Jackpots by difficult and hard to understand multi-level bonus rounds instead we can accept the pure enjoyment what the game cause and are just pleased with the time we can spend with a pleasant slot.
Another of the games, whose payment lines identical with another great game, with Starburst slot machine. When I first opened the slot game Wonky Wabbits and saw a white rabbit on the screen, I realized why the manufacturer NetEnt replaced letters so we instead Wonky Rabbits get the perfect title for this game Wonky Wabbits. At first glance it seems like some kind of children's play, however, when you start up the drum, you understand that this game has a very serious potential for real cash winnings. As I said at the beginning, the game is reminiscent of Starburst by similarity payment line on the drum, but also by the amount of realized winnings on this slot, at least from my experience.

Specifically, in this game, as I said gains are realized in both directions, from the classical method payment paylines from left to right, wonky wabbits has something for you in the opposite direction from right to left. For this reason, as well as other slot games with this operating mode of payment line, it is easy to conclude that this is not 15 lines slots than he actually has as much as 30 payment lines. It's another plus for this great designed game, which is designed to attract those imaginative and those who are serious and want something to win. Smiling rabbits will relax you even when you are not going so well and make you come back in your chair or couch, and some other time rotate your imagination in the direction of a good fun.

The creative team of people who worked a new game he took care of every detail and all the symbols of this game that make a profit, so it is in this game represented two types of wild. There is usually, doubling wild and double, stacked wild. Ordinary Wild symbol can appear on any of the five positions on the drum and then is mapped to the position of symbols that creates the greatest possible gains from the spin. Stacked Wild symbol appears only on the 2 and 4 positions on the drum, or in a double issue, as the two are glued wild, which is also duplicated elsewhere. The best possible option for players as many as 14 wild symbols in the round (when obtained duplicate), and the symbol in the remaining 15 positions will depend on your total winnings. I will in the end only to note that the jackpot on this game is whopping 390,000 coins. Rating 10/10
Wonky Wabbits, released this year by my favorite online software Net entertainment. From start path of this slot in online casinos, this slot did not become my favorite one, unfortunately.

This slot has 30 paylines, and it is quite interesting and not usual netent slot. First of all, there is no scatters, and no freespins or bonus game. Like at Go Bananas! for example. It make gameplay a bit faster, but sometimes it is does not work for me. For example at same Go Bananas! I was happy that there is no any features like freespins, but here I am not very happy. Regarding animations and sounds - nothing unusual, good job by Netent team, but nothing special.

Game has two in game features, first one is that there is wins count from both sides. This is good thing, I like to play such slots, this is something unusual and this feature usually make slot quite unique, there is not so many slots with this. Regarding second feature - extra wilds. Each wild that appear on screen - add another wild, which appear randomly. Sounds good, but when you realise how hard to get wilds - it is does not sound that sweet.

I am not very like this slot. Once I was given 100 FS on this slot. Of course at 0.30 bet, but it is still 30$ worth in money. I played my 100 freespins, and guess outcome? It was near 10$, even a bit lower. I was really angry. And I can't remember any my big hits on this slot, this is also not nice.
I did not like that there is hard to win something, wilds can pay great winnings, but they come very rare, and usually just one or two, and this is not enough for big win. Maybe my unluck, or low amount of spins done by me, but I fear to play this slot.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
This slot is powered by NetEnt and it has 5 reels and 30 paylines. I have played this game only once so far because I stumbled upon her recently and I thought to give it a try. And I actually like it a lot, even though the game doesn’t have any progressive side nor bonuses or scatters symbols. What it has is a wild symbol and a feature with it that I really enjoyed.

I played the game with 0.60€ bets per spin and in the beginning it was really rough it took 10€ out of my balance really quickly, and I was left with only 5€ but then I started hitting quite a lot of single wild symbols, that restored me with a nifty profit. But after about 5 minutes I got 2 wild stacked on reel 2 which gave me a Mega win of 34.60€ and after that I hit it again on reel 2 for another 22.60€. After that I got really hooked on this game because I was hoping for a lot bigger payouts, because I saw that this slot can offer to 14 wilds almost filling the whole reel. But I knew that I would need to be really darn lucky to get it. Now you are probably wondering how it can get so many wilds. Well this is the part that I like, the wild symbol actually duplicates on a random spot that will give you maximum payout, which sounds pretty sweet ha? And on reel two and four 2 wilds can occur that can possibly lead to a pretty good payout or even if you are lucky to a 14 wild trip to heaven.

Honestly a pretty awesome slot that even does not have scatters and bonuses. Really exiting, and the animation ... I love it. Definitely give it a try. 8/10
oneLoVegg 55 reviews
Wonky wabbits is another interesting NetEnt slot. It has a bit high lowest bet, it is 0.30 per spin, due to 15 lines and feature which called 'win both way'. I should say that I like this feature, it is usually can pay some good money for 5 of a kind, and also it is pleasure to see wins not only like usually from left to right, but from right to left too.

When this slot was released, most casinos give me only 5 freespins to try this slot, so I do not win anything good, guts give 10, but also did not bring me luck.
I usually start play this slot with 0.30 bets if only I have at least 50$ on my balance, because sometimes slot eating money too hard, and it is need some time before give big win.

Most interesting thing, that there is no any freespins or bonus feature, but there is feature called 'duplicate wilds', every wild that appear on reel, will create duplicate wild at random position. Key to success on this slot is to get 3 or more wilds, this should give really good win. I never played this slot with a bet higher than 0.30 because I am really scared of it, and sometimes have bad times with it. I think my biggest win with my bet was about 40 euros, and this was when 3 wilds appear. But never higher unfortunately, but I think that many wilds will pay even more money.

I like this slot, but for me it is not very interesting to play it, because i do not like slots where I am have only one way to win big money, like here, because without wilds it is very hard to win something good here. But probably there is some people who have more bigger wins, probably someone even have something like 10 wilds on reels, but I am better will not try to catch this rabbits.
Afi4wins 1412 reviews
It’s funny Wabbits cartoon time! No, not for the kids, but for the adults, for adults like me! For one thing, that wabbit sure fits its wabbit name, because it isn’t really a rabbit – it’s a crazy-eyed wabbit! Wonky? Yeah, that certainly describes its character, for popping out of the ground wherever it likes, whenever it likes. Yeah, this certainly looks like a crazy game for a crazy fun time, with exciting wonderful graphics, music and sound effects to match. 1 star up.

The first that struck me was the lively music befitting a lively game. Sounding jovial and fun, and I like it! But looking at the paytable…hmmm, not high but not so low either, generally acceptable. Sadly enough, Wonky Wabbits is a straight fun game. No free spins, no bonus game, no random feature, like maybe, a wolf suddenly appearing and start making more Wabbits pop out of the ground, creating some good handsome wins. Yeah, that would be nice, but it isn’t there. 1 star down.

At play, everything is laid back, just let the game run on autoplay, sit back and enjoy the fun, the wonderful graphics and the interesting animations. No interactions required. Everything is easy on the eyes as well as on the ears. The credits go up and down as the wins come and go, with Mega Wins and Super Mega Wins once in a while. At times, the reels would just go spin after spin without paying out anything, then a big win would come. Nice! Wondering if this could be something predictable in the long run? If it could be, that would be something to watch out for and try to make a bigger win out of it! For now, I wouldn’t know for sure. It would require much longer periods of play to know for certain. Still, I didn’t make any win from Wonky Wabbits so far, so 1 star down.

As far as Wonky Wabbits play, it’s a fairly good entertaining game, but there aren’t any special features at all other than the base game. There is no free bonus game, no free spins game, and no randomly triggered feature game either. Too bad – Wonky Wabbits could certainly have been better featured. 1 star down. But for NetEnt, it’s yet another super addition to their list of very popular new games, worth all the designing efforts put it!
Wonky Wabbits game is powered by NetEnt. This game is quite new so i have not played it many times, I am registered on and there is a promotion for this game that actually got me playing it. When i started to play this game i was ready to leave it when i found out that there was no feature. But i made myself give it a fair shot and to be honest i was not disappointed.

There are 15 lines in this game but the minimum bet is €0.30, that is because this game pays both ways. My usual bet is €0.30 and that lets me control my loses and win a decent amount of money. The pays in this game are actually not bad. Considering that its both ways, fie of a kind doubles your win. The thing that makes this game very interesting is the duplicate wilds. If you get wilds anywhere on the reels the game will duplicate it to give you the highest pay. There are wilds on each reels and second and fourth reels have stacked wilds. If you get few wilds you are guaranteed to walk away with a big win. My best win was when i got wilds on first and stacked wilds on second with carrots.

Over all the game is very different and has potential. It would have been much better if it had a feature like free spins. The graphics are really good and the sound effects are funky. The game play is really nice and i do like the stop button. If i was to rate this game i would give it 7 out of 10.
yapro 790 reviews
And one more newest netent game. I am happy to see that netent create new games quite often, and it is always cool to see when such games released, because i can get some new feelings with new slots, and because casinos usually give out free spins to players when new games released. This game does not bring me any winnings from my free spins, and this is pity, i can also say that i was get 50 free spins from guts, and get for it only 5$ or so, such low result, and i was angry, guts casino winnings from free spins did not need to be wagered, and i was waiting really nice result.

Interesting thing about wonky wabbits - there is not any bonus game, or no any feature. This is just slot, and i was surprised to see such game from netent. This slot had only two interesting things: wins paid with both ways, like on another one netent game lucky angler; and duplicate wild - when i get at least one wild on the reels, one more will appear on any random place. I did not managed to see big wins on this slot, and max i had 4 wilds, so not so good experience with this slot. But paytable stating that it can be up to 11 or 12 wilds, and for it is almost all reels in wilds, with both ways win this is probably really great win, something like jackpot, but i am not sure how hard it is to get such winning combination. I am not the fan of hunting for something like miracle, so i better stay away from this slot.

Conclusion: Generally, this is good and interesting slot, and i do not blame it in case i do not get nice wins from it, but i am better choose something another. But i am almost sure that this slot should find fans between players, because graphic is nice, and because big wins on it is possible.
sencize 193 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Wonky wabbits is the slot that is best example how game can be simple fun and rewarding at same time.In fact netent software is expert in making this kind of slots.

The wonky wabbit slot has 15 lines and offers both ways wins which makes it so awesome to play.Even if both ways wins was the only feature that this slot has to offer it would still be a great slot,but it has one more amazing feature that can pay monster wins.This feature is called duplicating wilds and it does exactly what is called duplicates wilds that come on reels on the places that create biggest wins.This creates possibility to have up to 14 wilds on reels after duplication imagine both ways wins in combination with so many wild symbols it is simply unbelievable.On reels 2 and 4 wilds can come as stacked by 2 and on other reels they come as one.

The animation of wabbits that are wild are also amazing and when other wabbit pops up and eats symbol to create winning combination it is funny as hell.Other symbols on wonky wabbits slot except standard card symbols are different vegetables.I was playing table games one night at netent casino and i decided to open some slot games and have some fun.The slot was wonky wabits and i set my bet to 1,20 euros per spin.After few spins and only few euros left i almost had heart attack when i saw that i have 4 wilds on screen.They duplicated to 8 wilds and created super mega win of 150+ euros!!! I was so happy i cant even begin to explain it.After that i played some more and i spent all cash above 150 euros. Then i closed wonky wabits slot and withdrew that amount.It was a beautiful night and amazing win all thanks to the wonky wabits.Now every time when i am at netent casino i open wonky wabits for at least few spins and hope for another amazing win from this great slot.

Now my three grades payouts,fun on slot and win big with small bets are all 10/10 and i recommend this slot to everyone
Wonky Wabbits slot was done by net entertainment. This slot is one of the newest, it was released month ago, newer only wild water. I play this slot many time when it was released, and i will share my thoughts about it with you!

Idea of the slots is crazy rabbits, it is something like video game rayman's crazy rabbits, but here is this rabbits do not injure each other. Looks very new, and interesting idea, it is pleasure to play this game.

In this video slot did not possible to trigger any bonus game or free spins, and it have no any scatters on the paytable, but it has two features. First one, is Duplicate Wild, when at least one wild happens to come on any reel, it will make another wild. If two wilds will come, it will made two wilds, and so before any limits. On paytable you can see maximum number of wilds in this game - 14. This is almost all wilds on the screen, and this combination will win a lot of money. One more feature - win both way. This is not first netent slot that have this feature, and i like it. This feature count wins not only from left to right, but also count wins from right to left. Every 5 of a kind will pay double amount of coins due to this feature.

play this game at many places when it was released, i get many free spins from netent casinos and try this slot for free, but all pay bad, and i did not withdraw anything from this free spins. I play this game with 3 deposits, each was like 20 euros, and best win i had was around 40 euros at 0.40 euro bet.
I played this game at redbet and whitebet casino, this is very good place to play this game, good casinos and i like it!
katemak 1170 reviews
Wonky Wabbits slot belongs to Netent gaming platform. The Netent always have surprise for us, with some new interesting game,so colorful with fantastic graphics ,really creative and funny name ,but to tell you the true with the latest games they disappoint me.

Wonky Wabbits are sure like the name of the game,but the game its self I can say not at all. I played this game in few casinos but not even once hit something more then 3 euros, so for me its the end of Wonky Wabbits. There are to many dead or empty spins,so as you know you balance goes to zero or on half,without some very tiny winnings.

This game is 5 reel 15 paylines slot game which the bet is from 0.30 per bet and up 150 euros. There are many symbols or features on this game from the garden or vegetable symbols like:carrot,corn,broccoli,tomato and eggplant and the A,K,Q,J symbols which the letters symbols brings you lowest winnings if they appear on the reels.

The good thing about this game is that ,that the wild symbol,which is duplication symbol,can appear anywhere on any reels on this slot so if you triggered them then you got the stuck wilds which appears on the reel 2 and 4 only.

So there is possibility to get 14 max wilds on the reels but only if the Duplicate wilds appear and then we are talking about some extra huge winnings.I don't know maybe some other players had very good luck with this game but not me and as i am concerned I spend few times on this game and this game empty my pocket,so no Wonky Wabbits for me.
Wonky Wabbits video slot is another slot which presented by amazing slots creator net entertainment. This slot was created not so long ago, and it is one of the newest netent game ( wild water only newer, which was released this week). So we have a nice chance to review newest netent game.

Wonky wabbits as one of the newest netent video slot of course has amazing graphic and amazing sound, this is what netent do this days, all their new slots are really amazing in case of graphic and sounds, but shame that i can not say same thing about newest slot at all. Theme is rabbits, with different vegetables and other things which followed by rabbits.

Wonky wabbits video slot has 15 lines to play with, and it has interesting base game feature when the wins pay both ways, i mean from left to right like we always see, and moreover it has feature to pay from right to left, so 5 of a kind win is always doubled, because it counts from both ways. Pity thing that wonky wabbits video slot have no any free spins or bonus game, and it is just has it is base game and that's all that you can expect from it. But on base game there is interesting feature is replicated wild, when you hit any wild, it creates replicate of itself on random place, max you get 12 wilds from 15 possible at max. 12 wilds on paylines with both ways wins of course pays amazing win, but i can not even imagine how hard such win to see. I never see it myself, and even does not see that someone hit it.

I like this slot, of course i did not spin a lot on it, because it is new slot, but it definitely has some good potential, and moreover it has nice graph and sounds, so i think this is good slot to play.
Wonky Wabbits is one the newest releases from software provider Net Entertainment. I've been quite critical about their latest releases since they simply are not good enough for me. NetEnt tends to make slots these days with nice themes, innovative features and some advanced graphics with lots of flashy material.

If you've played Reel Rush or Twin Spin and did not enjoy those games, then Wonky Wabbits will probably not be satisfying either. My main problem with these games is that they often only pay fractional wins and tend to give lots of dead spins.

It makes it hard for me as a player to be "ahead" during a session, and that's exactly what I've experienced with Wonky Wabbits. The theme is based on some goofy looking rabbits who pop out random holes to eat several types of vegetables. The symbols are depicted by vegetables and wilds which have the rare gift to duplicate themselves.

Wonky Wabbits is a "Both-Ways" video slot, which means paylines can pay from left to right and vice versa. The slot has 15-paylines btw. - X2 of course - since both ways are active. The minimum bet on this game is €0.30. I've spent around 100 euro on this during a few sessions and quite quickly came to conclusion it wasn't it for me.

Only the newer NetEnt releases seem to be able to give you lots of dead spins. Sure, I had a couple of wilds appearing on the reels which multiply to the highest paying position to increase your winnings, but they weren't that generous. I never won more than 20x bet size, and the wilds seem really rare in the first place.

All I know is that I felt kind of robbed lol, whenever I chose to touch this damn slot. Each reel can only display one wild btw, except reels 2 and 4 where a stacked wild appears. In total 14 wilds could appear on your screen after they have been multiplied. Nevertheless I never seen more than one stacked wild with the second best paying symbol.

I prefer NetEnt's older games and definitely won't invest another dime in this game.

My final rating is a 6.5/10.
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