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Twin Spin Slot

Twin Spin is a 243-way video slot running on the NetEnt software platform. The game’s wild card is easily recognizable among all the other symbols featuring fruit, sevens, letters and numbers, as it is the word ‘Wild’. Players are welcome to try this traditional fruit-themed slot on this page for free or visit any of the featured NetEnt casinos to play the game for real money.

Before spinning the reels, a bet needs to be chosen. Players can adjust the bet level by using the "Level" selector. The coin value, ranging from 0.01 to 0.5, is regulated by moving the "Coin Value" selector. Clicking “Spin” will initiate the game, while “Max Bet” will spin the reels at the highest possible bet. Should players desire to play for a predetermined number of times uninterrupted, they need to press “Auto Play”.

The Twin Spin Feature ensures that there are identical, adjacent twin reels linked together during every spin. While spinning, the twin reels can even expand to become triplet, quadruplet or quintuplet reels, considerably increasing one’s chance of winning.

A jackpot of 1000 coins will be awarded when 5 Diamond symbols appear on an active payline.

Game Play

Level: Choose the preferred bet level.
Coin Value: Select the coin size.
Spin: Start spinning the reels at the chosen bet.
Max Bet: Spin the reels at the highest bet.
Auto Play: Play the game multiple times uninterrupted.

Twin Spin Slot Reviews by Players


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Fiekie247 275 reviews
South Africa
Twin spin is an old school release from Netent. The word "twin" makes me think about my Twin brother and sister I have not seen in almost 20 years. Anyways twin spin is one of the basic games with 243 ways to win and have big winning potential.

This slot is all about the twin reel feature which can clone reels and make the same symbols appear on the reels for more ways to win up to an amazing 243 ways. I was on the AG forums and I was complaining how bad this slot is. It ate my balance session after session never saw the potential and hated this slot very much.

After some time, I decided to give it a great session to see if something actually came and I started making profits including completing wagering requirements with this slot. I really started seeing the potential and started to love this slot. Used to be one of my go to slots, as it paid well on average after my cold streaks. The other reason I like this slot is because of the pay tables that still has decent pay outs for the symbols. The max win that is possible on this slot is 270 000 coins on minimum bet. Which means on $0.25 bet you can $270 with diamonds. I saw once a member of AG who actually had this amazing hit which I never thought was possible.

I love this slot and would recommend you try it. Of course, if you not lucky you might hate it. This slot can produce cold sessions, however you just need one good spin to win x243 ways which is only possible with card deck symbols which will pay a nice x388 your win. I scored a couple of these wins before during tournaments and normal playing.

Twin Spin deluxe actually ruined the image of this fantastic slot recently and made me actually hide the original under the bed for a while now.
LilianInThaHouse 657 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Twin Spin is a game I started playing two years ago. This wonderful game was released by NetEnt and no words could describe my feeling over this game. I could play it for days without getting bored.

It is 5-reels, 243-pay lines game and surprisingly comes with no Free Spins nor Bonus round. It comes also with beautiful design and superb graphics and maybe the secret behind its popularity lies in the fact that it reminds so much of the slots you can find in land based casinos. I have played this game numerous times and it is not about cashout but about making BIG WINS, MEGA WINS and SUPER MEGA WINS here. Once I boosted my balance over 1000 euro’s and lost everything down to zero. I couldn’t resist and I wanted to win some more but later I realized it was adrenaline which cough me so bad, that incredible feeling after you keep getting BIG WINS on your screens and want to start jumping. If I would be asked which game I would play all the time, my answer would be Twin Spin. Please, don’t think that I kept winning on this game, I would rather say that I was losing most of my sessions but when I think of these BIG WINS which boosted my balance I can tell I am not such a loser actually. I decided to gamble all down to zero. I like to withdraw but sometimes losing all is worth the fun, and it was casino money anyway that I lost. I truly hope NetEnt will make some awesome slot similar to Twin Spin and Dead or Alive. Because we got tired of the poor pay-tables of the newest releases. It’s true shame.

One thing is sure, you can win really big if you decide to stick with Twin Spin but be aware that minimum bet is 0.50 cents and either you need significant deposit money or to get lucky and rock the reels.
LeoDubbed 156 reviews
I did not know what to expect when I hear the game called Twin Spin. Be honest with me, if you hear or read that there's a new game in town and it does not have free spins feature, most of us would think that the game is cheap, I know I did. I love free spins feature, who doesn't? There are many versions of them. My favorite is the one with the sticky wild symbols.

Well, with Twin Spin you can forget about the free spins feature because it does not have it but it doesn't mean the game sucks. The only feature the game has is the random expanding sync reels with possibility of stacked symbols. The game has 243 paylines and stacked symbols, that's an opportunity there.

I have played this game at several casinos, Casumo, Rizk, CasinoEuro, Unibet and many many more but the best game session I ever had with this game was at CasinoWilds. I had a blast playing this casino at CasinoWilds, I have spent many hours on 1 game, this happens very rare but Twin Spin was very generous. Within 30 minutes spinning, my balance was quadrupled, from 100 to 400. Of course, when I hit the big win I stop playing for a few minutes, smoked a sigarette for a couple of minutes and start playing again.

There's another game from NetEnt that has the same gameplay called Fantasini. Although this game is very similar with Twin Spin, it does not have the same popularity. It might have something to do with the layout or maybe it's just because Fantasini was actually an exclusive game at a particular casino. Twin Spin is a underrated game by some players and it would be given a better review if they just give it another try.

I've won several big wins and a few mega wins playing this game. I would recommend this game to new players and I have no doubt they will love it as much I love it. There's nothing I would like to change about this game, Twin Spin is another perfect game that should be played more than it deserves.
HelmG 83 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Twin Spin is one of the slots that can be classified as the classic slots. The theme of this slot machine is reminiscent of the seventies of the last century, and is an excellent idea, imaginative game creators to make this slot. In the beginning, I do not like the Twin Spin slot in Betclic casino lost a couple of times the entire amount from my account on this game. After that, I made a break of a few months, and a month ago I was playing again, but this time at Unibet Casino. Twin Spin is not a discovery of the decade, but it is quite solid game compared to many others that have a higher rating than her. It practically shows the history of slot machines with the symbols on the reels, it is very picturesque evoked with great animation.

At many casinos you can try for free this NetEnt slot, although do not see the long-term playing for "play money". Simply, after know how to operate slot time for a deposit, the adventure can begin. That's what I did when it came out in the "market". I like it because each symbol that creates a winning payment lines, lights up. This animation allows you to see immediately what the possibilities offered before your eyes, I like this idea of NetEnt production. My bet here ranges from € 0.25 to € 1.25, never played bet per spin over that amount. My biggest win in the last month was the Slotty Vegas, where I won five symbols "diamond" and earned a 1000 coins. Excellent refreshment for my "broken" budget.

The last couple of days I played it and in Bet365 Vegas but with much less success, compared with Unibet and Slotty Vegas. The sound on this slot is fantastic and awaken those dormant players who just "sleep" in front of the screen, while waiting to win the jackpot. Although, this slot has a jackpot, with its possibilities of gains compensate for this "deficiency". The maximum potential payout on this slot is € 135,000, maybe now you understand why I said that compensate for the shortage of high jackpot prize in this slot. For me, the game not have a huge RTP (96%), but it is not bad compared to some famous titles. There are no rules when playing this slot, I play whenever I'm out of solution in the other slots on the NetEnt casino. All the rest would be disingenuous to solid slot machines, which from me receives solid Rating - 7/10.
Twin spin is wonderful game created by NetEnt, one of the best ones for me. I can play this slot for many spins and never get lost interest to it. I think this game is in best 10 list of NetEnt games for me.

I like that in this game there is 243 lines. I love game with such big amount of lines but it is sad that NetEnt do not have many slots with this count of lines. Most their games is 20 or 25 play lines.

Also I like theme and style of this game. And music, this is something which perfectly suits here, really a lot of pleasure even when you just open this game. And that sounds and lights when more reels become twin...Exciting feeling, perfect looking game.

I am also very happy with payouts. Most symbols pay not good for 5 of a kind, but it is 243 lines games, and it is possible to get full screen of low paying symbols like A or K. Such spin will give you huge win. I got once full screen of Queens symbols and do not remember exact payout but it was more than 250 bets. And it is for low paying symbols.

There is no scatters or bonus symbols. In this slot it would suck if it could be. Luckily there is nothing like that, and only one feature it is twin reels. Each new spin you got two twin reels, it means that this reels will be totally same. And by random you could get up to 5 reels twin. If it land stack of same symbols this will be very huge payout.

I had many more than 100 bets wins in this game in different casinos and with different bet size. But best win was for that full screen of queens. I give this game 10 stars.
There is nothing I did not like in this game. Everything is done very well.
Let me take you out for a trip to the magical world of NetEnt and that together reveal the secret of one of the best games that have recently seen the light of day, when it comes to this kind of software giant.

If I wanted to describe Twin Spin in two words, the real title would be "NetEnt Jewel", this is the one of the biggest reasons why the same jewel urgently need to try. Chances are that you have never met with this kind of slot machine that you intrigued by its title, and later other details. This announcement is correct on my part, and he would turn to to start putting a few things to AskGamblers game reviews page.

My beginnings in this game are connected to the Unibet Casino, where I was at the time with the launch of the game possessed with a little more money. I separated some € 100 to try this miracle NetEnt software. The beginning was a dream in the first 5 spins got € 40, on invested € 1.25 per spin. I got 5 symbols of my favorite fruit cherries and immediately won another 250 coins. After five or six hours of play, I packed my bags and the day concluded with + € 130 net profit. You wonder what I packed, so I packed all the memorable experiences that I had with this game. This is a game with 243 ways of achieving gains, and just every 2-3 spins you have a winning line. Of course, not every gain can be higher than the amount bet per spin, but well come any win when you have a series of bad positions of symbols on the reels.

Most of the money in this game you spend if you're a new player, because Twin Spin slot machine is simply contagious in the world of online gambling.
stars_cream 160 reviews
Twin Spin is a great game, one of the best releases for me from NetEnt back at the time when this software’s releases was one better than the other. I believe that this slot is among the most popular slots from NetEnt and one of the most played. I like that from one only spin Twin Spin can give 500 times wins and give a good boost to my balance.

Twin Spin is a retro themed slot, which reminds me of the old 3 reel slots. It has 243 paylines and the minimum bet for this slot is 0,25 which is very low for a multi-liner slot. For symbols it has 9, 10, J, Q, K and A and also diamonds, 7’s, cherries, bars, bells and wilds. The higher paying symbols are the diamonds and 7’s and the lowest the number 9. If you win a single full line of diamonds you can win 40 times your bet but if you hit a full screen of them you can win over 9000 times your bet which seems great. Of course full screens of high symbols do not come often as the ones of the lowest symbols which they can pay good too.

Twin Spin does not have scatters and there is no free spins feature, I believe that if this slot had free spins too would be the best ever. It has a unique feature that explains why this slot is called like that. At the start of every spin twin matching reels appear which can expand to become triple or quadruple reels during the spin. Of course this expansion does not come frequently and even if you get 4 same reels you may win nothing because the first reel has different symbols than the other reels.

Overall I like playing this slot very much when I have balance over 100 times the bet I want to play because it has many dead periods and many dead spins.
Johnajax 50 reviews
United States
This is another very popular slot from Netent, it is not my favorite slot but I can play him and sometimes it is very interesting and fun. Theme of this slot I will call “Las Vegas“. A lot of light, symbols like lucky 7, cherry, bells and bar’s without any “cartoon” characters it gave impression of great old school slots. I am fan of that kind of slots and that is big advantage of this slot because all new slots have some story behind, hero characters and stuff like that. This slot don’t have that but it have glamour and shine of Las Vegas light : )

The best thing of slot is that “twin spin” mode. I didn’t saw that on any other slot so this were new for me and I way exciting. That mean that from time to time you will get twin spin, so two, three four or sometimes all five reels will have same symbols… that is pretty amazing : ) Another great things that I like is that this slot don’t have lines but you have 243 ways to combine your symbols. I had situations where I had bells on all five reels without any connection but with this feature all that combine and on that way I earned some money, not very much but enough.
But I must admit that this slot become boring for me very fast. At firs I had fun with this unusual features but that is it. This casino game don’t have any bonus round or something like that to get this slot more interesting. It is nice to see how your reels become twins but I need some action if you understand. I can’t just spin and wait, I want something special to happens, like three extra symbol than new exciting round where I can participate but that can’t happen with this slot. That is only lack of this slot but if they put that I think that it will be too easy to earn money here : )
Twin Spin is a 5 reels video slot with 243 Ways. The game belong to Net Entertainment and is very colorful and “alive”. The game features Wild substitutions and a “Twin” Reel feature on every spin executed randomly, sometimes you have 5 “twins” chances for big wins are big and good win is sure, but more important is which symbols you hit in this situation.

Game is played with good melodic sounds. There are no bet lines as in classic video slots. You set the bet level and the coin value and you can go it with AUTOPLAY option to up 1 000 games there is no bonus rounds or free spins features like in typical slots. Winning combinations with highest payouts are a diamonds symbol and second one is red sevens. Anywhere on the reels you can hit 5 of a kind because it is 243 ways slot, every place on the reel is possible to hit combination for 5 of a kind if symbol appears a five times on 5 reels.

A game is very thrilling mostly because 2, 3, 4 or even 5 identical twin reels that are linked together. There are wilds of course too. From long time ago I did not make big cash from this slot but I like playing them last times. My personal best win here is around 2 000 coins per one game played. In general I stuck and and can't win in most games but twin spin is on of the worst for me.

When it goes to rate I think 9/10 is probably accurate rating for this game. I enjoyed this not so typical video slot and I think twin spin will be more popular like starburst some days. I can recommend this game to anyone.
I can not win last times from long time ago there.
zerooo 742 reviews
Twin Spin is video slot with 243 ways, created by NetEnt software. It has 5 reels and 3 rows. I like the symbols in the game; there are cherries, bars, bells, 7's, diamonds and many others. The game has definitely high potential on winnings not just because it contains 243 ways but also with ‘Twin reel’ feature.

In the game you have always a set of twin spin linked together, so the name of the slot came from here. During each spin, the twin spin can expand and become triplet, quadruplet or quintuplet reels and big wins could come from this. We can play Twin Spin on mobile devices, so I like it even more.

I made a few hundred spins every time while I playing at NetEnt casinos software. I had some winnings, but I think I don't play it so much time to get some really good from it. After few hundred spins I stop and I try different game. Till now I didn't manage to get full screen of same symbols, like others members of this forum did.

I think I should play it more regular to hit something like this. After all this is a game which is really simple to play it. It has no bonus games or free spins features. Only ˝Twin reel ˝ in the main game and that's it. Creators and programmers have proved us that sometimes is no need to complicate with free spins, bonus games. They added this feature into main game and it's perfect to play it. I like games with these features of course, but this is so different game than the others. I like the music and sounds in the game too, especially when two reels expand into 3, 4 or even 5. I think the quick spin button is necessary in this game and I’m happy because it's there.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
When I first saw the preview videos of this game here at AskGamblers I was really quite excited. I’ve always enjoyed the 243 ways format games from Microgaming and thought it was going to be a huge development to see NetEnt taking a shot at this style of game. My excitement faded though when it became clear that once again, NetEnt had decided not to bother with any scatters or a bonus round – this was clearly another game where the main game holds all of the RTP.

The big feature of Twin Spin is that the reels can pair up – something like 1 in every 10 spins, a random reel will light up, and a random number of reels adjacent will “twin” with the master reel, so you get the same result on all twinned reels. You can even get all five reels ‘twinned’, and with the 243-ways mechanic combined with the stacked symbols on all reels, there's the possibility of getting up to 243 five of a kinds on every spin! Sadly though, more often than not, you will find that it’s the last 3-4 reels that end up getting twinned, and you won’t get a single matching symbol on the first two reels.

I really do feel that NetEnt missed a great opportunity with this game – if they had incorporated a decent bonus round, perhaps with some kind of multiplier based free spins, then this could really have been a classic, maybe even the first truly great NetEnt title to appear since Dead or Alive – I really can’t even take a guess at why they decided to not do this. I have received a whole tonne of free spins on this game since its release and to this day I have only ever seen all five reels “twin” on two occasions, one of them I had a full screen of kings which paid a truly horrible amount considering I had 243 five of a kinds simultaneously, and the other I had three rows of different symbols – this included the diamond symbol, lessoning the pain somewhat, but it still brought home the reality that even with this configuration of game, you can still get the “ultimate” hit, and it be rubbish and disappointing!

I won’t ever be playing this with my own money again and I really suggest you do the same.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
I don't really know the official numbers but it is enough to know this is very popular game among players, 243 ways high variance by NetEnt and so much potential with of 0.25.

I can recall when did I gave it a try first and I disliked Twin Spin at first and for what reason, I can't tell but most likely because of my limited bankroll and number of spins. If you check you will found out that this game is a part of many Netent powered casinos offer. I was happy to take mine Free Spins in Betat casino recently, and not only that I won 120 euro from free spins, bear in mind. Min bet is 0.50 euro and if you have an opportunity to choose what game you would like to use your free spins on, Twin Spin is always good choice considering the size. I playthrough my bonus and had 120 for withdrawal.

I lost on Immortal Romance that night and all my winnings from Twin Spin were back on my balance ready for IR to eat it all.
Now Immortal Romance is on stand by for some time while Twin Spin could be played more often.I lost my money,the feelingwould be complete with money on my ewallet but I lost it and .You could win up to 270 000 coins max,in this game.Twin Real future is the one that is pretty much exciting for me and I believe for others as well and it could expand from 1 to all 5 reels together producing very nice winnings.

I would say that NetEnt put together all in one, making old looking theme in latest graphic quality and very attractive paytable, very fun and promising game that most players like very much. I just love this game and will keep playing.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Twin Spin is a game I started playing just recently. This is a 243 line slot with no bonus round. I think this is the only slot I play which doesn't have a bonus round. Beside that it is a very interesting game which can produce some big wins. It reminds me very much of the slot machines in land based casinos. I’m sure that if you played Sizzling Hot you are sure to like this game. The graphic and sound of the game are good and I really like the animations. Especially the animations when you get a big win. Unlike Microgaming 243 line slots, the wins in this slot come more often and are bigger. That’s probably because there is no bonus round where you would expect to get the biggest wins. The main feature of the game is when 2, 3, 4 or all 5 reels of the game are combined as one. Depending on the symbols you get, the wins can be pretty high. I have gotten all 5 reels with the same symbols a number of times. Most of the time they are covered with low paying symbols like q, j, k but once I got a combination of 5 diamonds and the rest was J on a 0.50 bet. The win was pretty high. This feature reminds me of the rolling reels on Medusa II. I remember that my biggest wins in that game were when the combined reels started to roll and so is the case with Twin Spin. The best combination of course is to get all 5 reels with the same symbols on a higher bet like 1.25 but I rarely play with a big balance to give it a try. The game may seem boring at first but when you start to play it you just cant stop. Unless of course it is on some money eating rampage and decides to suck you dry. Overall I like this game and would recommend it to everyone.
For this game, I'm mainly invested € 1.25 per spin and so I was not expecting some huge gains it was important to see how it all works. The wild symbol is very sympathetic to me, because the shape of the letter A, and when active then it bounces, and could you do the same if you win a larger amount. Another interesting game from NetEnt platform that comes from 243 Ways series and leaves a lot of possibilities to realize significant gains. The animation is good, sound the same on each payline is graphically perfectly done with a specific sound that follows.

When it comes to the jackpot with this "243 ways" slot machines its maximum that you can win the game reaches a staggering 270 000 coins which is very high and admit for many, it will remain just a dream. At first, I mostly received symbols BAR, so I've got five minutes after four such but it is nothing compared to a gain after a couple of additional spin when the first three columns complete coverage BAR symbols on the 4 and 5 column was another one like this symbol. Then I won a record in 1200 as one of the biggest gains in the slots of this type.

As I said graphically this game is perfect but that does not mean that we will have fun just watching animations that pass in front of us and not bring the excitement that accompanied the appearance of wild symbols. Bonus game here carries a symbolic name as the game itself "Twin Spin feature" and it is activated when two identical symbols on the reels merged into one and you open the bonus section in this game. Personally, I never had the luck to open this bonus game, but I had a lot of luck with 5 of kind combinations.

After an hour and one Big Win enthusiasm on the reels during one autoplay game appeared nine symbols letters J and so completely covered the columns 2,3 and 4 in the first column of the same symbol was on the up position so I'm out of this spin out with 270 coins profits. In the end I can summarize this game in my case has huge percentage gains, and quality animations are only covered by all this and are not in the forefront for me. Great NetEnt slot game i will try again tomorrow and every time when i play on some of NetEnt casinos on net.
I heard about this slot log time ago but I read that this slot doesn't have any bonus round or free spins and I wasn't happy with that and I just didn't want to play it because I was thinking that there is no way to get money without bonus round or free spins and also I was thinking that is boring to play slot without that.

And maybe one month ago I totally change my opinion. I got 50 free spins without deposit on Hello casino on this game and I try it. It was only 1 cent per line bet but somehow I get 26 euros from that. (The best thing that wagering req. were x0). The best is that "twin spin" feature when two, three, for or sometimes even five reels are the "twin" and they are the same. In this 50 free spins one time I got all five reels same and you can imagine how big win that was, but it was small bet.

After free spins I stay here on this game to gamble. I raised bet of course and it was 1.25 per spin but I didn't have a lot of luck. I got one a little bigger win about 20 euros, I get a lot of letters "A" on all five reels and there are no lines because you can combine every symbol who is on next reel and that is why I get this "big win" ... and than nothing.

But after this experience I will play this game again for sure, it is not bad at all I just hope that I will be more lucky than I was last time.
Only bad things on this slots are free spins and bonus round - this slot doesn't have it. I just can't imagine how great this slot could be just if they are put bonus round or free spins, they don't need to put both. It will be more interesting, funny and you could earn more money for sure.
blondie 1094 reviews
Twin Spin was one of the first games I tried from Netent software and it immediately became one of my top favorite slot. I love the design and graphics, but it hasn't brought me any spectacular winnings so far, and at the beginning it wasn't paying me anything at all, that's why it was one of the games I made a little break with. But I've started to play it again because it is kind of classical and I need to give it a second chance.

I just called thic game kind of classical. It is because it doesn't have bonus rounds or free spins, it is just great designed 5 reel 243 way slot. But instead of bonus, it has always twin reels (I guess that's why it is called like that) which gives synchronized combinations on 2 reels that are next to each other, and the exciting thing that they can even expand to 3, 4 or 5 reels, giving amazing wins. In almost half of cases, I get big win then with at least 4€ win. Most cases when I don't get anything out of 2 or 3 synchronized reels is when they are on the right side of reel, because the left side doesn't match.

I last played it at Casumo casino. I had 30€ balance and I decided to play with the minimum bets of 0.25€ per spin and gave it a try for 250 autoplay spins. Usually, I would go bust, but this time I got around 8 big wins, smallest wan was 4€ and biggest - 10€, so after the autoplay ended I still got 30€ balance+3€ on top of it. Then I increased my bet to 0.50€ and played 250 spins. The first hundred gave very pretty nice spins and gave me about 18€ win, however, the rest were almost empty, no other big win appeared only 0.80€ or 1.20€ wins, so when this autoplay ended I got few euros left only.

So my thoughts are - the graphics and design for this game are really great, and even 0.25€ bets can give you really nice winnings. But I suggest to stop playing it when you're loosing, because, when it takes, it takes a lot and fast.
Twin Spin slot it is it is very unique slot made by my favorite casino software - Netent. There is interesting feature, and I can't remember any other slot which have same one.

This slot has 243 paylines, which makes this slot already interesting, there is not so many Netent games which have this amount of paylines. Also there is no any freespins feature or bonus game, it is quite interesting because it is rare that slot with so many lines did not have any special feature. If you ask me about animations and sounds - it is ok, but i am not very happy with symbols, bar's, bells, cherry's. I am not very like all this things, it is a bit very old symbols, and of course I would be much more happy if this slot will use other symbols which a bit more modern.

But there is one interesting thing which should come to our attention. This feature can make up to all 5 reels are the same. It could be full reels of same symbol, or 5 reels match, but with 3 or 2 symbols on each reels. Usually this feature make only 2-3 reels same and therefore payouts not big, but couple of times I had 4 and 5, and payouts was good. As far as I am remember I have biggest win is around 200$ on 1$ bet, but this happens very rare on this slot I guess, because you need all 5 reels goes with light, and there should appear very good symbols, otherwise payouts will not be very good. I can't say that I am playing this slot often, but sometimes I try it to see 5 or 4 reels with lights, it is lot of fan.
I did not like symbols, and did not like when 3 or 4 reels turns to lights, but symbols on other reels did not match, and I get very low payout.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
This is a game that I have not played, until recently. This game is powered by a NetEnt software. It has 5 reels and 243 payline combinations. The minimum amount you can bet per spin is 0.25€, which in my case I did when I played it. And the maximum amount is 125€ per spin. This game has only a wild symbol to offer that can replace any symbol if it is in the right place of course, no bonus feature, no scatters and no free spins, which is a bummer. Other symbols in this game are diamonds, BAR, sevens, bell, cherries and some other numbers and letters. Also the twin reel function is always activated in each spin. Meaning that two random reels are placed next to each other and they are completely the same. Therefor this is made to increase the chance of winning and making a combination which in my case obviously didn't work. These twin reels can be expanded up to three, four or in some cases five.

From my experience when I played the game it was absolutely disappointing. From almost 25+ spins I didn't manage to win more then once, and even that win was smaller then my bet of 0.25€. After this I continued to play this game for maybe another 5 minutes, and it kept disappointing me with only small winnings so I decided it was enough.

I don't know, I guess this game wasn't made for big wins in my opinion, maybe to have some fun only. Although the thing that I like about this game is the interface it is really nice for that I would give them a big 9. But for everything else a solid 7.
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