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South Park Slot

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Join Kenny, Cartman, Kyle, and Stan in the official South Park video slot from NetEnt. Cause as much trouble as you can in this rowdy bunch’s cartoon world and you could rake in the cash. Play South Park for free right here on this page or go to any of the NetEnt casinos in our listings to play for real money.

Before you go on your slot adventure with the South Park gang, decide how much you want to bet. Start by choosing your base coin denomination in the “Coin Value” panel. Then, push the - and + buttons below “Bet” to add or subtract coins from your wager. The game has a fixed 25-payline structure, so each “Bet” adjustment will change your bet by 25 coins. Push the blue spin button to begin, or use “Max Bet” to play with 250 coins per spin. Alternatively, you can use “Au­top­lay­” to spin for a predetermined number of rounds with no interruptions.

The South Park video slot has an incredible number of bonus features. The four main bonuses are activated by getting two Bonus symbols and one special Character Bonus symbol. Kyle will give you 10 free spins with random multipliers and the chance to win another feature within the spins. Cartman will give you cash prizes for poking around in the bushes. Stan will award you with sticky wild free games, and Kenny will pay you for keeping him from getting killed.

In addition to the four main features, three randomly activated mini-features can also be triggered. Join Terence and Philip, Mr. Hankey, or Cartman as they randomly place wilds on the reels, giving you a much greater chance of scoring a winning payout.

Game Play

Coin Value: Adjust the base coin denomination.
Bet: Change the number of coins on each of the 25 lines.
Spin button: Play at your selected wager.
Max Bet: Spin with a total bet of 250 coins.
Autoplay: Spin several times in a row.

South Park Slot Reviews by Players


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LeoDubbed 156 reviews
I'm not fat, I'm big boned. Although Eric Cartman is the meanest kid ever but he is also the smartest of them all.
NetEnt's first branded game I knew was this game and I was eager to play the game since they announced it on the internet. There was a website where they showed the countdown of it's release.

A day before it's release, plenty casinos were offering free spins on deposit. This is actually a great way to promote the game and some of the offers I just couldn't resist. To be honest, I always excited when new games are announced, I'm a curious person that's my curse.

Now about South Park, I've spent more than 1K playing this game in a month since it's release date, spread over several casinos of course. At the time I played the game most of the time at Casumo because leveling up. My first bets were low because I didn't know what to expect from this game.
The best feature of the game in my opinion was the Eric Cartman feature, a possibility of big win could be won with this feature.
Now I will mention the other four bonus features from best to less best : Don't kick the baby free spins, Omg They Killed Kenny click and win feature , Stan's vomitting free spins and the last one is Spray the hippies.

The hardest bonus round to trigger was the Click and Win feature with Kenny tries to not get killed. I only managed to win this feature about 5 times within 2 months and that's not a lot. Apparently this feature could pay massively but never got it though.

I was surprised that the game has a sequel and I was more surprised that it has totally different gameplay but that's another review.

South Park is a great game if you are a fan of the animation serie/movie and I am.
Get ready to get dirty with South Park game because Terence and Philip, Christmas Poo and Mr. Hanky are in this game also.
Some of bonus rounds are hard to win, like Kenny and Cartman massive wild reel.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
So many movie and tv based slots are thrown together very quickly with little or no real attention put into giving the games a genuine look and feel of the content it is based on, much like with video or console games. Thankfully NetEnt did not make that mistake with South Park, a license so huge that it would have been an absolute travesty if it was nothing more than a typical slot machine with characters like Kenny, Cartman and Kyle plastered onto the symbols.

No, South Park definitely maintains that comedic feel the show is so famous for, and you'll need to play it for a while to experience all it has to offer at least once. There are no less than six different feature or bonus modes, two randomly activated and the other four activated by a scatter-like mechanism. Its a typical slot in some ways though - there are 25 lines, and its medium-low variance like so many other NetEnt games released these days - although in very, very circumstances, its possible to win up to 5000x your stake, meaning it can potentially give a very big payday!

The main features are activated when a bonus symbol drops on reels three and four, plus any one of four character bonus symbols on reel five. One problem with this is that you end up with a bonus symbol dropping on reel five blocking possible five of a kind combinations than you would on any other slot where a scatter might drop in and do the same thing. There are two free spins rounds, one based on Kyle, one on Stan, and two bonus games, based on the remaining two main characters Kenny and Cartman. They all have a great many surprises and things to see, so I won't spoil them all for you, but the Cartman bonus round is worth a special mention - it's essentially a "Pick Me" style bonus however one of the symbols resets the whole bonus game, allowing you to continue picking up prizes and multiplier symbols all the way until you hit a maximum win of 5000x your initial stake - I've never heard of anybody getting close to this though, but it is at least possible so be sure to make a lot of noise on the forum here at AskGamblers if you ever achieve this historic feat!

All in all I think South Park is great attempt at tying a popular franchise to a slot, though I would have liked to see a few more big wins available somewhere in the game.. what can I say I guess I'm just a sucker for high variance games!
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
NetEnt's game 'South Park' went live on 24th September 2013. Now that I have finally decided to review this funny and must try game, I can say 'thank you Askgamblers for these wonderful opportunities for us to review games'. I feel so blessed because it's been 6 years now since I don't watch any TV at all. Before I got rid of my TV, I used to watch only Fashion TV with the sound off, just to have something going on feeling, and as for today, I'll watch my favorite TV serial South Park. I got really tired of people bothering me lately, and so, I wanna get some laughs instead. This South Park game simply rocks, and thank you NetEnt for launching this very funny game. No matter your bankroll, no matter if you're a hunter and want to win big, don't miss this game, and after you have tried it, look for 'South Park Reel Chaos' next and have some fun. Gambling is all about fun too but we do forget it very often while getting so stressed up over our greediness, don't you agree?

South Park has 5 reels, 25 paylines and favorite symbols, who else if not the heroes from the TV serial of the same name. This game has four Bonus features and it's just crazy and funny just like the TV serial is. So exciting, and believe me, you can almost explode just like it's features. It's all about its Bonus games - Kenny Bonus, Kyle Bonus, Stan Bonus and Cartman Bonus - and its Feature games - Cartman Mini Feature, Terrance and Phillip Mini Feature and Mr. Hankey Mini Feature. Any one of the Bonus games can be activated whenever you get the bonus symbols appearing on reels 3, 4 and 5. The Mini Feature games are activated randomly during the base game. Whichever feature game you get, then it's party time! You can even trigger free spins with a win multiplier of up to 10x and make some good real cash out of it, but I never did get that opportunity. I did it playing 'South Park Reel Chaos' though, and I had more fun there then I did playing this crazy but lovely South Park game.
Afi4wins 1412 reviews
Now, where in the world is this South Park located? It must be somewhere in the United States, I'm guessing, but even if I'm wrong, who cares! Hahaha. This is one of the better oldies to come out from NetEnt's stable of games. Even back in those days when it was first released, South Park offered an incredible range of feature games that no other game could offer! There are 7 different kinds of feature games in South Park, so much more than any other games, so perhaps this game could even be named 'Amusement Park', but that would mean a different theme altogether, wouldn't it? No matter, I ain't complaining, hehehe.

To list out what each feature game, or Bonus game, can do, would take up too much space, but suffice to say here that the 7 features are Kyle Bonus, Kenny Bonus, Cartman Bonus, Stan Bonus, Terence & Phillip Bonus, Mr Hankey Bonus, and finally the randomly activated Cartman Mini Feature game. Each Bonus game has its own specialty, but my personal favourites are the Kenny Bonus game and the Cartman Mini Feature game. Why? Simply because, the Kenny Bonus game can pay out an additional 25,000 coins, if you can make it all the way to the end of it, whilst the Cartman Mini feature can give up to 9 Wilds on reels 2, 3 and 4, creating nice 5-of-a-kind wins! I've won both of these 2 games at their maximum payouts, but sadly enough, all of them were in the fun mode! Damn, damn and triple damn! Hahaha.

Probably you've been wondering how these different Bonus games are activated, yes? Okay, let me briefly explain then. A Bonus symbol can appear on reels 3, 4 and 5 only. The Bonus symbol on reel 5 has a character in it, thereby activating that character's Bonus game. This can be Kyle, Kenny, Cartman or Stan. The other Bonus games are activated randomly in the base game, providing 3 or more Wilds onto the reels, with the Cartman Mini feature providing the most, with up to 9 Wilds at a time! Confused? Oh gees, don't be! Just play the game and you'll see what I mean, and see how each of the Bonus game plays and pays. This is certainly one game that won't make you sleep, take my word for it, I'm telling you! In fact, it can make you go jumping up and down, like a crazy monkey, or a mad kangaroo! Hahaha.
Another familiar theme that many love, embodied through the animated series that is. cartoon for adults - South Park. Good to know the main characters, little, fat Cartman with his friends Kenny, Kyle and Sten, with other significant figures from the animated TV series of water through adventure players located in the famous town. What is characteristic for this slot machine is a slot game as South Park is fully licensed, and the graphic design of slot games is absolutely unique, as many slot players prices. In addition to all this, it is important to say that South Park online slot game has a large number of slot bonus which, you will agree, only contributes to the enjoyment of online casino and internet gambling offers.

In NetEnt development team working some of the most talented and imaginative people industry slot machines, and the proof is this slot game. Without a doubt, one can notice it on a wide range of ideas that they fail to turn in their games. These people are not afraid of challenges, they do not lack ambition. However, NetEnt does not make up its development teams. NetEnt is primarily a company whose goal is to better sell ideas and ambitions of its employees, all packaged in an interesting whole and present loyal players in the most famous casinos. The way this company is doing is clearly reflected in their games - they are layered products built around the results of market research, designed to grow the franchise.

You wonder now, what is it that separates South Park slot than other casino games? The main feature of South Park slots are a huge number of bonus games! There are even seven bonus games to South Park online slot machine, each of which is a bonus linked to the other character from cartoons. Of course available and bonus symbols and more of what the manufacturer slot games, Net Entertainment, an effort to provide the players. It is impossible to spend an hour on this slot game and you do not get at least 3 bonus games in my favorite Unibet Casino. It is not every day Friday, but did not gain something that is crucial when assessing a game. Exceptions are slot games that we after a month carry a lot of money, and then I direct, which means that regularly denigrate this slot game at all leading casino forums. Interesting slot that you have to try, although I believe that they did many years ago.
zerooo 742 reviews
South Park is an American adult animated cartoon. This cartoon is very popular all around the world. The all show in this cartoon is around four boys—Stan, Kyle, Eric Cartman and Kenny. This game based on this cartoon and I like it.

It offers 3 rows, 5 reels with 25 paylines. It was designed and powered by NetEnt software. Into main game we could find Mr. Hankey mini feature which is randomly activated and 3 wild symbols are placed anywhere on reel 1, 3 and 5. I think this feature is ok, but I didn't won any big on it.

This is not the only feature in this game. South Park offers really a lot of different features. 4 of different bonus games and they have the name by the four boys: Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny bonus feature. I like all of these features; I think game is designed well with all this bonuses. I could say that when I was playing it, I have not bored at all. Maybe I was surprised sometimes about how many small winnings I had on main game, but this could happen at all slots.

My best hit at this game was around 90x bet at Kyle bonus spins feature, but I must say that I don't play this game a lot. I usually play it only if I see it on the first page of some casinos and I play it for a few couple of spins. I think paytable is good, because I saw some winnings over x1000 bet, but these winnings are rarely. I think most of the time it will pay less or around x100, sometimes higher, but x1000 is hard to get.

The graphics is ok so as sounds. I also like South Park because it has quick spin button, so I can play it in fast mode.
My review will be about South Park coz it is one of the most popular slot game and even moreover the second version of South Park is already done coz as the players around the world wishes and there is like they wanted it means that game must be popular right? I think so. I am sorry for the digression but only wanted to mention it coz I made also South Park II review here on AskGamblers. I wanted to let you know.

I can recommend this game also (South Park II).

This first South Park game was created some time ago don't know exactly when but it doesn't matter so much and for me this games is very good and playable even if there is second improved version of this game I still play this old version, it is fine to play sometime old classics like this. I enjoy playing it because I had fun when I played this game most of times and fun was always on the first place in my gaming experience.

This game has good nice graphics what is pretty normal at Netent and sounds which relaxing my mind when I am tired especially. Off course like other nice games, that was made by Net Entertainment so we expect that any game from this provider will be as good or at least average like other games at Netent. But here everything here is excellent from beginning to end. It is all general thoughts what I had to say. Most typically as I think, most of users think like me in this matter.

Few weeks ago when I played I did something what maybe is good for someone else to try. Sometimes when I can't get bonus round then I simply go play blackjack or baccarat to rescue some cash and than I hit at this game again and usually get bonus round if not I do it again and again as I hit feature. My overall rating will be 10.
Nothing I have to say here, because I said what I wanted to say.
South park is a game made based on South park show by NetEnt. Game is really perfectly follow show, characters have their own charm, and it is absolutely best game made based on show.

I think it is impossible to not be amazed by look of the game. It sent me in the original show, and it is absolutely great to see all this characters in slot. Animation and their voices. It is just super.

I also love sounds and music, and like I said I like original voices of characters. Just play this slot with sounds enabled and you will be happy with this slot.

I should say that there is a lot of features in this game. 4 different bonus games. All of this bonuses is amazing, from cartman bonus game to kick the baby freespins. Also each short intro before each bonus is just crazy good.

Payouts is not so high, but I say that I give thumbs up for it. Cartman is best paying character, and it lands pretty often.

I also love normal play feature. Two features with wilds, and both very impressive and i am more than happy with that.

Overall I am very happy and give huge thumbs up for making this game. Lot of different features, possibility to win huge money, a lot of great sounds and great musics. Interesting intros.

South park can be easy named one of the best online slots overall. Everything here is excellent, I can't find anything bad, or remember when I was not happy after playing this slot. My best win was over 400 bets in cartman and stan features. And a lot of 100 bets win in other features.

I rate this game with 10 stars, best possible rating.
Lol, nothing in this category, I can't write anything bad about this slot, it is totally perfect by everything.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
I don’t think that there is a person in the world who has access to a TV and hasn’t watched the South Park TV show. Those guys are simply incredible. The first time I played this slot I was laughing all the time even though I wasn’t winning anything good. This slot is the right thing a slot should be, pure fun.

The slot has a great design with all the characters from the series. The animations are simply great and I like all the little narrations from the show. This game has tons of features which if I start to explain one by one and how great they are I will need 3 full pages. It has a few bonuses and a few mini features. How often can you see two crazy Canadians farting wild symbols on the reels and awarding wilds, or the little brown guy jumping the reels and awarding wilds.

The bonuses in the game are simply crazy. You have free spins, cash prizes, multipliers you name it. Whatever you want this game has it. I really like the Stan sticky wilds bonus and kick the baby bonus. The baby is super funny. Don’t kick the goddamn baby! Haha. This slot is simply too much fun to play and can award some nice wins. If the slot is in a good mood he will shoot up random wilds and bonus features one after another. I play this slot on bets from the minimum 0.25 cents up to 1,25 euros and I am almost always in some plus here.

The last time I started playing on minimum bet and the game was really paying. I gradually started raising my bet up to 1,25 and had some really great wins. The random wilds feature was coming every 10-15 spins and I got the kick the baby bonus 4-5 times in about 200 spins. In the end I walked away with almost 150 euros in plus. A great game which everyone should try.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
South Park is one of the slots that I have recently saw and played. This slot is presented to us by NetEnt and it has 5 reels and 25 paylines with a minimum bet of 0.25$. I really have no idea why haven't I played this game before but I think it is really cool.

At the time I played this game I had about 24$ on my balance so I played with a 0.25$ bet per spin. The game has a regular wild symbol in the main game that substitutes for all except the bonus symbols but in the beginning I didn't have much wins and I was slowly losing my balance but later on I finally triggered a bonus. I managed to trigger Stan bonus game which at the beginning gave me a Sticky wild on reel three and it remained there for two spins. This sticky wild can appear anywhere on the reels and this game continues as long as there is at least one sticky wild present on a reel. The most that I had present at one time was two, in total I had 12FS which granted me almost 7$. So I looked at some other Bonuses in the Paytable and I really got to say that they represent them just like the show really was. Also I gotta say that I loved that Terrance and Phillip mini feature in the main game that places three random wilds anywhere on reels 2, 3, 4 and most of the times that that happened I got a good win. So I kept playing this slot for a really long time and after a lot of bonuses later they couldn't cover the cost of all those empty spins and low wins and I lost all my balance.

Overall this is a very interesting and a weird game just like their show and I will definitely come back and play it again soon.
blondie 1094 reviews
South Park is one of my first favorites from Netent software. It has a really cool design, inspired by the interesting South Park tv series. I like this game because I think the comic design is really eye catching.

This game has 5 reels and 25 paylines and 4 types of bonus rounds. Two of bonus rounds are free spins, the other two are bonus games. Although this game is one of the ones I play every now and then but not for long time, around 50 spins and if I don't get anything, I just switch to something else, recently I spent most of my session playing this game and it was really fun!

Of course the greatest part of the game is the bonus round. You trigger bonus, when you get 2 additional bonus scatters on reel 3 and 4, and the symbol which lands on the 5 reel is the bonus round you'll play. My favorite bonus round is Kyle bonus. It gives you 10 free spins with the Ike wild symbol. It can multiply spins winnings or give coin wins. The last time when I played it, this was the first bonus I got and it paid me 80x bet win. The other bonus round you can get is the Cartman bonus. In my session I got it once, it is fun because you have to choose bushes, each of them has a character in it that reveals your win. There are also a police man, when you choose the bush with a police man 1st time, you'll get warned and try bonus game again, but the sound time will end you bonus game. I got it the last time I played too, but I got both police mans fast and my game ended with a 3.50€ win.

There are two other bonus rounds, but it's been a while since I last got them. But there's another thing I love about this game. It has wilds, Mr Hankley mini feature, which comes up randomly on the screen and activates from 3-5 Wilds. And another feature that came up in my last session regularly was Terrance and Philip mini feature, which activated 3 wilds on screen. They visited me more than Mr Hankley. I was playing with minimum bets but for some spins those features gave around 30x bet wins, which isn't bad.

I really enjoy this game, I think it will never get old. It has simple but beautiful design, many bonus features and overall features that makes this game so exciting. I haven't received any 100x bet wins with it but I think I just need to spend more time playing it. Definitely worth trying!
South Park slot it is prequel of South Park Reel of Chaos slot, and if you ask me which game of this two I like more? Sure my answer will be that this game I love much more than its sequel. Game created by my favorite online casino software Net entertainment, let's start review!

South Park slot has 25 paylines, and generally this game is one of the best I ever played. First of all, animations and sounds are taken from original cartoon, sooo...It's perfect, nothing else to add, 10 stars from 10, luckily Netent was able to take those sounds, it really suits this slot very good. Game is always interesting, always. This is fact. During main game, or special bonus game, there is always something happens. If I will start to list all features - this will be long and not interesting, I supported opinion that it is much more better to try something yourself, instead of here something about it from others. But you just can wait here mega stacked wild (thanks Cartman), sticky wilds feature (Stan), you can even try to save Kenny (was not able to save it many times). In short - game need to be played, it is will not be interesting to read review about it, but it will be interesting to play it.

My experience with this game good. My favorite feature is Kenny bonus game (never had huge wins here, but I just like it), and also sticky wilds with Stan, this feature once paid me more than x 300 total bet, wilds keep appear and appear, really great.
What I did not like? Nothing, this is perfect game, I did not want to cut off something, or paste something here. Everything is well done, so I do not have anything bad to say, this game is must try if you want to try Netent slot games portfolio.
valentin68 535 reviews
I came across “South Park” from NetEnt, still looking for the new version of this slot named “South Park Reels Chaos”. At first I even thought they are one and the same slot, but in the end searching through AskGamblers pages I realized that South Park is actually an older slot and I started reading the reviews of other players who played before me at “South Park”. I saw that the slot has an average rating of 9/10 although in my opinion it does not deserve more than 7 “stars”. Since this is one of the few occasions when I disagree with the majority, I will refrain from too many qualifications and I will just describe in detail my game play here.

At the beginning, in the first 30-50 spins I have been satisfied: the cartoon look of the slot like “The Simpsons”, and some wins of 5 - 25 cents were enough for me. After the first 50 spins (at 25 cents/bet) I lost 10 Euros, but I said myself that big wins have to come also. And so it was, I caught a moment when the mini-feature started (“Terrance and Phillip”), in which two characters on the screen place 3 Wilds at random. Because from the spin that followed I got another 4 Wilds, I had a Mega Win (attached above is the screen shot) and I went afloat with the money. Ok, I said everything is fine and I continued with another 100 spins. Then I got 50 spins without the slightest win. The game is weak I said and I was getting ready to write a bad review for it when I entered twice the Cartman Bonus. I stop here a bit to say that the slot is full of features: 2 Bonuses, 2 types of Free Spins and another 3 mini-features assigned at random.

I return to my game and say that from the two bonus games I have not won much, but I revised my opinion about the “potential” of the slot. Yet I continued to lose big up to a total loss of some 20 Euros. And when I expected the less the slot unleashed another mini-feature (having the same name Cartman) which brought me on the screen 9 Wilds (reels 2, 3 and 4 were completely filled with Wilds) and I had a win of 74 Euros (second screen shot above). Of course I went into win in total with about 50 Euros and also grew “the actions” of the slot.

After about another 150 spins when I also entered once in Free Spins, I started writing this review. Again, in my opinion because it has frequent moments when you are not winning anything the slot is often weak, but by its skyrocketing wins brought by its many features when you expect the least, I acknowledge that slot is impressive. This is a range of variation too big, in my opinion.
oneLoVegg 55 reviews
South park is really awesome online slot, also this slot give me recent withdrawal, so of course I have good review for this slot. First of all of course we all love original movie. Second, slot is awesome, and nothing else. When it was released, from freespins I did not win anything decent, but I so liked paytable, so it was just matter of time when I made my deposit and start playing.

Slot has very many different features, but in main game everything is with a wild, terrens and philipp do wilds, cartman do wilds, shitty thing do wilds. If they do it good, you can get nice, but of course most chance for it is during cartman protein grow up wilds, it can fill reels 2, 3, 4 with wilds. I had it two times, but unfortunately it was suck, because first reel have bad paying characters. Also there is 4 different features, and my two favorite one is cartman feature with hippies, and kenny feature (for sure!chance to save kenny!). Kenny feature once paid me 30$ at 0.25$ bet, at Casumo from freespins, and of course I was happy, but I continue playing and after some time lost.

Recent win at south park was at this slot, when I get 15 freespins for it. Freespins paid me 3.25$, and I decide to continue playing, why not. After around 10 spins I got cartman feature, which paid huge, at 0.25$ I get almost 50$. I was just mad, my hands was shaking, and I dream to get one more double up, and it could made the whole 100$. Oh, but no luck, but still 50$ for 0.25 is awesome result. I continue play slot, and made WR with 75$, played table games, and withdrew 100$. Invested zero, get 100$, I love such stories. I usually play this slot even with 10$ at balance, as it give features very often.
South Park game is powered by NetEnt. I am a big fan of the show and i think it is much funnier than the Simpsons or family guy. The only reason why i play this game is because of the show and i must say this game is very good. There are many features and a couple of random wild features that can pay big. I will start with the wild features. There is a Mr Hackney mini feature and T&P mini feature. Mr Hackney comes out randomly before the spin starts and awards wilds on different places on reels. I got once four wilds on the first line and fifth wild came out in the spin. On my usual bet of €0.50 it paid over €30. I think this feature is better than T&P feature, on the T&P feature i never managed to get more than three wilds or win over €10.

There are also four features in this game and to get them you have to get two bonus symbols on the third and fourth reels with a matching bonus on fifth. There is aCartman bonus, Kenny bonus, Stan bonus and Kyle bonus. I only got Kenny bonus and Cartman bonus. I liked Kenny bonus better because it is a lot of fun and i won over €35 on my usual bet. You have to dodge cars, planes pretty much anything that tries to kill Kenny and if you pick tight you are awarded with a prize. If Kenny survives till the end then you get a grand prize.

Over all the game is epic and i recommend it to everyone. If i was to rate this game i would give it 9 out of 10.
yapro 790 reviews
Kick the baby! They killed Kenny, bastards! This is south park video slot from netent, when i heard that netent making game based on this cartoon, i was really impressed, and even make a mark on my calendar when this game will be released. And i should say that netent did this job very well, awesome slots with a lot of different features, bonus game, with such nice characters. Graphic is amazing, and moreover, sounds even better.

My favorite features on this slot is stan bonus game with sticky wilds, there is really great chances to hit big, and also i like kenny feature, there is great thing to try not kill kenny at least at this game, and i am happy to say that few times i saved him! Also there is cartman and kyle feature, but they not so interesting for me like first two. Netent goes even more feature, and to not spoil all i suggest you to try this game, you will get a lot of nice feelings, and a lot of fun. One of the best online slot which based on cartoon/movie, great game! My best win was on Stan feature, which paid around 400 x total bet, great thing about this feature that it will go till all wilds will not disappear, and if wilds will come and go, you can have a lot of free spins and accumulate some nice win.

Conclusion: I rate this game with 10 stars, this is amazing game for me, i am always smile when play it, just make sure you playing with sound, and i promise you will have a lot of things to enjoy, it can not be boring to play this game. So if you for some reason still never open this game, i can only say that you lost a lot of things, must play game in my opinion.
This game released by net entertainment in 2013 year, and it has a lot of promoting from different casinos, i get many emails that this game is live and i should play it. This was most waiting slot of 2013 from netent i think, because many people wait this game.

The idea of this slot is south park original cartoon, which many people already watch and keep watching, i am like this cartoon, and i am happy that can play this game. In this game i can see all characters of this cartoon, and also sounds get also from this cartoon, very interesting and fun to play this game.

This slot has many features. In main game it is two 3 random features, and all 3 is based on random wilds, can appear any of 3 characters and add few wilds on the reels. Cartman can add 3 middle reels of wilds, but i never happen to get this, only one line, and i play this game a lot. There is 4 bonus games, with every of the important character of this cartoon - Cartman bonus is not interesting for me, just pick the bushes and this is all. Kyle bonus - 'kick the baby!' free spins, can be good if good win will be multiplier by 10 x. Stan bonus - my favorite feature on this slot, every wild is sticky in this free spins, and it goes until not wilds on the reels. I win from this feature my biggest win 200 euros on 0.50 bet, i get many sticky wilds and it pay good to me. And kenny bonus game, they should not kill kenny!

I play this game lot of my time, and i had both good wins, and bad wins. For me it is good slot and i hope netent will make something like this with Simpsons!

Best win on this slot i had on Betsafe casino, i like to play this game exactly there.
The Net ent casinos are monthly creates new video slots to makes their slot scale bigger and every customer could find their most liked video slots. They have really lot video slots; they are my second favorite provider because when they release a new game usually give free spins to try it free.

The south park game was released a few months ago. This brand have a big fan base around the world so I think this slot is one of the most played new video slot on the net ent casinos. When it was released on the Vera john casino I get 10 free spins to try it. When I started it first it seems a good video slot, the environment the well designed graphics and the good sound makes the game more enjoyable.

The south park slot has 25 lines so the minimal bet is 0.25 euro, it not too expensive I think because the lot of bonus feature makes the wining chances better. It has more kind of random bonus feature and triggering bonuses. When I started to play on my second spin I get the Terence and Philip random feature. When they appear you will get three wild in random places on the 2, 3, 4 reel. That feature comes out the most time for me. The another random feature is the Mr. Hankey bonus, when it is triggered it gives 3 to 5 wilds on the 1, 3, and the fifth reel but the main attraction is the bonus games.

The south park video slot has more type of bonus symbols. It has a normal and it has four different with the pictures from the famous characters. I didn’t played much time with this game and I didn’t get the bonus games only the random things. Maybe I will play with this slot but on the net ent casinos I can found much better games.
bigdk88 83 reviews
United Kingdom
Well what to say about South Park? I think it is absolutely fantastic! This great new-ish game from Net-Ent really is a cracker! The base game consists of all your favourite South Park characters including Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, Butters, Mr Garrison and many more!

When you play the base game for first time it may appear to be quite boring but if you hang in there you'll be rewarded believe me! Usually the reward after lots of dead spins is either Mr Hankey splats 3 wilds on 3 random reels,Cartman Beefcake(this ones really funny to watch) the reels spin around and you can find up to 9 wild cards get this with the premium symbols you can create stratospheric wins! Another random bonus Terrence and Phillip bounce on the screen leaving wilds where they land.

So Net-Ent was this enough mini bonuses for the players? No it certainly wasn't! If you get 3 bonus symbols on reels 3-5 you can win one of 4 more fantastic mini features! My favourite has to be Stan's puke spins trigger this when you land Stan with the 2 orange bonus symbols. Stan's puke spin feature is my favourite because of the sticky wilds every time a wild lands on the screen your free spin round is extended the free spins keep on going until no more wilds are on screen and free spins counter displays zero. This feature makes it even more likely to win big. I once recently hit 5 Kenny's,5 Stan's and 5 Cartmen all in one 10 spin session of puke spins concocting a win of £21.75 on 25p bet!!

Other bonus rounds are Kenny bonus game take steps from left to right until you are killed player is given 3 lives make it to the end and win a very nice prize indeed even on the way to goal (if you are lucky) you can win decent!

South Park also has another Cartman feature spray bushes with foam (I call this the neuch neuch bonus game) collect wins until either man scares away people with boombox or if the policeman catches you twice that's game over! The best aspect of this bonus game is the double up characters get this and your total win up to that point is doubled, but the great thing is you can keep on hitting this if you make it through to multiple screens!

Lastly is the Kyle free spins bonus you get 10 free spins but the twist is if you land Ike on reel 5 you will get to kick the baby you can win more free spins, multipliers of total win or a nice 500 bonus(in 25p bet level £5.00 added to wins)

Overall South Park is a very enjoyable game but I do tend to leave the boys from South Park on the back of a big win! South Park scores 8/10 from me! Could have bigger pay for top symbol and lack of a multiplier on every win during free spins is a little tight.
sencize 193 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
When it comes to netent slots south park video slot is definitely in my top 10.I watch south park cartoon from the beginning and i found it hilarious,so i was really happy to find my favorite little guys in gambling world too.All the charters look just like in cartoon and slot has original sounds so it is real enjoyment to play it.

Other than awesome theme this slot has many other things to offer.There are four bonus games three mini features and sticky wilds you can expect to get playing south park slot.Bonus games triggers when you get bonus symbols on reels 3, 4 and symbol on 5 fifth reel decides which bonus you win according to character that is on it.

The best bonus feature for me is Stan bonus spins.First two free spins of this bonus you get sticky wild symbol in center position of reel three and best thing of these bonus is that free spins continues as long as you have at least one sticky wild symbol anywhere on the reels.I had good luck with this feature and won a lot of money on it.The 3 mini features are triggered randomly and basically gives you more wild symbols on different reels from Terrance and Philip,Mr Hankey and Cartman mini features i found the Cartman feature best rewarding.Next thing i would like to point out is that this slot is addictive perhaps more than others at least for me.Once i get those reels spinning i cant stop for hours.It also could be good wagering bonus requirements slot if you play it right.

Anyways South Park is definitely worth trying out at least those funny sounds and crazy characters will make you laugh.For the end i will rate South Park in my three categories.First payouts for me have been very good so it is 9/10 second i will rate it for fun i had playing and that is maximum beyond competition 10/10 and the last win big with small bets possibility and that i rate 8/10
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