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Secret of the Stones Slot

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Secret of the Stones is an online video slot with a riveting mythical theme. The game was developed by NetEnt and features the top-notch graphics and interesting features that have made the platform so popular. Players can try Secret of the Stones for free on this page, or play for real money by going to any of the NetEnt casinos in our listings.

Before you venture into this game’s magical universe, decide how much you want to bet. Secret of the Stones features 25 paylines that can be adjusted by using the “Lines” meter on the bottom-left. You can change your base coin value and the number of coins wagered on each line with “Coin Value” and “Level”, respectively. Push the circular spin button to begin playing, or use “Max Bet” to play with 25 lines and 10 coins per line. Use the “Au­top­lay­” feature to play multiple rounds in a row.

During the base game, the goal is simply to get matching symbols along any of the active paylines starting with the leftmost reel. Wild symbols substitute for any regular payline symbol. The unique free spins feature is activated by getting 3 or more Scatters anywhere on the reels. Once triggered, you will be able to select from 20 stones to get free spins boosters like more spins, multipliers, wild reels, and extra wild symbols.

Game Play

Lines: Set the number of active paylines.
Coin Value: Select the base coin size.
Level: Choose the number of coins to wager per line.
Max Bet: Spin with the highest possible wager.
Autoplay: Spin with no interruptions between spins.

Secret of the Stones Slot Reviews by Players


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raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
This is a high quality game, the graphics are attractive and the sounds fit well with the theme. Secret of the Stones was released a couple of years ago and was generally regarded as being a little better than recent NetEnt efforts amongst the participants of on-line forums. It's a 25 line game, so the minimum bet is 0.25 per spin, but this kind of game requires bigger bets to really be exciting as you will be hitting relatively small wins for the vast majority of your playtime.

I would rate this game as medium-low variance, the maximum win is apparently 1400x your stake although I have no idea how that is actually possible - the highest paying symbol returns just 50x your stake during the base game, and the maximum multiplier during the feature is 7x, so I'm guessing its a combination of multiple five of a kinds.

Speaking of the feature... hitting 3, 4 or 5 scatters gets you 3, 4 or 5 picks from the stones respectively. Each stone increases the special bonuses available during the feature, for example extra free spins, additional multipliers, extra wild symbols (the top two picture symbols can become wild), and if you are very lucky you can even lock a stacked wild in place over reels 2 and 4.
On the downside, the scatters do not pay whatsoever, and there is no premium for hitting a line of wilds either - you score the same as the top ranking picture symbol. The lower end symbols (AKQJT) also pay very poorly, between 2x and 6x your stake for a full line of five of a kind, so unless you manage to hit several lines simultaneously using the extra wilds during the feature they really don't ever return much. The smaller three and four of a kind wins are sometimes lucky to even return your stake, which can be very disappointing.
stars_cream 160 reviews
Secret of The Stones is a mythical themed slot provided from NetEnt. It is a very popular slot and I usually play it during my slots session. I like it very much since it has as a wild symbol an old mage who reminds me the wizard Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings novels and movies.

Secret of The Stones has 25 pay lines with minimum bet of 0.25 and also you can choose to play it with less pay lines. It has 10 paying symbols, 5 low symbols the letters and 5 high paying symbols which represent animals so I guess it is more a druid mythical slot. Also it has wild which unfortunately it does not pay itself so 5 wilds in a pay line are useless and also has a tree symbol which is the scatter.

The pay table of the slot seems rather poor since the highest paying symbol, the deer pays only 1250 coins, only 50 times the bet. The returns on the base game are average since there are usually many wilds on the screen and so the balance is not reduced fast.

In this slot you can win big only during the free spins feature which also I find very entertaining. The free spins are triggered when you have 3 or more scatters on the screen which for start give 10 free spins. Then you get to choose from a screen with 20 stones which have secrets behind them. The minimum number of picks is 3 for 3 scatters and maximum 5 for 5 scatters. I have never seen a 5 scatter trigger, even the 4 scatter trigger is rare. The stones gives you additional features for the free spins, like extra free spins, extra multipliers, wild reels on reel 2 or 4 and additional symbols as wilds.

The best wins on this slot I have ever had was round 300-400 times my bet which is great, but I know this slot can pay much more.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Writing this review on 'Secret of the Stones' fills my heart with strange but gentle feelings of joy. This game which NetEnt launched one month after 'South Park' went live, brings special memories to me. It is irritating even to me, talking through my reviews about my limited bankroll, but that's the truth, as determined by my life's circumstances actually. I love this game, same goes for Gonzo's Quest too, but unlike Gonzo, Secret of the Stones has been way more generous to me. NetEnt did a great job and I strongly believe this game has it's strong place among NetEnt releases, which many are not even worth mentioning, like they were created by drunken game designers, or were directed in the wrong way. Well, not for this game, which was inspired by the 'The Secret of the Stones' book by Ernest Dempsey, about a four thousand year old mystery lurking in the hills of Georgia. While investigating a strange series of ancient codes, an archaeologist suddenly vanishes, whilst the professor he had entrusted with the secrets got murdered.

This Secret of the Stones game has 5-reels 3-rows and 25-paylines, and comes with a mythological theme, as I had previously mentioned and described earlier on. It has a superb design, great graphics and great symbols too. In my opinion, if you are lucky enough, you might win up to 350,000 coins. Not for me though. I was disappointed, as the combinations I had with 3 Wilds paid me very poorly, not even worth mentioning. I did trigger some Free Spins games over a year ago, but can't recall what was my biggest win then. Finally, 3 Scatters will award 10 free spins initially, whilst you get to pick out 3 stones to award extra free spins, win multipliers or Expanded Wild reels. The Free Spins game can be re-triggered and with the win multiplier of up to 10x. This is a must try game, with calming background soundtrack, and without a doubt, this is a game worth getting into the secret world of the Secret Stones.
blondie 1094 reviews
Secret of The Stones is a well known game from Netent software. I have to say that for a long time I didn't really understand why other players like this game so much, when I played it, I didn't play long sessions with it and I didn't get any decent winnings. In the last months I've been playing this game more and I can absolutely say that I have admiration for this game.

It has kind of ancient theme and the symbols look mythical. Reason why this game has a name like that, in my opinion, is because of the free spins round, which is the only bonus feature for this slot. When you get 3 or more scatters, you will get 10 free spins with 1x multiplier. Then you'll see dozens of stones and you will have to pick them and they'll add something to the bonus. It's like revealing stone secrets. Usually I get an extra 2x multiplier and extra spins. What I've experienced very often is that the free spins can take really long time to trigger.

This game has a wild symbol and it substitutes for all, except scatter symbols. I really like the wilds because in my experience they really help out a lot to make winning combinations. On base game I haven't got winnings over 50x bet, and I have to say the thing that scares me a little to play this slot is the fact it can give lots of dead spins. In my last session, a couple of days ago, I played around 200 spins, received a free spins round within first spins, and lost 30€ with minimum bets without any winning over 20x bet.

I do like this game a lot and I've seen winning screenshots from other players so I have no doubts about this games' winning potential. With this slot I have similar experience like with Dead or Alive, I see good screenshots and I like everything about those slots, but whenever I play them, I rarely good decent wins and most of the time get bust. I do recommend this game and even though my winnings from free spins round haven't exceeded 100x bet, I think this game has potential to award nicely in the free spins round, because of the multipliers and other features you can get there.
Secret of the stones is a game which is made by NetEnt. I play this game from time to time, but trying to not play often, because usually it is great money stealer. But it could also pay very nice, so sometimes I am still trying to hit something good.

I like how this game looks. It is decent one, and wild symbols and scatters symbols drawn some unique way. It is a bit bigger and more good looking, so it is interesting how they land on reels. Hard to write about that, so better check it yourself.

Sounds and music in game is ok, I can't say that it is really impressive, but nothing negative too.

I like here freespins feature. It is awesome one, each time I hit it my heart start beating a bit faster, because I need to choose stones. Each stone can award special boost for freespins. Getting 3 or more scatters you get 10 freespins, plus number of picks which equal number of scatters. You can get more freespins, boost to multiplier, extra wild, or wild reel 2 or 4. If you pick very good, you could win very decent amount of money. But usually picks are sucks.

That's all which I can say good about this game. It is interesting slot, but I can not give it more than 7 stars in rating.
I hate payouts in this game. It is very low. Wilds appear very often and everywhere, but still my best normal play payout was about 50 bets. Usually game pays even less money.

Usually picks in feature is bad. Most common I get freespins and multiplier, and very rare I pick something better.

It is not very nice, but you need 4 or 5 scatters for huge payouts. My best result feature with more than 300 bets win was result of 4 scatters trigger.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Secret of the Stones is a 25 payline, 5 reel slot coming from Netent. The slot has a mythological theme and a very nice design. There is a really nice calming feeling as you play the slot. The graphic is very good and the slot has some really nice animations. Overall visually this is a very interesting slot game to play.

The paytable is a bit poor with the highest paying symbol awarding a win of only 1250 coins but still this game has some great features that can bring some nice wins. This game has a wild symbol and a scatter. If you play this game you will notice that during base play the wild comes very often, sometimes you can get a set of 4 wilds on the reels and get some nice 20-30 x bet win. I think this is the only game where I see wilds so often. The scatter symbol here triggers the free spins bonus.

If you hit 3 scatters on the reels you are awarded with 10 free spins. Before the free spins start you have to make 3 choices between stones which can reveal different prizes. You can get extra free spins up to 10, multipliers up to x 2, 2 extra symbols can turn wild, you can get a wild symbol on reels 2 and/or 4. All of this providing you are lucky to hit a nice combination can guarantee some nice wins.

Personally my dream combination is extra wild owl and deer and plus x 2 multiplier. With this combination I had my biggest win of about 250 x bet on this game. Sometimes I would get only extra free spins and a multiplier, sometimes only 1 extra symbol, but I think the above combination is the best. The standard wild symbol appears often and with 2 extra wilds on the reels almost every spin brings a big win. I recommend this game to everyone.
Secret of the Stones is a very fun game coming from NetEnt. This game can be find at every casino where NetEnt is. I think the designers of the game that decided to make a slot with theme coming from total fantasy world without a connection between real life and this theme. I have to say they did a pretty good job and this slot can be very interesting. There are symbols that seems like they are made from the stone but they look like some things familiar for us (like an animals etc.) it is very symbolic expression an truly artists.

This is a 25 payline, 5 reel slot so the minimum bet to play it is only 0,25 cents. You can win up to 350 000 coins. The game has a colorful graphic & background music like most NetEnt slots have. Big attention been paid to details here. The main symbols of the game are something what looks like red bull pays x1250 for five of a kind. Made in stone are the most paying symbols and there is the grandfather made from a stone too with grey hairs as a classic wild symbol. Scatter is a gold tree on the red background. You must get 3 scatters what there means stones for every more stone you have better opportunities in free spins. Bonus feature starts with picking up a stones if you got 3 stones you have 3 picks, IF 5 you have 5 etc. Hitting a 5 scatters means that you have very good chances to win very well because you can pick in the best situation wild on 2 reel, 4 reel, 10 free spins or more, and some multipliers too!

My overall rating will be 7 stars on 10 possible.There are better games generally.
- I have nothing to add more to say here in this line.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
Secret of the Stones is a slot that is powered by NetEnt software. This slot has 5 reels and 25 paylines and also a mythical theme. The slot has an amazing graphic with a lot of cool details and also some nice music effects.

So I approached this game with a minimum bet of 0.25$, since I wanted to get a feel of this game. After many spins later I was still stuck on the minimum bet since in the main game I realized that there is hardly any chance of hitting a good win. The payout from all symbols is very low compared to other similar slots, so basically the only way to have a huge win is within the free spins. Quite honestly I struggled to trigger the free spin feature and still after triggering it I didn't have any major wins due to my lucky picks. Since you get a number of picks that is equal to the number of scatter symbols that activated the feature, in my case they were all three and you have 20 stones to choose from. All of these stones hide bonus features which are Wilds, wild reel 2, wild reel 4, +10 free spins (minor amount can be won as well) and multiplier. Since I mostly got couple of free spins and multiplier I couldn't get a decent wins. So you must be patient to hit the free spin feature and then lucky to get good bonus features, for me the ideal ones would be wild reel 2 and wild reel 4 of course and extra free spins or multiplier.

But still despite this slot being very cold towards me I think I am gonna try it out some more in the near future, who knows maybe my luck will improve. Definitely a recommend and 8/10 from me.
katemak 1170 reviews
Secret of the Stones slot is powered by Netent entertainment which is one of my favorite provider.

This game is an 5 reel with 25 pay lines which can be played as 0.25 euros per spin. The theme about this game is from the Stonehenge which looks really mystical with that garden full of stones, well that's the way I see it. This game to be honest while I play the payout of the symbols is really poor, even for the wild symbol which he also doesn't pay something big, so the point in this game to trigger something big is to catch the free spins feature, which by my opinion is really hard to catch, because those scatter symbols are just running away and we all know that this game has much to offer if you catch those 3 scatters. The scatter symbols can appear anywhere on the reels, so you will be rewarded with 10 free spins, but then the game takes you to a next level where you need to choose from 20 stones only 3 of them and the point is to pick the right features, like, picking the X multiplier and most important is to pick the wilds, so that way the winning from this game would be just awesome.

From all this playing and I played this slot many time, only once I had picked the right features which I had really nice winnings. I must say there is long time I didn't play this slot, as so many new games appear from this provider so we kind of forgetting the old ones. I do recommend this game, but still be careful, just because it can eaten your money balance really fast if you don't trigger the free spins feature, well reminds me a lot like Dead or Alive slot, because that game or it will give you some extra winnings or it will empty your account just like this game. Good Luck !
I was impressed by the look of Netent slot Secret of the Stones in which I really liked the way different stone symbols were characterized in the slot. The stone symbol used in the slot are of different animals such as deer, bull, owl. The highest payout is of deer symbol which has returns of 50 times the bet. It is 5 reel and 25 play line slot game.

My start to the game was really bad. I made like 100 spins and I did not witness a win more than 10 times the bet. I played all the 100 spins at starting bet of 25 coins per spin. Although it got a bit frustrating because I was already at a loss of $17 but I still maintained patience level and thinking that I have already made an investment lets play some more and get the returns on my investment. The same drama continued for say 40 spins more when I was just at the exhaustion of my account balance I finally triggered the free spin feature by hitting 3 scatter symbols on the reels. The free spin feature was eventually the best part in my game play. The three scatter symbols rewarded me 10 free spins and I picked +10 free, +3 free spins and +2x multiplier from the stones. The returns of the free spin feature was good and I made around 100 times the bet. Yeah! So finally something good in my game play came up. After that again nothing exciting in the game for me happened.

I am disappointed with the slot. Its only free spins which add life to the slot apart from that the base game is not at all satisfactory. Even free spins are very hard to trigger. So I would rate the slot 6 on ten.
Secret of the Stones slot it is great game created by my favorite online casino software - Net entertainment. This slot is some kind of unique, and it is very interesting to play it.
Secret of the Stones slot has 25 paylines. If answer on question how sounds and graphics here - it is quite good, but not perfect unfortunately, for some reasons I did not like it much.

Main game at this slot is very annoying and boring, because payouts for most symbols are very low, and it is hard to win anything good, so I am just playing with quickspin on auto spin and waiting my scatters come and most interesting thing come. Based on amount of scattes which triggered freespins feature, I had 3-5 picks, and I need pick stones. Each stone can award some +to freespins amounts (starting at 10), or increase multiplier. Also there is a stone of wild reel 2 or wild reel 4, plus extra wild symbol. I guess best pick for this bonus game is wild symbol, wild reels, and multiplier. And those combination should provide awesome win.

My personal best was from 3 scatters, I choose wild reel 2, extra wild, and +2 multiplier. It pays me 205 euros at 0.75 bet, nothing huge of course, but still very decent win, and it can be even bigger, but I did not land any great 5 of a kind unfortunately.
I did not like that in main game payouts are terrible low, which make main game annoying and boring, this is too bad for me. Also it is sad when you picking just more freespins once or twice, this means that feature will play low. I never had 4 or 5 scatters in this game, and this is also very sad part of this slot so me. It is good one, but most times features paid bad, and also it is hard to get freespins sometimes, and hard to pick right stones.
Secret of stones is a video slot game which you can find in casinos run by NetEnt software. About a month ago I had my first encounter with this game in Guts Casino. My balance was about 30 euros and after about half an hour of play here my balance rose up to 70 euros playing on a minimum bet per line all the time.

I have to say that when I first saw it I didn't like this game very much at least when it comes to graphics. On the other hand the sound is pretty good. In the beginning I only intended to stay here for a short time. But after only a few spins and some big wins my balance went up to 35 euros. After that I took a look at the paytable and noticed that Secret of the Stones offers a free spins bonus round. I decided to stay here until I get the free spins bonus. I didn’t have to wait long for the 3 scatter symbols which activate the free spins bonus. I got 10 free spins. I was very excited and have to admit I was expecting a big win. But that didn’t happen and my cashout from these free spins was only 6 euros. Still I kept playing. When my balance dropped below my initial 30 I got 10 free spins again. Later I got 3 extra free spins. This time from these free spins I cashed in over 40 euros on a 0.25 bet. A really great win. It is certain that after these wins I will pay more attention to this game in the future.


Secret Of the Stones visually isn't too pretty or an interesting slot game. For the half an hour I spent here I didn't feel bored and I enjoyed all the time. Off course I recommend this game.
oneLoVegg 55 reviews
Secret of the stones slot is very interesting one, but sometimes this slot is just terrible, very terrible, awful. But overall I like this slot, like how it looks, and how scatters and wilds looks (but sometimes I just cheat myself, and think that it is scatters landed, not a wilds, juts for a second, and it is sad then realize that it is just wild, and no freespins).

My first impression for secret of the stones was very bad, I played with freespins from casinos, and did not win anything decent, just 0 - 1 euro from most casinos, of course it was not good. But since casinos offer some deposit bonuses and more freespins, I tried slot with couple more deposits. I never played this slot higher than 0.50 euro in one spin, because I fear of being destroyed.

Once I had 70 euros at my balance, I open slot at 0.25 per spin, and start playing. You probably did not believe, but I lost all, without getting 3 scatters, that was so frustrating, really painful. But I had good times with this slot too. Once I made 30$ deposit at Lucky Dino casino. Start playing with 0.25 bets, and on third spin get 3 scatters. It give me +10 spins, +2 multiplier, and extra wild. It pays me nearly 40$, and that was really great start. I spin a bit more, but then leave remembering how awful this slot could be.

I think this slot can be good, but I need to follow one rule, if no freespins feature after 100 spins, it is awesome idea to leave this slot alone, because most likely freespins will not come and everything will be finished. And also I do not advice use too high bet, or you can be destroyed, play low, and this slot can pay very big win at any bet size, even at lowest 0.25.
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
A mythical game from NetEnt, reminding me of other mythical games like Fairy Magic, Thor, Thunderstruck and what-have-you, although Secret of the Stones have no magical or special features like some of the other games. Where special effects are concerned, there aren’t any either – this is a straight forward game of the norm, with a slight twist to the free spins feature game. Graphics and sound wise, nothing outstanding, nothing new, but pleasant and nice. 1 star down.

The highest paying symbol, the deer, pays 1250x line bet for 5-of-a-kind. Not too bad, although not high enough for my liking. The scatter and Wild symbols carry no win value at all, which is also not to my liking because a lot of wins amount have been lost just by omitting win value to these 2 symbols! Wish they do carry at least some value. 2 stars down.

However, I love the Scatter and the Wild symbols. They are over-sized for easy and quick recognition, and beautifully presented too, just like ancient tablet hieroglyphs given a touch of Picasso’s colours. The other symbols are all well done too, except for the grey snake. Why was that? A little bit of colour to it would have certainly made it looked better. Still, 1 star up.

The free spins feature has a nice twist to it, which I like. 10 free spins are already in your hand, and you get 3, 4 or 5 picks to add more flavour into the spins, from more free spins, to additional win multipliers, and best of all, to expanded wild on reel 2 and/or reel 4. Super! I managed to get only 1 expanded wild on reel 2 in one of the free spins game, and it paid me a little over 100x my total bet! Just imagine if I had gotten 2 expanded wilds on both reels 2 and 4. The payout could have been really big, perhaps even up to the maximum of 350,000 coins. On another occasion, I got the expanded wild on reel 4, but the payout was just average. The reel 2 expanded wild gave much more wins. 1 star up.

Playing Secret of the Stones was entertaining, and I was always hoping to get those scatters in for more free spins. Unlike some other games, the free spins here always pay out a reasonable win, if not a good one, and never zero, which is good. But I have yet to win on this game, which is really a pity, otherwise Secret of the Stones would have gotten 10 stars from me! As it is, the good and the bad even out, so 0 star.
When i think of a perfect slot , this slot is one of them that comes to my mind. Amazing graphics , very high returns and developed by most known name in the industry that is Netent , this slot has everything that a player desires. It has 25 pay lines and 5 reels and this is one of those games where the base game has more RTP then even the bonus games as far as i have known this game. This is because of the fact that wilds on this game appear very very frequently. Every second spin you get two wilds across the reels and this is only slot that i have been able to get 4 wilds that to in a single span and at a gap of 20 odd spins. The win was approximately 10550 coins when i was playing on 10 coins per line with a coin value of $0.01.

Now talking about the bonus round, like most netent slot it has a free spin bonus round that gets activated when you get 3 or more scatters gives you 10 free spins and depending upon how many scatters you get, you are required to choose different stones which rewards you with either extra free spins or multiplier of 2X or reel 2 or 4 turns completely wild or even an extra wild symbol. But triggering 3 scatters is a bit tough and it takes me about 50 to 60 spins to trigger it.

So i would say play on a low bet because even on a low bet you can win big by frequently appearing wilds resulting in frequent 5 of a kind or the free spin round. I recently won 6000 coins on free spin bonus round where i got additional +4 and +5 spins and 4 reel completely wild behind stones. I would recommend this slot for every slot lover and would rate this a complete 10 on 10.
Secret of the Stones game is powered by NetEnt. This is an awesome slot and i play it almost every time i am on NetEnt. There is a huge potential in this game and a player really has a chance to win big. there are 25 lines in this game and my bets are €0.25 or €0.50. For me personally the game pays much better on the smallest bet. This game has decent wins and an amazing feature.

The feature is a mix of a pick bonus and free spins. To get the feature to have to get three or more trees anywhere on the reels. If you get three reels you are awarded with 3 picks, four will give you four picks and five will give you five. i never managed to get five. I got four trees on the 1,2,3 and 4 reels and i was screaming for the fifth one to come out but it never did. When you are awarded the feature you start with 10 free spins and pick bonus. You can pick multipliers, wild reels or more free spins. I picked 2x with 2nd and 4th reels wild and extra free spins. I won over €90 on my €0.25 bet. Since that time i have been addicted to this game.

I would admit it is a bit difficult to get the feature in this game but if you are patient this game will reward you. The graphics are super cool and the sound effects are awesome. I would recommend this game to everyone and If i was to rate this game i would give it 8 out of 10.
yapro 790 reviews
Secret of the stone one more new game from netent, and i can say that it is one of the best online slot i ever played. I say this not because i that guy who get lucky and win a lot of money and therefore like the game and tell everyone that the game is amazing. I had few big wins on this slot, but also few times i lost a lot of money on this game with no chances to recover. The graphic is amazing here, really, i like it. Theme is also nice.

Netent finally bring something new in their slot, and here in free spins player get picks for picking stones, 3 scatters 3 picks, 4 - 4, and 5 is 5. During pick stones, there is possible to get more free spins, as base number of free games always 10, also possible to get higher multiplier - from one stone can be received +1 or +2 multiplier, and the sweetest stones - wild reel 2, wild reel 4, or extra wilds. I think if someone hit 5 stones and pick 2 reel wilds, extra wilds, and +2 multiplier, this guy will win more than best hits on doa, really. My best win on this slot was month ago at guts casino, at 0.50$ bet i won 110$, i get only 3 scatters, but get reel 2 wild, reel 4 wild, and +5 free spins. So it is not so need to get 5 scatters for nice win.

Conclusion: 8 stars, not perfect slot, but i like the whole things about this slot, and play it quite often.I am happy that netent did such great job and released so interesting game, and the best thing - you never get boring, because picks everytime is different, and everything goes different. Lot of fun, entertainment, and playtime. I do not need anything else in gambling, thank you guys from Sweden, i am waiting more and more great games from you.
paquito76 867 reviews
I have relative fresh memories of Secret of the Stones as I was offered 10 free spins at a casino not too long ago and among the limited available games that this offer was valid this slot game was the only I’ve never played with before (to be honest there was another one but I didn’t like that). It’s almost useless to say again how I appreciate and am a fan of NetEnt slots’ graphics so it’s enough to say my opinion hasn’t changed a bit by playing this game. I like its artwork symbols and the ancient, mythic world that it creates.

So started playing and the given 10 spins quickly gone but what I saw was tempting enough to transfer some money from the main balance and be ready to discover it deeper. I set my bet at €1.25 and on the fourth or 5th spin 4 Wilds appeared giving back €34 and I had to realize they did that without any additional multiplier because they act as just substitute. The Wilds very often popped up generating lot of smaller wins when finally 3 Scatters arrived and started 10 free spins, but before entering I had to choose 3 stones out of 20 to give some extra for free spins. I collected 7 more spins and a plus x1 multiplier and at the end of spins another €42 was added to my balance.

It’s a great and only one bonus here and the player can get more spins (2-10 spins per selection), multiplier (x1 or x2), chance to the second or/and fourth reel turns into Wild for the free spins and possibility for Owl or/and Deer symbols to be Wild for this session. As I see it, now after spending some time with this slot, the best if all 3 kind of options are selected. My greatest run was when the 2nd reel was Wild for 14 spins at x3 multiplier. I got a 5 of a kind win with Bulls (2 Wilds were involved) and after the extra games concluded I won around €105.

Back to my introductory session, I spent with the slot more than an hour and when I left the game I had 45 more Euros on my account. I know it’s not a significant or just worth mentioning amount but I had some good, enjoyable time and this occasion not just it didn’t cost me a cent but I could came out with a very little plus.

Overall, my first comprehensive impression was very good and I loved playing with it and still love doing it and though it’s not a complicated slot and doesn’t offer numerous bonuses, features but I find it very usable for wagering purposes too and I’m sure I will have some meeting with this slot in the future.
I will start to say about this slot that I started to play it first time last week when I saw that bet365 casino launched the vegas casino with a 100% bonus! I decided to try their vegas casino and I made a deposit of 60 RON(almost 13 euro) via skrill,I entered the promo code and I started to play Secret of the stones!

I realized that you have to catch at least 3 scatters to trigger the free spins feature but I saw that this slot game is a little bit different!You have to pick 3 stones to see if you get more free spins,multipliers or wild symbols!

From the 60 RON that I deposited I didn’t managed to catch the free spins feature but when I received the 100% bonus,I played a couple of spins and I catched 3 scatters!I chose the 3 stones and I was awarded with 10 free spins with 3X multiplier!
I want to tell you that I was very disappointed because from the free spins feature I won only 22 RON(almost 4.5 euro) and I was playing with 1.2 RON bet(almost 0.25 euro)! Also the biggest win wasn’t from the free spins but it was only 34 RON and very soon I lost the deposit and the bonus!

About this slot I can say that I liked very much the graphics,the symbols and the sounds but I wasn’t surprised by the payout rate and I think isn’t a good slot game if you want to wager a bonus!

I will rate it now,I will give a 9 for the graphics and sounds,for the features like free spins where you can pick 3 stones and you can increase your free spins,multiplier and wild symbols I will give another 9 because I know that it has a big potential! Overall it’s a good slot game if you want to have some fun and if you think that you are feeling lucky!
tortastic 2 reviews
United Kingdom
Secret of the Stone another Net Ent classic. Secret of the Stones has a kind of Stonehenge/Celtic vibe with Druids, Sacred Stones and Celtic Jewelry among the symbols.

And we can safely say that NetEnt have done it again! Yes. They've created yet another gorgeous looking slot that will keep your interest for, oh, nearly fifteen minutes or so. AND they've managed to forget about decent size wins too. With free spins and multiplayer madness what more could you ask for .
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