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Robin Hood Shifting Riches Slot

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Robin Hood is a 20-payline video slot running on the NetEnt software platform. This game features the famous tale of Robin Hood and its wild card is the Robin Hood Logo, while the Money Bag symbol is the scatter. Players can try the slot on this page for free or play the game for real money in any of the listed NetEnt casinos.

To join the famous outlaw on his adventures, players should first choose their wager. The bet level is regulated with the "Level" selector. The coin size, ranging from 0.01 to 0.5, is adjusted with the "Coin Value" selector. “Spin” initiates the game, “Max Bet” turns the reels at the highest bet, and “Auto Play” spins them for a preset number of times uninterrupted.

Any win triggers the Shifting Reels feature, which allows players to gain extra wins with an increasing multiplier of up to x5. When the x5 multiplier is reached, all following shifts will also have a x5 multiplier.

When there are 4 Money Bags in a treasure chest, 10 Free Spins are won. Money bags will turn into wilds after the reels shift. During the Free Spin round, one of the symbols will be selected to function as the Extra Wild. Should 2 or more Free Spins symbols appear, additional Free Spins will be triggered. 2 Free Spins symbols trigger 5 Free Spins and 3 Free Spin symbols will result in 10 Free Spins.

A 1000-coin jackpot will be won when 5 Robin Hood symbols emerge on an active payline.

Game Play

Level: Choose the bet level.
Coin Value: Change the coin size.
Spin: Play the game at the chosen wager.
Max Bet: Spin the reels at the highest bet.
Autoplay: Play the game multiple times without interruption.

Robin Hood Shifting Riches Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1386 reviews
When I first saw this Robin Hood game, the first thing that hit my mind was it's a clone of Jack And The Beanstalk, but upon a closer look, it's actually made up of a combination of features from a few games - the shifting Wild symbols, the collective feature of the Moneybags, the increasing Multiplier and the addition of extra free spins from 2 or more scatters. Well, not surprising really, because all new games are having such mix-and-match features. Only a very few new games can be classified as really innovative with new concepts.

For me personally, I tend to compare this Robin Hood game with my once-top-favourite game from Playtech, Mr Cashback. That game remains the only one of its kind until today, with no other game even dare cloning it, for one reason or another. Even though Robin Hood's game has a collective feature, the award for collecting it are continents apart! Robin Hood awards a Free Spins game, but Mr Cashback awards a cashback of 50x the line bet for each and every payline triggered, which could be just one, or up to 5 paylines simultaneously! This is where I simply loved Mr Cashback's game, until Playtech made a real 'upgrade' mess out of it later on.

Typical of a number of other NetEnt games, this game too has a non-paying Wild and a non-paying Collective symbol. The Wild symbol shifts from one reel to the next right reel with every new spin. A win increases the multiplier to the next level, up to 5x, and keeps on going until it goes off the last reel. Any no-win spin would end the shifting and resets the multiplier back to 1x. The Moneybag is the Collective symbol, collected into the trunk at the base of the play area. Getting 4 of them triggers 10 free spins, with a randomly spinned symbol becoming the Extra Wild symbol. The same shifting and increasing multiplier concept is used for the free spins, but additional 5 or 10 extra free spins can be won by the appearance of 2 or 3 'Free Spins' symbols.
I wasn't impressed by this Robin Hood's game because the paytable was not good - the non-paying Wild symbols made it worse, there are no Scatter symbols to get any additional wins, and the values for all the other symbols simply weren't good enough either. Unlike Jack's game with its Wild Harp Reels, there aren't any in Robin Hood's game, so the winning potentials have been greatly reduced. In one of my sessions, I had to wait for just over 2000 spins before one Free Spins game finally came, and that game paid an unbelievable 84x my bet amount, as compared to the amount it had eaten up! That saw the end of my plays on Robin Hood and his lousy shifting riches!
LeoDubbed 148 reviews
Guys, watch out for your e-wallet because the Prince of thieves goes online.

When I open the game for the first time, I thought it was the best intro movie I've ever seen since... Jack and the Beanstalk. Don't get me wrong, Jack and the Beanstalk's intro movie was hillarious but this one is better. I think intro movie should be mandatory in every game. If a player is entertained before the game starts, well, you couldn't go wrong from there.

Robin Hood : Shifting Riches is one of it's kind. The idea of walking (shifting) reels instead of walking wild symbol is magnificent. I am a little bit disappointed why NetEnt didn't make more of these kind of game. Nowadays they only create 'cocktail' games, it's nothing wrong with that though. Mixing 2 or more ingredients to create a new one is the easiest way and I hope they will make another one with Robin Hood : Shifting Riches in it, that would be a very interesting game.

Microgaming fan should recognize the gameplay of this game because it is very similar with some of their games, namely the saving items feature. Free spins will not be triggered by winning 3 or more scatters because this game does not contain this symbol. Instead of scatters, money bags have to be won during the gameplay in order to trigger the free spins bonus. A minimum of 4 bags is required and I must say that the bags do not come easily. It could be very frustrating when you almost reached the free spins feature, your balance is showing zero. It happened to me a few times and I had to make another deposit because I really hate when things are not complete.

Winning big time is hard with this game but it's not impossible, I managed to win it once or twice but never again after that. This one is really acting like the Prince of thieves sometimes, it takes your money and give it to someone else. Anyway, Robin Hood has and interesting concept and really funny movie intro, you also need some patience with this one and if you don't have patience, then you should skip it.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Robin Hood Shifting Riches was released on 10 May 2015, so we can say it's a pretty new game. Robin Hood is a heroic outlaw in English folklore and was a highly skilled archer and swordsman. He was often portrayed as 'robbing from the rich and giving to the poor', and as such, is widely represented and celebrated through literature, films, television shows and in slot games too.

In my humble opinion, allow me to say that NetEnt did a great job. Superb graphics, awesome theme, good features, the game play is simply fantastic and so so exciting. It has 5-reels, 20-paylines, with a minimum bet size of 0.20 cents per spin, and is set in Sherwood forest. Once there is a winning combination on the reels, the first reel then shifts and moves to the right, and keeps shifting to the right for as long as there's a winning combination. The win multiplier increases with each shit too, up to 5x. One of Robin Hood's gang member (Little John, Friar Tuck, Much the Miller's son) would appear in the Free Spins game as an Extra Wild.

Whenever a Money Bag appears anywhere on the reels, it is collected into a container at the bottom of the screen. When four Money Bags have been collected, a Free Spins Game is triggered. Unused Money Bags are kept in the game for up to 1 year. This Money Bag and the Shifting Reels represent two extra features in this exciting slot game.

Not only is the Free Spins game exciting and rewarding, but the base game could be lots of fun too. I was very satisfied and enjoyed my game sessions with the rewards that came from those 'Shifting Reels' and its multiplers. On my 0.20 cents bet size, they made no extra profits but gave more excitement. Finally, when you trigger a Free Spins game, you get the chance to choose one of the five characters to act as an Extra Wild. Whenever 2 or more Free Spins symbol appear on the reels, you are awarded with extra free spins - 5 extra free spins for 2 symbols, and 10 extra free spins for 3 symbols. The Free Spins symbol can only appear on reels 3, 4 and 5. I would suggest this slot for trying out.
zerooo 742 reviews
Robin Hood is nice designed video slot from NetEnt software provider. It has 20 pay lines. The graphics and sounds are good into this game. I played this game some time ago and I did not have any big winnings on it.

The base game is good. It is interesting. Robin Hood has shifting reels. Reels shift after a bet line win for a chance at extra wins with an increasing multiplier up to x5. I like this mode during base game and it could bring you bigger winnings. One time I had winning around x30 bet from base game and I think this is my best result while I was playing it. I had some wild symbols and Robin Hood symbols. I am sure the winnings could be even higher, because this was at x1 multiplier.

There are also free spins. You need to collect four money bags in a chest to win it. Money bag symbols turn into wild symbols after the reels shift. In free spins feature there are five different symbols and one of those symbols will be selected as the extra wild symbol during free spins. I had once free spins, but it is hard to trigger this feature. I think you need to have luck to trigger it in short session. I played it longer just because I wanted to get those free spins. At the end results were not so good and I lost some money before triggering this feature.

After all it is a decent game which could provide good winnings. I like base game because there are up to x5 multiplier. I had only a few times x5 multiplied winnings, most of time time I get x2 and x3 multiplier.

I will rate this game with 8 stars. It is decent game with good graphics and theme. Maybe I will play it more in near future.
Sometimes is really hard to get four bags to trigger free spins. Maybe could be better with scatters.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Robin Hood Shifting Riches is a 20 payline, 5 reel slot coming from Netent. For a theme this slot has the famous Sherwood legend about the good bandit Robin Hood and his gang. His motto was steal from the rich give to the poor and sometimes that can happen even here. There are a few more slots with this theme and one of them is my favorite Sherwood Forest from Rival. This slot is pretty descent with nice graphic and animations and it reminds me a bit of Jack and the Beanstalk.

The slot has a few interesting non standard features. Each time you get a win the reels shift for one position and new symbols land so you can have another win. There is a multiplier on top of the slot and it goes from x 1 up to x 5 for every consecutive win, so if you are lucky to have 7 - 8 consecutive wins the last few spins will be with a high x 5 multiplier. This way you can have some descent wins during base play. Under each spin there is a money chest and it is filled when you get a money bag symbol on the reel. You need at least 4 money bags to trigger the free spins and when the money bag falls into the chest a wild symbol takes her place on the reels. In the free spins bonus you get to chose one symbol as an extra wild and you have a chance to win more free spins.
I played this game a few times but can’t say that I had some big wins. You need to play it for longer sessions to trigger the feature and you need a bigger bankroll. Base play wins are usually small and it is very hard to get to the x 5 multiplier. My biggest win in the free spins was about 70 x bet but it didn’t cover for what I lost to trigger it. Not a game I would recommend for winning big.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
Robin Hood slot is powered by NetEnt and it has 5 reels and 20 payout possibilities. I have never tried this game so far but the reason to why I tried this game was simply because I was running low on my balance and the game that I was playing at that time was getting me nowhere so my sheer curiosity got the best of me and I switched to this game.

The graphics of this game I have to say are pretty good and I love the winning sound. The minimum bet that can be played is 0.20$. So the first thing that I noticed about the game is that it has multipliers of 1x ,2x ,3x ,5x that with each winning line increase and the and all the lines move to the right for one place giving me the opportunity to win once more. This will continue as long as they are winning bets on the reels. This game also has a wild which is the Robin Hood symbol and I have to say it will not easily appear since it took me almost 10 minutes for only 1 to appear. The game also has Free Spin symbol that can only appear on reels 2, 3, 4. Two free spin symbols give 5 FS while three give 10 FS also in the FS feature all the picture symbols are extra wild. But this feature is not easily triggered since in all the 45 minutes I played this game I haven't seen one FS symbol appear. Also there is some kind of Money bags that when four of them are collected into the chest you will receive.

Over all I pretty quickly lost my already low balance since this is really a hard game, I believe that it can give but you must be pretty lucky to hit those FS or the chest feature for FS. 7/10
wscalley 47 reviews
United Kingdom
I’ve played quite a bit of Robin Hood – Shifting Riches, it was actually the very first NetEnt game I ever played, and at that time I was really quite impressed with it. My balance stayed positive for a very long time after I first began playing the slot, although my very best win was only 100x my bet, which isn’t all that great.

NetEnt are well known for their unique and innovative gameplay mechanics and Robin Hood is no exception. After every winning spin, the entire reel area will shift one space to the right, so the symbols on the last reel disappear, and the new first reel will spin again, giving a new set of symbol. If you continue to hit a win on each of these subsequent respins, the same thing will happen all over again until you do not win anything further. This means it is possible to win several times on a single spin, and there is also a multiplier up to a maximum of 5x that increases with each subsequent respin as well.

The free spins feature is triggered in a quite unusual way – there are money bags on each of the five reels, and whenever one of these stops in view, it will fall into the crate underneath that column. When you gather four money bags in a single chest, the bonus round will trigger. During the bonus round there is an additional wild symbol, which is chosen at random before the bonus begins, and the multiplier for consecutive wins is increased as well. If you have ever played the Tomb Raider 2 game at Microgaming casinos, it works very similar to that.
I'm not massively keen on this way of "earning" the bonus round, because you can end up with 3 money bags in all five chests if you are really unlucky, and its tempting to just keep on depositing in the hope of finally triggering some of those bonus rounds, which can of course still pay nothing or very little, regardless of how much you have spent trying to get there. It's a fun game, but there's not much in the way of big win potential unfortunately.
Robin Hood slot by Net Ent production is a very innovative slot game. It has best of animation and graphics along with the great background music. The distinguishing feature of the slot is the shifting of the reels. That is when ever a wining combination is formed, the first reel will go under re-spin and rest of the reels will shift to the right.

Now the amazing part is that with every shift the multiplier increases, the range of multiplier is from 2 x to 5 x. After three shifts multiplier does not increase but remains constant at 5x. This is very advantageous and my best win was of 300 times the bet. Whoah!. It happened when I hit 5 highest paying symbols (robin) in 5x multiplier stage that is the third shift. And I made 5000 coins.

Free spins are awarded in an innovative way too. There is chest below every reel. There bags filled with gold coins which can appear on any reel and collected in the chest below that reel. The player has to collect minimum of 4 bags to trigger the free spins. The 2 free spin symbols adds 5 extra free spins and 3 of these symbols add 10 extra free spins. In free spin feature one of the symbols not the alphabetical letter ones can be selected to covert them into extra wild. This is very time consuming although the bags can be save for one year. The bag turns into wild in the next reel after shifting.

The slot has medium to high returns. I love this slot and its very addicting specially the graphics and animations of the slot are just amazing. Sure recommendation to all the slot lovers present out there. So I would definitely rate the slot 10 on 10.
yapro 790 reviews
Robin hood shifting reels is unique game from net entertainment, because i never saw any other slot game which use shifting reels to entertain players.

This game has 20 paylines, and like i already said it has shifting reels. This means that after every winning spin first reel will gone and other reels will go one position in right direction. Also every shift increases multiplier, first shift - x2, second shift x3, and third shift multiplier is x5, if another one shift happens, multiplier still x5. Best symbol payout here x 50, so it is not hard to count best hit in one spin - x250 total bet, 5 robins on x5 multiplier will pay exact this amount of money.

Also this slot like most netent games of course have free spins feature, but here is another unique thing, free spins should be earned by collecting bags with gold, this bags appear on all reels, and player need to collect 4 bags in chest on any reel, to start free spins. 4 bags of course should be in check on one reel, otherwise trigger free spins will be easy. Free spins have same multiplier like base game, but here also added extra wild which chosen by random. 2 free spins logos add +5 free spins. I think it is not luckiest slot game for me, because most time i am losing and losing, and to my unlucky extra wild most times for is Robin, which appear rare. My best win was at redbet casino, feature paid me x 200 total bet, and i am happy with this result.

Another one medium variance game from net entertainment, i like it much, and will play it again. Game is great, but sometimes can suck money without stopping. So be aware of this, and did not bet too high, because you need to collect 4 bags for free spins, and it is can't be fast.
Robin hood online slot is powered by net entertainment company. I believe everyone know the story of Robin Hood and sherwood forest, at least so, as i am even not from En speaking country, and i am anyway know who is robin hood, i watch cartoon when i was child xD . Anyway, this is amazing name for slot, because we all know what robin hood do - take money from rich guys, and give it to us, poor guys. When i first time play this slot, i have exact the same thought, but unfortunately slot just take my money. I was angry on it, and now i am rarely open it, actually last time i was played it i play on igame casino, they run tournament on this slot machine , and i was trying to grab something nice ( Unsuccessful , if you ask me about how goes).

Anyway, robin hood is 20 lines slot, have very beatiful graphic and nice sounds ( of course, can you remember bad graphic in netent slots? i do not say about newest releases, where graphic is absolutely superb and sounds are better than few pop-music songs). Robin hood slot has a rolling reels feature, or something like this, i am sorry, i did not remember correct name of this feature, but when you get win, 5 reels dissapear, 1 2 3 4 reels go left, and on 1 reel come new symbols, which give you opportunity to get another win, multiplier also increases. To start frees pins you need to collect bags with gold( or something like this, of course i do not know exactly what in this bags, probably there are dead body of sheriff tadaaaaaa ( horror movie) xD ). When you collect bags on all reels - feature starting with additional wild which chosen by random.

Honestly, i do not like this slot, and i am even can say that i do not recommend it to you, i do not know how to win nice money there, this Robin just take your money and give it to casinos :D
Icymod 758 reviews
Robin Hood (whispering Shifting Riches) has about the same idea as Jack and the Beanstalk only instead of that Wild icon shifting to the left while it respins, it is the reels shifting to the right. I will explain more about this. On Robin Hood Shifting Riches for every win combination starting from the leftmost reel say for 3 symbols everything will move to the right and the 1st reel will always respin to try and find an identical symbol.

Each time there is a win combination, a nice multiplier increases in succession of each up to a valuable 5x. Of course there are more than one way to hit 2 different symbols at a time. It would be even easier if the Robin Hood Wild gets it's way on the first reel, that would make future winnings easier. On my sessions I would start my spins for $0.45 and $0.60. Bets like these can get appropriate win amounts from any spin especially if involving the nice shifting feature. There is this awesome situation that I spun up for when I found 3 Robin Hood Wilds in a row and won about $3, at first I was thinking "That's it!?" but then I forgot it had the shifting feature because I'm used to spinning the reels and seeing them end as they are. As the reels shifted to the right it got better and better, the multiplier increased to 2x and found 3 lady with two dagger symbols and on the next spin for 3x multiplier I found all 5 lady with two daggers for an incredible rush amount of $73!!! They were all on a triangle payline, the 5th! This video slot was throwing coins around for a celebration! Robin Hood can prove much for unexpected surprises.

For the free spins feature, it's a collecting money bags on the reels approach. I don't bother collect 4 money bags on one reel because it takes super long to achieve a trigger for them and plus I never had much luck winning big at it. The main game is surely the best in making winnings! Robin Hood is one of the best and results for an 8.6 out of 10!
Robin Hood is a classic branded theme which NetEnt successfully turned into a slot. It's a game I've ignored for a long time, and I'm not sure why I never gave it the chance to surprise me with a few nice wins. Maybe it's because I play slots for real money 99,99% of the time, and I'm not interested in playing them for playmoney.

Anyway, a few months ago I finally gave it a chance when I had a small modest bankroll of just €40. I must say I didn't regret choosing for this slot. Just like Jack and the Beanstalk it has excellent graphics, and the animations look perfect to me as well. In short, a very exciting and inviting game which I liked very much.

Not only because the design is made well, but also for the features of this game which offers something unique compared to the average slot. I would also definitely recommend watching the intro to get into the mood. The unique feature is called shifting reels, which means that after every winning combination the reels shift up to the right, while a new first reel appears to spin.

It keeps shifting until it fails to find a winning combination on the paylines. After each successful win, there is also a multiplier which keeps increasing from 1x to 2x, 3x and 5x eventually.

The slot has 20-paylines, 5 reels and the minimum bet is €0.20, but I played it with a bet size of €0.40 most of the time. The game also features wilds on every reel to help you increase your win chances. The other unconventional part about tis Robin Hood slot is that it doesn't have scatters, but it contains money bags on every reel.

In front of each reel there is an empty box which needs to be filled with money bags. Every time a money bag appears on the reel, Robin Hood appears and puts the money bag in the box. You need to collect 4 money bags to activate 10 free spins.

During free spins you can choose an extra wild symbol from one of the characters (no card symbols). During free spins additional free spins can be added, because on reels 3, 4 and 5 free spins symbols appear. You need at least 2 or 3 to win 5 or 10 additional free spins respectively.

I must say I haven't had a lot of success playing this game. Most of my big hits were around 50x, 40x and 30x bet size. However, I do remember playing this game for 4 hours straight with only a limited budget. I definitely got a lot of entertainment and playtime for my money, despite losing everything eventually.

I liked Robin Hood and would certainly recommend it for long fun sessions.

My final rating for Robin Hood is 8/10.

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