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Reel Steal Slot

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Reel Steal is a heist-themed 9-payline video slot running on the NetEnt software platform. The game’s wild card is the Yellow Car symbol, which pays x5, while the scatter is the Dynamite icon. Players can test the slot on this page free of charge or choose any of the featured NetEnt casinos in order to play the game for real money.

To join a band of thieves on their dangerous heist, players should first adjust their wager. Pushing the “Coin Value” button chooses the coin size, which ranges from 0.01 to 0.5 and “Bet Level” selects one’s preferred bet level. “Bet Lines” modify the number of payline played. Pressing "Spin" spins the reels and "Max Bet" plays the game at the maximum bet. To spin the reels automatically for a preset number of times, one should click “Auto”.

3 or more Dynamite scatter symbols will trigger the Free Spin round. 3 scatters trigger 15 Free Spins, 4 scatter icons lead to 20 Free Spins and 5 scatters result in 25 Free Spins. The Free Spins wins pay x5, which does not include additional Free Spins. Each scatter that emerges during the Free Spin round awards 1 extra Free Spin.

A jackpot of 1,500 coins will be won when 5 Gunman symbols occur on an enabled payline.

Game Play

Coin Value: Select the denomination.
Bet Level: Choose the preferred bet level.
Bet Lines: Select the number of activated paylines.
Spin: Initiate the game.
Max Bet: Spin the reels at the highest bet.
Auto: Play the game multiple times uninterrupted.

Reel Steal Slot Reviews by Players


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Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Reel steal or real steal ? Which one you would play rather? I think I would steal some reels and if I can pick the slot with wining combinations and balance close to 2000 euro then we are talking about delicious cookie. I am not interested in stealing but sometimes,somewhere, in the movies on the scene and real life, it looks fun to me.Common sense would win and my excitement end within minutes.

Reel Steal by NetEnt is 5-reels, 9-payline video slot.This could be slot designated exclusive for male population buuut if paytable guarantee big wins, girls wanna jump in. Yeah, we jump in or everyone must come out. Simple as that. I would pick few 24K golden bars from the reel and that wouldn't be steal at all.

This slot is gangsta themed wish is easy to guess, it's about money, gold, stealing,guns and action! Criminal underworld is here for you and surprisingly you can make legally money while having fun with your gang. Easy to say, hard to do. Now let's take a look over paytable.

All wining combinations with wild symbols come with x5 multiplier.And look at this now! If you manage to trigger Free Spins bonus feature all wins pays x25! Now, this is multiplier I wanna see and yes, it's x 25 and even higher if possible. Scatter has value here too and it pays 100x total bet if you manage to trigger 5 red dynamites symbols. If you collect 3 scatters that means it's time to have fun with your gang and you can take a break and make some money while playing slots. You get 15 Free Spins and all wins pay x5 multiplier. Sounds fun? Actually, it really is.I wish additional FS can be won but nah,not in Reel Steal, who knows, it might be too much, who knows when others deciding not you. Blondina is most valuable symbol and for collecting 5 of them you get reward of 1500 coins.
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
A real steal? That would involve one baddy, maybe more, and definitely a ssexy lady baddy too to complete the pairing. Have you ever seen any baddy without a real ssexy lady by his side? No, right? These baddies always get those ssexy goodies. Like the saying goes, where there's money, there's a ssexy lady. Heard that before? No? Oh gees, I guess I made that line up, hehehe.

See what I mean? Reel steal has a baddy, and a ssexy baddy lady too, just as I said it would. And where there are baddies, there must be cops, right? Yep, not the 'Dirty Harry' kind, my favourite kind, but a blondie cop who looks just as fierce. Hmm. I guess that yellow car driver must be that cop's driver, or accomplice, or whatever, or else he certainly have got lost into the wrong scene! Maybe he should have been in 'The Taxi Driver', along with that young passenger? Whatever. Hehehe.

That yellow car is the Wild symbol, not a dumb Wild at all, I must say, yaay, pays 5x any wins with it, and in the Free Spins game, it pays 25x! Woohoo! That sinister looking bunch of red dynamites is the Scatter symbol, that makes sense, and 5 dynamites pay 100x the total bet. Not a lot, but that's all it has got. 3 or more of them awards a Free Spins game of 15 free spins with a 5x win multiplier! Whoopie! Err, I mean, goodie! Can the Free Spins game be retriggered? Nosirree! Each appearing dynamite only adds 1 more free spins to the game, and all additional free spins don't get that 5x win multiplier either, except for wins with the Wild, they still get paid 5x! Oh gees, why must NetEnt go and spoil all the goodies and add in some baddies? Aargh!

Oh yes, the paytable. Not very good, I must say. 5 blondie Cops pay 1500x, the Lady Baddy pays 1000x, that cigar smoking Baddy pays 750x, the Driver 400x, and the rest pays from 200x down to 40x, all as per line bet. For better or for worse, you can only win on 9 paylines. So your only hope of getting nice huge wins would be to get as many 5-of-a-kinds with the Wilds in the Free Spins game, all at 25x multiplier. Miss that and you miss the Cruise Ship! Hahaha.
Well, playing with 9 paylines is not too bad really, especially for small-time players, the 5x win multiplier in the free spins game is just wonderful, but more additional free spins not getting it is simply awful! Well, can't win them all, but Reel Steal is a good game after all! Hehehe.
zerooo 742 reviews
Reel Steal is a 9 pay lines video slot from NetEnt software. I played this game a couple of times because I think it could be great when it is in the mood.

The game has free spin feature which is trigger by scatters symbols. This is in this case scatter of the bomb. You must have at least 3 scatters to activate this feature. With at least 3 of them you will receive 15 free spins at x5 multiplier. Each scatter during free spins feature gives you one extra free spin. I think this feature is great, I played this game many times and i must say that is really hard to trigger free spins.

The paytable is good, it could surprised you win some great big wins. The main game is ok, but it could be more interesting. Sometimes when I played, I was bored. Waiting so long for free spins feature is always hard, bad feeling. I think I receive more often free spins at DOA like at this one. But both games have the same number of paylines. Here is sometimes impossible to get these scatters, but at least 2 of them pays something.

Otherwise I think this is great designed game that could bring you huge money like as some other games from this software provider. The sounds looks good and I like that you can stop the reels. I played like this some time, I was hoping that I will stopped right time and received 3 scatters, but this did not happen.

I will rate it high because of the fact that it has huge potential on winnings and I like this kind of games.
The bad thing is that the game does not have quick spin button. This bothers me and if it had it, I believe I would play it more often.
Reel Steal it is game made by Netent. I do like this slot for it winning potential. Also it is almost same slot to break da bank again with little differences, so it is great to open both games in different casinos in same time and try to catch something good.

I like that there is huge payouts in this game. Best 5 of kinds pays very well, but it is very hard to get them. Once I got best 5 of kind symbols during normal play and without wild - pays more than 100 bets, but believe or not I was almost crying.

I like wilds in this game; here this symbol is really can be called wilds. Any win with wild symbol will be multiplied by 5. Now you probably understand my pain when I got 5 best paying symbols without any wild, it was just terrible feeling, because big money was so close to me.

I like that there is great freespins feature. You could trigger it by land 3 or more scatters anywhere. For 3 scatters game award 15 freespins and multiplier during freespins is x 5. So with wild winning combination will be multiplied by 25, which give you chance to achieve huge amounts of money, like in DOA. Also each scatter during freespins adds one more freespin. Unfortunately scatters do not pay during freespins, so if you get 5 scatters do not start dancing - payout will not be huge.

I had one win more than 100 bets during normal play - best 5 symbols land for me, it sucks 100000 times that without wild. During freespins feature I had couple of more than 100 bets wins, and once more than 200 bets.

Potential here is solid. Just for this I could rate this game with 10 stars.
If you never try this game - you have some job to do. It is interesting one, specially freespins feature.
katemak 1170 reviews
Reel Steal is the game I have played the less, maybe because it’s a 9 liner video slot, that’s the reason I always avoided. But being fan of the famous Break Da Bank slot I guess I should pay more attention on this game. Reel Steal slot made from the famous Netent software and I believe that this slot is one of the oldies, but even its not the graphics of this slot, I can say it’s a bit out dated and considering the fact that Netent has the most beautiful designed slots maybe I am right.

5 reels and 9 pay lines video slot with the minimum bet of 0.09 cents, but seeing its pay table I can say that this game its worth of try. The maximum you can get of 5 of a kind on an active pay line its 1500 coins, so the highest symbol is the Gunmen, when triggering 5 of them on an active pay line will award the player with mentioned above 1500 coins.

What’s amazing in this slot the winnings from the free spins feature, although from my experience the free spins are a bit difficult to be triggered. The dynamite is the scatter symbol so triggering 3 of them will award you with 15 free spins, but if triggered more of them as 4 or 5 will award you with 20 or 25 free spins with multiplier X 5 and that's a really decent win to be won.

While playing the free spins feature, this game reminds me of a Piggy Riches video slot, but only in the part of the extra free spins, so any dynamite appeared during the free spins you'll get an extra free spins, so the free spins can be endless if you are lucky enough I guess. This game has a wild and the wild pays X 5 exactly the same as the Break Da Bank video slot, so imagine triggering the Gunman with that 5 X multiplier, we are talking for some really good wins here. I would recommend this slot, although I kind forget about it, but it really has a potential of big wins.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Reel Steal is a 9 payline, 5 reel slot coming from NetEnt. The first time I played this slot there was something really familiar about it and after the first bonus round it hit me. This is a clone game of Break Da bank Again. I guess NetEnt was jealous about the success the game had in Microgaming so they decided to make a game of their own. Not a cool move on their behalf. The game has simple graphic and animations. The theme of the game is the famous Starsky and Hutch movie and the background music is just the same like in the movie.

The slot has a descent paytable with the two highest paying symbols awarding a win of 1500 and 1000 coins for 5 of them on a winning payline. Nothing too fancy but considering the fact that the wild symbol here has a x5 multiplier the wins are a lot bigger. The scatter symbol in the game has the standard 2 x bet payout for 2 of them on the reels and if you are lucky enough to get 5 of them on the reels you are awarded with 100 x bet win.

If you get at least 3 scatters on the reels you trigger the free spins bonus. In the bonus game you can get from 15 to 25 free spins depending on the number of scatters that triggered it. The free spins also have a high x 5 multiplier attached so all wins with a wild symbol have a x25 multiplier attached. Also for every scatter that appears on the reels you get an extra free spin.

A great concept and you can have some really great wins in the bonus round. Still if we compare the gameplay between the 2 slots I would say that Break Da Bank is better. The bonus round here is extremely hard to trigger and you better have a balance for at least 300 spins if you are chasing he free spins.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Though there's nothing to give it away in the title, the theme, the graphics and sound…. ALMOST nothing at all in fact, if you compare the paytable of this game with a certain Microgaming favorite you’ll find that they match identically, and play identically in terms of features and operation as well! Very, very cheeky move on NetEnt's part, and something I doubt they would try and get away with now that they are a major player in the industry. This game, to the best of my knowledge, was one of their earliest releases.

The game I refer to is “Break Da Bank Again”, a nine line classic game that I’ve spent a whole lot of time playing over the past year or so. As the paytables are identical then just like that game, you can win big In both the regular base game and SUPER big in the free spins mode where all wins receive a 5x multiplier.

I love the fact that you get additional free spins if you are lucky enough to score more than three scatter symbols – its 15, 20 or 25 for 3, 4 or 5 scatters respectively, which is always a nice touch in my view, especially if the scatters themselves don’t pay out that well. In this case, five isn’t too bad at 100x your bet, but its certainly not spectacular.

There’s not really much else I can say about Reel Steal, especially if you’re a player who is already familiar with BDBA, but I do recommend giving it a try and see if you can get lucky – the top prize of 4200x your stake is a real buzz to take home when you finally hit it during the free spins!
I guess if I’m honest, I do very much like the them and styling of this game, it’s a little bit cooler than the Microgaming title, although I always think NetEnt games kind of look a little bit quaint and “small” when you blow them up to full screen mode. It’s a difficult thing to explain but my boyfriend agrees with me that there's just something a little more polished and professional about the look and feel of Microgaming slots.
paquito76 867 reviews
Not a long time ago I was awarded 10 free to use spins at a bookie that run NetEnt platform in its casino section and I totally accidentally landed on this slot. At first sight I can’t say I was real impressed because somehow I didn’t find the appearance of Reel Steal too attractive and surprisingly found that the graphics quality of the game was not too good and I even can say it was a disappointment knowing it’s a NetEnt product. This is a gangster themed slot and we can play here with guns, money, dynamite, diamond, passport symbols so basically we’re dropped in a robbery planning process which wouldn’t be a bad idea but for me the slot doesn’t seem to be too authentic and because of the mentioned graphic quality I can’t say I became a fan of this kind of appearance.

So I started to play without knowing anything about the slot, its features or payouts and the 10 given spins gave me back around €12 which was thanked to basically just one spin when just a 4 of a kind win completed with a Wild on the combination. It was a little bit strange but later when I examined the paytable I have found the answer as very uniquely the Wild symbol here can multiply wins by using very great value, x5. I can’t really remember any other slots out there where this important function would have such great quality and of course this awesome icon must be a more welcomed guess on the screen.

Anyway, the slot is just a 9-payline game which just increases the importance of Wild and has an acceptable top prize what a single line win can provide in normal game, 1500 coins. Knowing NetEnt as developer I promptly search further and was real curious about the free games because most of the games from this company offer very great secondary games and fortunately it is also evident here as after getting 15, 20 or 25 free games by collecting 3 or more Dynamite scatters in base game (and pocketing the potential reward what this symbol also give up to 100 times of total bet) we can witness winning combinations there which are worth 5 times more if they would be completed during regular play so we could think the creators just took away the function of Wild and extended this great and player-friendly qualities for every wins but luckily NetEnt didn’t forget about Wild and it has unbelievable great x25 multiplying ability.

At first I didn’t want to believe in my eyes and thought my English let me down but it’s true that every win during free spins with accompanied with at least one Wild has an x25 multiplied prize. Just think about it, as we know the top line win at base game is 1500 coins but such kind of success with Wild in extra games immediately means that our balance is increased by 37.500 coins which would really make the lucky ones real happy and all of this from just a 9-payline game.

Though the free spins what were credited eventually didn’t take me too far but thanks to this opportunity I could meet with one of the best Wild of a slot game that I ever played with. I think the very obvious potential what this Wild and the entire slot own makes the game very exciting and promising product for gamblers and even if I don’t really find its appearance too fascinating but I’m standing on the line and will return to this game many times in the future and hopefully once it would surprise me in positive way and give something that I could remember for a long time.
Reel Steal is an awesome 9 line game from NetEnt. I play it on Bet365 and in some ways it reminds me of bust the bank game on Microgaming casinos. With its gangster theme it can entertain a player for a very long time and if you manage to get the free spins you will be taken for a ride. The main thing about this game is the wilds. They are 5x multiplier that turn a normal win into a big win. You might walk away with a huge €100 on a smallest bet if you get five of them.My best result was 3 but I'm trying to catch five of them. The wild becomes even better in free spins and awards 25x. The free spins themselves pay 5x and any win pays good.

The other thing that I like is the stop button. I have got free spins on double tapp many times and would recommend for all to try. In this game I would also recommend to bet big if you can. For me personally the game play is much better on higher bets. I get more wins and features, the wilds also come out in a winning combination more. Also I would recommend to play full lines, I tried playing less lines but higher bet and kept missing out on good wins.

The pays in the game are also good and if you get pictures with wild you can be sure to get a good win.The graphics and the sound effects are also very good and keep you entertained for ages.
The only thing that I would have liked to see in this game is more lines. Sometimes I get many wilds but not on a payline and it really gets to me. I guess if they could make it 15 line game it would have been much better.

Over all epic game, my rating 8 out of 10.
Reel Steal is the Net Ent production slot game themed inspired by robbery. The best part of the slot is symbols used in it like cars, bombs, guns, bank safes which gives it very realistic look to it. The slot is even very inexpensive to play as the bet starts at just $0.09 thus there are only 9 play lines so it is also a disadvantage.

The slot is not good in returns. For long time I kept the bet at $0.09 but I could not trigger the free spins nor do I remember any big win. Then I decided to increase the bet to $0.45 but it was futile. After losing enough money I decided to quit the slot but just then I triggered the free spins. When 3 scatter symbols appeared on the reels I was awarded with 15 free spins along with 5 x multiplier. In free spins every time when scatter symbol appears on the reel it gives one extra free spin. So in total I got around 24 spins.

Now in 24 free spin which are enough to make a good win in these I could make only 121 coins. Can you imagine I was very disheartened and I immediately quit the game. Else than free spins the slot does not features anything else except obviously the wild which can substitute any symbol except the scatter symbols. So it even became quite boring for me after 150 spins and so. But by that time I had even lost enough.

The game is though good in looks but it is extremely low in returns. I am not a satisfied player of this slot game and I have just tried this once and will never dare to do again.

So I would rate the slot just 3 on ten.
oneLoVegg 55 reviews
Reel steal slot game was created by NetEnt, and it is very good slot in my opinion. I am happy with everything here, and great thing that even with very low bet amount this slot can pay very decent money.

There are 9 paylines, and this means that lowest possible bet here is only 0.09 per one single spin. Even if I had 5 euros on my balance I still can open this slot and start playing, this is really what I really like.

Most interesting part about this slot is that like I said it can pay very big win with any bet amount. Wilds here have x 5 multiplier, and of course this is great, all wins with wild are great.

I tried this slot couple of times, and had few big wins on it. Unfortunately all wins were at 0.09-0.18 bet amounts and there not so much money for me. My biggest win was after freespins feature, and I won 95 euros at 0.09 euro bet, this is excellent result and a lot of money, bad that I played with such low bet amount. My best main game hit is a bit less, 65 euros at 0.18 bet size, but I still think that it is very good money for this bet amount, and not during feature. Unfortunately there is usually bad freespins feature and it did not pay much money, for 0.09 bet it is usually 3 - 10 euros, and very rare I get much more bigger wins. But it is still slot game that can change all the things, and one point you have 5 euros, and after feature you already have something like 100 euros.

Conclusion is of course not bet too big, because slot usually not pay big, and better spin with lowest bet, and wait for big win, 100 euros is decent win for everyone I think.
yapro 790 reviews
Reel steal it is net entertainment game, and it is one of the worst game for me, i lost on this game a lot of money without a chance to cover at least some of my losses, even microgaming break da bank, which is very similar game, is much more better for me.

This game has 9 paylines, and i saw a lot of screenshots from this game with wins more than 1000 x total bet. Of course i try this game too, many times, and spend many hours in try to achieve 1000 x total bet. I think i even saw much more than 200 or 300 features, but no luck for me at all. Wilds here is very important and have 5 x multiplier, free spins that triggered by 3 scatters - award 15 free spins with x 5 multiplier, 4 scatters - 20, 5 scatters - 25. Therefore any win with wild during free spins award multiplier of x 25. Also in free spins every scatter which appear add one more free spins to spins counter, it is a bit painful, because once i get 4 scatters during free spins, but get only 4 spins more, not 20 like it should pay. I play a lot this game, and during base game my best result is never was higher than x 100 total bet, free spins best result is something like x 200 total bet, and i am sure that after more than 200 features played i can have at least once 1000 x total bet, but no, every time i play this game i just lost my deposit and bonus, with absolute no luck, and this is really sick and pity fact.

Insane variance game, i did not saying that it is very bad, but i do not like it all, i never get nice win, and lost good amount of money on it. I will better not touch this game again, as it is just money eating monster.
Reel Steal video slot. This slot is another one which created by net entertainment - popular Swedish company who lead on gambling market, and i am also their fan and think their slots is just awesome!

Reel steal is old online slot from netent, and moreover it is just simple similar to break da bank again, famous video slot from microgaming. This slot has outdated graphic and sounds, of course, because it is old, but i am like to give this slot a shot on low stakes, because even at low stakes it can pay you amazing amount of money.
Reel steal video slot has 9 paylines, and this means that every 5 of a kind will pay decent amount of money , but moreover, wilds which presented on this slot has incredible 5 x multiplier, and of course best paying symbol with a wild will pay you huge amount of money. But that's of course not all, because in free spins you will receive x 25 multiplier for wilds, and this is really cool , like at break da bank again, you can get x 1000 total bet if you hit 5 of a kind good symbol with a wild on frees pins. Free spins triggered by scatters, 3 scatters provides you 15 free spins, 4 scatters gives out 20 free spins, and finally 5 scatters gives out 25 free spins. Every scatter which appear during free spins adds you one more free spin.

I play at this slot a lot in past, had few good wins, also had some bad runs of course this is high variance slot, so you should be very careful with it and did not play at too high stake. I like this slot, and for those who like break da bank again this is good slot, it is very similar, but with another pictures.
Icymod 758 reviews
Reel Steal is a 9 Paylines video slot from NetEnt. I believe it is the brother/sister equivalent of the MIcrogaming slot Break Da Bank Again. Reel Steal has a 5x paying Wild car whereas Break Da Bank Again features it's logo paying for the same multiplier amount, the free spins are exactly the same for 3 scatters awarding just 15, 4 scatters for 20 free spins and finally 5 scatters for 25 free spins.

In Reel Steal the only difference would be the groovy music to complement crime in BOTH the base and main game, the symbols as well as the scatters. They have dynamites for scatters but in Break Da Bank Again it consists of silver vaults. When I have about $150 to spend on a NetENt casino I started to play Reel Steal with a starting $0.18 bet first to get a feel of what's to come. I then later got the hang of it's style then started max betting to $0.90 a spin. I don't believe it's any better than Break Da Bank Again because the free spins pay just a low $25 total on one trigger than $21 total on my next. I wanted more but if only I would really get lucky finding a 5x Wild car in one of my combinations then link it with a high paying symbol then I will feel like I'm on top of the world, praising a big win! I've yet to experience winnings over $30 so some day it will come to me eventually.

The good news for me is if I want to play something similar to Break Da Bank Again it would be Reel Steal! I applause Reel Steal for it's great music, on and off the feature, the different scenery as I'm getting tired of looking at blue Sapphires and Gold bars on Break Da Bank Again but what Reel Steal lacks are the smooth Microgaming graphics of BDBA and the gamble feature. Somewhat good pay outs but very close to how BDBA pays, it's thrillingly addictive to play even for the lowest bets of $0.09 or $0.18 but I don't recommend playing $0.90 because some of the winnings that I got for around $25 resulted in part of hitting 4 scatters which didn't seem all that worth it and my lowest hits were $13 to less! The minimum bets will most likely make up for winnings especially when combining the 5x winning Wild cars.

Reel Steal deserves a 7 out of 10! The groovy music makes me want to come back!

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