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Magic Portals is a 25-payline video slot, which runs on the NetEnt software platform. The wild card is designated with the word ‘Wild’ and the Free Spins symbol activates the Free Spin round. Players can try the slot on this page for free or visit any of the NetEnt casinos found in the listings to play the game for real money.

To play the slot brimming with magical creatures, dragons and warlocks, one should adjust their wager first. “Level” chooses the bet level, while “Coin Value” alters the coin denomination ranging from 0.01 to 1. Pressing the “Spin” button initiates the game, while “Max Bet” turns the reels at the maximum wager. “Auto Play” spins the reels for a preset number of times uninterrupted.

The Magic Portals are located on reels 1 and 5 in the middle row during the regular game. During the Free Spin round, 2 extra portals are added to reel 5. 2 or more matching symbols that stop in the Magic Portals transform all instances of that symbol into wild cards.

The Free Spin symbols activate 10 Free Spins and additional Free Spins can be won.

A jackpot of 500 coins will be awarded once 5 Red Witch symbols have emerged on an activated payline.

Game Play

Level: Select the bet level.
Coin Value: Choose the coin size.
Spin: Start the game.
Max Bet: Play the slot at the highest bet.
Auto Play: Spin the reels for a number of times without being interrupted.

Magic Portals Slot Reviews by Players


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Magic Portals video slot by NetEnt look awesome. Its kind of calling you to spin and play trough the reels and it has some dark appearance. Very interesting slot but its up to individual taste after all. Its a 5-reels. 25- pay-lines video slot playable from 0.25 cents per bet line. You can try your luck whenever you feel ready to spin it.

Symbols in this game looks very powerful and interesting and its seems like you are into Universe world where there is no hidden secrets. Only uncovered truth. It is an older game from NetEnt but still attractive and you will come across it sooner or later. What's the most important is whether you are trying to win the game or have fun and if you win you will be more then happy. Well, you should chase wins no doubt and knowing the pay-table plays an important role when it comes to your sessions. Well, you can't expect too much of this game because its paytable seems to be really poor. Have on your mind the highest paying symbol pays only 500 x your bet line if you collect 5 of its kind. This must tell you it is not worth putting too much into game and expect some miracle, there isn't miracles here according to its pay-table. Before you get upset or disappointed get to know the game prior depositing. That's kind of really cool because game portfolio nowadays is really enormous. In Magic Portals there is no magic if we talk about Wild symbol which pays zero and Scatter symbol which pays zero too. Luckily there is Free Spins feature here to look after and boost your balance with. Magic Portal Wild Transformation is an interesting feature but I am disappointed in general because of its poor pay-table and fact you can't win big here.

But it is nice game and worth your time.
LeoDubbed 131 reviews
Get ready for a magical ride of your gambling life.

For some, this game reminds them of the good old Warcraft game in the mid 90's and for some this game reminds them of Lord of the rings movie franchise. To me, it's the first one. I am a fan of Warcraft and did love the live action movie.
Magic Portals has been released for a couple of years now and I kinda have a love and hate relationship with it, mostly hate.

It is an awesome game if you play it on the right time and I had those a couple of times. Magic Portals is not a game that can make you rich but it is a game that can make you to quit the game and then play it again five minutes later.

A few years ago I had a massive luck playing this game but the bets were small, so I decided to up my bets at 10x and to my surprised I still able to win a huge one which multiplied my balance 100x.
I was happy, lets be honest, who wouldn't?

The very next day I went online again and played the game but this time I increased my bets twice as big as the day before and lost 1K after 40 minutes playing. Losing is a part of gambling so I wasn't worry because I still have 2/3 of yesterday's winnings.

I made my second deposit and again I lost it all on the same game. In the end I lost all my winnings.
The game has showed me it's potential and because of it I was hooked to the game but the losses awoken my common sense. Sometimes you have to know your limit, set it and stand by it.

Magic Portal is a great game because of it's potential. Be advised though, people says, don't stop playing when you're on a winning streak, in this case it is very wise to do so.

To make my long story short: I played it, I won huge, I love the game, I played again, lost it all, I hated it.
Your turn and share with us your experience.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
I'm in two minds with regards to Magic Portals - I played this game quite a lot a few years back before I really understood the ins and outs of on-line slots, and whilst I never had a really huge win on the game - unsurprising, now that I understood the payouts offered by the game fully - it did sustain my balance relatively well when I was trying to beat a bonus wagering requirement on more than one occasion, and that's quite a good thing with low variance NetEnt games as so many of the better known games - Starburst of course, plus games like Attraction or Lights - do nothing but drain your balance dry in my experience.

The games main feature are the portals on either side of the reels. Hitting identical symbols in both portals cause the symbols to change into wild symbols, or a free spin symbol in both gives 10 free spins with additional portals on the right hand side giving the chance of more additional wilds, and a better chance of hitting a retrigger on the free spins. There is no multiplier in the free spins though sadly, which I think would have added a lot to this game. As ever with NetEnt games it looks and sounds good.
On the other hand the games maximum payout is an unbelievably low 256x your stake, and it's not even obvious how that figure is achieved - I'd guess it is during the free spins with a couple of lines of wilds, but as the top symbol pays just 20x bet normally I struggle to find a way to achieve the jackpot figure unless I have missed something. I've studied the paytable looking for clues and can't see anything, so there's definitely something a little unusual going on somewhere! It's a fun game but I would only play it now if I had an active bonus in play.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
I was curious to find out more about this slot Magic Portals and I found that it was available, labeled as highly addictive, but this comes as natural because when you start spinning this slot, it'll take you into it's magical dimensions. Magic or sorcery is in the use of rituals, symbols, actions, gestures and languages, with the aim of exploiting supernatural forces. The beliefs and the practices of magic have been present since the earliest human cultures and we could talk forever on this subject as there is so much to be said. Let me admit that this slot is powered by NetEnt, will live long, and it's gonna take an effort to replace it, in my humble opinion. NetEnt did a great job, and heads up from me. Besides the fact of having a few scary symbols, whose evil eyes I don't want to look at, this game is in my taste and I am so impressed by its theme, graphics and features. Altogether, I admire this slot which went live on 22nd August 2013.

Having 5 reels and 25 paylines, playable from as little as 0.25 cent bets per spin, Magic Portals is affordable to any player, with a possibility to win up to 64,000 coins when the magic symbols activate Wilds transformation. I can't remember how many times I have played this fabulous game with real money, but my heart would start beating so fast whenever I had won a BIG WIN or a MEGA WIN. But no matter the fact, it was a glorious experience. Most likely this game was made to take your money away eventually, well, that's the gambling industry after all, and we are always dreaming of winning big and want to make lots of money. Same goes for life too, but I personally prefer games like Dead or Alive, for example, the one game that has been proven so many times before, and I would rather put my money into Dead or Alive then to loosing it all in Magic Portals. Labeled as highly addictive proves that NetEnt 'brains' know very well what they want to do.

Well, it's all up to you, whether you decide to play Magic Portals with your real money, or simply enjoy the game in the Fun or Demo Mode, like what I'm doing most of the time now, and losing the fun money into a magical slot that only knows to empty your pockets!
zerooo 742 reviews
Magic Portals is designed by NetEnt software provider. It has 25 paylines. I like this game because it offer a lot of wilds symbols and paytable is not so bad.

The design is great, so as animations and sounds. I could say that when I first saw this game, it was attractive enough so I played it. The game is a little different than the others which is provided by NetEnt and I like it. I don't like that every game is the same, very similar with different symbols. I like too see other features, animations, design. And I think this game has all of this.

Into Magic Portals we have wilds transformations. 2 or more matching symbols that stop in the magic portal on reel 1 and 5 transform all instances of that symbol on the reels into wilds. Even during free spins feature. Free spins feature starts when you had free spin symbol on reel 1 and 5. You will be rewarded with 10 spins, but during feature you can win more of them. I like the paytable, it is good and you could expect some good wins. The wilds transformations appears quite often and this is why I like the game.

Lately when I was playing this game I had great time. I trigger the free spins feature at least 3 times. I never had something like this. But unfortunately and the end, the won amount did not exceeded x100 size. I had some great wins during main game which pays around x60, x70. I think this game is great and I love it. I think I will play it in the future too.
The free spins could pay more, if there were multipliers during this feature. And this is the only thing I missed at this game. This could bring a lot bigger, higher wins.
Magic portals game is made by NetEnt. I never see any other games similar to this one, it has fantastic feature, and it is pleasure to give this slot a go. But be careful sometimes this crazy slot can steal money within very short period of time without awarding any decent win, something like once I lost 50$ with 0.50$ bets within 5 - 10 minutes, with max win something like 5 bets. Crazy, but there is another side - it can give a lot of good wins in same short period of time.

I like how this game looks. Everything is nice. I can't say that pictures drawn super great, nothing like that, but it is still made very solid.

I like sounds of spin, and music when there is a win and big win, decent one.

I like normal play feature in this game. There is two portals, on reel 1 in middle, and in middle of reel 5. When same symbols turn in to portals - all such symbols on reels turn to wilds. Could pay great money if some low paying symbols land on two portals, and also there will be many this symbols on reels.

I like freespins feature. It could pay great money. If freespins symbols land in portals it awards 10 freespins. Reel 5 now is full portal, and it is much more easier to activate this feature. Once I had more than 200 bets feature once, and have 10 or more features with wins more than 100 bets. I do like this game and of course will continue play it. I could easily rate it with 9 stars.
Thumbs down for a bit low payouts for all symbols, it is hard to win big without a lot of wilds due to portals feature.

And of course small thumbs down for ability to steal a lot of money in short amount of time without any chances to win something back.
blondie 1081 reviews
Magic Portals is a slot I've been underestimating for a long time. I never played long sessions with it because it wouldn't give me any decent winnings in the first 100 spins and I would just leave the game.

First of all, I have always liked the design of this slot. The theme is magic so there are witches and wizard, color scheme is also very beautiful but that is not a surprise since it is a Netent software slot. It has 5 reels and 25 paylines and a free spins bonus round. For me it used to be hard to trigger free spins but lately I guess I've been luckier and experience that a lot more often. I also think that the beauty in this slot is not only the design but the simplicity. Game has wilds that substitute for all symbols except scatters and there's only free spins bonus, which consists of 10 free spins and can be retriggered.

I believe that this game needs to be played a lot to get affection to it. But I think that the payouts can be very good. The reason this game is called Magic Portals is because there are two portals on this slot- in the middle of 1st reel and on the same place on 5th reel and that is how you trigger bonus round, just by getting a free spins symbol on both portals. And another interesting thing is that getting "Big Wins" on the main game isn't hard, because when two matching symbols (not scatters) appear on both portals, they turn into wilds and turn all the same symbols wild too so good combinations are not hard to get, besides this feature is also on free spins, but there it gets even better, because in free spins both reels 1st and 5th are full portals- so if you get free spins or other matching symbols on anywhere on 1st and 5th reels, they will turn wild like on the main game, but free spins would be retriggered and I personally have experienced that many times.

Having said all that, I do think that this game needs good bankroll because if it's in a tight mode, it can take your money quickly, that is why I usually play it with minimum bets of 0.25€ or with 0.50€ but not higher. Recently I spent some time with this slot and with minimum bets I played 1000 spins. And even though none of my winnings went over 100 x bet size, I received 6 bonus rounds in total and increased my balance for 70€ because as I said, main game can reward as good as free spins round.

Overall I have really changed my mind about this game, if some time ago I wasn't a fan of it, now I understand why other players like it so much. Graphics are great, features interesting and payouts are good too. I will definitely play this one more!
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Magic Portals is a 25 payline, 5 reel slot coming from NeEnt. The game has a fantasy theme with wizards, dragons and portals all around. The graphic is good and so are the animations. I tried this slot a number of times for real money and I can say a few things I like and a few I don’t like.

First of all the slot looks very good visually and it creates the illusion that you can win big. The mini feature of the game is when the same symbols land on the portal on reel 1 and 5. They then turn to wild symbol along with all the matching symbols on the reels. This is very good because you can get a lot of wilds on the reels and have a descent payout. The free spins bonus is triggered the same way. If a free spins logo lands on the portals on reel 1 and 5 you are awarded with 10 free spins. Here you get two additional portals on reel 5 and you have a bigger chance of hitting the same symbols and getting more wilds on the reels.
Reading what I wrote so far even I am beginning to think this slot can pay out enormously. Still it can’t. I don’t think there has ever been a win of over 200 x bet and that may come once in 10 years. The reason for this is simple. The paytable is horrible with max payout of 500 coins and there is no payout for wilds on the reels. You can imagine my disappointment when I got 5 wilds on a payline and a win of about 20 x bet. The same thing happens in the free spins. They don’t have a multiplier attached. Which game pays 30 x bet win with 2 retriggers and a total of 30 free spins. It’s a disaster. If you want to lose money go ahead and play this game. Personally I will never invest one more cent in it.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
NetEnt has all the ability and experience to produce the most elegant and fun slots that you can imagine, and this time it seems to have created a slot which it can feel truly proud. "Magic Portals" is one of the video slots of this brand that has more fans, and its popularity has been gained not only by having a lofty design, but by having a very innovative game rules and a potential for profits that exceeds expectations, this considering that some of the predecessors of this game have not enjoyed wide acceptance because they are considered somewhat weak in the specifically economic aspect. Magic Portals not seems to have a very promising paytable, but once you start playing you start to notice how often you match symbols on the portals located in the middle of reels 1 and 5 to transform standard symbols into wilds continuously, contributing importantly to sustain your balance until you can trigger a 10 free spins round, which is in my opinion the real promise of this slot.

These free spins are triggered with the simultaneous appearance of the symbol with the words "free spins" within the 2 circles representing the magical portals. The best is this feature has a high probability of being re-triggered since during the free spins there a portal located in the middle of reel 1, but 3 on each of the cells of reel 5, facilitating not only the transformation of symbols into wilds, but also the obtaining of 10 additional free spins. In my first session with Magic Portals, my first round of free spins came when I was losing about $ 30 and betting the minimum, and to my surprise, I could re-trigger FS 5 times and by the end of free round my balance was already $ 40 above my starting balance. That was a fantastic experience, and understanding a little better this slot, I can see it is just about having a little patience and waiting until the desired time comes to have a real opportunity to make some money with this slot.

I do not dislike anything of this slot, I think it has a formidable appearance, their spins are fast but pleasantly smooth, and its potential for profit is as decent as any other slot that can be considered good. Just try it out.
Magic Portals slot is really great one, and made by Net entertainment - in every review I am point out that it is my favorite software, and this is absolute truth. Games from Netent great, unique, and it are interesting to play their games, zero lie here.

Magic Portal number of lines is 25. There is interesting and really unique feature; I can't remember this in any other online slot, so I really like it. Also sounds and animations - at this slot everything is perfect with it, can't say anything bad. Magic Portals slot contains interesting feature, this is true. There is two hm, how it call, ok two sight's on first and last reels, if two same symbols in this sight's match - then feature is triggered. Feature made all such symbols of wilds, and this has great win potential, especially when there comes low paying symbols, (balls with any color), and if during this spins this balls appears anywhere - you win. If there appear two free spin symbols - you awarded freespins, during which last reel full of this sight symbol, so this is increase chances to get more freespins or get good win really big.

I played this slot many times, but I am trying to not play with big bets, couple of times I was punished for betting high, and lost my money pretty quickly, so better be clever and do not try to win huge with big bets. Best result was in freespins, red balls turned wilds, and I won 115 euros at 1 euro bet, probably still not highest possible win, but believe me it was awesome win.
I have nothing to say here, I am like everything in this slot, and can't find any bad words about it. Probably sometimes it is annoying to see that freespins symbol did not come to sight place, but it is all random, therefore it's ok.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
Magic Portals is powered by NetEnt software and it has 5 reels and 25 paylines on which you can win. The minimum amount you can bet is 0.25€ and the maximum amount is 250€.

Got to say that I love the graphics on this video slot, it is absolutely amazing and very attractive. At the very beginning I had my doubts about this game, but after playing it I must say that it is very well created and thought off. Why Magic Portals? Well it has two portals on reel 1 and reel 5. If two same symbols land on these two magic portals it will trigger a wild symbol that will replace all the same symbols on the reels. And on this feature you can get some incredible payouts. The free spin symbol is of course excluded from this feature. Also if the free spin symbol appears on the magic portals located in reel 1 and reel 5 it will trigger 10 FS. Hitting this option again within FS will add more FS. So after this being said I must say this is a very amazing and exciting slot to play in. It has a great potential for a good payout and in my experience when I was playing it with 0.50€ bet per spin I had many magic portal wild transformations that gave me in some cases a really good amount of money and in some a very little amount. Because it was depending on how many same symbols I had on the reels when this transformation was active.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to hit the free spin feature, this still eludes me but I hope I will hit it soon in the near future when I play this video slot again. Because once again I think it has a great potential. Overall a very awesome game provided by NetEnt with all the features that you are used to, definitely a recommend from me.
Magic Portals is an amazing slot by Net people. The magically themed reel icons along with the bright colors used in the slot gives beautiful appearance. The graphics and animations are great they give required thrill in the slot.

The best and the innovative feature around which the whole game revolves are the two magic portals on the 1st and the 5th reel. Now firstly the transformation feature in which if the same symbols stop on both the portal then all the symbols of that particular symbol which has stopped in the portal turn into wild. This gives a good chance of a big win. In the main game my best win was of 345 coins when I was betting at 25 coins per spin. The returns are thus 14 times the bet. Not good enough. But such wins in the main games come here there so overall it is good enough.

The free spins are triggered when free spin symbol land on both the magic portals. In free spins the chances of big win increases because the whole of 5th reel that is in all the rows there are magic portals. Thus there are total umber of four portal. I triggered the free spins twice. The returns were average of about 35 to 40 times the bet. Both the times I made a big win of 500+ coins in a free spin which was very useful.

So overall it is a thrilling slot to play with great graphics and animation. But in returns it is more on the average size. I also felt that due to four magic portals in the free spins there are good chances of re-triggering the free spin and also of a huge win. But I found myself unlucky both the times I triggered the free spins.

So I would rate the slot 8 on 10.
This is a 5-reel NetEnt game with 25 paylines and a minimum bet of 0.25 euro!
I have to say that I wasn’t impressed by this slot when it was launched because it was a little bit strange for me,it was different than the other slots that I was used to play!

There are two portals on reel 1 and reel 5, and if same symbols come on this portals, all the other same symbols are becoming wilds! In my opinion this is a great thing and is something different than the other slot’s features!

I decided to try this slot for the first time at Unibet Casino, I am playing here very often! I had 12 euro in my account balance, from sports betting and I decided to transfer them to casino balance and to give a try!
I played on the minimum bet of 0.25 euro because I didn’t had a lot of money and because I wanted to play for a longer time!

About the graphics of this slot I have to say that impressed me, also the music and the symbols are very nice! Regarding the features I have to say that it has a free spins feature, you have to catch the free spins symbol on both portals to be awarded with 10 free spins!

I managed to catch the free spins from the 12 euro that I transferred to casino balance, I won 11 euro from this feature, pretty acceptable thinking that I was playing on the lowest bet!
I didn’t made a fortune playing this slot but I had fun, this is something very important for me and I will try to rate this nice slot from my own experience!

For the graphics, theme and good music I will give a 9, also for the nice features, especially for the two portals and free spins I will give another 9 and for the payout rate only 8!
valentin68 535 reviews
I played Magic Portals at least 5 times until now and every time I said that there are too many reviews here, on its AskGamblers page to be room for another one. Now a few months after this slot has been launched, I came back to it and I said that still, it has not been praised too much. There has been not written enough about it, yet.

I say this because “Magic Portals” is one of the best NetEnt slots, although most of wins you have are small and although one has to play much to be rewarded. First thing, the slot is very good for the thrill that keeps you glued to play the game. At each spin here you cannot wait for that combination that will bring you a fortune! Until now I have met just 2-3 slots that keep the player constantly “plugged in”. Here there are two magical portals to the right and left of the slot: when in the two portals is framed the same symbol, all the identical symbols from the reels will turn into Wilds. Unlike playing the majority of other slots, you want to have here in the 2 portals in general minor symbols, since they are more frequently present on the reels and thus they will give you more Wilds.

In 99% of the spins you do not have two identical symbols framed in the portals or you just end with 2-4 Wilds on the screen. But in the 1% of spins that remain, when you have 5-7 Wilds, your efforts and expectations are fully rewarded and you will make up for all the money lost before. Of course the Free Spins round is given by framing in the two portals the appropriate symbols (“Free Spins”) and during these spins another 2 portals appear on the screen. Having these 2 extra portals you will easily fit 2 identical symbols and the wins will increase. One of the screen shots uploaded above shows such a time when I had a Mega Win! (7 Wilds gave me over 17 Euro for a bet of 25 cents).

Finally I will not finish before pointing out that the game is a very nice mix between magic and music that enhances the overall suspense. Bravo NetEnt for such a good slot!
oneLoVegg 55 reviews
Magic portals is new game from NetEnt, and typically for new NetEnt games there is not big payouts for all symbols. But if something think that it is bad, this player did not play magic portals. I tried this slot many times, and have good experience. From freespins after release I like slot, and tried it usually now, not often, but from time to time at 0.25-0.50 bets I am managing to do very good with this slot.

Most exciting thing, that in main game you also can get big win. If same symbols came in portals on reels 1 and 5, all such symbols are wilds. Usually best value is when there appears orb of any color, my favorite is red, I have biggest wins from it. Orbs is good because from my experience on reels usually many same orbs, and I can get few wilds lines. Payouts small, but many wilds = good win.

Once I open magic portals with 20$, and after 10 minutes and about 100 spins I had 75$. I get three feature very quickly, and it pay me good. Also perfect thing that it is not very hard to retrigger freespins, my record of played freespins is 30 only, but I think that it is possible to get much more, something like 50 - 60, you just need free spins scatter came at portal on reel 1, and on reel 5 there is not so hard like during main game. I can not remember terrible gaming, or awful feeling, but once I had 50 euros and played 0.25 euro bets, no any feature for me, and payouts was low, and I left slot with 30 euros. I think it is always good to know when to stop.

Overall everything is good here, and it is hard to lost lot of money here, of course if not make big bets. Not best slot of course, but good to try with 0.25 bets if you need some money.
Afi4wins 1237 reviews
Magic Portals is one of the older NetEnt games but one which can still stand on its own by today’s standards. Although the graphics may have been excellent in those early years of online gaming, today, it can only be considered as good, but still better than most other older games. The excellent use of bright colours make the icons stand out well, creating a nice overall ambience for the game, accompanied by a soft and simple eerie-sounding background music. Nothing outstanding though. 1 star down.

Standard NetEnt paytable, as usual. Very low payout values for all symbols - the highest paying symbol of the red lady, for example, pays only 500x the line bet. There aren’t any other paying symbols in the paytable - no payout for the wild symbol, no payout for the free spin symbols as well. 2 stars down.

Feature wise, luckily there are free spins to look out for, plus the permanent Magic Portals feature too. What this Magic Portals Wild Transformation does is that whenever a same symbol appear in the left and right portal simultaneously, all the other same symbols are transformed into wilds, creating good to very good payouts, depending on the number of the same symbols on the reels. Sometimes it doesn’t pay a lot though, and sometimes it pays nothing at all. 10 free spins are awarded when the Free Spins symbol appear in the left and right portals at the same time, and 10 more additional free spins are won each time the Free Spins symbol reappear in the portals. Furthermore, during the free spins play, 2 additional portals are added to the 5th reel, making a stack of 3 portals, and increasing even more chances of getting wins from them. Nice! 1 star up.

However, from my few tries at this game, there were times when the portals were paying out quite well and the free spins continuing on with more frenzy and better payouts. I’ve had 70x to 100x total bet wins from the free spins so far, which is reasonably good. But after such a win, the game play would make an abrupt turn and my credits would start disappearing into the portals, until every bit of credit is gone. No luck yet for me on Magic Portals, even though I can see the good chances of making some nice wins. 1 star down.
Magic Portals is a game powered by NetEnt. I love this game, it has given me 100 free spins once and it definitely has a lot of potential. There are 25 lines in this game and my usual bet is €0.50. there is a stop button on this game and i use it all the times. mainly i would use it in the feature to get more free spins.

This game has only one feature and that is a free spins feature. Before i tell you about the feature i would like to start with those two circles that you see in the middle of the first and last reels. If the symbols that land on them match they and any other symbol on the reels like it become wild. This gives a player a chance to get five wilds or a big win. If free spins land on them that activates 10 free spins and entire last reel has circles. You can win tonnes on this game in the feature. Any small paying symbols landing on the first and last reels turn wild. The feature also becomes easier to re-trigger because they need to land in the middle of first reels and anywhere on the last reels. I have got 100 spins on this game and made over €180 on €0.50 bet.

The graphics in this game are super cool and the sound effects are awesome. the whole game play is amazing and i love the feature. I would definitely recommend this game to everybody, give it a shot it is amazing. If i was to rate this game i would give it 10 out of 10.
cocopop3011 264 reviews
United Kingdom
The reason why I have decided to write a review Magic Portals is because I have a fantastic screenshot to share with you lucky things. Okay its not the screenshot of the century and the win is only just over 100 times my bet but I wanted to show you more than anything the possibilities that you can get on Magic Portals.

My screenshot shows the most beautiful set of five wilds in a row - okay maybe i am going a little bit far when I say beautiful but it is pretty impressive, and getting five wilds like this is not unusual on Magic Portals. How you achieve such wins is like this - on the first and last reel you have two circles around the centre symbol, the aim of the game is to spin and get the same symbol in the first circle and the last circle. When this happens they then turn all matching symbols on your screen wild - so if you have spun with some wilds on your screen anyway it then produces some lovely wins.

My screenshot is of a minimum bet spin of 0,25p and you will see I won for that single spin just over 26GBP.

There is no additional bonus game with Magic Portals but there are free spins. During free spins you get an additional 2 magic portals on the end of your reels. Getting Big Wins is nothing unusual for Magic Portals.

Magic Portals has recently been added to a lot of NetEnts Mobile Casinos too - I haven't really seen a great difference between the two. I would recommend this slot to any reader of this review. Its not my favourite slot but its by no means my least favourite slot.
I do tend to get bored with this slot, it can get quite tedious if it doesn't want to pay out! I mentioned that there was no additional bonus game maybe that is what this slot needs to keep my interest in it.
yapro 790 reviews
And here we go, another one new netent slot review. Magic portals was released few months ago, and after i see netent video on youtube, i was quite interesting about this slot, because i like how it works, with that circles on two lines. But to be honest i was a bit disappointed when i saw that even 5 of a kind wilds did not pay a lot of money. Pity thing, but looks like netent took a way to award less winnings for many wilds, but from the other side, not it is much more easier to get this wilds. So who knows, if they do this, this mean people like such things. I play magic portals many times in different casino, and i quite like this slot, because in free spins it is good chance to get few retriggers and play a lot of free spins. Base game also not boring, and this is big + for netent in my eyes.

My best win was at next casino, when at 0.5 bet i am somehow managed to win 150$ + on free spins, i remember that i get a lot of retriggers. 300 x total bet of course not the greatest win, but i think everyone will agree that it is pleasure to achieve such wins. Few times i am also had very bad playtime, when i can not trigger free spins for around 200-300 spins and no good wins come, but such things is gambling, and this happens usually, so i did not sad about it at all.

Conclusion: I like this game, it is absolutely not boring, interesting, and have some potential for good wins. One thing it is that free spins logo never comes to the right circle when it is so needed, but of course this is ok, because no one can get free spins every time he or she wants. I recommend this slot to try, it is fun and pleasure to spin on it.
There definitely isn't a shortage of magic inspired slots in the online casino world. The game Magic Portals is another one of those games that takes you the world of wizards and magic. I've had the pleasure to deal with this slot on more than a couple of occasions. Magic Portals is produced by Net Entertainment and offers another twist to their usual slots format.

As we all know NetEnt is very innovative, and I think Magic Portals is an excellent example of how high they set the bar. Magic Portals features 25 paylines and 5 reels. I think this slot can pretty much be classified as low variance. Perfect choice if you have some remaining wagering requirements to clear.

The minimum bet on this game is only €0.25. I played Magic Portals from the smallest bet all the way to €1.25 per spin. The beauty of Magic Portals comes in play when you have the same symbol on the second row of reel 1 and 5. That's when the magic basically starts.

While there are no wilds appearing on the reels, the magic will create wilds by turning random symbols into a wild. However, it's not easy to accomplish though, nor does it always guarantee a big payout. I find the pay for a 5oak kind of disappointing to be honest, but again it's a low variance type of slot. I don't think I ever won more than 50x betsize during the base game.

This game also offers free spins to be won though. There is a free spins symbol on the first and fifth reel. You need to have both appearing on the second row to win 10 free spins. The nice thing about the free spins is that it will be much easier to win a big prize.

In the same situation as described above, the symbol on reel 5 doesn't have to land on the second row to turn other symbols into a wild. As long the symbol matches the symbol shown on the second row of reel 1, random other symbols will be turned into a wild.

Another major plus is that this also goes for how the free spins are triggered. Therefore it's quite easy to re-trigger the free spins. I once got all the way up to 40 free spins, and won like 250x bet size. I think you need the re-trigger to win a decent amount on this game.

Overall an entertaining game I'd recommend.
When the wild only turns the other wild, wild. Sounds like a complicated sentence, but people who have played this game will definitely know what I meant lol
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