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Jack Hammer 2

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Everyone’s favorite video slot comic hero is back for another round in Jack Hammer 2. Save the town’s most beautiful lounge singer from the evil Don Crabby as you fight your way to big fortune. Play Jack Hammer 2 for free on this page, or visit any of the NetEnt casinos in our listings to try your luck for real money.

Before you embark on your mission, take the time to choose a bet size you’re comfortable with. Use the “Coin Value” panel to change your base coin denomination. Then add coins to each of the game’s 99 paylines using the “Bet Level” buttons. When you’re ready to begin, push the circular spin button. You can alternatively push “Bet Max” to spin with 10 coins per line, or use “Au­top­lay­” to spin several times in a row without interruption.

The goal in the base game of Jack Hammer 2 is to get matching symbols from left-to-right along any of the 99 paylines. To boost your odds of turning these line hits into big wins, a potentially endless Sticky Win feature is included. Each time you score a line or scatter hit, the reels will continue to respin until you attain no more winnings. Five or more Free Spin Fish symbols activate free spins with a 2x multiplier and plenty of random wilds. Combined, these two features make Jack Hammer 2 an adventure worth trying.

Game Play

Coin Value: Set your base coin denomination.
Bet Level: Adjust the wager relative to the coin size chosen.
Circular spin button: Play at the selected bet.
Bet Max: Spin with a total bet of 500 coins.
Autoplay: Spin with no pauses between spins.

Jack Hammer 2 Reviews by Players


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thesourc3 9 reviews
As with all Netent slots, you sometimes need to bet a decent amount before you hit anything worthwhile - When this time comes, you'll either hit something sub-standard or you'll hit something pretty decent. I've lost 200 euro before playing this game, with nothing coming my way so be careful and make sure you have enough bankroll to play. Minimum is 0.50 Euros, so its definitely not a game to play if you have a small balance. I really like the fact that the game is based on sticky reels, however sometimes it doesn't make sense to me how it won't accept a sticky of the same kind if its not at the proper angle. The free spins are very difficult to get (need to get 3 free spins next to each other), and you don't seem to receive anything extra for getting 4-5 free spins connected. Also, the rare free spins can sometimes pay close to nothing, so don't depend on just free spins to increase your funds. My biggest payout was from the green man symbol showing up enough times on regular play.
Minimum bet amount is too high - Wins are very sporadic and can sometimes take a significant amount of your balance to hit anything worth talking about. This is one of those slots that you're either lucky with, or not. If not, do NOT keep playing - You WILL lose all of your balance on a bad run.
Jack Hammer 2 by NetEnt software provider could be considered as one of the epic video slots and it will never be one of the ' old fashion ' games. No matter what games we can except in the future this is definitely ' must try ' video slots. Instead of sticky wilds which are common to video slots here we find a very interesting feature which simply rocks this game and its sticky symbols . Each time you get a winning combination on your screen symbols remain sticky on the reels and if there is another winning combination on your next spin these sticky symbols will be added to your wins. And like I said, this feature rock the game! But once there is no win symbols are back to its ' normal ' positions. You must know that this feature significaly increase winning chances and make this game super funny.
Graphics and sound are descent and you could get addicted to this game easly. This is a 5- reels and 50 – paylines video slot and the minimum bet is 0.50 cents. Little 'pricy' but worth a try. Unfortunatelly this game has only one bonus feature and its ' Free Spins ' bonus. You must get 5 or more free spins symbol so you can start bonus feature. You can get between 10 to 20 free spins.

So called random wilds can appear anywhere on the reels once you activate free spins feature and they will help you out to create more wins.
Wins that you make in Free Spins feature are paying x 2 which is nice. Jack Hammer is the highest paying symbol and if you get 5 of its kind it will pay out 500 coins. Not bad at all. The paytable seems a bit disappointing as NetEnt could really award its players if the decide to make Jack Hammer 3  I would be happy to see its announcement and I a not the only one as there is many Jack Hammer fans amongst regular players.
After a successful first part of the Jack Hammer 2 is the sequel to the successful NetEnt slot machines. Jack Hammer 2 has many similarities with its first part, but if you know both games then you know exactly what I'm saying. In particular, I want to leave right away with personal experiences and my conclusions. General things we leave to those who create the description of this game, it is unnecessary to repeat. At least 10 casino I played this slot, but the order does not have a chance to remember. Mainly the last two months I play mostly at Stan James Unibet and Bet365 casino. This slot game is one of the ten of those currently playing at Bet365 casino, as I noted in one in rewiev earlier. The greatest success is practically nonexistent, because I did not recorded any gain over 100X in my notes. In order to ascertain the facts a little, I open this slot at Bet365 and move.

This slot I like first of all, because it has the possibility of winning the series. Specifically, this means if you win three symbols "microphone", the three symbols remain fixed while the other symbols spinning. If in the next to the fourth column have the same symbol, and he remains fixated with her 3 and again the drum rotates. This way of winning paylines is called - Sticky Win. Otherwise, proved to be an excellent way of winning paylines, and if we add 50 payment lines, then it is not difficult to conclude that this is one of the best slot from NetEnt series. I took the auto-play of 25 spins, and in the first 10 spins won many symbols Wild. After 25 spins on the account I had € 52 in relation to the initial € 29. At this slot usually invest from € 0.50 to € 1 maximum. That's kind of true measure, which do not lose too much and also creates opportunities for gains in a series of spins.

This is an interesting slot that I fell in love immediately, and I believe that you will too when you taste it. The largest Sticky Win gain today was € 14 to € 0.50 bet. Since then I have not won almost anything in the next twenty spins. I did not want to increase the bet, I continued to play the same, and after half an hour back to € 30. There I finished my adventure and I think the addition of these 10 slots that I played today, it's time for relaxation. Sometimes I get this game terribly annoying because there is almost no sound effects as the drum rotates, only in Sticky Win revive a bit. It's only objection to this slot machine, but this in no way affects the quality of the game and the amount of your cash winnings. Sometimes I get a little annoying because I like strong tones, while my adrenaline jumps, but we are not all the same. Perhaps, you can enjoy a quiet, enjoy!
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
The beautiful 'Pearl', as the special guest to celebrate the grand hero, Mr. Jack Hammer, who had saved the Grand City. A beautiful blondina singing for the famous hero, like what Marilyn Monroe did for President John F Kennedy on his birthday. Sounds terrific, don't you agree? Powered by NetEnt, Jack Hammer 2 is a 5-reels 50-paylines game, playable from 0.50 cents bet per spin, which is common for any 50 paylines slots. It was, and still is, too high a stake for me, but I mostly enjoyed looking at our member's winner screenshots. Last year, if I'm not mistaken, Askgamblers also did a Jack Hammer Mania special. Playing the game, I sometimes feel like taking this Jack Hammer game and smashing someone with it, for a good reason of course, but I would rather get some smashing nice wins instead. At other times, I feel like picking up something from Jack Hammer 2's paytable, put it on a plate with some nice lemon slices, then serve it together with my delicious fish dinner. Oh, a glass of dark wine please!

The theme of the game looks like it's from an old school comic books. You could win up to 990,000 coins and you are most likely going to love the features in this slot. 3 or more Free Spins symbols trigger a Sticky Win feature game, where the reels with winning combinations are held in place and the other reels get a re-spin in order to create more wins. If there is a new winning combination, the re-spin feature will continue, until there isn't any more new wins on the reels. Have fun while it lasts. At least, I do love the re-spin feature, as much as I love any high win multiplier feature too. The Wild symbol looks truly wild and explosive in the main game, and substituting for all symbols except for the 'Free Spins' symbol. Free Spins feature is activated by getting five or more 'Free Spins' symbols and you can win up to 20 free spins with a 2x win multiplier, as previously mentioned. This Free Spins game can be retriggered, but wins from the extra free spins do not have any win multiplier. Oh well, who cares, as long as there are many more winning combinations. I don't mind really. During the free spins, there is also a 'Random Wild' added to the reels, for more excitement, and it substitute for all symbols except for the regular Wild and Free Spins symbols.

I had fun playing this Jack Hammer 2 game, but they were mostly dry with very short play sessions. Playing with only 30 spins is definitely not enough if you are a serious player when it comes to this kind of game.
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
Well, the 'Pretty Boy' Jack saved the Grand City from that evil Dr Wuten, who intended to sabotage the city's water system and make everybody a drunken, so the Mayor is having a big party for Jack in appreciation and celebration, so come on everybody, lets go join the party, and don't be frighten! The special guest for the night is the bee-you-tiful Pearl, so come sit closer, don't be such a chicken! But who is that strange looking guy over there? I don't know, never seen him before, heck, never seen those crab-claw hands either, whoa! Hahaha.

If you think that was pretty interesting to start off Jack Hammer 2, the sequel, then you're right! But if you haven't played this game before, gees, then you better get out of sight! Hehehe, just kidding of course! If Jack Hammer was playing with 25 lines before, now he wants you to play with 50 lines instead, all for the bee-you-tiful blondie Pearl of course. You think she's not beautiful? Well, that crab-claw-handed man don't think so. He wants that beautiful Pearl all for himself! Oh gees maan! What about us other drooling guys here, hah? Damn that Don Crabby! Somebody give Jack a metal cutter, so he can go snappy snappy! Hahaha.

With more lines, you get more fun, more thrills, more excitement, but more losses too. Damn! Game play wise, I must admit this sequel does a lot better. Paytable wise, it's a little lower, but pays about the same actually, with the winning chances higher. $0.50 minimum bet per spin? Well, dump some money in, close one eye and just make some spins. You might just get lucky and make a win. Well, I did! Hahaha. Not a lot, but I did better than in the other Jack.

I still can't get over the thrill of this sticky business, just as I am always thrilled by some other sort of sticky business, but never mind about that, it's none of anybody's business. Everytime I play this Jack, I want to play with Pearl, but that Don Crabby is a real pest, he keeps taking away that girl! Damn! Anybody got that metal cutter yet? No? Double damn! The best part of this game is still the same, the Free Spins game. Jack Hammer pays triple, but Jack Hammer 2 pays only double, but with double more paylines, that's almost as good as triple. But, 15 Jack symbols only pay 50,000x the line bet now, much lower than the previous 75,000x. Oh, what the aargh! When you want things to get better, it simply doesn't happen! Ah well, Jack can wait, I've got better games where really big things can happen! Hahaha.
Many games have their resume does not look too great as the first part, but it is related mainly to the film industry in this our gambling industry things in my opinion looks much, much better. Such is the case with Jack Hammer slot machines, its first section has ignited the market in my case many times I got free spins promotion right on this slot machine. Some things have remained the same, graphics the game looks as good as her older brother, as I crept further into the world of NetEnt games in which this time again, the show has a comic hero.

I set out from € 1 for the first time hang out with this slot so after a couple of spins decided whether to raise or just finish the game for today. Opening balance on the account was about 150 € on Unibet Casino, after 10 spins in a series of winning spins that bring gains without additional bet I won € 19.82. After five wins in the series had 5 symbols Don Crabby and Goons, so we brought these two characters pure profit of almost € 20 in just a few minutes. This was reason enough to raise your bet a bit and eliminate any doubt that this will be another excellent experience in front of the screen.

I took autoplay of 25 free spins, and I bet increased to € 1.50 per spin. After these auto play spins on account I disposed of € 158 so that this game ended with a positive score of 8 €. In the last few weeks I have not had a chance to play at this slot machine because of personal obligations, however I will certainly in the near future to re-visit this great game and to invest some money to my experience with Jack Hammer slot machines raised to a higher level. I am glad that the first part of the game experienced one like this successful sequel, which is not the case with all games that come in several parts but more about that later ...
zerooo 742 reviews
I think Jack Hammer 2 is much better game than the first version. I think that NetEnt software saw some ˝mistakes˝ at first one and they bring the second version much more interesting.

This version has 99 betlines. So many more than the first one. I like this move which NetEnt software made, even if the minimum bet is set higher to 0.50€. What is also much better I think graphics. I do not say that the first version does not have it, but this is much better. After wins it's show paylines, some effects and symbols are even more graphicly upgraded. Sounds are also good at this game.

I also like that they added quick spin button, I used it every time when I play this game. The main game I think is more interesting with sticky wins because it has much more paylines. Free spins are also triggered by at least 5 scatters which will give you 10 free spins. This time at x 2 multiplier. I think this is ok even if they lower multiplier, because the game has many paylines. You can also won additional free spins during feature, but the free spins which is retriggered are not multiplier like first feature. In free spins random wild symbols appear randomly and substitute for all symbols except the regular wild and free spin symbols.

I think this game is much more interesting to play it, I like the sticky wins mode in this game. I also think that this game is more popular than the first one, because it has all set better. The paytable is ok but it could be even better.

When I will play Jack Hammer I will definitely choose this one, I had better feeling when I play it. I will rate it with one star more than the first version.
My review will be about Jack Hammer 2, this game is coming from Netent which is the best software online casinos provider in my opinion for now.

Jack Hammer 2 is a game not so good in my opinion and there are more good games to choose from than this but everyone should decide to play or not to play.
There is no progressive jackpot but winnings are not good enough. RTP is on average level of 97 % what is OK. The jackpot is too low because it is only 500x. I think really it is worst Jackpot which I ever seen at all my gaming experience at all.
Next bad thing is that minimum bet is 50 cent what is really little too much and should be at lower point let's say $0.20 would be ok.

The entire game has good looking graphics and music at the good level. There is great coloristic & many colors used maybe because is based on comic’s story.

When I played this game I had $40 and I lost it on the stake $0.50 so it is not so easy winning in this game as it seems to be.

Of course there is auto play option and other things like that what the standard at this provider is. When you go to bonus game there is average multiplier. Very popular thing is what we seen now very often those casinos added the “sticky wilds”. But Jack Hammer 2 is offering sticky symbols in better way what is the one of not so many pluses from what this game has to offer.

Sticky wilds here are a very good idea coz whenever, after winning combination the symbols stay on the reels if you have another winning symbol in the next spin it is added to the win combination. Until there are no more winning symbols that can be added

I did not like idea that 5 or more scatters to get feature. It is annoying to get 4, and does not land 5.

I really didn't wanted to split my review into two parts so, many minuses are in the main part of review.
Jack hammer 2 is second title with Jack Hammer story, made by NetEnt of course. I am a rare visitor of this game, because I do not like very much this sticky wins with low payouts, and also because it is hard to get feature. And of course because there is 0.50 min bet, I am not so rich to gamble slots with such bets often.

I like how this game looks. Because there is a lot of great great colours , and it is always pleasure to see slots which look like this one.

I like how sticky wins work. I mean exact feature, not in this game. If you get any win - you get respin with winning symbols held. If more wins appear - another respin. So it is possible to get full screen of same symbols, and payout for such will be good. I get couple of times almost full screen, but with very low paying symbols.

Unfortunately, this is all that I like with this game. Everything else will be in thumbs down category. I will rate this game with 6 stars only, just because I do not like it.
I did not like couple of things with this game.

First of all it is 0.50 min bet. This slot is not so easy as it seems, and do not think that with sticky wins you will get safe playing. Few times I lost 50$ starting balance with min bets playing only this game, with terrible payouts.

I did not like freespins feature. Just regular freespins with multiplier and random wild? I really think that for sticky win feature slot it is possible to have something better.

I did not like that you need 5 or more scatters to get feature. It is annoying to get 3 or 4, and does not land 5.

I did not like payouts. I never get any good symbols, most time low paying, and even a lot of low paying 5 of a kinds pay something like 20 bets or 30 bets, it is not interesting.
stars_cream 160 reviews
Jack Hammer 2 Fishy Business is the sequel of one of my favorite slot and as usual happens the sequel is worse than the original. I do not like this slot that much and I usually only play few spins in order to hit something good fast and leave. First of all I think that this slot has worst graphics than the original, they have downgraded the well designed comic strips a lot.

Jack Hammer 2 Fishy Business has 99 paylines instead of 25 paylines of the Jack Hammer and its minimum bet is 0,50. Although the slot has more paylines and is more expensive from the original slot, I think that Fishy Business pays less than the original. This slot lower symbols are the microphone and the weapon case and the highest paying symbol of course is Jack Hammer. It also has wild symbol and scatter.

Jack Hammer 2 continues to have the sticky win feature. So when you have a winning line or at least 3 scatters, the winning reels are held and all the other reels respin in order to have a bigger win. Every time there is a new win, there is a respin until there are no new ones so the feature ends. Also at this slot you can win free spins if you hit 5 or more scatter symbols. With 5 you get 10 free spins and if you have 8 or more scatters you win 20 free spins. at the free spins there is a multiplier for the winnings of 2 and also at every spin there is a random wild at the reels.

I have to say that at Jack Hammer 2 you can win more than Jack Hammer 1 and there are less bad features where you don’t win anything than the original, but also the free spins are rarer at Jack Hammer 2.
Johnajax 50 reviews
United States
Jack Hammer 2 is old Netent game but one of the most interesting slot in their selection. I played Jack Hammer “1” too and these two games are almost same but this second version is a little better. Graphics are better and whole gameplay is a little improved and this game became one of my favorite video slots.

First time I played this game on Comeon casino I think and first I noticed that sticky win feature. It looks very interesting and that can bring you a lot of money special when you in free spins mode. In free spins mode one wild symbol is guaranteed and that is big help in collecting coins plus sticky wins and big win is guaranteed : ) (joke of course : ) ).

Great graphics and animation with a lot of interesting symbols without boring symbols like numbers and letters make this game very fun for play and for watch. I love watching how my sticky wins rise and my balance are getting bigger and bigger. This slot is great for wagering you money when you play with bonus. From almost every spin you will get something, some sticky wins always appears and all that is why this slot is fun, because always something happens here.
But beside great graphics free spin round and all good stuff this slot has some bad sides.

First bad side is that you need too many free spins symbols to get that feature – 5. I mean it is hard enough when you need only three and this is way too hard. I never had 5 free spins symbol without sticky win option.

Another lack of this slot is that lines pays low. I play this slot with 1 or 2 euros per spin almost ever and if you want to at least return your bet you must have four same symbol combined with a t least one line with three. I know when I was playing on 1 euro per bet I had almost all symbols “ microphones ” maybe only two or three symbols were different and I get only 6 euros but I still think that this slot is nice for playing and for fun and I know that you can’t be bored with this slot.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
The good thing I’ll say right off the bat is that I love the “Sticky Win” feature – every time you hit a win, you score an automatic and free re-spin, and if more winning symbols appear on any of the paylines, you are paid again and the process repeats. This can happen over and over and over until you have a full screen of the same symbol, although inevitably you’ll probably only ever see this with one of the bottom two symbols. Trust me, I’ve never come close to seeing a full screen of any of the top ones, but it’s a great feature all the same.

Another nice factor is the fact you get more and more free spins depending on how many scatters you land – each time you get scatters, those free respins kick in again giving you the chance to earn more. The first spin where you don’t get an additional scatter, the free games begin, though you can win up to 20 free spins with a 2x multiplier and random additional wilds appearing on the reels as well.
I find the subtitle of this game – “Fishy Business” to be somewhat apt, because it’s a very strange game in some ways. The comic book look is unique and refreshing, and a little more refined than the first game, which I never really got into.

The first thing I find weird is that there is a fixed 99p paylines, but yet you have to pay multiples of 50p per spin in order to play the game. I’ve never seen such an arrangement before, I guess it means you are essentially paying £0.05p per line (well just over), but I’ve really just no idea why they decided to work it this way.

More weirdness comes in the way the reels work on this game – you’ll notice straight away there are no strips here. Each of the 15 boxes is a separate “reel”, and they all spin independently of each other. I can’t help but notice there is a VERY large disparity between the lower and higher paying symbols. Sometimes you can go like 30 or more spins without seeing the top symbols appear on screen even once despite this 15 individual reels mechanic… which definitely seems a little “fishy” to me.

The next piece of fishiness is the choice of these 99 paylines – there are so many what I would regard as “common” lines that have somehow not been included in the massive selection of 99 that it can be really strange when you see a combination on the screen that you are SURE should result in a further “Sticky Win / Spin”, but yet it does not. Trying to examine the full list is a complete mission in memory and tedium though, you just have no chance of looking at the tiny graphics and getting a good grasp of all 99 lines so your just going to have to rely on the fact that what you see on the screen is correct. Not exactly ideal for me!

So, whilst this is a fun game, I don’t really trust it like other slot games, and I just think there's better stuff out there to spend your money on. Enough said really?
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Jack Hammer 2 is another great slot coming from NetEnt. I really have to congratulate the designers of this game because they really did a good job. The graphic and sound are great and the overall design and concept of the slot can keep you occupied for hours.

We’ve all seen sticky wilds features in the slot games, but sticky symbols is a really interesting concept. Whenever you have a winning combination the symbols stay on the reels and if you have another winning symbol in the next spin they are added to the winning combination. This goes on until there are no more winning symbols that can be added. Of course this is reason enough to play the game because every now and then you can have a big win depending on which symbols appear and how many times. From the bonus features this game has only a free spins feature and no pick up bonus. The free spins are activated if you get 5 or more free spin symbols. If you get 3 free spin symbols the concept is the same as any win. They stay on the screen as the reels spin for as long as there are no more free spins symbols. Depending on the number of free spins symbols in the end you can win 10 free spins for 5 symbols, 13 free spins for 6 symbols, 16 free spins for 7 and 20 free spins for 8 or more free spins symbols. Whenever I play this game I usually get 16 free spins and never 20. In the free spins bonus you also have Random wilds which can appear anywhere on the reels.

All of this and the fact that all free spins wins are doubled are reason enough for this game to become one of my favorites. Today while I was wagering a big bonus I chased the free spins bonus on 2.50 euros bet and won around 280 euros in the free spins.
katemak 1170 reviews
Jack Hammer2 is a slot game from Netent software and I can say it very similar to Jack Hammer the first version of this game, but the only difference is the bet size, which this game offers 0.50 per spin and if you ask me I think that's a bit high bet for one Netent game. So basically when I want to play Jack Hammer slot I rarely choose the second version, just because of the bet size, because the previous version offers 0.25 per bet.

What I like about this game is the respin feature and that is free, like you are getting free spins all the time. I like the stacking symbols, specially if I manage to fill all the same symbols on the reels, together with the wild symbol and usually that happens with the lowest paid characters, like the news paper, the car etc. But what I don't like about this game, the respins always happens when the lowest symbols lend on the reels, only few times I got Jack Hammer the main character on this game, lending on the respins feature as for the rest of the good paying symbols I don't remember I had any.

As much I love the free spins feature in this game I hate it also, just because many, many times I finished the free spins round with zero on my account. The free spins will be triggered if 3 or more free spins symbols lends and then you'll get the opportunity to get the respin feature, the maximum free spins I have won so far was 25 free spins and as I mentioned I never win something big from the free spins.

It looks as a nice and interesting game just because of the theme and the respin feature, but as for the winnings from my experience I cant say the same. Well we cant be lucky on all slots I guess. Maybe it's a great game and I know it has big potential of big winnings but not in my case.

Good Luck!
blondie 1094 reviews
Jackhammer 2 is a great game powered by Netent software and is also the next version of Jackhammer slot as its continuation. I have to say that I really like both of them and I think they really stand out with their professional comic look. Last few months I played more Jackhammer slot but this month Jackhammer 2 is one of my most played games. It has 5 reels and 50 paylines so the minimum bet is 0.50€ per spin. I have to say that I don't play often with all lines, because if the game is giving dead spins, with 0.50€ per spin you can lose balance quickly.

The game itself pays as most of games - from leftmost to right. And an attractive thing is the fact that this game is rich with features - it has sticky wins (when you have a winning combination or 3 free spin features, it freezes and other symbols re-spin or even many re-spins, til the spin doesn't get new wins, then you'll be paid all active wins) then there's also free spins feature- for 5 scatters you get 10 free spins and for more scatters you get up to a maximum of 20 free spins with 2x multiplier. But as a compensation to the 2x multiplier, there's also a feature called Random Wilds, which appears randomly only in free spins game and substitutes for all symbols, except free spins symbol and wild symbol. And to add, there's a regular Wild symbol that substitutes in the main game for everything, except free spins feature.

I really like both games Jack Hammer and Jack Hammer 2 but if I have to compare, the second one is more generous for me, this month it has brought me few really nice wins. And although it is hard for me to get free spins in this game because I mostly have 3 or 4 scatters, winnings in the main game are pretty good too and playing with minimum 0.50€ bets it isn't hard to get at least 10€ or 15€ wins. I like everything about this game- the payouts, design and it is one of my favorite pieces from Netent.
Jack Hammer 2 is one of the my favorite slots. In last few months I only play NetEnt games and special their slots. So I had a lot of luck in last few weeks on this slot. I play him on Comeon casino and I love all about this slot.

First I will tell you something about free spins, they are great. In my opinion they don't come often but when they come you can earn big money. That is case with me, every single time when I get free spins (but that is not easy because you must have 5 symbols for free spin) I got great amount of coins. Another great thing is that sticky win. I just love it and this comes so often... every time when you win anything. You keep winning symbol and spin again for free and if you catch just one more symbol you spin again for free of course and keep all winnings. This thing is great I only saw something like that on Gonzo's quest but it is different because on Gonzo's quest you have lines and you must have a lot of lucky to get two or three spins in a row but here on Jack hammer 2 there are no lines, like they said there is 246 ways to combine symbols and it is easy to combine that. So every time when I play this game it is funny, on almost every spin I got something, maybe not a lot but that is better than nothing. So I never had 10 spins without any winnings and on other slots that often can be case, to deposit maybe 20 euro hit 15 spins and look on balance and ask where is my money ? :D On this slot that never happened to me and that I love.

So for me this is one great slot, fun is guaranteed, about graphics I won't say a word because we all know how great NetEnt is. And of course check your emails casinos sometimes surprise you with some free spins on this slot, maybe you can try it for free and see that what I am telling is true :)
Ahmo6 232 reviews
Jack Hammer 2 slot is brought to us by NetEnt and it has 5 reels and 50 possibilities of a payout. The minimum bet that you can place in this slot is 0.50$, which is in my opinion very high. Since this was my first time playing this game I thought what the heck, I’ll give it a try at that. I did stick around playing this game for maybe maximum 40 minutes until I decided to change to another game since this game was not for me.

First of all that I noticed when I started playing this slot is the sticky win, where actually when you have a winning line it will stick around while other symbols respin, this feature will continue with the respin as long as you have winnings. The first time that the winning aren't there it will stop and give you the payout. In my opinion this can be very nice for some good payouts, but unfortunately this wasn't the case with me, since every time I got this, I got a small payout with it. This game also has a wild symbol and free spins feature. To activate free spins feature you need 5 or more free spins symbols. Of course with 5 symbols you will get 10 FS and the FS will rise accordingly with the symbols. I only managed to get 10FS when I was playing and that happened thanks to the sticky win since it can occur with free spin symbols as well. In free spin feature wild symbols will appear randomly on reels and substitute for everything except free spins and the regular wild symbols. In my 40 minutes play I basically didn't get much the highest winning that I had was in that one free spin feature and it was 18.50$, which I lost afterwards pretty quickly thanks to all the empty spins.

Over all it is not a bad game, I personally don't like it and also if you play to play it you are gonna need a good budget to start with.
Jack Hammer 2 slot is interesting game from Netentertainment, which I do love, but interesting thing about it that I do not know how to win really good money here. In theory awesome win can happens here, but somehow if this happens, it is definitely not for me.

There is 50 paylines, and in case of sounds and animations everything is quite good here, like at first part of Jack Hammer slot. There is same feature during spins - sticky wins, it appear everytime if you still get something on winnings combinations. I believe it is possible to have all jack hammers on reels, but based on experience that I never even have 4 of it, I think it is almost impossible and chances is very low for such event. There is possible to have freespins feature with x 2 multiplier, you need 5 scatters. Does not worry, as I told there is sticky win feature, so it is not so hard to get 5 scatters and it is quite possible.

Most times this slot did not pay me any good money, I am try to win, but every feature that I trigger did not give me any good wins. I never hit many good paying symbols, only lowest paying, of course I have few times full screen of symbols, but payouts have nothing to do compared to phrase big win.
What I did not like - I did not like that it is very hard to get nice payout in this slot. In theory it is possible, but looks like chances are the same as win jackpot. Most I times feature pay low amounts of money. It is very annoying to get 4 scatters, and then nothing. Payouts for most symbols are very low, and even full screen of symbols does not guarantee good win.
wscalley 47 reviews
United Kingdom
The JackHammer games were some of the first NetEnt slots I tried back in the day. They work a little differently to your average five reel slot game – this one has effectively fifteen individual reels which are grouped together in stacks of 3 to make up something that looks like the traditional 5x3 slot machine layout, but plays very differently.

I’m no mathematician so I’m unable to work out how this change in gameplay mechanics affects the games RTP, though NetEnt state it at a very reasonable 97.1%. What I can say for sure is that having the fifteen individual reels gives the possibility of getting a fullscreen of the same symbol on very spin – a massive payout – however your odds of doing so are even more astronomical than a game that has stacked wilds on each of the five reels. I also have no idea how long the individual reel strips are, but there is no question that the top paying symbols seem VERY rare on this game.

There are a fixed 99 paylines, and you pay multiples of £0.50 per spin to play them all. Despite this, there seems to be a huge number of what I would call “common paylines” that most other slots have in play, that are not used here – very often I find myself getting annoyed because there is a combination onscreen that looks like it should definitely be a winner, yet it is not.

Each time you score a winning combination you are gifted an additional free re-spin of the reels. If you win again on this subsequent spin, the reels will re-spin again; this continues until you either do not land any additional winning symbols, or you complete a full screen of the same symbol. I have only done this a couple of times and both of them it was the lowest paying microphone symbol.

As for the free spins, you need at least three of these symbols onscreen to be gifted a re-spin, and at least five to trigger the feature. Five free spins symbols gives 10 free spins, with more awarded depending how many freespin symbols are visible after the last re-spin where no further freespin symbols drop into view. That makes it sound a little complicated, but I assure you it will be very straightforward once you give it a try.
Like so many NetEnt games, Jack Hammer 2 can be unbelievably brutal when you get it at the wrong time - other days you just cannot seem to stop winning. I think the fifteen individual reels increases the variance dramatically, and whilst I know enormous wins are definitely possible on this game, I've yet to see anybody really get a glimpse of its potential.
oneLoVegg 55 reviews
Jack Hammer and Jack Hammer 2 is very interesting online slots. Jack Hammer 2 is a bit better than first, because it has more line. But be careful with it, because this is also mean 0.50 lowest bet, it is very high, and not play this slot if you not have 50+ euros on balance.

I tried this slot couple of times, but I rarely play it. I try to describe why. I think Jack Hammer 2 slot is very good when you want to play long. Because in short overview, slot very slowly took money in most cases. You will get features, but most likely features will just return some money. Game is very interesting, this is true. 'Sticky wins' feature is one of the best that I ever see, always keep me happy but usually I get many only bad symbols, never had many jacks.

Freespins to trigger is a bit unusual, needed 5 or more scatters, but sticky win feature is helping here. Multiplier in freespins only x 2, but there is very important feature during freespins 'random wild' can add you wild at random, and of course this is really helpful during freespins, it is much more easier to get good win.

My experience with slot is average, mostly times I played Jack Hammer 2 I get tired from it and left with almost same balance. But once it was in terrible position, I had 80 euros on balance, and start playing, of course I choose 0.50 per spin, never higher with such balance. I keep losing and losing, till hit freespins(only 10), at 35 euros balance mark. Feature paid me 15 euros, and I decide to stop playing this slot, and left it with 30 euros loss. Be careful and like I said not go crazy with bet size. Slot can pay very good, but it is very rare event, I never had good payout at Jack Hammer 2.
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