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Fruit Case Slot

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It's time to get crazy with Fruit Case. This 20-line video slot is jam-packed with plenty of ways to strike it rich. With an emphasis on the falling of the symbols, Fruit Case delivers unique gameplay elements. If you want to play Fruit Case for real money, just sign up at any NetEnt casino.

Begin a game by deciding how much you want to bet per spin. Due to the design of the game, all 20 lines are mandatory. Click the buttons to the left and right of Coin Value to adjust the coin denomination. Available sizes range from 0.01 to 0.50. Next, press the button to the left and right of Bet Level to change the number of coins wagered on every line. Press the circular arrow button to begin spinning, or use Max Bet to spin with 10 coins on every line. Click Autoplay to play several times in a row.

What makes Fruit Case such an insane video slot is the avalanche feature. If you get any payline win, all winning symbols will be squished, and gravity will make more fruits, preserves, wilds, or blenders pour in. With each of these avalanches, the wild multiplier increases by 2. It's like getting up to four spins for the price of one! Best of all, Fruit Case also has a Free Fall feature that can be won at any time. Just get 3 Free Fall blenders from left-to-right in succession to win 10 free spins at a tripled multiplier. So take a chance on these loony fruits and see if they'll be kind to you!

Game Play

Coin Value: Adjust the coin denomination.
Bet Level: Change the bet per line.
Circular arrow button: Spin at the chosen bet.
Max Bet: Spin at a bet of 10 coins on every line.
Autoplay: Spin several times consecutively.

Fruit Case Slot Reviews by Players


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raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Yet another Gonzo's Quest style machine with "avalanche" symbols as NetEnt like to call this design, though I still always think of it as "Rolling Reels" as I first got into these types of games over at Microgaming casinos! Fruit Case shares a number of features with Gonzo however the multipliers are better in the base game, ranging from x2 to x8 for subsequent symbol combinations and the games wild symbol also shows an ascending multiplier as well but don't be fooled as this isn't an additional multiplier, it is merely representing which overall multiplier is active on the current spin which is very misleading in my opinion.

The games base paytable is quite steeply curved, I like the fact you can win up to 100x your bet for a full line of the strawberry symbols, potentially up to 800x if the 8x multiplier is active, but that is as far as the wins stretch in this game and the games other symbols drop in value very quickly so don't expect to see much above 100x your stake very often.

Fruit Case isn't a particularly attractive game, the symbols are fairly basic and bland and I think it is definitely showing it's age now. You need to score the free spins symbols on an active payline on reels one, two and three in order to trigger the bonus game which can be very difficult and infuriating when you manage to get all three symbols on screen yet they don't trigger the free spins as their placement is not on an active payline! There are no additional multipliers during free spins either, I guess as a result of the extra multiplier placed on the wild symbols, and more often than not the result of my free spins was very poor.

This game also suffers from one of my major pet hates with on-line slots, the "big win!" notification appears on screen making a big song and dance even on very low wins - I've seen it appear after winning just 9x my stake, how on earth can that be regarded as a big win?! I'm not sure exactly how low the trigger is set but it's blatantly way too low.
zerooo 742 reviews
Fruit Case is nice designed video slot with 5 reels and 20 pay lines. It is powered by NetEnt software provider. I like design into this game with all funny fruits symbols.

I played this game only a few times and I like it. The game is very interesting because it has falling down symbols with multipliers. Like at as Gonzo's Quest or some other video slots. Here the multipliers are x2, x4, x6 and x8. I think this is good. When I was playing it, I received back nice winnings. They were almost all decent, sometimes I also had winnings which were smaller than x2 bet.

I like this game because it has x8 multiplier. But it is very hard to get this multiplier, you need to have a lot of luck. The free spins feature is even more interesting because all winnings are at x3 multiplier. I had some nice winnings there, my best result was around x 50 total bet stake. It is really good because there are the same multipliers like as at base game and even additional x3 multiplier on all winnings. I think this is great, I have not seen many games with this kind of free spins feature.

I think this game could provide some big winnings because it has also good paytable. The pay outs during my gameplay session were good, I do not have any bad words to say about it.

I will rate it with 9 stars. I enjoy while I was playing it and I think I should play it more often. I do not like video slots with fruit theme so much, but Fruit Case is funny themed game and I like it. I would recommend it to all players to try it out. I like it and I am sure many players / gamblers like it.
blondie 1094 reviews
Fruit case slot from Netent software is one of the games I explored for myself only this month. I had played it a little before but there were always some other games for me to play, until recently, when I gave it another shot. This game has 5 reels, 20 paylines and a free spins bonus round. As you can imagine, it has fruit theme and to be honest, although I love most of Netent designs, this look from them isn't my favorite. I like that the fruits have faces and they are fun, but for me it looks little childish.

I really like that the minimum bets are only 0.20€. And this game has avalanche feature both in free spins and base game. Whenever you get a winning, the winning symbols will explode and new ones will come into their places, for each subsequent win the multiplier goes up, from 2x to even 8x. Few days ago I spent some time with it and I managed to get many nice winnings with 6x multiplier and few times with 8x multiplier, and overall I think this feature makes game very exciting.

10 free spins are triggered when 3 scatters land from leftmost to right, in succession, and that is something I really dislike, it makes them much harder to trigger. It took me more than 300 spins to trigger free spin round, but luckily it paid almost 100x bet because the free falls have 3x multiplier. However, since there is also a wild symbol in base and free games that substitutes for all symbols, it makes the free spins triggering a little easier and I experienced this as well. Also the wild symbol really helps making decent winning combinations.

Overall this is really great game and I absolutely recommend it and I will play it a lot, I can tell. The payouts were really good, last time I triggered 4 free spin rounds and they all paid from 70x to 90x bet, and what is great, thanks to avalanche multipliers, I experienced 80x bet winning on base game too. I really love games where you can get good winnings on base game too, not only wait for free spins. Although I am not a big fan of the design, the payouts makes this game really superb.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Fruit Case is one of the funniest slots I have seen in NetEnt. Usually fruit case is someone who has lost their mind and here it is literally fruits that lost their mind. The symbols are very funny making goofy faces and the slot has a very cheerful gameplay. The graphic and animations are descent and the main target in this slot is simplicity in design. This slot works on the free fall principle and I like the fact that the symbols fall fast so the overall gameplay is also fast.

This game is very similar to Gonzo’s Quest in its features. The paytable is descent and the highest paying symbol awards a win of 2000 coins. This doesn’t look like much but considering the high multiplier the wilds can have you can get some incredible payouts here. The wild symbols in the game have an initial x 2 multiplier when a win occurs. For every next spin the multiplier increases by 2 and the end win with a wild has a multiplier x 8. The wilds in the game come very often so the wins vary from medium to occasional big wins.

This game also offers a free fall bonus which is triggered when you get at least 3 free fall symbols. You get 10 free spins with a chance to retrigger them and the best part is that all wins in the bonus game are x 3. Needless to say that with a few wins in a row the last spin with a wild win has a 24 x multiplier which is incredible.

This game can be very profitable and I prefer it more than Gonzo. The free falls come more often and the wins seem bigger. The game can produce wins well over 100 x bet in the bonus game and well over 200 x bet if you manage to retrigger them. My biggest win here so far is about 180 x bet but I hope to improve that score in the future.
The only thing I don’t like is that scatters have to land on the first 3 reels to trigger the bonus. It can be really frustrating at times.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Fruit Case is the second game today with fruit theme but to me it is much more than just a one of the available games. Netent did a very good job and made a very attractive slot with features that will help you boost your balance and have a lots of fun.

Cute symbols all over around, happy and colorful, looking at you and calling to spinning.
Oh yes, they are very attractive and then we will add some special ingredients to this juicy fruit salad which could make you crazy and wanting some more to keep spinning and spinning because this game makes you feel great. There are two features and its Free Fall and Avalanche.5 reels, 20 paylines and fruit and jam jars crushed each time when comes out wining combination. A, Q, K letters comes as the jam jars, fruit faces like strawberries, oranges, lemon. Fruit case is the wild and it comes with 2 x, 4 x, 6 x and 8 x multiplier. Free Fall symbol comes with blender and it looks like lovely strawberries smoothie and I already feel the taste. Free spins here are Free falls which I like, like in thein Gonzos Quest which is another great game, sweet and cute game that could pay you really big and features free falls and multiplier x 5. Once you have got 3 Free Falls symbols in a line you get 10 Free Falls and all wins with multiplier x3 and Free Falls could be retriggered.

Avalanche feature means that winning combinations get squashed and disappear and more symbols falling and possibly making some more wins. This is similar to Free fall feature with one expectations and its with every Avalanche wild gets higher multiplier, up to x 8 in Fruit Case.

Now if you are wondering did I made any significant progress in Fruit Case, my answer is no, but only because of the limited bankroll, for now.

If you are looking for some fun, don't wait and play Fruit Case.
paquito76 867 reviews
Fruit Case is a little cute slot from NetEnt and basically it’s a fruit game but the interface got a little different displaying wear. The different kinds of fruits figures have funny illustrations and they’re supplemented by deck symbols as they’re labeled on jars. The entire look of the game is very sweet, the graphics are quite good and the humorous atmosphere it creates is respectable.

Fortunately, this is not a complicated game (and I think we can predict it from the appearance) and we don’t expect too much features from it. The slot chose to use ‘falling symbols’ displaying method instead of the traditional reel spinning scheme and it’s almost obvious at these type of games that one of the feature they offer is the ‘re-fall’ feature meaning each and every time when a winning combination can be visible on the reels the symbols that are the member of that combo disappear giving out their spots to the figures above them and create spaces for newcomers and new winnings to be completed. At Fruit Case every newly arranged table brings a win value multiplier that can be from x2 up to x8 and every fresh wins reward according to the used multiplier. These multipliers are increased spin by spin until no new wins are completed.

I never was a big fan of this kind of feature because I think it is only very rare times usable and even less times it can be real profitable so for me this feature at this slot is not a real attractive attribute. But the free spin feature is which is activated after getting 3 Free Fall icons on the first three reels. During that spins all wins are calculated by the help of a x3 multiplier and I really like here that this feature can be re-triggered. Not once happened that I could thank some nice wins to the increased numbers of free games after I was lucky to get a series of triggering emblems again. Basically this is the best part of the game, I mean, this is the best paying segment of the slot even though collecting a 5 of a kind win with Strawberries (unfortunately I haven’t witness this situation yet) would also be a nice achievement which is worth 2000 times of line bet.

Personally, for me playing at this game is more about to have some fun and be in an entertaining environment than to win big. I think the slot doesn't really possess that ability to provide that but it’s really suitable to cause some enjoyable, humorous moments. Actually, I like fruit slots more in traditional depiction way and I don’t really an admirer of these kind of features so I can safely say that this is definitely not my type of game but as I said I really appreciate the little positive atmosphere it creates and some little success on it also don’t let me to say bad things about Fruit Case but in my book this slot can’t get out of the mediocre caste and for me it’s not that game that I would be excited to play with.
sencize 193 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Fruit case is video slot from Netent casinos which I played few times but I never quite managed to win something big. I don't prefer slots that use falling instead of spinning reels but this one seemed interesting. Its theme are fruits and fruit jars which get crushed when winning combination occur and to fill their places new symbols fall. With every crushing and new symbols arrival multiplier of wins grows up to X 8. Since this Netent game can be played from a low 0,20 cents per round I find it useful when you go short on money and trying to recover your balance.

Fruit case pulled me from bottom in one casino when I had only few euros left. I did not get very big wins but a lot of mid range wins from euro to three euros. This slot has a free falls instead of free spins which are basically the same. When you get three blenders with free falls written on them 10 free falls are rewarded with x 3 prizes. They must come in succession from left column to award free falls. This feature is very hard to trigger for me and for few times I did get it it payed around ten euros on minimum bet which is small amount considering how difficult is to trigger them. I must compliment this slot for fruit animations which are very funny to see especially yellow one i think is lemon lol. The sounds however sound awkward and I don't like them very much.

This slot has a specific game play and I think it has targeted audience. It is pretty slow so you can play it a long time without loosing much money. Don't expect spectacular wins or a action packed game play with Fruit case slot but you can expect constant small payouts and a hours of gambling with few euros on your account. This is enough for me to keep this slot as a back up in case I need to recover from big loses.

The rating I am giving Fruit case slot is nine out of ten stars.
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
Somebody we all know made a good win on this Fruit Case game recently, so I thought I’d give it a try too. I’ve never played it before and I don’t really know what to expect of it. As I found out, it’s probably an oldie by today’s standard, because the graphics quality and the sound effects of Fruit Case are nothing spectacular like any of the newer games – they are just of standard acceptable quality, but I wasn’t expecting much anyway. 1 star down.

The symbols in the paytable have a reasonably acceptable win values to them, the highest paying symbol having only 2000x line bet, so reasonably good wins can be hoped for from the avalanches and from the win multipliers of up to 8x. Not bad actually, but not really sufficient for good payouts, in my opinion. 1 star down.

There isn’t any bonus game or any other special features in Fruit Case, except for a Free Fall free spins game. Usually, the winning blocks would explode, disappear and new blocks would come down in their places, but in Fruit Case, the icons are crushed instead. Ouch! Poor fruits and jars - crushed and splattered into oblivion! Each avalanche of falling blocks increases the win multiplier from 2x up to 8x and there are 10 free spins to gather up as much wins as possible. More free spins can be won during the free spins play, which is good and exciting. 1 star down.

Throughout the game, the payouts that I got are hardly anything to shout about, the highest being only about 50x my bet amount, even with that 8x win multiplier. The total coins won may look like a lot, but the monetary value wasn’t really that much. Those many small wins that I got are actually losses, which ate away on mu credits. For a short while, my bankroll played yo-yo, going up and down, but eventually it withered out to nothing. 1 star down.

Did I enjoy playing Fruit Case? Well, hardly and not really! It was fun at first, but there wasn’t anything there that kept up my interest. Good payouts would certainly have kept my interest, but none came for me, and there are certainly many better games out there for me to play on regularly and try to make wins from. No, no Fruit Case for me. 1 star down.
yapro 790 reviews
Fruit case it is net entertainment video slot, and i think this game very similar to net entertainment one of the most popular slots gonzo's quest. Here we also have avalanche feature and increasing multiplier.
This game also has 20 paylines, but apart from gonzo's quest, here not every win have increasing multiplier, only wilds get boosting multipliers, which is x2, x4, x6, and x8. Max win in base game is x800, 5 strawberries with x8 wild multiplier will award x 800 total bet. Wilds did not have payout itself, so not need to think about i get 5 wilds and get a lot of money. Also in this game is possible to get freespins, 3 scatters on first 3 reels and on payline will activate 10 freespins with x 3 multiplier, and apart from wilds multiplier, x 3 working even without wild in combination. Wilds appear rare on this game in my experience, and most freespins round pay something like 50x - 100x total bet, but biggest wins of course possible, 5 strawberries in freespins with x8 multiplier will pay huge 2400 x total bet, but my own best result after freespins is just something like x 200 total bet, base game also mostly award smallish wins like 10x or 20x total bet, but sometimes of course can award something much more great. I not sure is this my unluck, or something other, but i find that it is really hard to get big win on this game, it is possible, but i never win anything really decent on this game.
Medium variance game with nice chances to pay big money, in freespins it can be 2400 x total bet, but generally wilds appear rare, and if i need to choose fruit case or gonzo's quest, i will choose gonzo's quest. This slot not bad at all, i just did not like that only wilds have multiplier, and other wins with no wild did not have it.
katemak 1170 reviews
Fruit Case, ohh I just love this game. Fruit Case is a Netent game so that means my favorites games. On this game I had very good winning which twice I wagered the bonus from 2 casinos and even cashout ,only on this game. Fruit Case is 5 reel and 20 paylines slot which you can bet from up to 10 coins. This game basically its about fruits and jars.

The smallest winnings are when you hit the Jars which they in red,blue,violet color and then comes the fruits like Orange ,well from all the fruits I like hitting this one ,once from 1 spins and my bet was 0.40 euros i got 100 euros from those Oranges so I love them haha.The next feature which can bring you good amount of winnings are the Strawberry ,the pears which they pay out the least and lemons .

The think about this game whenever you have 3 the same fruits or Jars or the wild which is X2 and it appears most often,X 4 ,X6 and X 8 ,so whenever you have 3 the same that's how you win and the wild features is going up ,from 2 ,6 and 8.
So when you got 3 the same color Jars or fruit or more the selected symbols are crushing and they make place so another fruit or jars to come instead of them ,similar like Gonzo Quest.Before Gonzo Quest was my number 1 game but now its Fruit Case ,because it can really bring you good money.

The free spins features are Blenders they appear from left to right but if you got them in the diagonal like Gonzo Quest you had won 20 free spins and this free spins can really be generous .My last play with this slot was really terrific when form those 20 free spins i had 458 euros win ,but my bet was 1 euro.

So my opinion this is great game and any fan of Netent games should try it ,because it can really surprise you !
I first played Fruit case after Ask Gamblers very own Cocopop recommended it for completing wagering requirements! Fruit case is a 20 line Fruit and Jam jar themed game produced by Net-Ent with nice graphics.

In Fruit case the symbols fall down as opposed to the usual spinning round of the traditional slot machine. Fruit case has different fruit Symbols that can make your line wins these include Strawberries, Oranges, Lemons, Pears the high variance symbols (the best I have managed is 5 oranges).
Fruit case also has jars with A,K and Q.

The best aspect of t Fruit case however is the multiplier wild symbols these range from 2x to 8x. In addition to this there is a sliding scale with multipliers ranging from 2x-8x on the back of each win, the scale keeps going up until the player stops hitting wins this can make for incredible wins even at small bets!

What every player of Fruit case is after though is the free falls feature this is triggered when you hit 3 or more Free Fall blender symbols or 2 free fall symbols with any multiplier wild symbol this unlocks 10 free falls. If you are very lucky though and get this combination diagonally you will win 20 free falls! In free falls players have the same multiplier symbols, sliding scale multiplier and everything is x3 on every hit too! This makes it possible to win hundreds even on very minimum bet levels and thousands on £1 plus bet level! This can happen because if you hit an 8x multiplier with best combinations that's x24 alone hit this when sliding scale is at 8x and you do the maths! Massive wins capable!

Not alone is Fruit case capable of huge wins its actually fun to play when you strike a winning combination symbols are squashed and removed to make room for the next symbols on the reels. This is actually hilarious when it's the premium symbols being squashed their eyes kind of pop out you need to play to see the funny side!

I have had mixed results with fruit case but have experienced over 200x my bet on more than one occasion. Once when I struck the 5 oranges at 40p bet with 4x multiplier symbol £80! Had this been in free spins I could have landed a fortune just for this one line win!

I highly recommend Fruit case to anyone. But betting low to begin with is my suggested method as it can go through some cold streaks before winning big. I give Fruit case 8/10 Nearly a perfect slot machine!
First of all I would like to say that I disagree a bit with Icymod. I like Fruit Shop more than Fruit Case, and I will try to explain why in this review. Basically Fruit Case is a cross between Gonzo's Quest and Fruit Shop in my opinion. The symbols look a tad bit different from Fruit Shop, since they look much more sophisticated in there.

Fruit Case has 20 paylines and 5 reels just like Gonzo's Quest. In that aspect it has 5 more paylines compared to Fruit Shop. However, Fruit Case also has free falls and a Wild Multiplier which keeps increasing after every win. After a winning combination the symbols basically crumble, while the wild multiplier increases.

But unlike Gonzo's Quest, only winning combinations that are made with the wild multiplier are eligible for a multiplier win. The wild multiplier starts with 2x and gradually increases to 4x, 6x and eventually 8x. In addition the wild symbol can be used to replace the Free Falls symbol. The free falls symbols only appear on reels 1, 2 and 3.

If you manage to get them on the first three reels on a payline, you'll receive 10 free spins and an extra 3x multiplier. The minimum bet is 20 cents on this slot btw. I played it on 1 euro bets on average though. There are some things that I wasn't happy about though.

When I played Fruit Case I found it incredibly difficult to hit any fruit symbols. Even a 3oak was quite difficult to do. Basically most hits mainly exist of the card symbols. Often you would get like 1x to 3x bet size win after the increasing multiplier was done. So basically I would never win too much playing this game, nor lose too much. It seriously made me wonder what's the point of playing since a big hit seemed to be hard to reach.

I guess Fruit Case is the most efficient to play when trying to fulfil the wagering requirements. My biggest hit is still from the free spins, when I managed to win 30x bet size eventually. Even though Fruit Shop has less free spins and less paylines, I think that slot has more potential and ability than Fruit Case.

My final rating for Fruit Case is 6.5/10.
Icymod 758 reviews
Fruit Case is a 20 Paylines video slot from NetEnt that can surprise me from time to time. In my opinion Fruit Case is much better than fruit shop because of the amount of free spins it gives once the feature gets triggered. It means I won't have to slave working for 1 or 2 measly free spins for every winning fruit combination. That can be very annoying each time winning fruits would pay out, it's just as annoying as the random wild griffin symbol appearing on a random symbol in the MG slot Great Griffin. I hate that so much especially if it never made a win!

Now Fruit Case's feature is 10 Free falls at 3x for 3 blenders from left to right! My bets to use are 2 coins, there is much better value to be had on this bet than anything higher. I even won $20 for landing five lemons on a payline in just the main game! Hard to argue that a small bet like $0.40 would turn in a 50x win! What keeps me going are those nice multiplier crates and free falls after a winning combination. They keep my interests to a very high point in Fruit Case.

Now to tell you what feature is best when it comes to Fruit Case and Gonzo's quest I believe Fruit Case would be better because the multipliers as well as the crates combined together make up a big win. As with Gonzos quest the initial multipliers are only at 5x and tripled to 15x during the free falls. Gonzos feature is a sure win but I'd prefer to play out the Fruit case free falls to find high potentials of winning big even though these two slots are equally my good slots to choose when playing under a casino.

Wild crate multipliers increasing on every consecutive win, a free falls round providing initially good to great potentials of winning big and overall Fruit Case is an 8.6 out of 10 for me!

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