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Interview with Kirill Mamzilov of 1win Partners

Interview with Kirill Mamzilov, Head of Affiliates at 1win Partners

Recently we had a lovely Q and A session with Kirill Mamzilov, Head of Affiliates at 1win Partners, which provided us with plenty of insight into the intricate world of affiliate marketing, Kirill’s personal management style, and the inner workings of 1win Partners. Today we share the interview in its entirety with you.

Hello, Kirill and thank you for taking the time to talk to us today. Let’s start from the very beginning. Could you tell us what sparked your interest in affiliate marketing? How did you initially break into the field? 

My introduction to affiliate marketing began in 2015 and it was a challenge to get up to speed. Soon I found myself deeply interested in exploring a field that was brand new to me. The opportunity for unbounded growth, combined with the fast-paced nature of affiliate marketing, quickly absorbed me. Now, nine years on, I've been steadily working within this sector, exploring different verticals and constantly refining my skills.

How did your journey with 1win Partners start? What opportunities has working at 1win Partners brought you over time?

I joined 1win Partners in 2021 as the Affiliate Team Leader. At that time, the CPA department was still in its formative stages. Right from the beginning, I had the opportunity to shape and develop the department by hiring and training staff and playing a significant role in enhancing our Affiliate Program alongside its supporting software. I also actively contributed to the development of the 1win product and its expansion into new markets. The experience has been truly invaluable, allowing me to develop mastery over my career.

Could you share your early experiences with the company?

I was really impressed by the warm welcome I received at the company. The culture here deeply values family and the individual worth of each employee. I was particularly struck by the effective interaction between departments. Moreover, the opportunities for personal and professional growth, along with the resources provided by the company, were truly remarkable.

Would you say your trajectory in becoming a department head was fast? Also, how did you handle the promotion? How quickly did you adapt? 

I believe that the importance lies not in the title of your position but in the opportunities it presents. I spent a significant amount of time horizontally developing the CPA department, opening new sub-departments, and establishing offices abroad.

So, my promotion to the head of the department was a significant milestone for me because it opened up even more avenues for personal growth and corporate development. I was able to quickly adapt to my new role as a leader because I had been deeply involved in the department's and company's key processes. This prior involvement facilitated a smooth transition into my new responsibilities.

Could you take a moment to reflect on the first major decision you made in your leadership role?

My first major decision was to devise a strategic departmental development plan for the upcoming year. This pivotal move set a clear direction for the CPA department’s growth over the next year, helped streamline our processes, and established specific goals for all teams involved.

How would you describe your management style? Is it tough to manage a team? How do you deal with challenges that may arise? 

I would describe my management style as democratic. I give my team members a certain level of autonomy while providing support and guidance to help them make decisions. All critical decisions are ultimately made by me, but it's essential for me to consider the insights of key staff members. This approach not only boosts job satisfaction but also enhances productivity across the board.

Is managing a team difficult? Not when you're passionate about your work and adept at efficiently organizing departmental processes. This ability comes with experience in team management. I've learned to address challenges calmly, viewing each as a new opportunity for growth and improvement.

What key piece of advice would you offer to an affiliate manager aspiring to leadership?

Don't hesitate to make decisions and have the courage to take bold steps; this is the attitude required to succeed in this industry.

Finally, what makes 1win Partners the go-to choice for affiliates?

1win Partners stands out with its rapidly evolving top-tier product, offering local payment solutions in each operating country. We boast our own game development team, high retention rates, and impressive LTV metrics. Our flexible terms of cooperation and highly skilled managers assist with everything from offer selection to tracker setup.

Moreover, we provide fast payouts and real-time statistics. 1win Casino is more than just a casino or betting platform; it's a complete entertainment platform catering to diverse tastes.

We wish to thank Kirill for his answering our questions earnestly and honestly, and to wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavours with 1win Partners.

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