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Learn Basic Online Gambling Terms

The Essential Betting Glossary of Gambling Terms, Gambling Phrases and Gambling Terminology

Being new to anything can be scary, so why would starting out in the world of online gambling be any different? However, even if you’re a bona fide online gambling rookie, don’t despair! Lucky for you we’ve decided to compile a glossary of some of the most common online gambling idioms that you should be familiar with - especially if you’ve only just now decided to try out online slots and see what iGaming is all about.

Online Gambling Glossary and iGaming Terms

Confused about casino bonuses? Not sure what ‘max bet’ means? Can’t tell the difference between classic and video slots? No worries! Just sit back, relax and let us present to you the beginner’s guide to online gambling terms.

Introducing Basic Online Gambling Terms and Phrases

Without further ado, we present to you a gambling dictionary - a list of the most basic terms you will come across in your everyday online gambling endavours and their meanings.

Balance: the amount of money you have in your online casino account that you can use to make bets and play online casino games.

Beginner’s luck: legend says newbie gamblers tend to win while playing for the first time. Is it real? Who can tell! Beginner’s luck is also referred to as the honeymoon period.

Bet max, also maximum bet and max bet: the maximum amount you can wager on a spin in online slots.

Bonus, also casino bonus and online casino bonus: an online casino bonus is an incentive offered to players by online casinos, usually in the form of money, with the aim to encourage players to continue playing, change up their gaming routine and increase their chances of winning.

Cashback: a form of a casino bonus where you’re offered a chance to get a percentage of your losses back. Cashback bonuses can be real money (withdrawable) or bonus money (only used for further playing in the casino).

Classic slot, also fruit machine: classic slots were the first-ever online slots, reminiscent of the old-fashioned land-based slot machines with just three reels. Classic slots are also called fruit slots because of their characteristic fruit symbols - cherries, lemons, plums and the like.

Classic slots were some of the first-ever online slots, designed to remind players of the old-fashioned slot machines at land-based casinos.

Deposit: a certain sum you need to place in your account in order to play in an online casino.

Free Spins: this casino phrase can mean two things. When it comes to online slots, Free Spins refers to an amount of spins players win in the game that they don’t pay for. Free Spins can also refer to a casino bonus that can be used on specific slots. Nowadays, however, this type of bonus is more often that not referred to as Extra Spins and Casino Spins.

High roller: high roller gambler is a player who bets large amounts of money. Also referred to as the gambling whale or, more commonly, the whale.

House edge: a casino’s average profit from a player’s bet or their chance of winning over its players. Expressed in percentages.

Jackpot: a prize consisting of players’ accumulative bets, usually found in progressive jackpot slots. May also refer to a slot’s largest built-in payout.

Mobile slot: online slots designed to be played on mobile devices. Most casinos are now optimised for mobile phones, with a large percentage even offering their own mobile casino apps.

Payline, also betting terminology and winning line: in slot machines a line on the reels or a combination of symbols that results in a win.

Payout percentage, also Return to Player, usually abbreviated as RTP: RTP is usually defined as the theoretical amount bet on a slot or another casino game that will be paid back to players over a certain amount of time. More information on RTP can be found here.

Paytable: a table inside a slot where you can find all the basic information about the slot, most notably its winning combinations, symbol values and special features.

To learn all the basic information about an online slot, and most importantly the value of each symbol and how bonus features are triggered, all you need to do is check its paytable.

Progressive jackpot: a jackpot whose value increases the more players play and bet on the slot. 

Progressive jackpot slot: a slot where you can win a progressive jackpot.

Random Number Generator, usually abbreviated as RNG: a mechanism that generates random numbers and combinations for every spin, keeping the outcome fair.

Reel: usually a column (even though it can take other forms) where slot symbols are located and which spins in order to create winning combinations.

Rollover, playthrough or wagering requirements: the total number of time you need to play through your casino bonus, or more precisely, bet your deposit amount, bonus amount or both deposit and bonus, depending on the specifications, in order to withdraw the winning from the bonus.

Scatter symbol: a slot symbol that can appear on any line, even those that aren’t winning paylines. Their biggest advantage is that they trigger Free Spins.

Video slot: the majority of online slots nowadays are video slots. Their initial distinction from classic slots was that they had five reels instead of three, richer graphics, animations, multiple payline and diverse bonus features. Today there are thousands of different types of video slots and they continue to evolve every single day.

Wild symbol, wild card or, simply, wild: a symbol that works as a substitute for any other symbol, apart from the scatter. A wild symbol creates winning combinations where otherwise there wouldn’t have been one.

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That’s it for today! We tried to make it as short as possible, with only the most basic of gambling slang with a bunch of gambling words.

However, if you would like to expand your gambling glossary knowledge while also learning various gambling terms for winning, feel free to check out our Gambling Guide and, more precisely, the Gambling Glossary chapter, where you’ll discover a variety of other gambling expressions and instantly upgrade your gaming lingo.

Got a comment? Come say hi at our forum - we’re in the mood to talk gambling terms (and all kinds of words associated with gambling) any day of the week!

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