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How to Become a High Roller or a Casino Whale

How to Become a High Roller: Guide to Playing Like a Casino Whale

If the last time you looked yourself in the mirror you saw a gambling whale - a classy, determined, wealthy player - you may just be one step closer to officially becoming a high roller gambler.

The lines below will shed some light on the very usual how to be a high roller dilemma and the whole lot that comes with that status. What is more, we'll be talking about everything from what is a high roller to the benefits of being a high roller and interesting casino whale stories that go with them.

Stick with us for all the information that defines high roller position, and all additional, relevant material. While you're here, also make sure to check out the second episode of our podcast for all you need to know about casino bonuses.

What is a High Roller? High Roller Definition and Meaning 

Although there isn't just one high roller definition, it is known that high rollers are experienced gamblers with a lot of money and no fear of gambling that money (away). They revel in the best perks at casinos and are known for enjoying the most-coveted status in gambling.

Being a high roller means a player is offered (if playing in land-based casinos) a private jet that flies them to the casino and a limousine waiting to take them wherever needed. Penthouse suites followed by the finest dining and entertainment go without saying. Yet, what is considered a high roller in Vegas or any other land-based casino doesn't necessarily apply to online gambling. Why? Obvious reasons.

While brick and mortar casinos support a glamorous lifestyle for a high roller (as described above) as a part of their image, online casinos are, in their nature, different. With that in mind, online casinos offer different types of perks to high rollers like better playing conditions, a super favourable selection of high roller bonuses, higher deposit and withdrawal limits, negotiable comps, and similar.

High rollers are experienced gamblers with a lot of money and no fear of gambling that money (away).

High rollers are also known as "whales" and "money players". Ordinarily, they are the ones with the deepest pockets, a keen sense for a game they should play, and a way to play it. However, to be officially labelled as a high roller, you have to bet a lot. But, it’s not just the wealth you bring into the game; every high roller is known for betting a lot, tipping big, and confidently arriving at a game – in style.

How Much do High Rollers Bet?

For a player to get a high roller status, they must gamble large sums of money. A casino high roller doesn't have to be a person of a particular social and economic status; as long as they put a hefty amount of money on the gaming table, and keep doing so for an extended period of time, they will be considered a high roller. So, if you are wondering how to become a high roller, the answer is (kind of) simple: prepare a lot of money for your casino gameplay, online or land-based.

A casino high roller doesn't have to be a person of a particular social and economic status; they simply need to be consistent in betting hefty amounts for an extended period of time.

The high roller math is this: the more money a high roller gambler leaves in a casino, the more will that same casino love them and find ways to keep them a regular customer/player.

High Limit Slot Strategy and Odds

All slots are created equal, but some slots seem to be more equal than others – the high roller slots. While there is no difference concerning slots rules and how you place the symbols and spin the reels, there are two features of these games that differ when high rollers are in question:

  • Their betting limits are much higher

Unlike regular slot machines whose lowest wager counts in pennies, high limit games can require as high of a wager as 25 USD

  • They pay much more

The point of wagering high is scoring high, right? In that sense, high limit games pay much more than regular games, with their paytable often starting with hundreds of dollars (or some other currency the casino operates with). These machines resemble (but aren't literally) jackpot machines, as they can pay nearly as much as those. However, they are just slot machines that pay bigger.

What Are High Roller Bonuses?

High rollers, aka big-spending players at online casinos or land-based ones usually get preferential treatment while playing. Being part of VIP programs, high rollers are likely to be able to claim promotions and bonuses that suit their lavish spending lifestyle.

Still, while the bonuses designed for high rollers are quite sizeable (and they usually differ from regular bonus offers), they do require large deposits. This is where our online casino bonus guide can come in handy, laying out all of the essential aspects of casino promotions.

High Roller Table, Hostess & Other Benefits of Being a Casino High-Roller

Whether you wager small sums frequently at your favourite online casinos or you spend considerable sums of cash, you may find yourself invited to a high-roller program. If you are drawn to the idea, here are some benefits to remember: 

  • Most online casinos have a range of tailor-made deals available exclusively for high rollers and VIPs that can include everything from higher rates of cashback and more frequent deposit bonuses to gifts, special birthday or anniversary bonuses, more loyalty points per stake, more substantial casino bonuses and special entry offers into slot and table competitions that aren't available for regular casino players
  • Some online casinos prioritise high rollers over regular players when new games are released, i.e., let them play the game(s) a few days before everybody else. Furthermore, high rollers are usually encouraged to wager more money per game than regular players
  • High rollers usually have access to holidays and exclusive events, trips to land-based casinos, red-carpet events, movie premieres, and much more
  • Perks of fast deposits and withdrawals is one of the many great things about being a high roller. Additionally, high rollers are often given the option of depositing in a way that's not displayed for regular players. Faster withdrawal times and better withdrawal limits are also a common perk for high rollers 
  • Online casinos most usually provide customised and personalised support for their VIP players and high rollers. Some casinos even dedicate a support agent per each high roller. These personalised support agents focus on keeping the high roller clientele happy, because, being a high roller equals casino royalty
  • High rollers playing at online casinos will ordinarily have a high limit hostess assigned to them. What is a high limit hostess, actually? This is a personal concierge of a high roller, taking care of their needs

Perks of becoming a high roller gambler at an online casino are many for sure, but you still shouldn't lose sight of your objective budget possibilities. 

What is a Low Roller?

A low roller player is a gambler who sticks to low limit bet tables. However, the fact low roller players gamble this way doesn't make them any less good than high rollers. Low rolling is a gambling preference that still can help players score a lot of money just by betting smart and following a system. The only bad news for low rollers (if it's bad, at all) is that they won't receive special treatment from the casino they are playing in. 

Low rolling is a gambling preference that still can help players score a lot of money just by betting smart and following a system.

Most online casinos assign betting limits to avoid something that is referred to as bet bullying. Bet bullying is the concept that includes a wealthy player who pushes a much higher bet than normal on a player with considerably smaller funds. 

Casino Whale: What Does it Mean to Be a Whale in Gambling?

In casino terms, whale gambling is identical to high roller gambling. As with high rollers, there's no fixed definition of what's a gambling whale but only surrounding supposition and terminology. 

You become a gambling whale by consistently betting high, for a course of months/years. However, not all high rollers are treated equally; those who bet a, say, $100 per game won't have the same treatment as those who leave a $1,000 per blackjack hand. 

Contrary to popular belief, whales don't normally add too much to a casino's bottom-line. Mostly, casinos make the most money from middle and upper-class players.

Casino Whale Stories: Famous High Rollers

Being a high roller is an expensive sport, and it is no surprise that celebrities indulge this status more than "regular people". After all, they have the means to support it, but not many have the guts to be a real money player.

But, who are some of the famous names we know that are, actually, high rollers? Here's a short list of celebrity whales:

Dana White – Dana White is owner of the UFC, a global sporting event that generates enormous amounts of pay per view revenue. Dana is a huge Vegas tipper, known to be leaving over $100k tips to blackjack dealers and 5 figure tips for perfectly cooked steaks. Dana is a high roller of the classiest type.

Michael Jordan – Possibly one of the greatest athletes of all time whose first retirement was rumoured to be due to his gambling (problem) has been known to be a genuine real money player and a star high roller. Mr Jordan's loss of over $1 million over a game of golf is still the talk of the gambling world.  

Ben Affleck – An actor whose extreme gambling lifestyle lead to a divorce, Ben Affleck is known for being a high roller and a highly skilled card counter who, due to his skill, has been physically removed from at least two casinos. 

George Clooney – Mr Clooney may just be what gamblers think of when they think of a Vegas whale. Known for his love of gambling, the actor visits Las Vegas casinos every time he is in town. Although rumoured to have poor luck at the tables, he never misses out on a good game. 

Tiger Woods – In high roller circles, Tiger is known for going as far as playing $25K/hands of blackjack. Now, that should answer your question: What's a high roller?, shouldn’t it?

John McCain – An incredible fundraiser and a successful business owner, McCain is known for his love of gamble and dice sessions that last for 12+ hours. He is a high roller that's well known in gambling circles. 

Although the high rollers listed are from the celebrity world, that doesn't mean all high rollers must come from the red carpet. However, becoming a high roller has the power to turn even a regular person into a celebrity, at least in the gambling univer­se. ­ ­

Final Thoughts 

High stakes gambling is an expensive sport, but one worth taking part in if so your heart and wallet desire. Whatever you do, bet smart and keep your focus sharp! Good luck!