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Best Gifts for Gamblers [Updated] ✔️ AskGamblers

Perfect Gifts for Gamblers: Updated List

Have a gambler in your life you can’t find a gambling gift for? Worry not; we’ve got a few suggestions up our sleeve! As gamblers like to play casino games of all types or indulge in gambling-related activities, that opens a whole world of gifts you can give.

Just as there is a guide to different types of online gambling, so there is one for gambling gifts! So, here are a few fun, crazy, and cool gifts for gamblers that should help your friends hone their craft more often or just get better.

General Gambling and Casino Gifts

Although you can never be sure you’ll hit the nail on its head with the gift you choose, these five gift ideas for gamblers have worked (almost) every time before!

1) Gambling Movies - Budget $20 - $50

gambling movies

Suppose the gambler you are choosing a gambling gift for is also a movie buff (we know a few). You can go in several directions with this one, but we’ll go with the traditional route.

Fill up your gambler’s movie library with these classics:

  • The Color of Money
  • The Gambler
  • 21
  • Eight Men Out
  • Rounders

If you want to show extra love to your gambler, maybe organise a movie night for each of these movies? Check out our list of the best gambling movies! And, guess what? You can top things off by listening to our podcast episodes on Spotify together for more insight into the gambling craft!

2) Good Luck Charm - Budget $20 - $50

good luck charms

Since the dawn of time, luck has played a big part in all forms of gambling. Even the most skilful players rely on luck and their lucky charms. 

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money but still get a thoughtful gift for a casino lover, a thematic good luck charm would be the perfect choice for any gambler. Whether it is something elegant such as a lucky clover pendant or a classic rabbit’s foot, be sure your gambler will appreciate this! To get more info, here's our selection of lucky charms for gambling.

3) Prepaid Gift Cards - Budget $10 - $100

prepaid gift card

A prepaid card is one of those gifts for gamblers that will make every gambler swoon! Most people don’t know that prepaid gift cards are considered even safer than cash as they offer extended convenience and security. If they get stolen, there is zero liability protection.

Prepaid cards allow the gambler to be entirely anonymous, sparing them from sharing sensitive information when opening an online casino account.

There are plenty more advantages to using a prepaid gift card but leave it to your gambler to tell you all about it!

4) Trip to a Casino - Budget $50 - $800

trip to casino

No matter how enthusiastic of an online casino player your gambler is, know that they are secretly (or openly) dreaming of a trip to a casino – preferably any casino in Las Vegas!

If you don’t mind spending a bit more, a trip to Vegas could easily be one of the best casino gifts in the history of gambling gifts! Do check if the casino you’ve got in mind is open due to the current circumstances.

In case they’ve already been to a Vegas casino or you can’t afford a trip but want to bring Vegas to them, you can always opt for Vegas-themed gifts like a Las Vegas neon sign and similar.

To get more gambling trip ideas, see our list of gambling capitals of the world.

5) Organising a Poker Night - Budget $30 - $75

poker night

Organising a poker night for your gambler is, if not the gift, then one of the top three gifts for poker lovers!

However, keep in mind that gamblers tend to like things as they like them; so, if you plan on organising a poker night, make sure you either get all the relevant information you need straight from the horse’s mouth or ask their poker buddy to help! Otherwise, it’ll probably be an effort gone wrong (especially if you are not much of a poker player yourself).

What Gift to Get for a Gambler

Buying a gift for someone who enjoys gambling can be the easiest thing in the world, but then again, it could also be the hardest - depending on the prospect you are buying for. So, it's good to have options! Whether you opt for a good luck charm, gift cards, a trip to a casino or something else, it's the thought that counts. Also, if you've got other suggestions for a perfect gift for a gambler, we'd love to hear them! 

Gifts for Poker Players

Whether you are looking to buy poker gifts for him or her, these should work both ways!

6) Custom Poker Chips - Budget $20 - $80Poker Night - Budget $30 - $75

personalised poker chips

Personalised poker chips have become a lot more affordable in the past few years, making them an excellent gift for poker players.

Technology allows you to put a picture and text (about two lines) on a set of a hundred poker chips for a surprisingly cheap amount. Talk about gambling gifts they’ll be thrilled to brag about!

If your friend's a serious fan of gambling, they must be familiar with terms like poker chips, but if you're not-so-versed in casino lingo, we suggest you pore over our post on gambling terms and learn more about the essential punter terminology.

7) A Set of Gambling Books or a MasterClass - Budget $50 - $200

learn gambling

This gift only works if your gambler is serious about his gameplay and wants to learn all there is to learn about poker! Honestly, what other gifts for gamblers are there better than books written by gamblers who have experienced all those tricks of the trade! If there are MasterClass options open and available, they too are a perfect one-on-one poker gift!

Books on gambling are usually a great gift for everyone as you can choose whether to get a set of comprehensive lessons for beginners or something that qualifies as ‘additional knowledge’ for pros.

What Gift to Get for a Poker Player

It's a common belief that poker players are some of the most difficult people to buy for. Well, we call their bluff! It's not that hard to find a gift for poker players; all you need to do is get them something that will elevate their poker experience or every next poker game they sit to play.

Gifts for Slot Machine Players

8) Used Slot Machine - Budget $250 - $3000

slot machine gift

If the person you are buying slot machine gifts for is really high up on your you-me­an-­so-­muc­h-to-me list, then getting them a used slot machine is the best gift you can buy them!

When listing the best gifts for slot machine lovers, this one is a high-ticket item that may set you back about $400, plus shipping and loads of wrapping paper (seriously, these things are huge!). Still, if your gambler is a real slot machine enthusiast, they’ll appreciate this gift more than anything (especially with the fact this slot machine was once in a casino!).

Here’s one additional piece of advice: as there are different types of slot machines, maybe try to find out your gambler’s favourite before you purchase?

9) Slot Machine Pillow/Bed Sheets - Budget $50 - $120

slot machine pillow

Moving from gifts for gamblers, you can’t carry yourself to those you can bring wrapped in a little square box!

Getting slot machine pillow or bed sheets as a present to someone who is into slots is a perfect way to help them take the slot machine experience with them as far as the bedroom.

Let them go to bed at night covered by their favourite slot (you can get pillows and bedsheets custom-made), and wake up to the same every morning before they go back to the reality of their day. If that doesn’t put a smile on their face, we don’t know what will!

What Gift to Get for a Slot Machine Player

Slot machine players shouldn't be that difficult to buy for; make it colourful, interesting, fruit-themed (or is that too much of a cliche?) or go to them and ask what they'd like! If your slot machine player got a gift from you we missed to suggest ourselves, let us know! We are all for fresh ideas!

Gifts for Blackjack Players

Blackjack aficionados are not fussy, at least what our experience tells us. According to our Blackjack-loving friends, they're mostly interested in two things: beating the dealer by learning the best strategies, and having their own replica of Blackjack layout so they can practice at home.

And voila! We found just the right gifts that any Blackjack player will love. One involves a little bit of reading to master the right skills, and the other lets them play their hearts out at home (with you posing as the dealer, for instance). So let's see what to get them:

10) Beat The Dealer: A Winning Strategy For The Game Of Twenty-One, By Edward Thorp - Budget $12 - $20

gambling books

If your gambler is a true blackjack enthusiast, then they know who Edward Thorp is (yes, the guy who invented card-counting and then wrote a best-selling book about it).

Beat The Dealer: A Winning Strategy For The Game Of Twenty-One is a classic that turned blackjack into a worldwide pop culture phenomenon from a fun little casino game. All card-counting stories come from this one book, and your friend will most definitely appreciate it!

11) Blackjack table layout cover - Budget $50

casino blackjack layout

Organising a poker night at home might be close to effortless, but blackjack is not all that easy to pull off at home. However, where there is a will, there is a way, right? Bring blackjack to your gambler by buying them a felt table layout. If you purchase a quality one, it should be styled to look just like a semi-circular casino table. There should also be a spot for the dealer and a fan of positions for players.

Most felt table layouts these days are reversible; so, if your gambler is partial to a bit of poker too – these work as perfect gifts for poker enthusiasts, also!

What Gift to Get for a Blackjack Player?

To be honest, get both of these! Having a modest friend who doesn't make much fuss about gifts deserves to have both of these so they can really get their thing going and come out as winners the next time y'all visit a casino. Couple the Beat The Dealer strategy book with a nice layout, and we guarantee you will have one happy Blackjack fan!

Gifts for Roulette Players

12) Roulette Wheel - Budget $50 - $120

roulette wheel

Being one of the most popular games of chance globally, Roulette is extensively played online and offline – everywhere from the casinos in the French Riviera to the Mississippi River Basin.

Although they look incredibly glamorous, you can get a roulette wheel for about $35. Usually, it’ll come with a 16-inch roulette wheel, 140 casino style chips, two decks of cards, two balls, a rake, and a table felt.

It’s not a rule, but the felt can usually be flipped over to a blackjack table, making this a perfect gift for gamblers who like to switch it up from time to time.

However, if you want to spend more on your favourite gambler, you can find some pretty unique wooden box setups for under $200, the wheel only. Mahogany 32-inch wheels round at about $5,000. Ouch.

13) Roulette Clock - Budget $100 - $250

roulette clock

A great thematic gambling gift, a roulette clock is a perfect, inexpensive gift for your favourite gambler. As it comes in various sizes, this roulette clock could be placed in any room of the house – whether it be the game room or above the dining table. Chances are, whoever ends up with this clock in their home, they’ll be super happy every time they tell time – it’s their favourite wheel they are looking at, after all!

What Gift to Get for a Roulette Player?

Well, it all depends on the particular player's style. Is their home colourful, or are they always on the lookout for novelties? Then we'd say go for the Roulette clock! Otherwise, a simple Roulette set-up will do just fine. Remember that the more genuine it looks, the more it will cost you. And finally, remember whether the person in question has enough space in their home for a not-so-small Roulette wheel set up.

Gifts for Craps Players

Among our friends, craps players seem to be the most easygoing and the ones who have most fun! This doesn't even come as a surprise, given that the game itself is fast-paced and involves a lot of rooting for your friends and blowing on the dice for good luck. As such, perfect gifts for craps players are super fun.

When buying a gift for a craps player, consider:

14) Roulette ClocPersonalised Dice - Budget $10 - $30 - Budget $100 - $250

personalised dice

Personalised dice could easily be the perfect gambling gift for the craps player in all of us.

Usually, you can only personalise one of the die’s six faces which is, kind of, underwhelming. Still, for about $10, you can get a personalised set of dice that will surely make your favourite gambler happy.

Whether you want to go with something personal or something gambling-related – they’ll all be awesome! The sky’s the limit on what you put on the dice!

15) Dice Cufflinks - Budget $40 - $70

dice cufflinks

Casino-themed gifts go a long way, and getting your craps gambler dice cufflinks could score you serious points!

Cufflinks you can find to order do not mirror the colour of a dice pair; they are usually in silver, black or gold. They are super chick and are, definitely, among the best casino gift ideas out there. 

Also, when things go back to normal and land-based casinos open their doors for gamblers, showing off their elegant dice cufflinks to the crowd will be super cool!

16) Personalised Facemask - Budget $7 - $20

personalised facemask

No gambler in this world would say "No" to a personalised facemask, especially if it comes with an emblem saying "The Best Gambler Ever" or similar. The times are crazy, so why not try and make the best of what we can.

What Gift to Get for a Craps Player?

Having a fun and entertaining friend who's into craps requires you to put some thought into buying a present. If you're thinking ahead, order a set of personalised dice. It might take a couple of days for these to arrive at your address, so you need to start planning on time. For a stylish friend who cares about their outfit, go for cufflinks and see them shine through at the craps table on your next casino visit.

Best Gifts for Sports Gamblers

Let's talk about sports fans, shall we? Everyone has at least one of them among their friends; in all honesty, they are the easiest to buy a gift to. Why? Because there are so many different options, getting the right gift is pretty straightforward. Let's start the list with:

17) A Subscription - Budget $20 - $80


Sports fans love to visit sports events and read about sports (what a commitment!), so by purchasing a subscription to a series of sports events of their favourite team or their favourite sports news portal, they will surely appreciate it.

If you don't intend to spend too much money, then a subscription to a news portal is the way to go; digital subscriptions tend to be cheap and can make a sports fan happy. On the other hand, sports event passes can go as high as several thousand dollars; but they have the advantage of never disappointing the gift recipient!

18) Sport Equipment or Jerseys - Budget $50 - $150

sports related equipment

Here's another idea that won't disappoint a die-hard sports fan: a piece of equipment used in their favourite pastime or a jersey worn by their favourite athlete.

The first one takes a bit of research: checking which sports equipment brand is good enough for them and whether they already have that specific piece of equipment in their supply closet. You can even go a step further and find a piece of sports equipment signed by their favourite athlete!

Jerseys are a bit more convenient; all it takes is checking your friend's size and their favourite athlete (as their friend, you should know both of these!).

19) Trip to Their Favourite Stadium - Budget $100 - $500

trip to stadium

A subscription to sports events may be costly, but you may consider going to your friend's favourite stadium! Even if you're not a fan of a particular team, taking a tour of your friend's favourite place can be fun.

Booking a tour is easy; all it takes is visiting the venue's website and checking the available dates.

Usually, you can choose between guided or independent tours based on your friend's preference. Either way, they'll be happy to spend some time on the pitch they usually watch on television or even meet some of their favourite team members.

20) Mugs and Cups - Budget $20 - $50

mugs and cups

We can all agree that mugs and cups are a no-miss gift for anyone, let alone a sports fan! They are easy to come by, practical, and used daily so your friend can always have you by their side.

Just pick their favourite sports club and knock yourself out: they come in all shapes and sizes, so you can go for a coffee mug, a tumbler glass, a beer mug, or a set of, say, whiskey glasses! The sky's the limit when it comes to glassware and china, so you can really customise the gift according to your friend's preferences.

21) Athlete's Biography - Budget $20 - $40

biography book

Back to the reader's corner! If your sports fan friend likes to read, then you can't miss with a title that may be of interest to them. Your go-to section at the bookstore should be, yeah, you guessed it, the sports section, and you could focus on one of the many biographies or autobiographies of one of their favourite athletes.

Suppose your gambler friend is a fan of basketball. In that case, we suggest checking out Kobe Bryant's The Mamba Mentality: How I Play, an excellent read that offers the personal perspective of Bryant's life and career and his exceptional playing style.

For baseball fans, we recommend flipping through Jackie Robinson's I Never Had It Made, a story that details the struggles of an African-American athlete in the world of sports dominated by white people.

What Gift to Get for a Sports Gambler?

We've given you plenty of options, haven't we? It's up to you to pick something that fits your sports fan friend's sensibility and personal preference.

If you're in the nick of time or unsure what they like - go for the most obvious: a mug or a cup! Sports equipment takes a bit more time to research, so don't do it in a rush; leave enough time to explore the options and pick the best one.

If you're feeling adventurous, a trip to a stadium is a great solution; just make sure not to buy any reading material for a friend who hates reading!


What to Get Someone Who Loves Gambling?

Gifts for gamblers vary, and chances are you’ll get the one that’s just right if you go to the right sources. If you are really unsure which direction to go in, some casino gift ideas are pretty universal. We listed some of them in the sections above, so give them a read.

What Do You Get a Gambler for Christmas?

Whether it’s Christmas or any other day/holiday in the year, gift ideas for gamblers are pretty universal. Some gifts you may want to consider are Candy or Boozy Roulette, casino cufflinks, various casino games with a twist, or anything from our list above – take your pick! If you are buying Well, you’ll adjust the wrapping, but that’s the extent of it.

What Do You Get a Poker Player for Their Birthday?

Gifts for poker players are pretty straightforward; go for anything from traditional poker chip set, bicycle poker size deck, and The Theory of Poker (book, ideal for beginners) to trademark poker tabletop and hand-cranked card shuffler. There is plenty more from where these came from, so maybe browse our suggestions listed above.