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Closed: This casino and all other brands within the Affactive group are blacklisted due to the massive amount of complaints submitted against them as well as the usage of various stalling tactics to delay and decline payments including but not limited to bogus security checks lasting for months and putting pressure on players with delayed payments to start depositing if they want to be paid ever.

Casino Titan


Casino Titan is owned and operated by a well-established company that has already made a name for itself since it began operations in 2008. This is a great RTG casino, since it does also accept US players, which is something that is becoming more difficult for players to find when trying to game online. The online casino has a number of great promotions, including a VIP rewards program that's always offered that earns players loyalty comp points that can be exchanged for cash to play with at the casino. They also offer a number of welcome bonuses that change on a regular basis, giving players even more incentive to join Casino Titan.

Customer Support

You can't miss the Customer Support offered by Casino Titan. If you browse the website for long enough, you'll receive a pop-up notification letting you know if you need help that you can click on a link in order to be connected with a Live Chat Operator. Of course, the Customer Support is available all the time, whether or not you need them the first time you browse the website. In fact, Customer Support at Casino Titan is offered 24/7 and options include the Live Chat, email or toll-free phone numbers all of which have operators standing by to help at anytime a day. At Casino Titan, of course, like with other casinos, the fastest way to receive an answer to an inquiry or troubleshoot a problem is to login to the Live Chat.


Real Time Gaming Software is a reputable, reliable and high quality casino game provider. They are one of the few software operators that does allow US players, however, which is a huge plus for Americans looking for a great place to play. Real Time Gaming Software doesn't offer an instant play casino either, which means that there is only a downloadable version. This is great for players who use a PC, since typically the gaming experience is better quality, although does leave out Mac players since the downloadable software is not compatible unless they have downloaded on operating system that supports Windows on their Mac.

For players who do use a PC, the experience is nothing but positive, it's fast and free to download and install and the gaming experience offered is superior to none!


There are more than 100 games at Casino Titan offered by RTG platform, and there is a wide variety of each style of game. Unlike at most other online casinos, the only progressive jackpots are not limited to the Slot machines. There are progressive jackpots in Poker, including Let it Ride, Caribbean Draw Poker and Texas Hold Em Poker. It's reflective of the game variety at Casino Titan, since it doesn't have a focus primarily on Slot games like so many; it's also got a great variety of Table Games, Video Slots and more.


  • US players welcome
  • Game variety with all types of casino games
  • Superior Customer Support


  • No instant play casino
  • Not the biggest casino online (# of games)
  • Not compatible for Mac players


Casino Titan Reviews by Players


Write a review
Do not waste money on this casino. They are fraudsters. Stalling documents approval and lying all the time. They say my documents did not pass security witch is impossibly.
Same documents are good for: PokerStars, FullTilt, William hill, Betsafe, EUcasino, Casinoval...and not good for them. Live chat also lie all the time just to force you to deposit and after deposit you will not be able to withdraw.

DO NOT DEPOSIT in Casino Titan, its better to trow your money in fire at least you will have some pleasure from it.
Hello peyotle,
I would like to inform that your documents were approved and your withdrawal has been processed.
I apologize if you experienced any inconvenience with our casino.
Regards, Anita
lorrieas 2 reviews
United States
Games Blocked!!! So....This is an RTG casino, and I love RTG so I make a deposit with a bonus match code. Lo and behold, when I start to play, ALL of the Feature Guarantee games are locked!! WTH? I play for a little while, log off and come back the next day. The games are still locked. I got to Live Chat and the rep tells me the games "are under maintenance and so sorry for the inconvenience. "I reply, " Ok, well I've been inconvenienced for 2 days now." Of course she has no other excuse or remedy, so I play on until my balance is zero. As an afterthought, I check the games menu, and the Feature Guarantee games (most of which I LOVE, such as Vulcan, Aztec Treasure and Elf Wars) are showing as available!!!!!!!!!!!S o, I go back to Live Chat and get a different rep. I ask him (Dustin) if the Feature Guarantee games are still under maintenance and he says "Yes, sorry for the inconvenience." Well, fellow gamblers, you know as well as I do that this is a load of crap and out-and-out false misleading information!...and I tell the rep so. Once again, I get the cookie cutter reply, "So sorry for the inconvenience."

DON'T PLAY THERE UNTIL YOU GO TO LIVE CHAT AND MAKE SURE ALL THE GAMES ARE AVAILABLE. In my opinion, they locked the Feature Guarantee games so we will LOSE OUR MONEY! They are not getting another cent out of me, that's for sure!
richthekid 2 reviews
I registered in this casino few months ago, played there with no deposit bonus and done wagering requirements. They asked me for some documents (filled faxback form, passport, copy of credit card, bank statement), it took about ~4 attempts and about 1 month of time to approve them. Support asked me for same documents all the time. Also they told me, that I need to make a first deposit of 21$ which was made next day after verification. Okay, I requested a withdrawal at 17.10.2014. Then I received an email in which was said that it takes up to 6 business days to process cashout. But yesterday it was declined without any information. Today I was contacted by support agent by email, she told me this


Dear Vladislavs,

I would like to inform you that as per our decision as Finance Department your last withdrawal request was denied and the requested funds were reimbursed to your playable balance as we are reviewing your account.

This process might take up to 90 business days.
As soon as we have any updates regarding your account we will inform you via email.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.


Danielle Huttington
Finance Department


Seriously? Up to 90 business days? I don't understand, my account was verified, I made deposit and I just can't withdraw my winnings about 2 months. I can fly all around the world 20x times in 90 days... I'm really dissapointed in this casino, I think they just don't want to pay anything to players.
Imvikas911 117 reviews
Casino titan is a very famous casino and are part of the real time gaming portal which is also known as RTG. They have a lot of payment related complaints on the AG page and i was very shocked to see them because this casino has a name and if hey are doing like this with their users what are the small casinos going to do. A lot of casinos do this and they keep the winning amount of the players when they try to withdraw the money . i read a couple of complaints about this casino and was confused about playing here but then i saw that they are giving away 20$ free for new players so i registered here as nothing from my side was at stakes. The site is very slow and i hated that seriously and the support blamed my internet whereas at the same time i closed this casino and opened you tube and it was working just fine.

I was no happy with the bonus because nice games were excluded from the wager and mostly slots were included of real series. Andthis is the slowest casino site i have ever played on. And i really mean it and it was pissing me off a lot. I put the bonus code ASK2013 and redeemed the coupon. I opened this game ronin and i started playing it
with 0.50$ per spin. And for a lot of time the only thing i got was three j's with A and 10. And it only paid me 0.10$. I noticed that something was wrong because first when i tried to open Aztecs treasure then pontoon opened and then again i refreshed and tried to open and this time triple twister opened. God bless their portal. This is the
most weird casino i have played on because i chose something else and the game that opens is something else. I just close this casino and could only play ronin. No words.
Casino Titan is run by Real Time Gaming Software. There is a big number of casinos that are run by this software and a good part of these casinos don't enjoy a good reputation among gamblers. I personally saw that they have good reasons for that. I had problems in a few casinos from this software. The biggest problem I had was at casino Titan.

I joined this casino a long time ago maybe about 4 years ago. In that time I was an inexperienced gambler and I joined every casino that offered some no deposit bonus. In that time this casino offered a 20 dollars no deposit bonus for new players if I remember correctly.

I took the bonus that is I got 20 dollars after I entered the code. I remember even today how I had a great string of victories on the slot game called Aladdins Wishes. Later on I moved on to other games where I also had some success.

At the end I met the wager requirements and had 100 dollars to withdraw from this bonus. I was very happy about this win because this was one of my first wins in online casinos. Before I requested a withdrawal I made the minimum deposit to verify my e-wallet account. When the casino asked for I sent all the needed documents. A few days after it was sent my documentation it was accepted.

But my withdrawal request was denied by the casino and only my deposit money was returned to the casino balance. I couldn't find the email that I got from the casino but they stated 4 reasons why my withdrawal was denied. Off course I uninstalled their software after this. I was disappointed but I soon forgot about everything because even for me 100 dollars isn't a lot of money. I also became more careful about the casinos I play in.

Casino Titan didn’t pay me my winnings and that is why I can't recommend them.
yapro 790 reviews
Casino Titan using real time gaming software, and i think this is definitely not the most popular casino with this software, since it has few complaints, some of this complaints even unresolved, and there i am obviously can not say that it is safe place with good reputation.

I played at casino titan twice, first one i tried this casino with no deposit bonus, that was given to me by my friend, he send me link and code in skype, and i was able to get 20$ no deposit bonus for my playing. Redeeming of this no deposit bonus was not hard, and i just spend probably less than a minute of my life before was able to start playing.

I decide to play paydirt slot, with minimum possible bet size which is 0.25$ at this slot of course, i get i think about 3-4 freespins feature, but there is was no strike it lucky, which is my favorite one. No deposit bonus does not bring me any luck, and after losing it i decide to make small deposit with 100% bonus. I made 20$ deposit, since i am rare made big deposits in casinos which i did not trust before and since that can not trust for 100%. I had 40$ on my balance, and decide to spend it on medium variance games, because at least i will have some playtime, while high variance slots can eat this 40$ within few minutes. I start from alladin wishes, then go to ocean dream, and also tried couple of more slots, but my story with this casino finished at enchanted garden slot, and i lost my deposit and bonus here.

I rate this casino with 5 stars, because I did not test anything serious with this casino, and because this casino have some complaints which is unresolved. I really not sure if this safe casino, so be careful.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
I was listing through my inbox (which is always full by the way) and I saw an offer of 7$ no deposit bonus at Casino Titan. The name sounded familiar so I did a little background search and found two casinos with the same name. One for Playtech and one for RTG. Playtech is my favorite software and unfortunately this offer was from the RTG casino. I checked the reviews here at AskGamblers and saw a lot of complaints. Now I was sure that this was a rogue casino.

Anyway I decided to gamble the money for fun and went on to their site made an account and downloaded their software. I have to admit that I liked the looks of the casino. A standard RTG platform with a nice neat look. I had some problems redeeming the bonus so I contacted their live support. To my surprise they were instant in their response. I was even more surprised when instead of the 7$ bonus they gave me a 20$ bonus with only 30x bonus wager. They also had a very good first deposit offer. 400% on your first deposit with only x25 deposit wager. I have to say I was tempted to make a deposit right then. The minimum deposit was 21$ so I decided to try the games first with my 20$ no deposit bonus. It was a very good decision.
I went to the slots started on Ronin with a 0,40 bet and lost about 8 $. Got a bonus and won 9$ plus 5 free spins with up to 4 multiplier. But the end result was only 10.60$. Not a very big win on a bonus feature. Played some more started losing and went on to Count Spectacular. Here after about half an hour lost all of my money.

I think that the payout these slots give is way too small to lead me into making a deposit here. I can’t say anything about cashout because I had none and probably never will. Overall a 7 out of 10.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
This casino uses Real Time Gaming software (there is also a casino with the same name that uses Playtech software). The first thing I will tell you is that I have never made a deposit here and I never will in the future. In the next few sentences I will tell you why.

The first reason is because of the many complaints here at AskGamblers and also on other gambling forums. You will find nothing but negative comments and accusations for this casino. In a lot of them this casino is marked as a Rogue Casino. I was amazed why this casino wasn’t on the AskGamblers black list of casinos. I read the criteria for blacklisted casinos here at AG and I think this casino meets all the requirements to be on that list.

The second reason, even though I personally have no bad experience with this casino (I played here just for fun), is that I have some first hand information. A friend of mine who has a lot of experience in online gambling and who I completely trust told me about his bad experience with Casino Titan. To explain in short: he got burned for a withdrawal of a few thousand dollars.

He won a random jackpot playing here in Casino Titan on some slot game (I can't remember which) but he never got paid. Not only that a few weeks after he sent all the wanted documents and the numerous emails his account was locked and all of the money was confiscated by the casino with an explanation that his demand for a withdrawal was denied because of the use of an electronic device.

Overall Casino Titan is a typical rogue casino. Keep away from this casino, do not play here and spend your money and time in a game you cannot win. This is the first casino I will grade with 0 out of 10.
katemak 1170 reviews
Casino Titan and another casino from the RTG group which I love.
Because I am free bonus hunter hehe, I always take the free chip offer if they are offering, and if I really like the casino and I know they are solid one then maybe no free chip, deposit only.

So with this casino I did register 1 month ago and like most of the RTG casinos they were offering 20 $ free chip, so why not try before you buy! I did sign up download the casino took the free chip and gone fishing for some free chip if I manage to wager the bonus and cashout.

I have friends who gamble here so they are ok with this casino, but know when I saw all this complaints it makes you wonder what should I do, next step deposit???
Naah I don’t think so.

Well get back to my free chip, and off course always playing my favorites slots.
Well I am that kind of player, all tough I did try many of them but if I like some game, so that game will give me good winnings then I stick to that game. I started to play Count Dracula, like I am calling it, actually is Count Spectacular the name of the game and if you are patient on this slot you can have good winnings, well I did. I was doing great on this slot, but then raise the bet like always, so that way wagering it will be much easier and faster but then I end up with 0 on my bonus account.

After that I did played once more here from free spins offer which they send me in my email but again failed to do something.

Anyway I have no bad experience with this casino, but depositing here, well that is the question.
I registered at casino titan because they offer 20$ no deposit coupon, and i decide to give it a shot, of course i found a lot of bad reviews and bad complaints in the network, so i will never give such casino a penny, and i suggest you too, not give any deposits to bad casinos, if you want to play, you can check AskGamblers top list and play in this casinos, this will help you to not have any problems such as lock of account with stupid reasons, long cashouts, and other unprofessional things by casino.

I download casino, enter no deposit coupon, and 20$ was credit to my account without any problems. Wagering was something like x60 of bonus, and max. cashout is 100$. Okay, 1200$ to wager with only 20$ on balance is a very hard mission on real time gaming software, but as i told it is just free money, and i do not care win i or lost, this is all just for fun and because in this day i have nothing to do.

I start from enchanted garden slot, i really like this slot because in freespins you can win more and more freespins, and this can go for a long time. I start betting quite high, 0.5 bets, but as i told i have absolutely no fear about losing this money. Enchanted garden pays nice, and with 50$ i choose to play t-rex, with the same 0.50 bets, but soon i have again only 20$ on my balance, and decide to give a shot to paydirt at 1$ bets, win all or lose all, thats my strategy! Of course paydirt eat my money without feature, but i was happy, because if i win, than i should made deposit, sent docs, and then wait one milliot days to get only 125$. No, thank. I give you advice - did not play in this casino, because if you decide to play it, you will most likely get problems.

That's all, thank you for reading my review about casino Titan, now i will give them some marks:
Support: not test (god thank you)
Withdrawals: not test (again, thank you god)
Bonuses: who care about bonuses in such bad casino
Games selection: B
paquito76 867 reviews
When I registered at Casino Titan (as I mentioned before they’re not the same as Titan Casino which is a Playtech playground, so it makes sense to double check what casino we want to pay in to avoid any inconvenience), so I signed up here when they found me with an exclusive match bonus offer for Roulette games only. Though I am not an admirer of RTG’s roulette, I thought I couldn’t leave it unused.

After downloading and installing their software I got a very common RTG platform with a pleasant appearance. I used Neteller to deposit $100 as it was the max. amount of this offer to get the 130% bonus. The play through requirement was x60. I checked the min. withdrawable amount which is unfortunately $100 here and I also saw they require a fax-back form to be able to withdraw but for superstitions reasons I didn’t want to deal with it then.

The main reason why I’m not a supporter of their roulette product is the weak graphic quality. It seems to me an out of date one. It also lack of important features like quick spin option or ’spin without stake’ possibility. I played almost only with outside bets, especially dozen and column bets and rarely used Shaun or other systems for just a few spins. It was interesting but I didn’t experience extremely long streak of one type of bets that gave me a little bit of confidence. Originally I had a strategy for money management and for the time to spend with paying and it was one of the rare occasions when I could stick to the plan and I did it with positive results.

All in all, when the proper section clearly indicated I was done with my task with bonus reqs. my balance stood at a little bit over $300 and I felt the time arrived to send them my papers for verification and make a withdrawal. Strange but not enough one address proof, they need copies of one statement and one utility bill too. I’ve never been contacted by them during this whole withdrawal procedure but my money arrived safely, roughly in 6-7 days.

My winnings here wasn’t titan and didn’t make me a fan of their roulette but everything went as advertised and proved they’re a reliable partner.
I saw a lot of complaint from this casino where I saw they didn’t want to pay their players and always find excuses, but I saw they offer some kind of no deposit money to try their casino without deposit. The risk free money is always seduce me so I tried their casino because I was bored and I can’t able to deposit anywhere because I run out of money from my e wallet.

I checked the promotions details, first look it seems a not too bad no deposit money chance, but the users complaints are show the truth from them. The no deposit bonus conditions: they give 20 dollar to new players with 35x wagering requirements and 100 dollar max cash out.

I visited their home page and it was structured like a trustable casino, they uses rtg software and they only had a downloadable client. So I downloaded and installed it after it I registered to them. I went to the cashier and redeemed my coupon, I get my no deposit money instantly.

I started to play with the count Spectular slot with 1 dollar per bet, I had luck and I went up to 210 dollar within a 15 minutes. After it I went to the Day at the Derby with the same 1 dollar per bet. I played down one hundred dollar than I changed the slot to the hockey hero but this time I raised up my bet to 2 dollar per spin. I lost my whole balance within a half hour but this time I was happy to my losing because never want to deposit here (and if I won I needed to deposit to I was able to make a cash out).

I think if you want to play for free you can give a shot to them but I never deposit here.
Thank you!
Here in Casino Titan I can see a lot of unresolved issues with them. My review is simply to talk about my negative experience here on Casino Titan. I had a thought that I will proceed to make a deposit and at just the right timing an offer for $30 no deposit bonus appeared. I didn't know this but thankfully this free chip saved me from making a big mistake.

As a new member the always common registration had to be done. I registered, download the casino and moments away I was open to a world of casino gambling experience on a Real time gaming software. It interested me to know my free chip came in my email so I thought I would try that out before my $50 deposit. Shortly after redeeming the code I saw the details of the bonus. It is to be wagered 50 times my chip for $1500 in total wagering. I ignored that fact and started moving my bets around across different Real series slots. $30 was a small balance to start with so bets of $0.50 were necessary on Naughty or nice :). After 30 minutes trying hard to land a feature I dropped my balance to $13.11 :(.

I tried something else and well Warlock's spell was sure to help me out as it aided me on most RTG casinos. This slot inside Casino Titan did not deliver my preferred outcome on $0.40 bets. All other slots including these two were on a hungry rampage deducting every thing I had! Not one bonus or free spins were played.

I went on closing the window, started uninstalling the casino and made any attempts to cut them off from further communications including emails. This is just the kind of casino we all should be walking away from. I don't think I will continue to deposit my $50 here after what I have seen. Poor slot payouts, a list of player complaints, no features decent or big. It all adds up to an unpleasant casino. I'd give them a 2 out of 10!
Efti 60 reviews
A little over three years ago now, I registered as a new player at Casino Titan. The brand name was already well known to me as I’d been a patron at Titan Poker for several years at that point and was aware of Titan Casino, its sister site. I knew the ownership group, Casino Partners, ran both of these plus many other poker and casino rooms on either the iPoker or Playtech platform so I was initially a bit confused to see the ‘Titan’ title gracing an RTG casino. Considering some of the less reputable outfits using the software, it crossed my mind that some unscrupulous person had appropriated the name.

My misgivings were erased upon learning this was just another case of a casino group chasing the almighty dollar in the form of the U.S. market as Playtech, like most other major providers, does not permit American residents to play for real money. While I had played at a few other RTG casinos in the past, this was my first encounter at one offering an instant play version of the software. Other than a reduced selection of games, the look and setup was similar to that of the download client and I had little trouble navigating the site, so I proceeded to sign up and redeem the coupon code for the $25 free chip that had sparked my interest.

On previous occasions at sites on the same platform, I had used no deposit bonuses that had few or no game restrictions, so I spent most of the time on favourite card and video poker games like blackjack and deuces wild. The Casino Titan welcome offer was limited to slots, however, and the one or two RTG slot games I had played in the download client were unavailable for instant play. I chose the first option on the list that caught my interest – namely Achilles – and while I managed to get plenty of playtime on it at $0.20 per spin, my funds and luck both finally ran out.
Irine 232 reviews
I would like share my experience here at casino Titan, when I play here at casino Titan i been paid when i made a withdrawal but what i saw from now there are many players that filed a complaint about this casino i don't know what happens from this casino or they had a problem regarding to their casino last year October of 2012 i deposited here 30$ to claimed their match bonus offer and i rejected their no deposit offer 7$ and the other 20$ the wagering for the 7$ is 50 times and from the 20$ 30 times from that time i don't like a high and boring wagering requirements because when i lost it i wasted my time but i learn the reality on these days :) lol.

I claimed their offered 400% so the total of the bonus is 30 times 4 = 120$ + 30$ = 150$ the minimum of the deposit is 20$ so i am qualified for their bonus offer Yihaaa!! the wagering requirements for this is 25x deposit+bonus 25 x 30 + 150 = 1050$ and you have 150$ to achieve that goal it is good for that wagering not so high to achieve.

I played their video slot called Ocean Dreams, Ocean Dreams really pushed the boundaries of special bonus round. When 3, 4 or 5 scattered island symbols show up on the reels, 10, 25 or 100 free casino games are delivered instantly. Orcas are transformed into Gold Orcas which double all prizes and also allows more free games to be unlocked on the same round. That's why i am choose that game i am very lucky when i suddenly hit the free spin symbol "The Islands" the 3 of them give me a huge profit to achieve my goal to wagered my requirements i am very happy and also lucky Orcas turns to gold when i hit the 3 Islands symbols and after that 10 Free spins i won a profit 298.10$ from that free spin i am very happy YAHOO!

The other thing is i wagered my requirements and i cash out my remaining balanced after hard playing about 5 and a half hours non stop it is said that knowledge is power when it comes from slots machine and when i won i decreased and increased my bets to retain my winnings that's why it is take time to wager that requirements. It takes almost 3 days when i received my withdrawal via my Neteller because of documents when you're new from casinos.

My remarked from this casino overall including their withdrawal system 8/10.
Icymod 758 reviews
I took a test drive on Casino Titan Avenue in 2009 to see what this car (casino) has to offer! Just when I took a turn around the corner I struck another car (I won using my deposits). With the resulting impact the damages became severe and there were consequences (unfortunately support caused problems for me) while test driving. The fine was over $2000 (they ignored my request for a withdrawal and kept all my winnings as well as my deposits). I do not know what to do because all the emails I have sent were not being replied. All of them were just being ignored. It's just very frustrating to go through all the wagering requirements within a few hours sometimes consecutive hours only to find you were tricked by casinos who just want to take advantage of peoples money by setting various traps. A mousetrap (wins that don't go very far), a bear trap (stuck with unresponsive support), an electric fence (wagering requirements that becomes high based on your deposits), and a pitfall (collected deposits) are some examples of what Casino Titan uses to loot peoples money.

I just did not like the experience especially when I played on slots. They were not giving me big payouts or even small wins on frequent ratios. The experience is like falling through an ice hole where icy cold water was underneath I couldn't find the hole where I fell into. A terrible casino that I had to witness these events. I did not know at the time that there were other peoples complaints against Casino Titan stating they were unresponsive, they do not pay accordingly and so. I couldn't help but notice that my actions are my own fault. Even playing on Caesars Empire doesn't get good results on Casino Titan although in other casinos the payouts in comparison are much better!

Yet another typical casino that just doesn't make payments of players withdrawals. For people who are reading this please stay away from rogue casinos like Casino Titan!
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