Ruby Royal Casino - Want my $2500 withdrawal

1031kathleen United States
posted on April 24, 2015.

I won $2700 at Ruby Royal casino and with draw the weekly limit of $2500, which was suppose to be in my account within 10 business days. After the 10 business days passed, I began emailing them asking where my money was. On the 12th business day I received the an email that stated that I would only receive $300 because I did not deposit enough money and play enough to get the entire $2500 and it would be deposited back into my player account. When I looked in my player account nothing was there. So, I can only receive $300 of the $2700 I won? I did not play after I won the money because I wanted to be sure it was not a scam and I would actually receive the $2500 owed. I would have kept playing if i received the full amount owed to me. I guess I should have looked at the legitimate reviews before signing up with this casino. PLEASE AVOID THEM.
Thank you for an outlet to complain...

posted on April 29, 2015.

Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.