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aint2proud2beg New Zealand
Posted on April 12, 2019

I deposited $30 nzd at Rolla casino ( based on great rating and zero complaints!!) on 9/4/2019 and managed to get the amount to $500 with playthrough rate reached.
When I tried to withdraw later that day I was receiving an error, and finally after dealing with customer care learnt on the 10/4/2019 it was due to being unable to withdraw winnings back to my creditcard.
I must say, customer service was prompt and polite, and told me I would have to use an alternative method so I choose bankwire.
I had already uploaded some documents online, awaiting verification and managed to fill in my bank details for a bank wire of $700 nzd this morning 4/11/2019 about 5am.
I had decided to start closing many of my casino accounts and try and get my gambling under control, so I had received some feedback from casino's saying that my accounts had been closed.
Remembering I had recently opened an account with Genesis, I contacted livechat around 10am via their website to see if I could get my account closed.
William here was helpful and efficient and said it was self-exclusion I needed to do in order not to be able to gamble there or at any affiliate sites.
I asked him is "Rolla Casino" an affiliate of yours because I currently have a pending withdrawal. He answered by listing a number of casino's and did not state "Rolla Casino".
So I told him to go ahead with the self exclusion.
Later on a received an email from Genesis Casino saying my exclusion was complete and I actually sent an email of thanks at the efficiency of the process.
However, shortly after I received this email from Rolla:
Klara (Rolla.com), Apr 11, 00:48 CEST

Thank you for your reply.
I can see on the account that you have applied a self-exclusion that is set permanently.
Therefore, there seems to be no further need to verify the account.

For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again via chat or email.
I now wish you a good night.
Kind regards,
Customer Care

#1: I had been wanting to withdraw monies from Rolla since 9/04/2019 but couldn't
#2: I withdrew before any self-exclusion was in place. 11/04/2019 around 5am.
#3: Super- nice ( tricky) William knew I had a pending withdrawal at an "affiliate site" and blatantly deceived me into self-excluding, even though all I really wanted to do is close my account fullstop.
I am no longer able to access my accounts for records or logs, but you will 100% see through my emails and livechats, #3 is just next level shady!!
Kind thanks. Hope something can be sorted

aint2proud2beg New Zealand
Posted on April 14, 2019

It seems that Rolla Casino, true to my initial thoughts on their customer service has responded efficiently and seems to be proceeding with my payout.
Just unfortunate that after a few days of joining I get barred from their casino not knowing they were an affiliate of Genesis.
However, reflection tells me this seems to be in my best interests after having a run of not so easy withdrawals from other casino's; time-consuming back and forth but where I was able to solve the issues my own.
Also, William sending through the self-exclusion email at 10:49, then Rolla (Klara's one) at 11.00am gave me the sense I wouldn't be paid out.
At present I have faith that I will receive my payout and have positive things to say about the customer service. Would like to keep the case open until the bankwire successfully reaches my account. much thanks.

aint2proud2beg New Zealand
Posted on April 15, 2019

Wow!! people I eat my words.
I was hasty to post my complaint but the payout is there..
Extremely quickly!!!
Go Rolla!!
Customer service I couldn't fault apart from "klara email"
Now, my experience seems to point to perhaps a mistake from the other
casino, not answering my questions and leading to me to the self -exclusion.

But it's actually worked in my favour. I am now closing this bank account
and my life of online gambling. Getting help, much needed help.

I apologize to "Rolla" for a lack of faith based on very bad experiences ( though I
must say with under 80% casino's having been self excluded from higher rated ones).
I trust now, that your rating is well deserved.

Hey "askgamblers", thank you for "askgamblers", because at the name of it, casino's want to just solve issues.
I considered this case closed before it began

Posted on April 15, 2019

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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