Cool Cat Casino - Payment delayed for months

Carol Roberts United States
posted on April 25, 2016.

Won $775 - requested withdrawal February 22 and attached all docs. Sent in docs again twice March 1. On March 2, Jennifer, my VIP host informed me it would be easier for me to get a debit card instead of check. I said ok and sent in docs needed for debit card on March 3. Have been corresponding back and forth since then telling me it would be 7-10 days. That went by and then it was 7-10 days after the processing company got my docs. To date - no card - eventhough Jennifer told me on April 18 that she was truly sorry for the delay and that I would get my funds.

posted on April 30, 2016.

Hi fb--

I'm so very sorry--I don't know how I missed your posting, but I only just saw this now. :-(

Unfortunately, I'm already home for the weekend, so I don't have access to your information, but I promise I will look into this first thing, Monday morning and get back to you with answers.

Again, my sincere apologies,


posted on May 3, 2016.

Hi fb_1327708027255925,

It looks as if I'm a bit late with news--I had a look at your account today and saw the payment was already delivered to you, last Friday (the 29th).

Glad to see this has all been sorted. :-)

All the best,


posted on May 6, 2016.

Dear Carol,

Did you received your payment, can we close this complaint? Please be advised that in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider this case as resolved.