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Grimms Casino - Giving me the runaround with my payment and account verification


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Grimms Casino
Inactive user
Posted on September 8, 2015


I had more than 1 Issue with this Casino
I dont can Veri my Acc.They say i must have an Driving Licence and a Bithday Certificate(???).Yes really they say this!Im from Germany and i dont have an Driving License or Birthday Certificate.

Now they dont give me not the Money.

I had Upload my ID with the Upload Tool from this Site and they dont Receive them(2 Times)I had send the ID now 2 Times to the Acc Team and to the Manager.

They dont want to pay my Money i think thats the biggest Joke ever!

I had them send my ID,Proof of Adress and my Mastercard Copy thats more than enough.I think what the most Site says Grimms.se dont pay any Money to anyone.
Its a Runabout with this Casino and never any had received any Money

Thats the biggest Fake i have ever seen they want Documents they we dont have in Germany.

Dear Askgamblers please check this for me

Inactive user
Posted on September 8, 2015

Now they dont Answer to any Mails.
Manager,Acc Dep and the Support says all over the same...

I think Money is gone!
They dont want to pay to any Player!


A answer here @ Askgamblers they dont make 100%

Inactive user
Posted on September 8, 2015

Photo ID Rejected Name & D.O.B Not Mention

3Times now!They says following

Dear ,

Hi Fabian ,

I would request you to save the photo copy of you on desktop and Kindly upload the same on the website so that your withdrawal can be process.

Exactly this i do!
They dont want to pay the Money now is the Thing clearly!

They dont pay to Users!They want Things over and over again with another Reason!They want things i dont can have like Driving License!


This is now the 4 Day with another Reason with no Answer to any Mail they dont!
Pease list this Casino in the Blacklist with my Complaint;)

I know my Money is gone and i never receive them that a clear Thing

@ Askgamblers

This Casino want Things i dont can have.I had send all what they need now 7times and now i dont send it again its ok the Money is gone but please warning all other Users too.

This Casino is more than Rogue/Fake

I had do more than what i can do but they dont want to pay any Money!They cames anytime with another Story like Driving Licence or something in the next Time i must flight to them...

Inactive user
Posted on September 8, 2015

I had send them now

Health Card
Bank Card
Master Card
Proof of Adress

This is what i mean what they want more!?!?

They have to give me my Money!!

Inactive user
Posted on September 8, 2015

Ohhh yessss the next Reason!

This Time they say Restricted Country but i had ask the support is Germany allowed.They says:Yes German players allowed.
This is what they send via Email

Dear Player,
Greetings of the day.
Please be advised, unfortunately system can’t approve your withdrawal as your country has been identified as a restricted country for gambling as per the gambling service commission.
You can only play and make deposit for fun purpose only however you can request for a withdrawal but it will not be approved as per website rules.
However, as you are our valuable player considering it as a special case we have forwarded your documents and withdrawal request to admin team for further verification.
You will get a response from them within 24- 48 working Hours.
Also, kindly be advised if you meet the wagering requirement we will go ahead and approve your withdrawal and this will be the last request which we will go ahead and process.
In the future if you raise any withdrawal request we will not forward it to admin team for verification.
I hope you find this information useful.
If you have any further queries please feel free to contact us.

Inactive user
Posted on September 8, 2015


Dear Player,

I am sorry system is unable to process your withdrawal request because you are unable to meet with wagering requirements which is defined as per terms and condition.

You need to wager your deposit and bonus(if any) 4 times on bingo or 10 times on slots. Any extra cash or bonus will be calculated at 8 times on bingo or 15 times on slots.

I had an Bonus from 29€ so i must wager that 15times on Slots thats 450€;)I had wager over 800€ so dont talk i had not even the Playtrough thats a big Lie!

Inactive user
Posted on September 9, 2015

No Payment this Day only one Email with the same Wagering Text

They know i had wagering more than i must and now they dont Answer or something;)
No Way to get here any Money.

Next Station is the Gambling Commision

In Fact

7Times ID Uploaded + 5 other Documents
Want Things i dont have Driving Licence/Birthday Certificate
Restricted Country(I had ask Support before i play is Germany restricted they say no Gemany is allowed)
Wager not met but the Site and the Support says wagering meet

I had now all Storys they can do with me!Its very frustating when a Casino steal Money and Answer not here or to any Mail.

They dont can answer me how much wagering i have not or to any Mail;)
This Casino is a big Scam not more

Please warn all Users dont play here they dont pay!
They tells any Day Another Story but Money you never become.

Inactive user
Posted on September 9, 2015

I had send now all Details to the Gambling Commision;)
I hope they will resolve this

Posted on September 9, 2015


We are sorry for the inconvenience caused, the requirements of documents is as per KYC requirements which is clearly listed on our site terms and conditions, https:­//w­ww.g­ri­mms.se­/co­nte­nt/­ter­ms-­con­ditions

The list of documents allowed, every detail is listed on our website and on the documents upload, if the size of the document is more than the allowed, documents will not be uploaded and hence you would have the received the problem.

On the payment, we have never withheld any payments nor will we, we have nevertheless received your documents and your withdrawal will be processed soon.

I appreciate your patience and going further, should you have any issue, please feel free to contact me on my email.

Best Regards,
Live Bingo Network
email: manage­r@l­ive­bin­gon­etw­ork.co.uk

Inactive user
Posted on September 9, 2015

Money was in my Acc

Case Closed


Posted on September 10, 2015


We are happy for you!

For any further queries, please feel free to contact me on my email.

Best Regards,
Live Bingo Network
email: manage­­r@­l­i­ve­­bin­­go­n­e­tw­­ork.co.uk

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