Gaming Club voided 2000 GBP, closed my ccount

posted on January 29, 2014.

Gaming Club has gone to great lengths to make it difficult to correspond with them on anything, that's the first reason I'm posting here.

Second is, I've been a player there for over 6 years. I deposit, play, sometimes with a bonus, sometimes without, usually lose, sometimes win, etc. I deposited around 500 in 2013, received a 40-60% bonus, won the majority of my money on the roulette table, then played table games and slots, topped up my balance some more as it got lower and kept going.

Without any warning or notification, a withdrawal request for the amounts of my deposits was initiated (600) and sent back to me. The rest I presume was taken, given my account was locked.

Support gave no indication of what happened and I found no help or explanation. If I had broken a term in the bonus or Canada wasn't allowed to play as a country, I would understand. But no terms were broken and my winnings were won legitimately on their games and I deserve to be paid them.