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Expekt Casino - Took my money based on unjustified violation of non-existing term


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Expekt Casino


€ 400

Casino8788 Nordrhein-Westfalen
Posted on November 15, 2019


First sorry for my bad English.

I created a account a few hours ago at Expekt. I deposit 100€ by trustly and only played black jack. I won 300€ and try to pay out this 400€.

I set a cool down until 17.11. and send them all my documents for the verification.

A few minutes ago I get two mails in German).

1. mail: they reopened my account (I never asked for this)

2. mail: they Check my account, close the Account and i won’t get my money because of t&c 3.12 (there is no 3.12!)

I didn’t do anything wrong. Could you please help me?


Yours < full name removed >

Attach files: screenshot of the mails and verification documents