Bovada casino payout delay

Parlayking United States
posted on October 28, 2014.

I requested a relatively small payout (1000) two weeks ago. I was told 4-7 days it would be credited to my credit card. I've cal 3+ times and have been told that unless I gave them bank statements, my only option is to just wait( and hope I get it). They must have a script to read from as well, because they all claimed they were waiting for a tracking number from the courier, until I told them it was an electronic payment. I was never informed I would need to give them access to my bank records to receive payment. I have cashed out without problem at this site before, to be fair, but I remember Full Tilt was ok for awhile too! So I guess I am taking my action over to Betus, only because of their support team, trying to give bland, scripted answers hoping I would go away. I don't know what's going on this time, they resolved a bounced check before, and covered my fees via a credit to my account. I just don't appreciate being dismissed and misled when I have questions.

posted on October 31, 2014.

Dear @Parlayking,
Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.