face up 21

posted on December 22, 2012.

I recently called to report a glitch found on face up 21.

The cards auto deal passed the original 2 given to you.

I was told this is impossible by customer service. It auto delat me while on the phone and she repeated my cards back. while my cursor stayed on deal.

I was only calling to tell them the programming was messed up. I did not want the money back, after all I was up 137 at the time.

Now i wish to explain most of the glitches I have found due to the lack of response from bovada.

On the downloaded POKER download site has a blackjack option. simply press $1.00. If you win close it. if you lose close it,

The average $1 bet will win 79%

Losing close to restart programming

if you sustain 3 loses bet 25

if you lose the opening hand(25)Bet tobtain the original starting amount.

close program

open with 25 bet

always a win

second your percentage of win is always a part of amount wagered.

bet 1%- 79% chance of winning. by opening and closing the window

bet 25%- 42% chance of winning

bet 50%- 22% chance of winning

finally 100%- 3% chance of winning based of the open close method.

how do i know?

well bovada has seen me come in at $20 bucks and make it to over 700 in 3 hours

did I lose it all?


because i wanted to learn the patterns of play for this site

If you think this is untrue try it.

If you think this is wrong post it then

however I also found a same algorithym for poker.

this site is frauding and all i tried to do is help. since i was told that their mess up is impossible,feel free to rip these benefits

more will come in posts for all games they have, but most importantly poker

I can acurately tell you which hands will win.

Bovada, what I ask of you is first return my measily $15 that i lost due to your programming gliich.

Second, pay me for finding your glitches. All I ask for is 1 month of free withdrawls, expidited shipping on the checks and $1000. I will tell you what I have found.

All I tried to do is help tonight. I absolutely can not stand rudeness when I am attempting to help.

I will allow 3 replies,after that my posts will show the rest of the glitches including poker(double up, triple up and cash games)