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Begado Casino - Stay Away

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Begado Casino
Reason Delayed payment
dawynsmith North Carolina Message
Posted on May 16, 2014

I don't regularly gamble like I used to, and in fact I had limited myself to just a handful. I heard about this Begado casino from a US Player casino site, they only works with decent casinos. I signed up and gave them a try. Well I finally one on March 13th I finally one $800 dollars, not big money, but it is something. Here is the complaint I filed on one of the sites 5 days later:


March 18th

Okay so I finally win at Begado after several deposits and bonus redemption's. Now the standard expectation is that before you can request a withdrawal in the casino you have to submit the proper documentation and have it approved first. Well I did this over 5 business days ago. And I sent everything but my Social Security card. There is no valid reason for the lack of approval, and since many of these casinos run in the same circles, I am sure they can verify customers who use each other's casinos. Anyway after sending a threatening email, I finally get a response yesterday telling me that my documentation verification would be looked into by customer service. It was nice to hear from them but let’s face it they really subscribe to do nothing when you call them generally. Half the time if you do call or chat with customer service on a financial issue you get someone who doesn't know very much about anything, and provide you absolutely no more information than you came with and a greater believe that you are dumber than you they were before you spoke with them. Nevertheless I finally got response later that day from the finance department with the following:

DearDawyn ,

I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Joshua and I’ll be your personal account manager. As your account manager, it’s my responsibility to make sure that you’re well taken care of here at Begado.

As for the approval of your faxback forms, the finance department are taking care of it as we speak and they should be approved in the

Next few days (if they are completed as requested).

Ican assure you, you will be able to make your withdrawal as soon as possible.

I’m looking forward to overseeing your account. If there’s anything that I can do for you, please feel free to contact me at your convenience at [email protected]

A few days huh? Well the expectation is that you would know by the 3rd business day. Here it is the 10th day from when the received it and they send me an email telling me they need more time. It’s inexcusable! How much is this for $800 dollars. Now I have recently read about some higher numbers which does not make me feel any better, but clearly there is a problem. Someone at Begado needs to sell one of their cars and pay the patrons! I could go on all day about the lack of propriety and failure to meet their own terms of conditions, but I won’t. Just get them to pay me my money so I can move on with my life. This is exactly why I don't consistently play at these casinos. It is no fun to win knowing that you won't get paid in a timely manner even with the casinodeal.com stamp.

-dawynsmith (userid)


March 18th later that day after the site team contacted Begado:

Well thank you. I did hear from them earlier today at 2:45pm telling me that my documents were finally approved. It is sad that I had to go to such extremes to get someone's attention. Lets hope that they process the withdrawal sooner than later.


March 21st

Business day 4. No communication from the casino, but I have read their terms of conditions, and I hope they do better with this portion of the process.

Hi dawynsmith,

Thank you for letting us know of the delay in payment…. we will contact them on your behalf and hopefully speed up the process.

Please let us know if you happen to receive the funds in the next couple of days.

Best Regards


Begado Casino belongs to Affactive Group and works under their umbrella. For now, you get the usual delays, nothing special.

They need 10 business days to verify your documents, and they does not consider Fridays as business days.

And if they want some more documents, the usually reply you after their 10 business days have passed, requesting you a new document, or a more clear copy of the one you already sent. Then, they need another 10 business days to approve your docs.

Also, these Affactive casinos does not start the verification process unless the player makes his first deposit.

Don`t be surprised if you win big (thousands) and they delay your payment forever .


march 26:

Thank you. I will let you know. I should have it by Friday even though Begado delayed the time of the entire process by not approving in a timely fashion


march 26...

I advice anyone to stay far away from any casino from the Affactive Group. But, as long as you play only no deposit bonuses, or only tourneys where the total players buy-ins amount is less than the tourney guaranteed amount, ok go for it and take their $$$.

Plus, in regards to verifying documents all casinos in the Affactive Group use a such shitty policy deliberately designed to delay:

- If for example one player is verified at WinPalace (which is a sister casino of Slots Jungle as well as both) which in turn, both are sister casinos with Begado, why ask the player to send his documents again when they already have them from the sister casino ? – A reputable casino group (such as Club World) would simply share the already once approved player documents between all of its casinos in the group. But Affactive specifically do the opposite to delay the payment as much as they can, with the hope that the player will be foolish enough to get sick of the delays he experiences and reverse withdrawal, play and lose all of his $$$.


March 27.

As usual I appreciate your honesty and empathy. The goal is of course to keep happy patrons, but if casinos want to play the withdraw game with delays, it goes on the record.

I have not received any funds as of today 3/27, Due Date is 3/29. I will let you know if a miracle occurs and something pops into my account before Friday, which you state they do not consider a business day, but here in the USA it is! and business is business. If the funds are not in my account by Friday 8am EST then they have not honored their T&C, and I simply look at it that way.

My posts end the same for all. I can make the time to post to other casino forums that USA gamblers use without fail. I will do what I need to. Trust Me word of mouth (posting) does work!


jumping to today 04/04/13

Well this is the latest. They took the funds from my account no "approval" notification no nothing, and being fed up I finally get on chat to ask why I still don't have my funds and this is how the chat went:

info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.

info: You are now chatting with 'Timotthy '

Timotthy : Welcome to Begado, this is Timotthy . Can you provide me with your User Name and how may I assist you?

Dawynsmith: dawynsmith

Dawynsmith: It has been 13 business days after approving my withdrawal and I still do not have my funds. No communication no nothing from your casino. Is this how business is done? They were late on approving my documents now this. It is sending a bad message

Timotthy : Can I please have your user name and I will check for you

Dawynsmith: I gave you my user name

Timotthy : Yes sorry didnt notice

Timotthy : I will check now

Timotthy : Just a moment please.

Dawynsmith: hmm

Timotthy : It was approved on the 27.03

Timotthy : There needs to pass 7-10 business days

Timotthy : it has only been 6

Dawynsmith: that is not correct

Dawynsmith: they took the funds from my account before then. No account history update shows any approval or anything

Timotthy : what do you mean?

Dawynsmith: THis is not what was told to CD

Dawynsmith: someone is lying

Timotthy : It was approved on the 3/27/2013 12:35:58 PM

Dawynsmith: casinodeal work directly with your management team. so this means that they are no longer trustworthy and the

Dawynsmith: Well then I will let CD know that they were lied to. This is Begado's problem now

Dawynsmith: thank you for your time

info: Your chat transcript will be sent to [email protected] xxat the end of your chat.

You cannot tell me that this was a valid delay. Why does it have to be this way for all of these casinos. I signed up with them here on your site, and they show you no more respect or gratitude then they do us. Liars are liars no matter how you slice it.

dawynsmith North Carolina Message
Posted on April 11, 2013

Today according to them was the 10th business day, and they did not pay. This is definitely a casino that I cannot see myself returning to. I provided them with everything to prove my identity, waited for them to and now we are almost at a month's time for them to pay less than a thousand dollars out. Very Shady!!

dawynsmith North Carolina
Posted on April 17, 2013

Well still no money. And judging by the non-response by Begado they have nothing to say or does AskGamblers have no direct contact with them?

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