Bovada Casino - Account suspended for 4 weeks with unknown reasons

Sboesen1 United States
posted on April 14, 2016.

On march 20th my account was suspended from Bovada. When i tried to log in they asked for verification is normal so i provided it. After about 4 days of waiting after providing my ID and a credit card verification form i had received no e-mail so i called. Once i called they immediately transferred me to poker security where i was questioned about the table games bonus i play.

They claimed i was abusing the bonus system by playing blackjack while i played poker. I do in fact play blackjack at the same time as poker on some occasions but this seems normal.

After i admitted to playing poker and blackjack they accused me of bonus abuse and claimed that they had evidence to prove it. After denying they very rudely said that they couldn't call me a liar and that i would receive an email about the status of my account within 48 hours.

Today is April 13th and every e-mail is responded by saying that they can't discuss the status of my account without calling.
Every time i call them they say there's nothing to say and i just have to wait in til the investigation is over.

I would like Bovada to provide me with accurate information involving my account and the remaining balance left in it.

posted on April 15, 2016.

Hello Sboesen1,

We appreciate your cooperation and assure you that you’ll be contacted with an update once the investigation is complete. At this point, we couldn’t provide a timeframe, but please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions in the interim.

Best regards,

Bovada Service

Sboesen1 United States
posted on April 16, 2016.

I spoke with bovada on the phone today. They claimed i was abusing the bonus system which i wasn't. They said that my account was going to be disabled and possibly have my 2k of funds taken. If you read the terms of service this isn't really an option.

6.9. Abuse of Bonus Programs. Bonus programs are intended for recreational bettors only. Professional players or players considered, in our sole discretion, to be abusing the bonus system by any means may have bonuses revoked and be subject to further sanctions. Bonus abuse may be defined as (but not restricted to) clients cashing out for the purpose of re-depositing, or referring new accounts that they are using themselves. Sanctions may be in the form of increased rollover requirements or loss of bonus privileges altogether for the offending Account as well as any linked Accounts. We reserve the right to restrict eligibility for special offers and bonuses when necessary. This includes (but is not limited to) placing geographic restrictions on match bonuses due to bonus abuse.

After reciting the the terms of service to the poker security rep who didn't even know the definition; he then accused me of abusing a system vulnerability. I asked him what he meant by this and he said that because I put my money on a poker table and played blackjack i was abusing a glitch in the system. I then asked him if i was allowed to put my money on a poker table and play. He said yes. I asked him if i was allowed to play blackjack while doing this.He said yes. Then said it was still abusing a software error.Here is the definition of abusing system vulnerability.

6.10. Abuse of System Vulnerability. If, in our reasonable discretion, we determine that an Account sought to or actually did exploit any hardware or software error, malfunction, "bug" or other vulnerability, we shall immediately close such Account and all Account balances, including both deposits and any winnings, shall be immediately forfeited. If, in our reasonable discretion, we determine that such activity is occurring, the Account(s) may, in our sole and absolute discretion, be disabled and all Account balances (including both deposits and any winnings) shall be forfeited. In such event, we expressly reserve the right to initiate civil legal proceedings and report such activities to authorities in support of criminal investigations and charges, as appropriate.

I don't see how anything i did could be abusing a software error or bonus abuse for that matter. They want to claim it's abuse of system vulnerability so they can seize funds.

Also I had a withdrawal from Feb 29 that was delayed with the visa fast funds issue that has been cashed back to my account and they won't allow me to reprocess.

posted on April 20, 2016.

Hello Sboesen1,

As your account is being reviewed by our Poker Security Team, we’re unable to provide you with an update at the moment. Rest assured, once their investigation has concluded, a member of their team will reach out to you.

We appreciate your patience and understanding regarding this matter.


Bovada Service

posted on April 23, 2016.

Dear all,

Any progress regarding this complaint? Thank you.

Sboesen1 United States
posted on April 24, 2016.

No progress at all. Bovada is refusing to do anything but tell me to wait.We're well over a month now with 2k still sitting in my account.