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777 Casino - Account closed and winnings withheld with no further explanations and proofs

Complaint Info
Disputed casino 777 Casino
Reason Bonus abuse
Amount £ 180
Posted on June 23, 2016

Last month I joined 777 Casino and played their £21 no deposit bonus on which I busted out. I was then offered a 100% deposit match type bonus and I bought in with £200 (giving me £200 free play bonus).

I then played this bonus, doing £1 spins on a variety of games until I got lucky with Wild Gambler and hit a nearly £500 bonus round. I continued playing Wild Gambler to complete the wagering requirement and ended up being around£180 up. So once I finished wagering I cashed out my £380 (my initial £200 + £180 winnings).

A few days later I received an email from their operations team that my account has been closed due to bonus abuse, giving of course no detail. The same email informed me that if I considered this an unfair decision I should contact them with comments and attach a notarised copy of my passport. Note that the request for notarised document was not due to the usual KYC but explicitly if I wanted to dispute the closure and get my money out as my withdrawal was also reversed.

Upon request for reimbursement of the notarisation documents they refused this too. Since this was not for KYC purposes I consider this to be a grotesque attempt by the Casino to put me off from pursuing my case.

In any case I sent them a certified copy of my passport (at own expense) which they accepted and they sent me back my deposit but kept my winnings. Upon requesting a payout of my winnings they told me that my account will remain closed and that they will keep the winnings, citing again bonus abuse.

They again didn't give any details just stating that: "If we have reasonable suspicion that an account or group of accounts are operating systematically – for example employing specific wagering techniques or wagering as a group, the Company shall have the right to block or terminate all accounts and in such circumstances, the Company shall be under no obligation to refund to you any funds that may be in your account."

I have neither employed specific wagering techniques (unless sticking to £1 spins is considered such, I would be surprised though) nor have I wagered as a group (whatever that even means). I have not got multiple accounts with 777 and nor do any other people in my household use that casino.

The amounts involved are not earth shattering sums but it is the principle that counts for me and a predatory casino that lures its customer with an offer (through multiple emails and pop up messages) and then withholds funds and asks their customer to provide costly documents for no good reason once they win needs to be called out.

Unless 777 has tangible grounds on which they can demonstrate my supposed bonus abuse I expect my winnings to be paid out.

I attach a copy of the email chain with 777 and my username with them is Momobet922.

For reference, I am happy to publicly discuss the accusations relating to my account on this forum. I strongly suspect that 777 will just resort to sending me the standard generic lines that they been sending me so far when contacting their customer services.

Posted on June 26, 2016

Dear @Momobet92,

Please let us know if there's some update on your issue.

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