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This casino is a compete scam.DO NOT PLAY THERE. Or at least never take any of their bonuses. Here is how they scam you. They offer a match bonus with a rollover. Standard, right? Well, no, not at RedStag. Hidden in their rules is a line that says..."The maximum permitted value of any single wager placed, on any game, using bonus funds is $10.00." So that means that any bet you place over $10, you only get $10 toward the rollover amount? No. Does it mean that only $10 or less bets qualify to go against the rollover amount? No, not exactly. It means that if you, in the course of gambling on redStag place a single wager over the amount of $10 it nullifies the bonus as well as any balance you have built up. That's right. That is what that one line means.

So for example if you deposit $100 and RedStage bonuses you $100 and you have to play $4000 in rollover to gain the bonus (and withdrawal any money) you have to place 400 individual wagers of $10 to qualify. If say you place 399 $10 wagers, rack up $2000 in winnings and your 400th your wager is $'ve just forfeited every single dollar you have in your account (except your original deposit) Does it get worse? Yes, I am glad you asked. Their software doesn't give you any idea of how much of the rollover you have offset. Can it get any worse yet? Yes, of course it can. That $2000 in your account shows up as a balance that is "eligible for withdrawal" But, only way you can claim that money is to keep calling customer service and asking how far along you are. Now, lets say you don't request a withdrawal and you run your $2000 up to $20,000. Guess what? None of that money is actually real. Even though there is $20k in your account and the system says it is all eligible for withdrawal, it doesn't really exist and you can never get that money out. The minute you attempt to withdrawal any available funds, Redstag will zero your account back out to your original deposit. Ok that's it, right? No way. Blackjack bonus credit is only $10 of the wager amount, so in essence you will need to place 4000 $10 wagers and do it perfectly and without ever wagering more than $10 to potentially claim any winning. Any single wager, anywhere along the line that is more than $10 will nullify your balance and make that money "fake" in the eyes of Redstag. Keep in mind nothing in the rules or on the side warns you, tells you alerts you that this is the case.

A scam of the highest order.Cannot possibly be legal. Stay away form RedStag, there are literally hundreds of other legit and above board operations to wager with.

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