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BetCruise Arrives at AskGamblers

BetCruise Arrives at AskGamblers

We're excited to have BetCruise as the newest online gaming site in the AskGamblers listings. Unlike the majority of casinos, BetCruise features a completely unique set of games, Randomness Control, and even the option to play with absolutely no house edge. If you'd like to try BetCruise's online casino, BetVoyager, you can sign up directly through our link. Read on for more information about this one-of-a-kind casino.

One-Stop Gaming

BetCruise Casino

The BetCruise network features something for every type of player. The main attraction is the BetVoyager online casino, which features a whole array of slots, table games, video pokers, and even some specialty games that simply can't be found anywhere else. If you'd like to switch up your play, you can also try your luck in the BetRaiser poker room or the BetLiner sportsbook. All three sections of the BetCruise network can be accessed with just one account.

Randomness Control

The BetVoyager casino at BetCruise is one of the very few sites that let players see for themselves that they are getting a fair game, instead of relying on audits by third-party testing companies. BetCruise calls this Randomness Control. When you start a game, you'll see a random string of characters at the top of the window. This is simply the deck of cards, reel strips, roulette wheel, or other game element in encrypted form. You can adjust this before playing using the controls at the top, which will cut the deck, arrange the reels, etc.

After you spin, you'll be given the code that was used to encrypt the game element, as well as what the deck of cards, reels, or roulette wheel actually looked like. You can then use any free SHA-256 encryption tool online to see for yourself that the game element was random and unaltered. For a more detailed video how-to or text guide, simply click on "Randomness Control" on the BetVoyager website.

Equal Odds Games

BetCruise clearly cares about giving players a good experience, and nothing shows that more than the equal odds games they offer in the BetVoyager casino. Almost all casino games in the world have a built-in house edge that ensures that the casino will be ahead of the player in the long-run. However, BetVoyager's equal odds games are completely balanced - neither the house nor the player have a long-term advantage.

These equal odds games are denoted by a light blue scale. The majority of games offered by BetCruise, including slots, table games, video pokers, and specialty games, have an equal odds version. If you decide to play these, BetCruise will only take a 10% commission on net winnings from these games if you withdraw. Playing equal odds games will save you a very large amount of cash in the long run compared to playing conventional casino games.

Play on the Go

If you own an Android device, you can play your favorite BetVoyager casino games wherever you are. Simply open up BetCruise's website on your device, go to BetVoyager, and click on the Android download button. As long as you have Flash Player, you should have no problems installing BetVoyager on your phone or tablet in minutes.

Share Your Experiences

We'd love to hear your BetCruise experiences. If you'd like to share anything about your time playing here, either on the BetVoyager casino, BetRaiser poker room, or BetLiner sportsbook, simply head over to the AskGamblers forum and make a post. Registration is free, and by being a part of our community, you'll be the first to know about special AskGamblers offers.

Sign Up at BetCruise Casino Now

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