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Best Online Casinos France in 2024

When deciding which online casinos to join, there are several different factors to take into consideration. To help you through this dreadful process (if only!), we've come up with the list of casinos online France that fits most avid online gamblers. For those of you who wish to learn more about online gambling in France, our collection is here to offer all the information you may need when trying to find the top French online casinos. So, feel free to browse our list in order to choose your favourite iGaming places.

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With our unique list of French online casinos not only will you be able to discover the best online casinos in France, but also get the necessary data about the current gambling laws and regulations in the country. In addition, our casino reviews will help you find out what kind of games and software providers are the most popular among French players. What’s more, our portfolio is being updated frequently and, with the latest info provided about online casinos in France, you’ll be all set.

The land of Monte-Carlo and Le Lyon Vert, France has long been considered one of the European cradles of gambling. Games like poker and roulette are closely intertwined with French history and do make up for most of its past. That considered, are you really surprised that thousands of French players adore casino online France, and all land-based fun, too? Of course not! 

What’s the Story with Casino Online France, and Its Regulations? 

Like in most European countries, online casino FR entertainment is strictly regulated. However, players are still allowed to enjoy certain gambling activities as part of their online casino fun. The fact is, despite certain games being banned in French online casinos, French players still find ways to enjoy their gambling habits at international gambling venues where their presence is allowed. 

Online Casino France: Online Gambling Laws and Regulations 

For everyone who’s been wondering is online gambling allowed in France, here’s an overview of French online gambling laws and regulations. Although online gambling in France is legal, there are still some reservations. 

According to the France Gambling Act, the online gambling authority in France allows three main gambling activities. They are:

Surprisingly, the online gambling law in France prohibits the most popular online casino games such as video slots and similar games of chance. What does this mean for a player in France? It means that you won’t find these types of games in French online casinos. Further, no casino with such games on board won’t get a license. However, the best online gambling sites established outside of France are still available to the French players. As stated by the online gambling France legislation, players aren’t to be prosecuted for playing at casinos without a French licence. 

The institutions keeping online gambling in France legal, are as follows. 

  • The ARJEL, regulating the online gambling industry in France in general
  • The Francaise des Jeux, keeping an eye at the lotteries 
  • The Pari-Mutuel Urbain, dealing with the sports betting activities 

The online gambling age in France is 18.

History of Gambling in France

Whoever’s played at an online casino France or has stepped foot into a land-based casino knows how long French gambling history is. It is not only that the country holds some of the most prominent casino names but also prides on the fact it was the French who introduced (read: invented) specific casino games that are now available for play. 

The first roulette was invented and made by Blaise Pascal, the French mathematician. Also, baccarat was first played in France. Unfortunately, since both games are considered highly addictive, they presently can’t be played in any online casino France. But, the excitement doesn’t stop there; the Queen was first added to the card deck in France owing to what we now use a 52-card deck for play at regular and online casinos.  

Although one of the most prominent European countries in terms of love for gambling, France is trying to keep the online gambling market regulated by imposing high taxes on French casinos online. Consequently, high gambling demands on one hand and low gambling rights and options for play on the other have led to the majority of online casinos leaving the French market. Even so, the online gambling market remains heavily popular in France. 

Casino Online France: Play Safely

Following in other European countries’ footsteps, France remains strict in the way it regulates its online gambling market. Prohibiting such popular online entertainment like slots and allowing a narrow array of games is unquestionably limiting players to enjoy their time playing at online casinos in France. However, with the rising gambling revenue and such a big demand for online casino games, there is hope that the French government will legalize all kinds of games in the foreseeable future. Till that happens – make sure you play safely and break no rules! 

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