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Best Online Casinos Ohio in 2023

Like in many other US states, residents of the state of Ohio can legally engage in gambling activities, albeit only at land-based casinos. Currently, online gambling remains unregulated, and there is no clear timeline on when Ohio would embark on the road to legalisation of gambling on the internet.

However, steps are being taken toward legalising online sports betting. Given that regulation of this area is usually considered a precursor to full legalisation of online gambling, Ohio is expected to take measures to allow its residents to gamble online in the future.

Read on to learn more about the overall state of gambling in the US state of Ohio.

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Is Online Gambling Legal in Ohio?

The short answer to this question is no; online gambling is not legal in the US state of Ohio. However, as with many other US states, gambling on the internet is a grey area.

Ohio has no precise legal definition of gambling, and in the existing regulation, there is no mention of online gambling. As a result, many Ohioans enjoy the services offered by off-shore operators freely, without any repercussions.

When it comes to engaging in offline gambling, the minimum legal age for casino and poker is 21 years, while it is set at 18 years or older for lottery, bingo and horse racing.

Are Land-Based Casinos Allowed in Ohio?

Yes, land-based casino operations have been a fully regulated area since 2009, when the state approved the construction of the first Vegas-style casino.

Currently, there are 16 land-based casinos in Ohio, offering an array of casino-style games and betting options. In total, casinos in Ohio offer 314 table games, a rather small number compared to other US states that have legalised gambling. Other than that, there are thousands of slot machines and numerous poker rooms.

Apart from those 16, the Ohio Casino Control Commission, which is in charge of casino entertainment oversight, is expected to issue more licenses, so Ohioans can look forward to even more venues in the future.

Which Forms of Online Gambling are Legal in Ohio

There isn’t a single form of online gambling that is legal in Ohio. Unlike other US states, the majority of which allow bingo or racehorse betting online, residents of Ohio aren’t allowed to place wagers online on any game or sports event.

There is no mention of gambling on the internet anywhere in its laws, which means that this area is neither explicitly outlawed nor regulated in any way, resulting in a situation where many offshore-based operators offer their services to residents of Ohio.

Although the authorities have a hard time chasing players who gamble online due to the lack of a clear legal definition of gambling, if caught, they may be charged with a minor misdemeanour.

Can I Get in Trouble for Gambling in an Ohioan Online Casino?

Gambling at an unlicensed Ohioan casino, either offline or online, can get you a charge of a first degree misdemeanour if you’re caught for the first time. However, people with prior records of gambling offences can expect to be charged with a fifth-degree felony offence.

The fine paid by those caught engaging in illegal gambling activity is set at $1,000 at the least. It can go higher, depending on each case.

Another thing to remember is that making gambling a substantial source of income is also considered illegal in Ohio, so making big bucks from, say, poker can get you in a lot of trouble.

What Is the Future of OH Online Gambling?

Late 2021 saw a major step toward expanding betting options for Ohio natives. Bill HB29 was signed into law in December 2021, paving the way for legalising sports betting in OH.

According to the bill, sports betting is set to go live on 1 January 2023; it remains unclear, however, how many operators will be given the opportunity to offer these services.

The legalisation of online sports wagering is usually the first step in legalising casino-style online gambling. However, at the moment, there are no significant efforts made by Ohio legislators in this area, so it remains unclear whether the state would open itself up to online operators.