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Best Online Casinos Luxembourg in 2023

With no existing laws to regulate online casino Luxembourg gambling, there are still no online casino licenses on the offer. But it is also assumed that the same rules apply to online casino sites. Even so, the country seems to be relying on the Gambling Law from 20 April 1977, defining the specifications necessary for operators to apply for a casino license. As a result, the only operator authorized to offer online casino games is Casino 2000. Nevertheless, Casino 2000 still does not have a website.

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Things to Know: Online Casino Luxembourg

For everyone wondering is gambling in Luxembourg legal, the answer is – it is not, except when a particular activity is specifically made legal under the statute.

According to Article 1 of the Gambling Law, the main law that regulates the gambling industry in Luxembourg, dated April 20, 1977, gambling in the country is prohibited on all accounts. However, there have been subsequent regulatory acts set in place to allow exceptions for certain establishments and trends of the gambling industry.

As of 2017, Luxembourg has one National Lottery network and one casino operating in Luxembourg. With the gambling industry gradually and steadily increasing in popularity, Luxembourg is becoming more and more interested in expanding in this respect. In fact, the government is planning on legalising some new casinos. The fact slot machines yielded revenue of 38 million EUR in land-based casinos in just one year sure ads to the country's enthusiasm to legalize online gambling, as well. Until online gambling is legalised in Luxembourg, the country prides on the fact their gambling industry is not just thriving but is the third most profitable in the EU, while the UK comes fourth.

Gambling Legislation for Casino Luxembourg

In force since April 20, 1977, the Gambling Law explicitly prohibits all gambling as it's believed to be able to cause irrational and destructive behaviour. Nonetheless, there are laws and regulations that cover individual trends in the gambling industry.

At the time of writing there existed only two major operators in Luxembourg:

  • Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte (The National Foundation of Grand Duchess Charlotte)
  • Casino 2000, with the address at the spa resort Mondorf-les-Bains

Casino 2000 launched an active program educating the casino's staff on how to spot gambling addiction. The program was launched in 2002 and is currently considered the best program of this type in the European Union.

Who Issues Permits to Private Operators for Luxembourg Gambling?

Ministry of Justice regulates, and issues permits to operators involved in casinos, sports betting, and lotteries. In case the total cost of lottery tickets issued is equal to or less than 12,500 EUR, the Council of Elders (Collège des Bourgmestre et Echevins) is the body issuing the permit.

National Foundation of Grand Duchess Charlotte is in charge of regulating the National Lottery. The Foundation is a non-profit organisation subordinate to Prime Minister and Minister of State, with all proceeds from the National Lottery going to charity.

Casino Luxembourg and Gambling Licensing

All gambling licenses have a limited term of the issue, which is determined by the issuing authority. Two main issuing authorities are the Ministry of Justice and local authorities.

What Does The Permit Include?

The permit includes:

  • Tax rates
  • Work schedule
  • Conditions for accessing the gaming establishment
  • A list of games that are licensed and monitoring of the operator

If/when the operator fails to comply with any of the permit-requirements, the Licence will be revoked.

Furthermore, the license application must include:

  • The operator's financial condition
  • Relevant general information about the operator
  • A description of games on offer and reasons why they benefit the community

Licensed Varieties of Gambling in Luxembourg 

With the strict gambling laws and regulations in place, there are only specific games allowed for play in the country:


  • Small stakes poker
  • Stud poker
  • Texas Hold 'em poker (since 2015)
  • Omaha poker (since 2015)

Casinos are the only establishments allowed to offer poker. In case any "poker events" are organized, the only stakes allowed are EUR20 to EUR50 per player.

Betting (other than sports betting)

Any form of betting other than lotteries and sports betting is prohibited.

Sports Betting

Sports betting isn't restricted in any way. 

Casino Games

The only casino games available for play are to be played at Casino 2000 Montdorf, since that's the only casino with a licence:

  • Roulette
  • English roulette
  • American roulette
  • Trente-et-quarante
  • Blackjack
  • Punto banco
  • Craps
  • Stud poker
  • Table games, e.g., baccarat à deux tableaux à banque limitée et l'écarté, baccarat chemins de fer, baccarat à deux tableaux à banque ouverte

Slots and Other Machine Gaming

Slots and other machine games can only be played in casinos. Playing slots at public places (bars, in particular), the public highway, and similar are prohibited.


Bingo has the same regulatory rules as lottery. 


In Luxembourg, lotteries are all operations that provide gain determined by chance.

Lotteries are mostly provided by the National Lottery (Loterie Nationale) or other providers under new Article 2 of the Gambling Law. Authorisations are only granted to lotteries that are organised for philanthropic, scientific, religious, educational, artistic, social, tourism or sports purpose.

Online Gambling in Casinos Luxembourg

In terms of online gambling laws, there are no clear differences between land-based and online games.

Players in Luxembourg are to obey the same rules when they gamble online as they would if they gambled in a land-based casino. However, as the practice portrays - the only legal brand of gambling in Luxembourg is the National Lottery. According to the National Foundation, players can indulge in any forms of lotteries, including the online types. This goes to say that the online iGaming industry is, in fact, a state monopoly even though this directly contradicts the provisions of the European Union.

Still, no information is available on whether there is any new bill that covers gambling, especially online. Luxembourg laws have not so far seen any complaints in this respect, giving the European Commission no reason to conduct an investigation.

Casino Luxembourg - Your Best Choice

For everyone looking to try their luck at an online casino Luxembourg, browse through our list of casinos to find your match. And remember - always play safe and smart, no matter which online casino you choose!


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