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Online Casinos Finland

You'll rarely find a European country that enjoys online casino entertainment as much as Finland does. Gambling is a part of Finn's life, with Finns spending an average of £12 (14 Euros) weekly on gaming activities.

However, there is a limited number of local casino Finland since the country has made its monopoly in gaming. Still, even though the number of online casinos is limited, their game list is considerable and won't disappoint you. Choose between slots, lottery, and table games such as Poker, Roulette, and Baccarat for a great online gambling experience. Finnish casinos feature numerous bonus features, too. Playing at Suomi casino, you'll get such treats like welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and weekly bonus offers.

It is only nation-based operators that are allowed to offer gaming services in the country. Foreign operators are prohibited from providing their services in the state. At this time, the market is divided between three largely state-owned and controlled entities – Fintoto Oy, RAY, and Oy Veikkaus AB. 

AskGamblers team has put together a list you'll find useful for your online casino Finland adventures. Without further ado, here are online casinos for Finnish players - the best selection:

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Nothing beats a good game of poker, blackjack, slots, or any other casino entertainment when you play at a good casino, does it? For anyone who's looking for an online casino Suomi that's just right, you are in the right place. 

Crucial Things to Know About Finland Online Casinos Before You Pick One

Keep these things in mind when it comes to Suomi casinos:

  • Finland has legalised gambling activities 
  • Finns spend an average of £12 (14 Euros) weekly on gaming activities
  • The country's legislation concerning gambling is described as "3+1" with the state running monopoly on online casinos
  • The gambling and gaming market is divided between Fintoto Oy, RAY and Oy Veikkaus AB, three state-owned and controlled entities
  • Betting is one of the most popular activities in Finland

Online gambling activities in Finland are limited to the state-owned and controlled monopoly operators. Back in 1996, the country legalized web-based casino and gaming operations with the authorization of Veikkhaus. From that moment on, land-based games are available on the internet, as well.

Finnish Casinos: An Overview

Although Finland's legalized betting operations, both lotteries, and gambling are illegal when operated for private purposes. The Government provides licences to land-based and web-based operators respectively, and allows only one license at a time for each kind of gambling and gaming activities.

A state-controlled body manages every aspect of gambling. In that tone, there are a total of four bodies regulating Suomi gaming, three of which are state-owned and one autonomous:

  • RAY controls table games and slot machines on the territory of Finland. The body is in charge of regulating a variety of land-based casinos, overseeing games like slot machines, table games, and traditional casino games in Finland 
  • Oy Veikkaus AB manages national lottery and sports betting along with instant win games
  • Fintoto Oy controls horse race betting 
  • PAF oversees all kinds of gambling operations in the province. PAF has an autonomous statute

These three above-mentioned state-run operators are the only ones allowed to offer gaming services on the territory of the country.

The History of Relevant Casino Legislation in Finland  

All money games in Finland are regulated by the Lottery Act 491/65. The Act was established on January 1st, 1966, and has kept its status as the sole gambling regulation law ever since. Finland's gaming system is a licence system based on exclusivity. According to The Act slot machines, casinos, and bingo that offer money prizes and commodities are classified as lotteries.

When it comes to funding charity activities, money gambling operations play an essential part. The Lottery Act regulates this process also, prescribing the way all proceeds of the three major gaming operators are to be used.

The Lottery Act of Finland introduced changes in 2002, deciding that the country will be issuing different licences for different activities, such as operating money lotteries, pools, and betting, for managing slot machines, casino games, and other casino activities. Operators that run totalisator betting are given another license. 

  • By operating this way, the country has managed to:
  • Focus its efforts into protecting those engaged in gaming activities
  • Prevent gambling from becoming a means related to any criminal activities 
  • Reduce gambling's negative influence on individuals

All licenses provided by the authorities last for a maximum of half a decade at a time. However, the country's Government has the right to cancel them earlier in case of irregularities and/or breaking the law in any way.  

Present Day Casino Finland

In recent years, the European Union has put Finland under pressure because of the so-called "state monopoly" concerning gambling operations in the country. The European Union insisted Finland should allow other companies (other than the "3+1") to operate in the land in both online and brick-and-mortar casinos. However, despite the pressure, no other operator is allowed to set foot on Finland's gambling market. 

What is more, Finland does not have a criminal code that punishes betting with an unlicensed operator. Why is this relevant for players? Because they are free to place bets on any foreign website that accepts players from Finland.

At the time of writing, outlanders' websites offering gambling activities in Finland were considered forbidden and illegal. Even so, Finnish players are accepted on foreign websites. Furthermore, there are no legal mechanisms in place that prohibit financial transactions made to and from foreign websites or foreign websites altogether.

Online Casinos for Finnish Players

If you are a player from Finland, choose one of the Suomi casino we’ve got ready for you or browse more for the one you find better, and start your fun today!


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