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Best Online Casinos Thailand in 2024

A country of great history and a magnet for tourists from all around the world, Thailand indeed enjoys the status of heaven on Earth. But, does heavenly time in Thailand include free, uninterrupted gambling in Thai casino online and land-based casinos? Not exactl­y. G­ambling in Thailand, i.e. Thai casino legislation doesn't explicitly mention internet play, but online casino Thailand falls under the general category of gambling which is illegal. National Lottery and horse betting are the only two exceptions to the country's ban on gambling.

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Casino in Thailand

Based on its laws, Thailand is a non-gambling zone. Apart from horse betting and the national lottery, which are the only two gambling activities allowed, players can't enjoy other forms of gambling – both online and offline. 

Ironically, despite its strict laws, gambling in Thailand seems to be a big business in the country. Gathering data from surveys conducted throughout the country, it is estimated that nearly 60% of Thais engage in gambling of some sort, whether poker, sports betting, or other. In 2014 alone, during the World Cup, there was almost ฿43 billion wagered, which translates to $1.3 billion in total wagers for one single event.

As gambling and betting are officially illegal, the wagers usually go through local agents and bookies in the country who operate against the law. There are plenty of major betting sites that accept Thailand customers and process their money in Thai baht. While the government is doing their best to block illegal casino online Thai, people still manage to find a way to access most gambling sites. 

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Is it Safe and Legal to Gamble Online in Thailand?

No, but people still do it – and usually over the internet. Oddly, Thailand seems to be a popular destination for online poker pros who have for whichever reason now restricted from playing in their home countries. In fact, when PokerStars and Full Tilt exited the US market, plenty of online players moved to Thailand so they could play. 

However, this practice is not recommended in any way, and those enjoying it tend to keep their gambling habits to themselves. What is more, most players have cover stories for when they are getting the money from their winnings. There have even been cases of players having to take a DNA test to prove that it's their money. 

Gambling in Thailand as a Profession

While gambling does make an attractive profession for those practising it legally, it is, by no means, considered a legitimate business activity in Thailand. This is especially true for foreigners who try to practice it here. In fact, if the authorities discover a person's income derives from internet betting or poker, deportation, jail time and/or a ฿1000 fine are all very real possibilities. 

Thai Casino Summary

Gambling in Thailand is prohibited in both online casinos and brick and mortar casinos, with the exception of horse betting and national lottery which are regulated by the law. While there are no official, new laws that deal with gambling in its whole, it is a well-known fact that Thailand is not the place to enjoy this activity.