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Gambling laws wouldn't be gambling laws if they didn't significantly differ from one country to another. When it comes to online gambling Philippines, its gambling laws are quite unclear (which is nothing unusual in terms of these kinds of lawas). Still, Filipinos are very devoted to gambling in the Philippines - both online and offline and it is our mission to discover whether the list of online casinos in the Phillippines available for legal play will or won't make you happy.

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The Philippines has quite ambiguous laws, but it remains versatile when it comes to both offline and online gambling. AskGamblers took it upon ourselves to figure out how the online gambling industry in the Philippines works in general. Moreover, we assembled a list of legit Philippines online casinos. To see results of our investigation, scroll down, read on and if you’re tempted - play away! 

Is Gambling in the Philippines Legal? 

Not only is it legal, but traditional casinos and wager games are also extremely popular with foreigners as well as locals. There are many legal, well-regulated casinos all over the Philippines, open for fun and enjoyment of all adults who want to wager on. 

Unfortunately, the story is not the same when it comes to gambling on the internet. Online casinos in the Philippines are not as popular among locals because they are legally not allowed to take part in fun and games. Even though the Philippines is the only South Asian country that allows online games of chance, they don’t extend the same courtesy to their citizens.

Online casinos are mainly a tourist thing because born and raised Filipinos have to get creative and use off-shore gambling sites if they want to "throw the dice". Talk about confusing, right? 

Gambling Law in the Philippines: General Overview 

History of gambling in the Philippines started when the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, otherwise known as the PAGCOR, was founded in 1976 by President Ferdinand Marcos. Since then PAGCOR  has been overseeing all wagering activities on the islands except internet gambling.

The Cagayan Special Economic Zone, also known as the Cagayan Freeport (established in 1995) has been issuing licenses for Philippines online casinos exclusively.

Both PAGCOR and Cagayan Freeport are state-owned and recognized internationally.

Is Legal Gambling in the Philippines Safe?

If you have a safe internet connection, you aren't from the Philippines but are 18+ years of age, and you found an online gambling site that’s licensed and regulated - the world is your oyster. 

In case you want to play in any of the ground-based Filipino casinos or bet on the horse races, you have to be above 21, but you can enjoy it regardless if you’re a local or tourist.

And as far as possible payment methods go, depending on the provider, in most of the places you can use JuanPay, DragonPay, PesoPay, 7 Connect PayEasy, MOLPay, WeePay, Smart Money, GCash. Check on your chosen site, though - just to be sure. 

Besides safety, when it comes to online gambling endeavours in the Philippines, you can count on many special offers and bonuses, which differ from casino to casino, but tend to be extremely lucrative and generous.

The State of Online Gambling Philippines

Some countries allow games of chance with open arms others outlaw them left and right, going so far as bringing the lovers of money bets to court. The Philippines is a little peculiar in this regard, it has controversial gambling laws, which allow both online and offline gambling games, but for foreigners only! 

However, all those Filipinos who are hungry for some good online games can rely on AskGamblers to have their back. 

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