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Online Casinos Norway

Gorgeous waterfalls, splendid fjords and so many gambling rules and restrictions that you can't even count! Wait, what? Sadly, yes. Online gambling entertainment in this country is limited to just a few online casinos Norway, making gambling in Norway not as a diverse experience as it could be. 

However, the good news about gambling in Norway is that Norway still has access to some of the best online casino fun outside of the country. Still, how much of Norwegian gambling can you enjoy, is mobile casino Norway accessible, and similar questions fall on us to answer... so, read on!

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Is Online Gambling in Norway Legal?

Gamblers – both experienced and newbies – often wonder is online gambling allowed in Norway? While formally the dice fall on "Yes", Norwegian gambling laws are very strict and therefore put the whole online gambling legality in a tough spot. 

Norway operates under the state monopoly, allowing only two operators – the Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto - to offer online gambling activities. Each of the two operators is entrusted with a particular gambling branch; Norsk Tipping controls sports betting and the state lottery in Norway while Norsk Rikstoto monitors horse betting. Presently, no other but Norsk casino online, i.e. Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto has the online gambling license. What is more, there isn't a gambling body that can run a legitimate online casino Norsk for Norwegian players but the two.  

The Gaming Scheme Act and the Lottery Act are the two main online gambling laws in Norway, and they list all gambling-related information. Players who are under 18 aren't allowed to play in Norway. 

As Norwegian gambling laws are very stringent, both players and operators do not seem to be too happy with the circumstances surrounding online gambling; even so, the government doesn't seem to be taking any steps towards loosening the strict regulations. 

In fact, in recent years, the restrictions have become even harsher, with the online gambling authority Norway blocking online transactions to the international online casinos. Even so, Norwegian players can still enjoy their gambling activities by making deposits using e-wallets like Neteller or Skrill, and gambling at the legal online casinos outside Norway. 

Can the European Commission do anything concerning Norway gambling laws? European Commission cannot dictate anything related to the gambling scene in Norway, as the country isn't part of the EU. 

When choosing an online casino to play in this country, go for an approved online casino Norway from our list. It's important to know that online Norwegian casinos let you make deposits in several currencies, too which is making the gameplay at an online casino Norsk much easier.

Which Online Casino Sites Are There in Norway?

For everyone who wants to play at Norwegian casino respecting Norwegian gambling laws, the options are limited: you can only play in one of two licensed internet casinos in Norway. Regrettably, the number of games in this casino is limited and, therefore, isn't too impressive for experienced players. 

There are casinos that are willing to waive the laws a bit and accept real money, but we strongly advise you do not play at these casinos. Instead, go for legitimate options that can be divided into three main groups:

  • Regular online casinos are standard Norwegian online casinos that can be accessed from steady and laptop computers. They feature basic casino games like online slots, poker, roulette, and other similar games.
  • Mobile casino Norway is a popular multiplatform designed for a modern-day player who wants to enjoy their games on the go. Mobile casinos work well on both iPhones and Android phones and are quite popular among Norwegians.
  • Live casinos are the most common favourite among players everywhere, and Norway is no exception. Participating in an online live casino gives players an opportunity to become a part of an almost-live gambling euphoria and enjoy watching the dealing process, chit-chat with other players present, and everything else that falls under live casino thrill. 

As live casinos give the atmosphere of "real" gameplay stationed somewhere in Vegas rather than just "plain" online gambling, the fact this way of playing is extremely popular in Norway does not surprise at all. Unfortunately, there aren't too many Norwegian online casinos that feature live casino, but the few that do are terrific. 

History of Gambling in Norway

The Norwegian gambling market has always been, more or less, restricted to various gambling activities, and the same praxis survives today. From 1902 and The Penal Code introduction that was set in place to regulate and monitor the gambling market to 1927 when the Totalizator Act was passed, proclaiming Norsk Rikstoto the only operator to provide horse betting activities, Norway has always had a strong hand in dealing with gambling regulations. 

Further stringent gambling laws didn't come as too big of a surprise when, in 1992, the Gaming Act was approved, naming Norsk Tipping the only responsible body for the lottery and other games of chance in the NOK casinos. The introduction of this act solidified Norway's state monopoly in all gambling affairs. 

In 1995, the Lottery Act was set in place, describing how lotteries and games of chance should be regulated in the country which set bases for all future gambling activities. Years 2007 and 2008 brought even stricter regulations, banning all slot machines from use in 2007 and, in 2008, prohibiting all gambling activities for Norwegian players in the international top online casinos.

With the rise of gambling popularity, the Norwegian government took radical measures in 2009 to fight the gambling. At the time, Norsk Tipping introduced special cards and gaming terminals, allowing just several transactions per month.

To block the transactions to the international casinos for Norwegians, in 2010 the Payment Act was approved, but the first actions took place in 2017. 

As shown through its history, Norway could be one of the rare countries that has always had a firm stance on gambling and gambling regularity. To this day, Norway is very strict with its regulations, making modern gamblers try really hard to find internet casinos that will accept their real money bets.

Play at Online Casinos Norway

Players who decide to try their luck at Norwegian casinos should stick to the state-approved ones if they don't want to get themselves in trouble. Check out the AskGamblers' list of Norwegian casinos here to play safely. Good luck!

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