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Trolls is a whimsical 20-line video slot straight out of a fairy tale. With Golden Wilds and freespins, this mystical forest has plenty of big wins to offer players. We invite you to play Trolls for free as long as you would like. If you want to give it a try for real money play, just sign up at any of our listed NetEnt casinos and start playing – no downloads required!

To start playing Trolls, first set up your bet. Use the Coin Value button to adjust the coin denomination. Available coin sizes range from €0.01 up to €1.00. Then press Bet Level to change the number of coins per line up to 4. If you want to play fewer than maximum lines, use the Bet Lines button to adjust the number of active paylines. Use the circular arrow button to start spinning, or press Max Bet to spin with all 20 lines active and a bet of 4 coins per line.

Trolls, unlike other video slots, emphasizes both big line wins and big feature wins. In addition to having normal wild symbols that double wins, there is a Golden Wild that occasionally appears on the third reel. This flashy symbol pays quadruple on any line it appears on! These wilds are also working in the free spins feature. Get three Scatters to win 10 spins at a 3x multiplier that can be re-triggered. Four Scatters give you 20 free spins, and five Scatters give you 30. With all these ways to hit big wins, Trolls is not only enchanting, but lucrative.

Game Play

Coin Value: Adjust the coin denomination.
Bet Level: Change the number of coins bet per line.
Bet Lines: Choose the number of active paylines.
Circular arrow button: Spin at the selected number of paylines and bet per line.
Max Bet: Spin with all 20 paylines activated and a bet of 4 coins per line.

Trolls Slot Reviews by Players


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Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Trolls was released by NetEnt back in March 2011. First look at the symbols in this game and most likely you are going to love it. I truly like these sweet and super cute smiling creatures. A troll is a supernatural being in Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore. This is a great themed slot and it's really crazy to say but I would say 'I am in love' with this slot. This game characters has comic scent in it. It's a 5-reels, 20-paylines slot, playable from 0.20 cents bet per spin. The graphics look superb and not so many slots come with such superb graphics, not even nowadays, when this should be mandatory for all game providers, such as the NetEnt is.

The main symbol is the Wild symbol in this game, and for collecting 5-of-a-kind, you get awarded with 10,000 coins, which is pretty impressive. In any winning combinations, the regular Wild substitutes for other symbols and wins are multiplied x2. It substitute for all symbols except for the Scatter symbol. There is also a Golden Wild symbol, which appears on reel 3 only, and it also substitute for all other symbols except for the Scatter symbol.

In Trolls, there is a Free Spins feature game which needs collecting 3 or more Scatters in order to get between 10 and 30 free spins, with all wins paid with a x3 multiplier. To make things clear here, I would say that this game is pretty much about getting the Free Spins game. What I like very much, which anyone should like too, is that any wins with the regular Wild pays x6 in the Free Spins game, whilst the Golden Wild pays x12. When the going gets really good, you can finish off your game with some real good cash. I have played Trolls not many times enough, all without much success, but I have no doubts that I will come back to play again and make some nice winning screenshots.
Trolls is slot game made by NetEnt. This is great slot to play with low money because even at lowest stake I had decent wins on it. Also it seems very kind slot without bad times when it just killing balance without good wins or features.

I like how trolls symbols made in this slot. When I think trolls I imagine something rude and scary, but here trolls is just cute and funny, first time I played this game I was surprised how kind this game looks, like fairy tale or something like that.

I like payouts in this game. Payouts in this game is very good. Of course 5 wilds pay huge money, but I never have dreams about that and count as decent payout possibility. Because 5 wilds it is something super rare, and it is really not needed to wait it. Other payouts here is good.

I like wilds system here. Regular wilds have x 2 multiplier for all wins. And also there is placed special golden wild which multiply winnings by 4. Very decent system and also interesting, I am always happy to see when golden wild appear and just hope to get some 5 of a kind with it.

I like freespins feature. Some can call it usual and boring, because only 10 freespins for 3 scatters with x 3 multipliers, but there is wilds with multipliers, and this give ability to win much more than 100 bets wins. I had about 5 freespins features which pays more than 100 bets, and never had any higher features. Probably because I was not too lucky.

Interesting slot, which can pay. Also not needed to make high bets to get decent winnings, game could pay even with lowest stake, you just need to come in good time. I do not think i have any thumbs downs for this game, so 10 stars would be good rating.
Nothing in thumbs down, everything is great, two type of wilds, feature with multiplier, and good payouts. And cute trolls!
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Trolls is a 20 payline, 5 reel slot coming from NetEnt. This game has a fantasy theme, with trolls, goblins, dwarfs and magic trees as main symbols in the game. It has an interesting music and a fun gameplay so you can have long sessions here without getting bored. It has a descent paytable and often awards wins of 20-30 x bet during base play.

The main features in this game are the wilds. There is a regular wild which lands on all reels and doubles a win when substituting a symbol. There is also a huge payout for 5 of them on a winning paylline which is 10 000 coins. There is also a golden wild symbol which lands only on reel 4 and it has a x4 multiplier attached. The multiplier for this symbol isn’t mentioned in the paytable but if you play the game you will surely notice it. This game also has a scatter symbol and 5 of them award a 500 x bet win which is pretty great.

The scatter symbols in the game activate the free spins bonus. If you manage to hit 3 scatters you get 10 free spins, 4 scatters award 20 free spins and 5 scatters award 30 free spins. The best thing about the free spins is that all prizes are tripled. In the free spins bonus you will want to see as many wilds as possible considering that the regular wild now has a x6 multiplier and the golden wild has a x 12 multiplier. No need to explain that this can bring some great payouts in the bonus game.

I played this game a number of times and sometimes you can get a lot of free spins including retriggers in a very short time. In one session I got 4 bonuses including one retrigger in about 250 spins. The wins were small and the top was 50 x bet but still in the end I had a descent 60 euros plus on my balance. Sometimes it can be very cold and if you don’t get the bonus within 120-130 spins don’t even bother. You probably won’t see it in the next 200 spins either.
I realized that there are a lot of slot games from NetEnt that I don’t know anything about them, Trolls is one of them, a 5 reels slot with 20 paylines and 0.20 euro minimum bet. I discovered this slot while I was searching on AskGamblers for something new to play with interesting features and why not, a good payout rate. First of all, the graphics are good, acceptable I could say, it can be seen that it isn't a new slot but I like it especially because of the theme about Norse mythology. I started to spin for the first time and I realized that the game is running very good, a real pleasure to play it!

I played a couple of times this slot, I didn't manage to win big amounts but almost every time I manage to win something, small wins of course. About the features of this slot I want to say that I discovered them as I was playing, the free spins triggered when I had only 4 euro balance, gave me 10 free spins with 3 x multiplier and a 12 euro win. But the interesting thing was that about 2 minutes later the free spins triggered again, this time 4 scatters and 20 free spins that paid me 42 euro, a very good amount because I was playing with 0.20 euro bet!

So the features will receive an 8, the Free Spins, Wild symbol and Golden Wild features are enough in my opinion even if a bonus round would be great too!

The graphics will receive another 8, the symbols aren't as nice as I was expecting but I like the way the reels are moving, it is an important thing for me!
Well, even if the payout rate isn't so good, I have nothing bad to say about this slot, I like it!
oneLoVegg 55 reviews
Trolls it is not the best game made by NetEnt. Game can pay very good of course, I see some potential in it, but usually for me playing this slot is a nightmare, that never ends, and every spin I made I feel how I lose.

Lowest possible bet at this slot is 0.20, very good, and even with lowest deposit everyone able to start this slot. At this slot in main game there is interesting feature. All wilds pay x 2, but golden wild is much more better, and multiply winnings to x 4.

Once I had wild on first reel, wild on second reel, on third reel appear golden wild, and I thought I already win very big, but no. Bet amount was 0.40 euro, and I won only 9 euro from that spin. Bad pay symbols + low payout from wilds and there is no big win, I think it needs to get 5 wilds or top pay to get something big. 3 scatters pay 10 freespins with x 3 multiplier, more scatters give more freespins, but I never had more than 3, it looks like very hard to get it. I can't say that I had any good wins during main game, many win at 0.20 bet size with amounts like 10 or 15 euros, but of course it is not so big win, and also it is very rare to get such hit at this slot.

I had only one good feature in my life playing this slot. I almost lost and had 3 euros left. I thought to play Dead or alive, but decide to play Trolls. 0.20 bet size, and luckily I hit 3 scatters at my last dollar. Feature produce couple middle hits, and also one good win. In total it finished with 24 euro win, and I decide not risk, and request withdrawal. In short this slot can pay good, but it is very unlikely.
bigdk88 74 reviews
United Kingdom
Trolls- yet again another game that can put a big grin on your face or can have you with your head in your hands thinking where did my money go! Trolls is a 20 payline 5 reels video slot. The minimum players can bet is 0.01 and the max players can bet is 100.00 making this apt for high rollers and low rollers alike. Trolls is based on fairy tales and perhaps a little inspired by Dreamworks film Shrek?.

Trolls features many different symbols the best hit players want is 5 moonlit scatter symbols this wins the player a magical 500 x total bet and 1500 x total bet inside free spins+30 free spins! Players can also win the free spins by collecting just 3 moonliet scatter symbols for 10 free spins (5 x bet) or 4 for 20 free spins (25 x bet) Furthermore all wins inside of the free spins are multiplied by 3 at least. What makes players jump for joy is for the free spins to retrigger and yes on Trolls this is possible for infinite free spins (with the extra free spin values trebled in value at least and multiplied by line bet.

Being a nearly exact replica of Excalibur and Wild Witches. Trolls also features the wonderful golden wild on reel 3! ( x 12 in free spins!)! Trolls also has another wild that doubles your win ( x 6 inside free spins!) But wait there's more. For 5 wilds of any kind players win a huge 10,000 x the line bet! ( 30,000 if inside free spins ) The rest of Trolls paytable is stunning too the queen troll is worth at least 750 x for 5 and possibility of multiplied by 2 or 4 too! Other symbols such as head male troll and an anteater with a club I think?!, pay out ranging from 200-500 x for five of a kind. Other icons like with Excalibur are Alpha Numeric 10-Aces awarding 100-150 x for 5.These may not seem like much but with a wild and inside free spins pretty nice chunk of change I must say!

Trolls is another favourite of mine usually to build up a bankroll as I do not like being to draw in as it can be very addictive fun and hard to say bye to! My biggest win has to be either the double Head Troll quadrupled 20p bet and won £30 or the 5 of a kind female troll at 10p bet with the doublind wild symbol right on line 1 for £15 (150 x bet!) ! And on other occasions I have won at least 100 x my bet more than once! Skins or similar games if you like are WILD WITCHES and my beloved Excalibur.

Here are my pros and cons of Trolls:


Outstanding pays even for the low variance symbols

Looks great and is fun to play when it goes crazy!

Suitable for players of all bet levels and decent to complete wagering requirements on

Retriggers inside free spins

Massive pay for 5 scatters/5 wilds

Not as impossible to get the premium symbols as some other games are.

Players can autoplay if they get tired of clicking the mouse.

Overall I would give Trolls 8 out of 10 pretty good slot but dead spins and bad free spin sessions are a let down at times. 8 out of 10 as although it is similar to Wild witches, I just seem to win more consistently on this and Excalibur!

No quick spin feature as is’s an older Net-Ent game

Can eat money as bad as Doa or Reel Steal quite easily if you are not careful (leave it after a big win)

If not playing all paylines be prepared for anguish and heartache when the damn symbols land on the obscure paylines!

With so much potential be prepared for a few dead free spins rounds this really can be brutal!
yapro 790 reviews
Trolls video slot was created by net entertainment company, and it is not their new game. This enough for me to say that such game will be created, even if i did not try it, but i try it and can confirm, it is another one great game, and i will write this once again, all not new net entertainment game is great.

This game has 20 paylines, and therefore every player can fully enjoy game with such low bet like 0.20$ per spin. I played this game first time at redbet casino, i already write this and probably many times, but redbet casino was really one of first casino which i join, and i am glad to mention them in my reviews, as it is one of the best online casino at which i ever played, not ideal of course, but still. Trolls is clone of wild witches slot, this game has wilds which have payout itself, and like at wild witches here we have golden wild on reel 3, which have 4x multiplier for wins(usual wilds have x 2 multiplier). Also here 5 scatters can pay x 500 total bet. i play this game quite often when i just start my adventure with net entertainment games, but i can say that these days i not playing this game, because i can't play medium variance games, i need variance - bigger variance, more i like the game. My best hit on trolls not big, i had free spin feature which retriggered twice and pay me something around x 200 total bet, not big for this slot, and potential is much more bigger.

Medium variance game, which can pay good money in case it is hot and in case player is lucky. Good game by the way to play with bonus, as it will not suck money like dead or alive, for example.
Trolls video slot is another one which created by net entertainment, company which every gambler already know, if you do not know who is this guys, you probably not gambler, or just playing slots without any interesting who creates them. Trolls is pretty old net entertainment slot, but even it is old, i am still like to give it a shot it is interesting, and this trolls even a bit cure ( oh not, i am saying like a girl, i should stop it right now!).

Trolls video slot can not provide you really high end graphic or sounds, so if you playing only really beautiful slot, probably this is not your type of the slot. This slot has 20 paylines. Nice thing about this slot that it is has wilds, who does not wilds? 5 wilds pay good amount of money, and moreover, wilds double the wins. Also in this slot you can see golden wild, which has not usual 2 x multiplier, it gives you an amazing 4 x multiplier, so i even can not say how big your win will be with 5 wilds with golden wild on pay line but i am sure this is will be very nice win. Also in this slot is possible to get free spins with x 3 multiplier, 3 scatters on the screen gives you only 10 free spins, but 4 scatters gives you 20 free shots, and 5 scatters gives you 30 free spins with nice x 3 multiplier, plus some money for scatters, but best what i manage to see on this slot was 4 scatters, 5 still is on my haunt list.

I like this slot, and it is always interesting to play it. No any stupid bonus game, just regular spins at x 3 multiplier, golden wild, and a chances to hit good win. I did not need anything else on online video slot, and i am happy with this trolls.
Sometimes software developers just fail desperately in creating a slot. I think this definitely is the case with Trolls. This is a slot produced by the Swedish high-quality software provider Net Entertainment, which usually thinks of all aspects when creating a slot and doesn't disappoint often. However, in my opinion a slot shouldn't just be made for the sole purpose of covering every theme possible.

Sure the Trolls theme always has been very popular, and to dedicate a slot to this theme isn't a wrongful thought. But software providers do have to think of possibilities to take the game to another level in the form of game play, entertainment and possibilities to win.

I found Trolls to be one of most boring slots I ever played, and definitely think they could have done a much better job since I seriously felt "Trolled" when playing it lol. Trolls has 20 paylines and 5 reels. The minimum bet is only 20 cents, so it's appropriate for low rollers. I played this game on 40 cent bets when I had a low budget at my disposal.

The symbols are based on trolls of all ages, and same goes for the decoration of the wooden card symbols and background. During base game I found it really difficult to win anything over 10x bet size. I've experienced many dead spins or just spins where a fraction of my bet was awarded.

Which is very disappointing since the game has wild symbols on every reel which multiply the win by 2x, and even a golden wild symbol which multiplies the win by 4x. Nevertheless, nothing really helped to make me win much in base game.

So what about the free spins? Well, collect 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols and you'll receive 10, 20 or 30 free spins with a 3x multiplier. Like most slots I never received more than 3 scatters. During free spins I basically always had the same experience as base game. On average I won 10-20x bet size during free spins mode.

Not sure how to win big on this game, since it definitely didn't happen to me.

My final rating for Trolls is 4.5/10

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