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Looking for a plain old good time? Look no further than Thrill Spin, an online video slot that takes players into the heart of an elaborate theme park. Ride the Ferris wheel, munch on a few hot dogs, and brave the haunted house, and hopefully you'll be rewarded with some serious cash. We welcome you to try out our free version of Thrill Spin on our website. If you want to play for real money, just sign up at any NetEnt casino.

Before you enter the world of Thrill Spin, be sure to set your bet to fit your bankroll. Click Coin Value to change the coin denomination. Available sizes range from 0.02 to 0.50. Next, press Bet Level to add more coins to each line. Press Bet Lines to reduce the number of active paylines from the maximum 15. Hit the circular arrow button to start playing at the selected bet size, or hit Max Bet to play with all 15 lines active and a bet of 5 coins on each line.

Thrill Spin has plenty of adrenaline rushes waiting to happen. Wild roller coasters are the biggest attraction, substituting for symbols on winning lines and doubling them, as well. Be sure to stop by the balloon man, too. Get three scattered balloon man symbols to enter Thrill Spin's free spins feature. See what fortune you can squeeze out of these 15 generous free spins at a 3x multiplier. We hope you enjoy your time at Thrill Spin, the Web's most exhilarating video slot.

Game Play

Coin Value: Adjust your coin size.
Bet Level: Add one coin to every line.
Bet Lines: Change the number of active paylines.
Circular arrow button: Spin at the chosen bets.
Max Bet: Spin with a bet of 5 coins on all 15 lines.

Thrill Spin Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1232 reviews
Would you believe that I was introduced to this oldie game by some recent free spins offer? Sounds improbable that any casino would offer some free spins to give some life back to an old game that's probably dying or fading away, but that was how I came to know about this Thrill Spin game. I have never seen it before, nor played it before, even though it's been around for donkeys years. Hmm, that's probably because I never was on any donkey trail. I'm the kind of traveller that sticks to the old and trusted route day in and day out. Hehehe.

Not surprisingly, Thrill Spin plays with 15 paylines, my favourite kind, and offers only Free Spins games, very much like my hot favourite Safari Heat from Playtech. Sometimes, sticking with just one feature can be advantageous, because the payouts tend to be better and not diffused with other payouts on other bonus games. A Rollercoaster is the Wild symbol, paying 10,000x the line bet for 5 of them, and doubles all wins with it. Excellent! The Man with the balloons is the Scatter symbol and pays 500x the total bet for 5 of them. Again, excellent! 3 or more of these Scatters award 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier. What more can I say? Everything is almost identical to Safari Heat so far! But, there is one big difference between the 2 games though...Thrill Spin doesn't offer any retriggers of the Free Spins game, and herein lies a world of a difference between the two! Safari Heat's huge wins come from the many many retriggers of the Free Spins game, up to 20 retriggers at a time, as far as I know! Thrill Spin on the other hand, being without any such retriggers, cannot and will not pay anything as huge as its counterpart could. What a damn big letdown!

All the other symbols pay from 1000x the line bet down to 100x the line bet, which is a little on the low side, but not too bad really. For an excellent paytable, the House symbol, the highest paying normal symbol, should pay around 5000x - 4000x the line bet for 5 of them in view of the missing Free Spins retriggers. But there you go, probably NetEnt never intended to make Thrill Spin such a huge win provider in the first place, unlike Safari Heat. Till this day, I have yet to come across any other 15-paylines game that can match up to Safari Heat! Dead Or Alive, if playing with 15 paylines, would shatter Safari Heat into tiny pieces! But then again, it may also shatter NetEnt into pieces! Hahaha.
From playing with free spins, I then moved on to playing with real money, and I must say, Thrill Spin can be quite good at times. My biggest disappointment is missing the retriggering of the Free Spins game, otherwise, I'll be sticking to Thrill Spin like I'm doing with Safari Heat! My few plays did not bring me any wins so far, but I'm not surprised about that at all. Big wins never come quickly. It takes time, dedication and lots of playtime before you can actually get one. But Thrill Spin let me down with just one missing item in the game, and that made a world of a difference for me, because Thrill Spin may never get the same kind of attention and dedication from me, not ever!
zerooo 742 reviews
Thrill Spin is video slot with 15 pay lines. It is creation of NetEnt software company. I really like NetEnt games, well most of them. I like theme here in this game about amusement park. I had been twice in one amusement park and I like it. You can really have fun in this kind of parks.

I played this game some time ago. I opened it because it has good icon. I thought it would be nice. And I had some nice time while I was playing it.

I played it only at minimum bets, I never raised my bet. The base game could pay out much more. The payouts were not bad, but when I had two wild symbols I wish more from them. I never got any big winnings during base game and I do not think it could provide it. Well, such big as I want.

The free spins feature is similar like as at many other video slots from NetEnt. 15 free spins at x3 multiplier. During my gameplay session I triggered once free spins and I won a little under x 50 bet, I think. The game could provide some good winnings during free spins and I like it. I did not have many dead spins during this feature. At many other games I had no luck and most of free spins were dead.

I think this could be a nice game to play it sometimes. It offer good theme, design and decent payouts. I will rate it with 7 stars. Maybe the free spins feature could be a little different. Otherwise I enjoy while i was playing it. What I miss here at Thrill Spin is quick spin button. Most of NetEnt games have it and i do not know why this one does not offer it.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Thrill Spin may sound like Twin Spin but these two slots certainly have nothing in common. This is a very old 15 payline, 5 reel slot from NetEnt with very poor graphic and very little animations. The reels spin too fast like in older Microgaming slots and that is another detail I don’t want to see in NetEnt games. Still beside the poor visual effects this slot can be very fun to play if it is in a good mood.

The paytable is somewhat descent and the highest paying symbol awards 1000 coins for 5 of them on a winning payline. The game has wild and scatter symbols. The wild symbol has a doubling function and substitutes for all other symbols except the scatter symbol. 5 of them on a winning payline award a 10 000 coins win which is great but impossible to get. The scatter symbols have a great payout with 2 of them awarding a 2 x bet win and 5 of them awarding a great 500 x bet win.

At least 3 scatter symbols trigger the free spins bonus in the game. The bonus has a fixed 15 free spins and winning 4 or 5 scatters doesn’t increase that. Still if you hit another 3 scatters in the bonus game you retrigger the free spins. All wins in the free spins bonus have a x 3 multiplier an if you manage to get 2-3 wilds on a payline you are looking at a guaranteed big win because it is x 6. Another great detail is that even 2 scatters have a x 3 multiplier so they award a 6 x bet win in the bonus game.

15 payline slots are my favorite from NetEnt and they can really pay big. This slot is no exclusion. You can have some nice wins of over 150 x bet because of the high number of free spins and retriggering them increases the chance for an even bigger win. Still this slot can become boring to play because of the poor visual effects and because it doesn’t have some extra feature like sticky wilds or expanding wilds.
katemak 1162 reviews
Thrill Spin is one of the oldest slots from Netent provider, a park theme video slots with roller coasters, tickets, ferry wheel, tickets, ice cream and some card symbols with really nice colors. The game has 5 reels and 15 pay lines which is great game for low rollers as my self, betting with only 0.15 cents per spin, so when out of credits or to small balance, this is the perfect game in that situations.

Even so is one of the oldest games from Netent I can say I haven't played this game to much, just because I kind of forget it, because there are too many games from this software with more nicer graphics, colors and more generous pay out. The roller coaster symbol is the wild one and will substitute all the symbols on the reels except the scatter ones. This game offers only free spins round, so no extra bonus round. The scatter symbol is the guy who sells balloons and triggering 3 of them will award the player with 15 free spins, but the good thing of the free spins feature is that the winnings are multiple X 3.

The last time I played this game was few weeks ago, first given as a free spins from one casino, so from those 5 free spins I got 2.50 euros and continue to play this game. I can say that the free spins feature are easy to be triggered or maybe it's just my luck, so right away I triggered the free spins bonus round, giving me 13.50 euros. I continue to play the same game, hoping will trigger something bigger, but from all that playing I didn't hit some nice wins, so only from the free spins round. I lost the money after, but can say I had a lot of fun of playing, maybe more then 1 hour. So if you are having lower balance this is the perfect game to play, just because of it's size bet, which is another great game for everyone's pocket.
paquito76 867 reviews
The guys at NetEnt chose a very interesting theme for this slot and surprisingly not many other products out there deals with it though there are plenty opportunities for developer to a make a very great game around this theme. The ‘amusement park’ subject really gives much pictorial options and in my opinion NetEnt could use them very well. The interface of the game is very captivating and the symbols are all great looking and I think the perfect light color usage on the screen can really increase the visual effect. Carousel, tickets, food and drinks, balloons, house of horror are all very specific parts of this kind of entertainment and playing with them as symbols are very great and cool. I liked this visual world as soon I opened up this game to play at the very first time and the initial impression hasn’t lost a bit since then.

Fortunately, this 15-line slot has very good game qualities that make this whole package even more attractive for me and I would have really hated if I can’t return to this slot because of it. Respectable 10.000 coins is the main prize when a 5 of kind win is completed on an active payline and when the Roller-coaster symbol that offers this great award isn’t in paying mood it still can be very useful as it also works as Wild and has the ability to double all wins.

The Scatter also has very great capability to surprise us with its instant cash prize which can be in extremely lucky situation even 500 times of total bet prize, which is way better than what I would expect from a mini game. This emblem, no surprise, has another function and this also a welcomed situation on the screen, namely, to trigger 15 free spins where all wins are multiplied by x3.

I think these mentioned two features with such kind of awesome qualities most of times are enough to give us everything what we could wish from a game and luckily in reality while playing the game these attributes really comes along and they’re not just good-looking, promotional things on the paytable. My favorite bet here is €1.50 and even though I haven’t been so lucky to win any remarkable amount but at times the game showed me its best face and let me to collect such amounts that I could have been satisfied with. Once happened, when the free spins re-triggered and the first set of spins weren’t too open-handed and my balance just got a little €20 boost but at the second run one spin brought back 5 Ferris Wheel symbols in reversed V shape and that only spin was worth a little bit more than €225 and the cumulative spins gave around €260. Even if I couldn’t withdraw any from it as other slots weren’t favored me other day but this was a really memorable session with this product.

Not that I would want to but I really can’t say any bad things about this slot and I find much appreciable things at almost every segment of the game. The selected theme is imaginative but more importantly brilliantly interpreted and though the slot doesn’t offers that much features what some players love to see but what we get here are really working perfectly and with the good game settings they truly can be powerful. The average payouts are great and sometimes I feel as every time would happen something on the screen that simple can’t let the entertainment factor to fade away.
Finally, I think this is an overall awesome product and I honestly suggest everyone to try it and even if I can’t promise that everyone will like it but I guess some newcomer players will fell in love with this product.
yapro 790 reviews
Thrill spin it is very typical old net entertainment game. Like all net entertainment game it looks very same like other their old game, but to the honor of net entertainment in question of graphic and sounds this game looks not terrible at all. Only one minus for me - no quick spin option, it make me really sad, as i hate when slot spinning slow.

This game has 15 lines, and therefore payouts are a bit bigger than on 20 lines slot. 5 wilds here pay 100$ on 0.15 bet, and this is more than 600 x total bet, i think this is great payout for any slot, and most other slots have much more lesser payout for 5 of wilds. Also here is possible to trigger freespins by 3+ scatters, and like with many other net entertainment old games multiplier here is x 3, and payout for 5 scatters is huge, 500 x total bet in base game. But sick thing that wilds and scatters pay so big, other symbols usually pay low. But here all symbol pay good, specially in free spins. I play this game couple of time long time ago at redbet, and i can't say that i had bad experience. I remember few good features with more than x 200 total bet, also once had 3 retriggers in free spins, with not 5 scatters unfortunately, because 5 scatters during free spins it is 1.500 total bet, great win, no?

Good old game from net entertainment, actually it can't be bad, because all old netent slots is extremely good, have medium variance, but can pay absolutely crazy wins like almost 2000 x total bet. I am not sure will i play this game again, i did not like medium variance games anymore, but in case i will want to play medium variance, i will give this slot a go. Eh, i dream that netent will make their new games with the same inspiration ;(
Thrill Spin is made by Netent slots game.These game graphics are simple and clear, the sound effect are not good of the game.

In the game background a fair view are represented and in the slots every fair games and fair shop are view.In the game 15 payline and 5 reel are in it to play the game,The 15 payline are not too much as to play game.Each reel also the wild symbol which is the symbol of the roller coaster.The clone with the balloons are the scatter symbol in the these game some feature of the game are available,The jackpot bonus game are very high in this game a 10000 jackpot are in the game. Autoplay option are available in the game.In the game the wild symbol are in it by the roller-coaster view in the slid when the wild symbol are open the your score are multiply by 3x which are nice feature.When in the free spin you hit 3 scatter or more than you have win the 15 free spin multiple 3 times each win the other feature are the wild.

I played this game only 5 euro bet and only 4-5 times and I am playing this game only 1 and half hour only. I tell the truth these game are not very good i play these game because i am winning the bet in these game firstly i lost some bet and then the other bet are my luck bet and i am win every last bet. For 30 cents per spin you can play 243 ways win slots that can offer much more winnings.This is my opinion about the game that you,ll either love or hate. I scored this game 5/10.
Want to have a fun ride? Then you should definitely give the slot Thrill Spin a run for your money. This is one of the older releases from Net Entertainment which is still around at many online casinos. I sometimes think they are forgotten - not only by the players, but also the casino staff who make promotions and often don't include these older slots.

Nevertheless, Thrill Spin is a great slot in my opinion with a theme that you'll either love or hate. Thrill Spins offers only 15 paylines and 5 reels. You might think 15 paylines isn't too much, I'd say you're probably right. But then again the minimum bet logically is lower as well, which makes this game perfectly accessible for low-rollers with only €0.15 bets as minimum.

When I played this game I was almost through my gaming budget, so I was forced to play it for the lowest bet unfortunately. The game has an amusement park tainted theme completed by symbols such as rollercoasters, unicorns, clowns with balloons, ice cream, lollipops, milkshakes, hot dogs etc.

Each reel also features a wild symbol which is the symbol of the rollercoaster. The clown with balloons is the scatter symbol. I must have played this game for 2 hours straight before busting out with only €5. Sometimes losing isn't too bad as long you had a great time, and that's exactly what I had while playing Thrill Spin. The base game spits out smaller wins very often which kept my bankroll acting like a roller coaster.

And just when I thought I would bust out, I would get 3 scatters to trigger 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier lol. My first experience with the free spins resulted in me winning like 120x bet size. 18 euros win on a €0.15 bet is not bad at all. I think I at least triggered the free spins 3 times before seeing my bankroll disappear after 2 hours.

Overall I can definitely recommend this game and I'd rate Thrill Spin a 7.5/10.

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