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Starburst is a highly popular 10-payline video slot running on the NetEnt software platform. The game’s vibrant expanding wild is the Starburst symbol, which will be described in greater detail further in the text. Players can try this colourful slot on this page for free or opt for any of the featured NetEnt casinos to play the game for real money.

Before spinning the flashy reels, players are advised to regulate their bet. The “Lines” selector allows players to alter the number of paylines played, while the “Level” selector is used to choose the bet level. Clicking on the “Coin Value” selector modifies the coin size, which ranges from 0.01 to 1. To start the game, “Spin” needs to be pushed. “Max Bet” will spin the reels at the highest available wager, while “Au­top­lay­” turns them a number of times uninterrupted.

The Starburst wild symbols only emerge on reels 2, 3 and 4. When 1 or more wilds appear on those reels, the Starburst Wild feature is triggered, wherein Starburst wilds expand to cover the entire reel, where they remain while the other reels re-spin. Should a new wild emerge during a re-spin, it expands and stays alongside any previously expanded Starbursts for another re-spin.

The Starburst feature is over when there are no new Starburst wilds during a re-spin. Up to 2 additional Starbursts can appear after a re-spin, triggering 1 additional re-spin for each appearing Starburst wild for a maximum of 3 re-spins.

Game Play

Lines: Choose the number of active paylines.
Level: Set the bet level.
Coin Value: Decide on the coin size.
Spin: Start playing the game.
Max Bet: Spin the reels using the highest available wager.
Autoplay: Turn the reels multiple times without interruption.

Starburst Slot Reviews by Players


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Starburst is a well-known game made by NetEnt. Most casinos give freespins on this game, and no deposit freespins, and freespins with deposit. Not know why, but I think it is because everyone like this game. It is very simple game, but it is very attractive. I play it sometimes.

I like how this game looks. Of course it is old game, and all diamond and brilliant symbols with bars and sevens are already annoying for me, but not with this game. It looks good here, and i feel that every drawn symbol on it's place. Nothing to say, because it is NetEnt, they know things like that.

Probably it is stupid, but i am also like sounds. And soundtrack. And sound when star expand.

I call this game very simple, because there is no bonus games or freespins features, no modern features with moving wilds or sticky wins. Here we have both ways wins - it is great, I like it. And also you do not need to bet higher to get this feature, like in modern games. There is 10 lines, and min bet is 10 penny. Great!

I like expanding wilds and respin feature. Stars which is wilds appear only on 3 middle reels. Each time you get one or more stars - it expands, and you get respin. During respin star left on it place. If another star - another respin and you have two expanded wilds.

I like how this game pays. There is not big payouts, but very frequent wins like 20 - 30 bets, and if many such wins come in short amount of spins - you get nice money.

I never get full screen of bars or sevens unfortunately. But I had couple wins more than 100 bets. Still want to get full bars and get a lot of money, but it is seems hard. I give this game 9 stars.
One star was taken for some ability to steal money from balance sometimes. In such periods game pay nothing and do not give stars.
Damian 52 reviews
Starburst from Net Entertainment is that game for who like full of colors game experience with brushing diamonds, jewelry, gold etc. In the Game wins counts from left to right. It is slot with 10 lines. I played this game Many times maybe over 50-100. There is star as a wild symbol and appear randomly, wild has re spin mode and is in 3 places always (there is 15 places for symbols). I remember situations when I got 2 or even 3 stars which is wild off course. The best paying symbols are gold bars and red 7's is second one, there are many “rocks” or jewelry in blue, yellow, violet, green and orange for lower prices. 50 000 coins is max to win. Game looks very good and is very popular.

I like this game from a year ago. Maybe I did not make a big one win there, but there is something in this game what forcing me to play it ;). For me best combination which I saw personally was as I think something with bars and 2 wilds. I won about 2 000 coins max in 1 round. So I have no luck there and probably I stop playing this game, I don't know ;).

Minimum stake is 1 to 10 cents for 10 lines and is very simple looking game like Dazzling Diamonds at Novomatic or something like those where all graphic are very simple and you can play many hours with out losing all money, so it should be good decision for bonuses and simply for fun. I am waiting for my big win.

I used this game for auto play mode before sleep so I could set 1000 auto games. Mostly I played for 1 - 2,50 euro stakes. Typically I wait for the bars and wild stars.

And when I see star I am such excited because I know what can be next. I try to imagine what if I hit second star and when it re spin, than I need only few bars to be happy.
zerooo 695 reviews
Starburst is video slots which we can find it on every NetEnt software casino. More interesting is that many casinos offer some free spins or welcome bonus on this slot. I played this game many times like as free spins without any deposit or with welcome package where you receive free spins after you made deposit. But I don't like it so much and the only reason is because I didn't have much money on it from free spins.

I think casinos should offer free spins on different games not only at this one. Starburst has 10 paylines. The game offer Starburst wild expands and that's it. When the starburst appears on any of the 3 middle reels, it will expand over the all reel and give you up to 3 respins. And this is the only way to win big.

I played it many times with the free spins at first. I didn't managed to get anything from them, maybe I received sometimes like as 0,20€ or maybe 0,50€. But I couldn't do anything with these pennies. At the beginning of this review I said about welcome package and free spins offers. If I have option to choose between some other games for free spins I choose the other. Starbust just isn't for me to play free spins on it.

I tried to play Starburst with bonus attached into my balance and I was surprised because it's good for clear the wager requirements of the bonus. I remember once time I set autospin and when I came back, I set it again. After spins finished I checked out and I cleared the bonus. I like this game only for this purpose. I never played it with my own money, without bonus.

Otherwise it has good graphics and sounds. But I miss some more paylines at it.
Good for wagering.
I've played this slot now for years and on you can see how many spins and how much wagering you have done. I have done 125,000 spins and it is running at 97.2%... And I have only had 3 stars twice and I have never I repeat NEVER HAD 5 BARS... I mean not even 1 line of 5 bars... So I don't think 5 bars are in the program, forget about a full screen of bars. You wont even get 1 line of them...but you will get a game in other wins...even when casinos show you a big win on there advertising page it only has 4 bars ....RIZZOREES1
raverbabe 556 reviews
United Kingdom
With so many casinos choosing Starburst as the defacto standard game for free spins and promotions and the like, I can almost understand why it seems to be popular – on the other hand though, I can imagine that this game is the sole reason a whole lot of players abandoned their on-line gambling hobby after the first session!

Some of my favorite slot games are Thunderstruck 1 & 2, Immortal Romance, Dead or Alive, Reel Steal, and Ruby Slippers – when you play all of these games you always feel as if the very next spin has a reasonable chance of giving you a big win – a JACKPOT! This just is not the case with Starburst, there aren’t even any scatter symbols or bonus rounds to await with fevered anticipation, just a very boring main game with almost nothing in the way of high paying symbols. The ONLY “feature” in the entire game is the wild symbol, which expands anytime it lands – albeit only on reels 2, 3 and 4 – and then gives a free re-spin.

In all the time I have played this game I have only EVER seen the stacked wilds on reels 2/3/4 simultaneous ONCE, and of course I got garbage symbols either side – despite the fact the slot pays both ways, and gives a free respin, I still only received a paltry 260x my stake for this supposed “ultimate” spin – what a joke of a game! I even searched Youtube prior to doing this review to see if anybody had managed to hit a true “jackpot” on this game – a full screen of “BAR” for 500x your bet – and to the best of my knowledge this has NEVER been achieved despite the game having been around for years.

I really do not have anything nice to say about this game at all, and if you think Starburst is anything but trash, I sincerely recommend you take the time to check out some of the other games offered on-line right now- you can’t possibly find anything worse than this!
Starburst it is Net entertainment slot, and probably it is most popular their slots. Why I think so - because most casinos give their welcome freespins exactly on this slot. Some probably think that it is because 0.10 bet, but why casinos not give freespins on lights or doa then? So I think this game is really popular, and I must admit that I like this game too.

Game looks awesome, stars, animations, sounds. Everything is perfect and make a lot of pleasure to my eyes, it is always a good just to open this slot and listen music.

Game has 10 paylines, and like I said there is 0.10 min bet.

Game has interesting feature with expanding wilds. Those wilds appear only on reels 2 3 4, and then goes respin with expanded wild. Also there is feature win both ways, wins counted from both side. All symbols here are stacked, and this is another big plus for this game, because it is perfectly with expanded stars, even highest paying symbol 'bar' is stacked here. Game has no any freespins or bonus features, so it is very dynamic one, and you just keep spinning.

My overall experience with this slot is very good, but there should be a strategy 'hit and run', because when you have few nice wins in a row, usually then slot just start getting everything back without stop. So after couple of nice wins I am usually just leave this slot and play something other. My best win was about 20$ on min bet size, and of course it is good win, but can be even higher. I get many times two stars, but never get 3 stars at one time, of course 3 stars is very rare, because it should pay awesome, specially if sevens or bars will appear. Only positive gameplay, just know when to leave.
After few very nice wins, slot start getting money back. So you need to know when to stop and leave this game. 1 review
United Kingdom
Think enough people have gone into what this game is about, I been playing online casino games for some years now, and this game is one of the worst things I've ever seen. It plays like crap and you have to ask why so many casinos offer it as a sign up FS offer and why they give you so many FS on first deposit. Well that's because it's god awful and it's a dead cert the casino wont be losing any cash to a player. I'd avoid any casino offering spins on this game as a sign up offer.

So bad it doesn't deserve a rating but I have to put 1 star to post this review.
This is one of "those" classic NetEnt slot machines, in the true sense of the word. After some games I concluded that most often free spins gives exactly this "star" game, and just as the name of the game says every time you win a prize, it happens real Starburst. The symbol that brings the so-called re-spin in this game called Stacked wild and can be placed in position 2,3 and 4 on the reels, except that it occurs when then literally reproduce along the entire column, and so triggers a re-spin , then the symbol goes out, regardless of whether or not been beneficial.

A special charm to this game gives you a rule that payline do not count only from left to right as in most games, but also from right to left. This course gives the impression that the Starburst game is not a game with only 10 payment lines than twice as much. The greatest value in this game have symbols BAR from which I pulled twice about 30,000 of the maximum possible 50 000 coins. A lot of prizes offered by this game, it has a biggest opportunity to experience the real star flying through the great elements perfectly integrated in this magical game. If you are still wondering whether to try, I could wish you a good time, because whenever I've played this game very rarely I come out as a loser. Many times I received respin and I dare to say that almost every ten revolution was respin.

Developers of the game have been inspired universe that surrounds us, that inspiration are very nicely illustrate in this slot machine which is one of the infectious I've played, despite the Blood Suckers slot games this is by far my dearest NetEnt game. I hope you are in the game to remember these my words, and that you will each new spin cause new satisfaction and most importantly excellent earnings. If it does not, do not lose hope, try again tomorrow may be on your screen happens that magic Starburst, believe me it feels wonderful because play and enjoy the Starburst slot machines that give the highest rating. Rating 10/10
Ok firstly can’t believe I’ve not reviewed this gem yet! Sorry I’ll shimmer down ha ha. Starburst is more of a Vintage Net-ent slot now although it has only be around since 2011 or so! Starburst is a precious stone themed game with 10 paylines and stacked reels. The best symbol in this slot is the Bar symbol worth 250x for 5,7 symbol is also great to hit though and pays out at 120x for 5 lastly the amber stone is worth 60x for 5 other gems payout between 50x-25x. In all honesty at first glance the paytable looks rubbish but because the reels are stacked it is not! Full screens are possible so as you can guess big wins are also possible!

Starburst doesn't have a bonus game, free spins in fact it really is a very simple game. In this instance though simple is very effective! The greatest part of Starburst is the expanding Starburst wild though! If you land 1 or more stars you get a respin which can land with anything (Hopefully Bars or Sevens) Should you get another star though on reels 2, 3 or 4 it does another re-spin. This can continue with up to 3 stacked Starburst wilds displayed this is rare but definitely possible! When this happens no matter what symbol you hit it will be a big win because it is at least 4 of a kind a few ways. Yes that is another great thing about Starburst it pays left to right and right to left so if you got a full screen or even just top half full you win the 5 of a kind in both directions!

I have to say this game can be brutal at times but when it goes on these rare streaks a few of us know about it is like an ATM machine!

Now I will tell you all my pros and cons of Starburst:


Good payouts and full screen possible.
Nice graphics.
Win both directions.
Expanding stars up to 3 make for big wins.
Stacked reels.
Play from as little as 1p (I don’t).

I have to give Starburst 7.5 out of 10 so 8 out of 10 on here. It has given me some dreadful sessions but also amazing sessions and saved my skin before!

Can be colder than a dogs nose.
It will miss when you get expanding wild more often than not be prepared for this!

Th3 Runn3R 119 reviews
United States
Starburst is one of most played video slot from NetEnt and most online casinos offering free spins (deposit and no deposit) for this game. Personally I find this game very handy when you don't have a large balance but still want to play a long time.
Since the arrival of this game within a short of time other casino software have made a Starburst look a like game which is make this game an original game.

It happened a few time that I hit the big win playing this game with just 10 cent stake. A fellow gambler told me that Starburst is a great game if you want to meet the wagering requirement of deposit bonuses and she is right! From now on I will use this game for meeting the wagering requirements, thanks Coco! I wonder if Starburst will have a sequel because I think a big hit game needs his sequel.

There was one time I got a big win with a 10 free spins no deposit bonus, how big? 12,50 euro, that's 125 times bet. It also seems to me that after a big win, the second big win won't appear soon after, most of the time you need to play a few hundreds spins before you hit the second big win but then again this apply to all video slots.
I am very satisfied about Starburst and I will keep playing this game now and in the future. I am a small time gambler and that's why is Starburst a fitting game for my wallet.

I see also a lot of positive feedback from my fellow gamblers about this game so I know for sure that they also had the same good experience with this game. Like other video slots there are a few downsides of it.

I give Starburst a great 8 stars rating because it deserves it.
I find they should add more paylines to this game (maybe an idea for the sequel) and the star symbol (expanding wild) can only appears on reel 2, 3 and 4 and that's really pity because if they have added those symbols on reel 1 and 5 this game would be more interesting and I am pretty sure that a lot of us would play this game more often.
blondie 1013 reviews
I'm finally writing a review for Starburst. This game is provided by Netent software and it is actually the first Netent game I tried, so maybe I am a bit sentimental, however, it is one of my favorites ever since.

It is a really nice designed 10 payline game and it is one of Netent's most popular games. When I started to play it earlier, I mostly placed 1eur or 2eur bets, but it usually got me busted pretty quickly and now I play it with 0.10 to 0.40eur bets per spin, because if you get wild on one of the lines, it will increase your wins and get you a re-spin, so the wins with even a 0.10eur bet can be nice. The last time I played Starburst was only a few days ago when I got 30 free spins from BGO. The bets were 0.10eur per spin and I actually managed to get 8euros out of it. I haven't got some major win at this game, but it excites me and I love the design, it is simple with great color scheme.

In my opinion, Starburst is a very interesting game, even though it is kind of classic- It doesn't have any free spins features or bonus rounds, only wilds. If you get wilds on one or more lines, it will increase the winnings have on the spin and will retrigger it. But many times the wilds can pay you 0, if the spin itself hasn't got any winning combinations. So don't get too excited just because you got wild. At first I played Starburst very regularly but then few other Netent games took that place, however, I like to come back to Starburst once in a while, when I got that special feeling that I'm gonna win. And the last times I played it, I got wilds on my spins regularly, but half of them were 0 worthy. So my bet plan is to start with small bets like 0.10 per spin and if the slot starts to gives wilds and other good combinations, increase the bet to 0.40, but not more to not get busted, because many empty spins can come before some nice wins. Definitely worth trying!
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