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Piggy Riches Slot

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Piggy Riches is a lavish 15-payline video slot running on the NetEnt software platform. The game’s scatter is the Lady Pig and the wild card is the Gentleman Pig. Players can test the slot on this page free of charge or play the game for real money in any of the NetEnt casinos found in the listings.

To explore the riches offered by the two main characters, players should modify their wager first. The bet level is altered by pressing “Bet Level” and the number of paylines can be selected with the “Bet Lines” button. "Coin Value” adjusts the coin size, which ranges from 0.01 to 0.5. Pressing “Spin” turns the reels at the chosen wager, “Max Bet” spins them at the maximum bet and “Auto” turns them multiple times without interruption.

When 3 or more scatters spin into the view, Free Spins are activated. Each winning scatter displays a Free Spin and multiplier combination and players need to pick one of the scatter symbols to start playing their Free Spins of choice. The maximum number of Free Spins is 28 and the highest possible multiplier is x6. Every scatter that appears during the Free Spin round will trigger an extra Free Spin.

When 5 Treasure symbols emerge on an active payline, a jackpot of 2000 coins will be won.

Game Play

Bet Level: Select the preferred bet level.
Bet Lines: Modify the number of active paylines.
Coin Value: Regulate the coin size.
Spin: Start playing the game at the chosen wager.
Max Bet: Spin the reels at the highest available bet.
Auto: Play the game for a number of times without being interrupted.

Piggy Riches Slot Reviews by Players


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raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Piggy Riches has been around for a while but still has a lot of charm for me! It's a pretty typical NetEnt game in the medium-low variance category, so don't expect any life changing wins. Nevertheless I think it's a good bet for bonus play and can be a lot of fun for those who like to bet higher than average.

The graphics look a little "old school" to me now, but have a nice adult and art-y feel to them, rather than the childish look that is so common among animal themed games. I've nothing against cutesy graphics personally, but I know it really bothers some people who feel there is no reason for gambling games to appear as if they are targeted at children!

Whilst there's nothing really outstanding about this slot I feel it pays out just about enough, and reasonably often enough to make it one worth coming back to.
One thing I was a little unsure of is the jackpot calculation in this game - AskGamblers lists it at 2000, but I believe this is just the number of coins returned by the highest paying symbol. NetEnt gives the maximum win at 360,000 coins, which represents 2,400x stake by my calculations. I believe this can only be achieved by obtaining the maximum 6x multiplier in free spins, along with three lines of the maximum paying symbol. Like many other NetEnt jackpots I doubt you'll ever see a screenshot of this one.

For a 15 line game I would have liked to see the payouts a little higher, though I've come to accept that's just not the way NetEnt like to do things in most of their games these days. The games top symbol pays out around 133x your stake, although this can be increased by way of the 3x multiplier during the free spins so it's not all bad! Also, there is no special payout for a line of five wild symbols which is something I always like to see - these events are so rare that it can seem very unfair that such a hit is not rewarded appropriately!
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
There are games on tigers, there are games on lions, and there are games on panthers and elephants too, so it isn't surprising at all to find games on pigs and piggies, right? Well, you've probably heard of such saying as 'blardy rich pigs' and so on, well, now we have rich pigs offering their riches, from NetEnt. But of course, I haven't seen any real rich pigs for that matter, except for two-legged kinds, but that's a different story, hehehe. For now, lets talk about the four legged kind, the piggies kind, or to be exact, the rich piggies kind.

From the first time that I laid my eyes on this game, I was quite impressed by its appearance. It's really no wonder why almost every player loves NetEnt for the graphical quality of their games. They are always rich in detail and colour. But appearance alone do not tell the whole story, certainly not with any games. So lets take a look at how good these rich pigs can be! Hehehe.

First stop - the paytable, where else! A Wild symbol triples any wins with it, good! A Wild symbol doesn't pay for itself, doesn't expand, doesn't come stacked, doesn't move, no good! 5 scatters pay only 100x total bet, not so good. Free spins game have 3 choices - 22 free spins with 2x multiplier, 15 free spins with 3x multiplier or 9 free spins with 5x multiplier - good! No retriggers but additional free spin from each appearing scatter symbol, not so good, retriggers are much better! Maximum number of free spins in any one game is 28, no good! Why limit it to only 28? All other symbols have low win values, no good! Verdict? Not so good! Hehehe.

Now come the most important part of any review...can Piggy Riches make you rich? Sorry, the answer is no! You can get good and big wins only in the free spins game, especially if you get them with the 5x multiplier, or together with a Wild, but the maximum win multiplier possible is limited to only 6x! What the 'f'!!! Yet another unreasonable limitation put into this game, cutting out possibilities of bigger wins! Why NetEnt must do this I really cannot figure out. Makes no sense at all! Nonetheless, my best win on Piggy Riches so far is only 401x my total bet. Not a lot to be a good paying game, does it?
Well, I don't want to repeat myself, I ain't a parrot, hahaha, but suffice to say that the game has limited big win potentials, has a limitation imposed upon the maximum number of free spins attainable, has a limitation imposed upon the maximum win multiplier, so therefore, has created a limitation to the maximum happiness attainable from this game too! What the heck!
Piggy Riches is a video slot and you can say that it is one of the most popular slots. Not only at Net Entertainment but at all. Piggy Riches is a 15 paylines video slot and classic 5 reels. I think that name the “piggy” of this slot is funny for me and I liked it. I started to play this game a few months from now and when I got some free spins from one of the casinos where I already has an account from long time. Before I played this game only a few times at all so I can't tell so much about it.

I think that this game has big potential for the winnings. I noticed that main game is paying good and it's why I played this game. I had also pleasure to play free spins feature.

In the free spins mode you have to choose how many spins do you want to choose with a different multipliers. And what's important this is based on scatters, it is simple because, how many options you have, to select depends on how many scatters symbols you got.

I think that many players like it if even during free spins one scatter mean 1 addition free spin. It I remember that it is very similar like in the game called - Break Da Bank Again at Microgaming.

I like all design, I think that this slot has nice game look. I think in my mind about that all theme and characters (with pig's motive ).Piggy symbols as a wild and scatter, and other symbols with money . Very nice and very good for how this theme looks. Minimum bet is one of the lowest – 15 cent per spin but even on this stake we can win decent amount with some luck. I like that wild symbol has multiplier option.
So generally it is good decent game with good win pays.
- Generally, not so good thing is too long time for waiting for free spins.
blondie 1094 reviews
Piggy Riches is a game I didn't play much until recently. I found myself in a position where I had small balance and I went to this slot because of its minimum stakes and after a few free spin rounds, it helped me get back on my feet.

This game has 5 reels, 15 paylines and free spins bonus round. The reason I like this game is the minimum bets, which are only 15 cent per spin so for me it is a great fit with small balance. I find the design of this game really interesting and fun. The theme is rich piggies, there are dressed up piggies and money symbols. As most slots, there are wilds that substitute for all symbols except scatters. And scatters are the key to free spins. For 2 scatters, you'll get winning twice your bet, but for 3 or more free spins. Great thing is that in the free spins each time you get scatter symbol, it rewards you with an extra spin and overall you can get 28 free spins. When you trigger free spins, you can choose your free spins and multiplier. You can choose from 9 free spins with 5x multiplier, 15 spins with 3x multiplier and 22 spins with 2x multiplier.

When I have free spins round, I usually go with either 9 spins or 15, because on one hand, I love 5x multiplier, but on the other, with more spins the possibility to get extra scatter is higher and 3x multiplier can pay really nice too. I almost never take 22 free spins because it doesn't seem really worth it. I think my highest win has been about 70x bet so far. Though I've seen some great winning screenshots so I think my big win on Piggy is right around the corner.

Overall I think graphics are great, theme is unusual and fun. I really like the free spins round because you can choose your spins yourself, also wild on main game and free spins can pay decent winnings. My only recommendation - if the game seems tight, stop playing it, otherwise Piggy will empty your bankroll with long dry runs.
zerooo 742 reviews
Piggy Riches is a 15 paylines video slot from NetEnt software. I like the name of this slot, Piggy. The game has also nice symbols, all about this little Piggy. I started to play this game a few weeks ago when I saw some nice winnings on it. Before I played it only a few couple of spins and then I moved to others.

Few weeks ago I received some mail from one casino where two players won huge money on Piggy Riches. I think this game offer great chances to get really big win. The main game are great, I like it because even in the main game you can win big money. Sure the free spins feature are more better but it's hard to trigger it. I played it more hours and I received feature just 2 times.

In free spins feature you can choose how much spins do you like with a different multipliers. How many picks, option you have to select depends on how many scatters symbols you received. More scatters, more options. I like this kind of free spin feauture where you can choose what you prefer. I like that even during free spins one scatter mean 1 addition free spin. Maybe could scatter symbols paid more in paytable like at Dead or alive because it is really hard to get it.

Otherwise I think this is great slot even for wagering the bonus. Playing this slot at minimum stakes which is set to 0.15€ I think is great, and the winnings could be huge even on these pennies. I believe that I will play this slot more often, the more I play it the more I like it. I think this is one of the slots who could do competition to some others like DOA which has huge potential on winnings.
Free spins feature is hard to trigger. This is the only bad thing which bothered me.
Piggy riches is great game made by NetEnt. I usually play this game when I just made small deposit and want to play some game with a chance to win big. Usually in such cases also DOA suits very good to me, but piggy riches also good.

I like how this game look. I mean it theme and characters. Piggy symbols as wild and scatter, and other money symbols. Very nice and very good for such theme.

I like payouts in this game. It is huge ones. Probably by potential this game is close to top NetEnt games like dead or alive and others monsters. Of course very helpful here in this task is wilds, which have x 3 multiplier for winning combination.

I like how freespins feature work here. To get freespins feature you need to get at least 3 scatters. Then you will need to choose one of 3 scatters. One pick is always more freespins with less multiplier, another scatter is balanced, something like 15 freespins and x 3 multiplier, and last one is 9 freespins with x 5 multiplier. By the way it looks like the more scatters you get - better picks is available. Once I got 4 scatters and there was 10 freespins with x 6 multiplier available. During freespins any scatter adds one more freespin. I had only once mega decent feature. I picked 9 freespins with 5 multiplier, and get couple of 5 of a kinds with wilds. My end result was 400 bets or so after feature. Also had couple of 100 bets.

I like this game. Even in normal play i beat 100 bets task couple of times with good 5 of a kinds. It is interesting to play this slot because it could pay solid money during normal play and of course during freespins. I rate this game with 9 stars.
I took 1 star for some bad times when it is super hard to trigger freespins, and also because during freespins scatters do not pay. Once I got 5 scatters during freespins, but payout was zero for it and I just got +5 freespins.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Piggy Riches is a very fun game coming from NetEnt. I think the designers of the game took the phrase “Greedy as a pig” literally and decided to make a slot game with that theme. I have to say they did a pretty good job and this slot can be very interesting and generous to play in long sessions.

This is a 15 payline, 5 reel slot so the minimum bet to play it is only 15 cents.The game has a descent graphic and background music like most NetEnt slots. Great attention has been paid to details. The main symbols of the game are Mr. and Miss. Pig, dressed up in expensive clothes with money and jewelry all around them. They are also Wild and Scatter accordingly. Mr. Pig has a nice function of tripling a win when he is in a winning combination. Miss. Pig triggers the free spins when 3 of them land on the reels and for each symbol in the free spins you get an extra spin so sometimes this bonus can end up with a lot of spins in total. Another interesting feature of the game is that you are offered 3 choices for the free spins. They are random and can go up to 28 free spins and a high 6 x multiplier. I don’t think this will ever happen together but you get descent choices. I usually pick the highest multiplier because from my experience you get maybe 2 - 3 wins so I like them multiplied as much as possible.

I had some nice runs on this game. Whenever my balance drops to 6 - 7 euros I always try her hoping for some nice win or a bonus round. Sometimes you can go 4 - 5 spins without a win and then win 6 - 7 euros in one spin thanks to the multiplier the wild has.
The last time I played it at RedBet I think I managed to rise from 4 to 25 euros on minimum bet playing this game alone. It can be a real life saver sometimes.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Piggy Riches by Netenet is definitely the video slot that one should pay attention to and believe me or not, even I always knew this game has huge and I mean really huge potential I never played it regularly. Wins are massive and what you might expect will hold on your attention and produce some excitement over the whole experience.

Have you ever seen the rich pig, living luxurious life ?

I haven't but I know there are people giving their animal royal treatment and there is no doubt that some sweet pig out there lives her luxurious life, with golden necklace on and who knows what else.

Now, if you haven't tried this game before, it is the time to enter this rich piggy world and look after so many prizes that piggy wants to share with you.
5 reel, 15 paylines and now it is fun time, Piggy wants you to know how does it work.

Mr. Piggy Riches is wild and substitutes for all symbols except scatter which is Lady Piggy Riches and getting 3 or more will start free spins bonus round where you can get up to 28 free spins with 6 x multiplier.
Scatter in free spins could bring much more joy to you and extra free spin. During the free spins wins with Mr. Piggy Riches multiple wins up to 18 x multiplier value. In this high variance slot everything is about wealth and money and each symbol represent what is this game about.
Piggy bank, Richesbag with gold, Money purse, Piggy gold card, Pig key and the strongest card symbols like Ace, King, Jack, Ten and King!

Your Ace is your balance and inner feeling to follow up and know how to play this game. You can chose bet as low as 0.15 euros cents. I never had long game sessions and never went straight to play this game as I always hunting regularly other games and Piggy Riches, even old slot, might be my future game.
Piggy Riches slot it is Net entertainment video game, and I really love this game, it can kept my balance for a long time alive and if I am lucky enough it can drop some really decent wins.

This game looks nice, sounds also great. Especially sound when scatter land on reel, it doing some piggy noise, very funny and cool, I like it.

Piggy Riches video slot has 15 paylines, and min bet is 0.15, very good bet size, not need to have decent amount of money to play safe in this game, and it is hard to lose big balance betting min bet, so you can enjoy making wagering requirements if needed.

There is nothing really special with slot, but I do like those wilds here have multiplier, this is always positive thing for me, because just wilds without anything special it is just too boring. Freespins here it is a place where you can hit something really great. When you hit 3 or more scatters you can choose each scatter. I did not remember what numbers is exact, but I am always picking 9 freespins with x 5 multiplier. Any scatter that appear during freespins add plus one freespins, so picking 9 x 5 I am usually playing something like 15-20 freespins, not initial 9.

Overall my experience is very good. In base game I usually have good wins, not big of course, but good which kept me on my balance level till I hit freespins. During freespins with x 5 multiplier even any 3 of a kind with wild will pay decent money, so it is not so hard to earn something here. Just be sure that you have enough money, because sometimes game going to suck mode and does not give anything, no freespins, no decent wins, just small 3 of a kinds and 2 of a kinds of best paying symbol.
Everything I like, and have nothing to say here.
Piggy Riches is a quite new game on NetEnt and I don't play it too much. Even though I don't play it a lot, I have managed to get familiar with this game. It is a 15 line game with one feature and a huge potential. The potential comes in the form of wild which triple your win if found in a winning combination. In fact the first time I played this game, I was betting €0.45 and got three wilds with a money bag which paid to €27. One more bag would have given me €180, but the stopped just on top of the line symbol.

The wilds pay even better in free spins, which let you pick your own number of free spins and multipliers. The more free spins the smaller the multiplier, a serious choice for a gambler. I always pick the highest multiplier and sometimes end up with less than 10x.

The stop button makes the game more interesting to play and when you do catch those pigs you feel on top of the world. Because the free spins are selective you can not retrigger them, but the game makes it up by giving you extra spin for each pig you get on the reels.

The graphics are really good and the sound effects are very funny. Very enjoyable to play.
The game can definitely be fussy and completely turn off on you. It would tease you with two bonus symbols or almost a big pay and take all of your cash. To win big you need to bet big on this game and if you do that when its off then you are guaranteed to lose your cash. The free spins also pay very small most of the time. It is almost impossible to reach 100x with out some luck.

Over all enjoyable but has its mood swings. My rating 7 out of 10.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
Piggy Riches slot is powered by NetEnt and it has 5 reels and 15 paylines. The minimum amount you can bet on is 0.15$ per spin. Played this game only once so far.

The first time I saw this game I thought wow a very fancy game with really rich graphics, so the winning and features must be just as fancy. Even though the game lacks the bonus feature and it isn't progressive it has Wild and scatter symbols, which is basically all that you need for a big win. If it has free spins I am in. Also I love that when you press the spin button, there is a sound that is exactly the same as the cash register is opened, and I mean how rich that is. For the wild symbol as usual it substitute for everything except scatter and the winning bet lines with wild symbol will pay with x3 multiplier. As far as the scatter symbol goes, 3 or more scatter symbols activate the free spin feature. The maximum number of free spin is 28 and the maximum multiplier in the game is x6. Also each scatter within the free spin feature will grant one extra free spin. After about 20 minutes of playing with 0.15$ I got nothing to show for, my balance decreased by half and I didn't even have any sort of speaking big win. I had some hard time even getting those wild symbols and not to get started about scatter symbols. It's not that I was close; I wasn't near of getting the 3x scatter for free spins. In my experience it is really hard to trigger it.

Overall a very disappointing experience I had, I don't know will I ever try this slot again, but if I do it better give me something. A solid 6/10 from me.
katemak 1170 reviews
Piggy Riches video slot is from the best Netent provider, well for me they are the best games, don't know why, maybe the graphics are doing the all job, so the people like me, like that games a lot!
This game is one of the oldest Netent slots, which has 5 reels and 15 paylines.

Honestly I didn't paid much attention to this slot, so much time, just because it has 15 paylines or just because I don' like that kind of slots, although, it turns out, that that the payouts of this kind of slots are huge. The main symbols in this game are the Rich Pigs, where the Mr.Pig is the wild symbol and he substitutes all the symbols on the reels except the Lady Pig. Mrs.Lady Piggis the scatter symbol and by my opinion, or my luck, it's very hard to trigger.

So getting 3 of them anywhere landing on the reels, you got yourself free spins feature which can be up to 28 free spins and the multiplier by the Pig is X 18. Whenever I have been given free spins from some casino on this game I just don't get anything or what to expect from only free rounds. When the last time I played this game, I have lost 22 euros and from all that playing, well honestly 22 euros is not that big balance that you can play, but still, not even once I have won decent winnings, from all those rounds. And yes I will agree with some of the players, here to win some decent sum of money is hard, but even for the free spins feature, well I have won or see, only 2 times the free spins feature, so this might be good game, but I guess this 15 paylines games are not made for me.
oneLoVegg 55 reviews
Piggy riches is very interesting slot game by NetEnt. I always use this slot, when my balance is low, and when I did not want to lose, and want to be sure that I will play some time and at least will have freespins feature (or few features).

Piggy riches is very good for all players, lowest possible bet here is very low, only 0.15 per spin, and 15 paylines. Game is very entertainming, because it can pay good win during main game, and even better win during freespins. Wilds here have x 3 multiplier, so if you hit good 5 of a kind, you really need it to be with wild symbol, to have good payout.

Freespins is another great thing, unlike many others slots by netent you can choose here how many spins you want and with which multiplier(usually it is 25 x 2, 15 x 3 and 9 x 5). I preffer first two, 25 x 2 and 15 x 3 looks awesome, because you get many spins and multiplier not so bad.

I get couple of great hits on this slot, and most of hits come to me in freespins of course, once I won 95 euros at Redbet, and believe me it was awesome, because my bet per spin was only 0.15 . Few other big hits was for 5 of a kind with wild during freespins, sometimes slot produce few low 5 of a kinds, but since there is multipliers total feature win is great. In main game I had only one good win, at 0.30 per spin I won about 70 euros, also very good result.

In short this is very good slot, it is not eating money without features, and I usually use this slot when I am low of money. Something like saving slot for me when I am in trouble. But of course do not think that it is always pay winnings, sometimes it can be hard to get decent win, because wilds appear not so often, so be careful with bet amount.
Ah, Piggy Riches what to say about this creative Net-Ent 15 line Piggy Bank/1930s wealthy pigs slot? Wow writing that was pretty bizarre! Anyway Piggy Riches is a medium to high risk game, it will chew you up and spit you out with a severe hole in your wallet if you don’t respect it! Piggy Riches is now one of the oldest Netent games but it is a classic game and the wins possible are truly insane! It has funny sound effects like a game show / barnyard and an old fashioned sounding theme during free spins it is pig themed after all!

The reason this video slot is so popular well there is not just one reason there are several! Firstly I’ll begin with the paytable! 2000 x for 5 money bags however land this with a piggy wild and it is tripled! Giving the player a massive win of 6000 x their line bet! Other symbols range in value for 5 they include credit cards 1000 x, keys 750 x, purses 400 x, piggy banks 200 x and 10-ACE symbols varying from 50-125 x for 5. Piggy Riches is suitable whatever your budget you can play it from as little as 1p-1 line all the way up to £750 per spin! Ok so doesn’t the base game alone sound terrific? Wait till I tell you what the free spins has in store for you!

Free spins are activated when you land 3 or more female pigs on the reels players are then given a choice of their own which feature they would like! These choices range from 12 free spins x 6, 9 free spins x 5, 12 free spins x 4, 15 free spins x 3, and 22 free spins x 2. These change depending how many scatters you trigger it would take a very long time and these only slightly alter so will just tell you the value of the scatters and you can be surprised at what your choices are when you discover by yourselves. Two scatters doubles the bet and returns to player, 3 scatters quadruples the bet and gives players choice of free spins/multipliers, 4 scatters gives 20 x bet and gives higher value free spins and multipliers and 5 scatters gives 100 x bet and the crème de la crème of mutiplier rewards! Another nifty addition to these free spins are the wild still triples everything and for every lady pig player is awarded an extra free spin! So if you get 3 more females during free spins this is an extra 3 free spins! This can make free spins last a very long time and increases the chances of winning very big indeed even at a tiny 15p bet!!

Now that I am certain I have mentioned everything you want to know here is my
Pros of Piggy Riches!


Massive Pays possible the game titles extremely apt!

Fantastic free spins with big multipliers!

Tripling wild symbol(base game and free spins)

15 paylines or less not too steep for anyone's budget

Player is paid for every 2 or more scatters

Nice music & simple graphics prevent lagging and game malfunction

Fun to play for long periods of time.

I give Piggy Riches 8/10 very nice game but can be cold and take money as quick as DOA!

No quick spin possible

Can run very cold at times causing frustration (leave immediately if this happens! )

Free spins can be quite tricky to obtain

Many poor free spin rounds picking the right one is crucial!
yapro 790 reviews
Here is one more netent game, and for some reason it is similar for me with reel steal and break da bank again games. I think this is because on all these games wilds are very important to get nice win, and without wilds achieve good payout is not really possible. But there is few difference of course, and first difference is that wilds on this game had x 3 multiplier, while two which i mention had x 5. Also at this game i can choose number of free spins and multiplier for free spins, there are different pick can be awarded, but i am always take x 5 multiplier, without care how many spins there. Highest multiplier - one day it will be big detonate and i hit something unique and great.

To play feature , player need to get 3 scatters, and this is not so hard in this game, i think i never wait more than 200 spins to get feature.But variance on this game is of course really high, because wilds appear rare, and even more rare they appear on winnings combination ( not including some winnings like 3 of a kind jacks). My best hit on this game is only 150 x total bet at nordicbet casino, long time ago. Based on what i see from people screenshots, this is poor result, but i still did not achieve better, and to be honest i rare open this game, because for me this game is boring.

Conclusion: High variance game, and everything depend on wilds. Why i should like this game i did not know, because for me it is boring to watch did wild come on any line or no. I do not want to play another break da bank again slot, and for me better spend time on some better games. But game of course not so bad like i trying to say, and it has some fans. 6 stars, but this is based only on my experience.
Piggy riches slot is very old netent release. It has 15 lines and i think it is interesting game to play.

Idea of the slots it is pigs, and their bank, in which a lot of money, and player should be able to grab some money from this bank. But piggies not so kind to give money for free, and it is hard job to take some money from their bank.

In this slot not possible to play any bonus game, and i glad with it, i did not like all bonus game, free spins much more interesting for me. This game has nice pigs - wilds, which have 3 x multiplier for all wins. No anything interesting in base game except scatters, which can appear on all reels. When player get 3 + scatters, he choose free spins with some random number of free spins and random multiplier. I usually take average feature, it is best choice i think. Best free spins i had on this slot is 15 x 5 multiplier, and i won about 250 $ on 0.90 betsize, this was on nordicbet site. Free spins cannot be retriggered, and every scatter add only one more free spins during all free spins.

I play this game many times on different casinos, and it is always interesting to give this slot a few spins till feature, but it is very hard to achieve big win. I see many screenshots of other players with really big and great wins on this slot, but i never had more than 300 x betsize on this slot. Few times this slot save my life and i get nice cashouts, but sometimes it is hard to get 3 scatters to trigger feature. Generally this is good slot to play with bonus, but with real money i am try to stay away.
My opinion about this slot is that it is a funny game,about rich pigs with very nice graphics and funny characters! It is a 5-reel slot game,with 15 paylines and only 0.15$ minimum bet which I think it is awesome because I am playing very often on lower stakes!

I managed to catch 3 scatters and I was awarded with 15 free spins with 3x multiplier and I won from this free spins 12 euro and the bet was only 0.15 euro! After 10-15 spins I caught again 3 scatters and I won from the free spins only 4.8 euro this time!
The biggest win that I had on this slot game was 24 euro after I increased the stake to 0.30 euro and I think that this slot has a great potential for big wins if you can afford to play on big stakes!

The game its very smooth,I like it because it has a good speed even on a slow internet connection I played only 4 or 5 times this slot, every time on unibet casino and I managed to withdraw money 2 times and I think this is a good game where you can win something!

The Wild Symbol I managed to catch it multiple times but didn’t paid me so well,only one time I caught 2 wilds and 3 keys!
Overall I think it is a good slot game,not very good but I think its ok if you want to have some fun and spend your money or complete the wagering requirements of a bonus!

I will rate this slot,I will give an 8 for the graphics and characters because it is a little bit outdated,for the sounds 8,the features and the payout rate it is quite good and it deserves a 9!In my opinion it’s a good slot game that can be played anytime even on low stakes!
Piggy riches online video slot is powered by net entertainment, and of course every gambler played this software at least once ( except poor USA gamblers, that so sick that you can not play microgaming and net entertainment slots). Anyway, i play this slot many times, and have nice and positive experience with it.

Piggy riches has 15 paylines, and nice theme about piggy ( ooops, you surprised, yes?). Graphic and sounds a bit outdated of course, but this is due slot was created long time ago ( sorry, i do not know exact date when this slot was released, but if you really curious about this, i am pretty sure mr. google will help you with this). In this slot payouts for 5 of a kind a very nice, i believe this is because it has only 15 lines, and because if you had win on payline with wild, then your win is multiplied by3. For those who love to take a chance to see 5 wilds, i had good news, 5 wilds on this slot possible, but i am personally never see even 3 wilds in a row, so i believe this is very hard goal to get 5 of this piggies on payline, but good thing that if you do this, payout will be very big. Of course this slot has free spins feature, triggering by 3 or more scatters ( which is also piggies, woman piggies Oo). Anyway, i like the thing that if you get 3 scatters, you will need to choose what type of free spins you want to play, usually there is something like 20 x 2, 15, 3, 9 x 5. I am usually take 9 x 5, because this gives you a chance to hit really, really amazing win.

I had both good and bad sessions on this slot, but i am pretty sure this is good and interesting slot , which deserves a go.
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Piggy Riches is a 15 Paylines video slot than I can enjoy from time to time. It depends on how Piggy Riches plays out for me. Can it deliver within 30 minutes of placing $0.60 bets or will it collect for very long minutes at a time? The decision is solely on these two factors but if I happen to collect more during my 30 minutes and hit free spins in the process then I will expect to have a great time while continuing on Piggy Riches.

In a way this slot is better than hitting free spins on Mega Fortune because I've hit more than 3 times in my sessions to see 3 and 4 scattered lady pigs holding and petting that present. Nice touch NetEnt! It's too bad that 4 scattered lady pigs are worth only 15x. That totalled to just $9 for my $0.60. I'm just shaking my head here realising how very small the price of 4 hard to earn scatters are. I know it should be much better. Make it at least 30x or so to make it worth while. As these scatters are averagely coming out it gave me choices of how to play out my free spins. Now the choices are completely random! I have seen 22 free spins at 3x, 10 free spins at 6x, 17 free spins at 2x, 25 free spins at 2x, even 25 free spins at 6x which is the most valued of choices! Not only are the choices a great idea but they have incorporated a gentlemen pig that pays 3x for all combinations. It's almost like Loaded only with lacking similarities (choices in Loaded are limited unlike Piggy Riches). What's more to get out of the free spins are for every lady pig scatter that comes landing anywhere on the reels she gives an additional 1 extra free spin per scatter occurrence! So if she comes out for 3 on a spin it would grant me 3 free spins more.

The most I usually win on Piggy Riches considering the feature would be about $68 for my $0.60 bets. I do wish I could hit 5 scatters because I like collecting screenshots of them! The nifty part is I don't know what I'll get until I trigger the free spins. It could be good (it usually is) or just down right nasty!

Overall, Piggy Riches gets a 7.8 out of 10 for the winnings I've made and if it would part with it's crispy bacon strips I would appreciate that too!
Piggy Riches is a slot I should have paid way sooner after my recent experiences with this game. I know a lot of slots are based on some lucky porkies themes, and I generally don't choose to play them since I find it too common among online casinos.

However, that's me judging again before actually knowing what the slot is capable of. We humans tend to do that at times, and it shouldn't be that way. Luckily I decided to play this game from Net Entertainment recently at Unibet & Redbet.

Sometimes luck just kicks in when you're not expecting at, and that's exactly what happened to me while playing Piggy Riches for a few good sessions. This slot basically has 15 paylines and 5 reels. The theme is all about the rich piggy's living the lavish lifestyle. Symbols consists of credit cards, fur, purses, car keys, money bags, pigs and the usual card symbols.

The first time I've played this game I've managed to get four credit card symbols in only a few minutes. Thanks to a few wilds appearing I managed to complete this, and a 3x multiplier was the result since wins complemented with a wild gets tripled.

This meant won like 120x my bet size while playing €0.45 bets. I decided to keep playing and to my surprise another similar win popped up with again four credit cards. I thought about a Hit & Run for a second, but I've changed my mind and decided to wait at least until free spins kick in.

Well, within 40 spins I managed to get 3 scatters, and 15 free spins got awarded with a 3x multiplier. During free spins I managed to win 250x my bet size, and not even thanks to a major hit. The small hits just kept coming, and my balance rose up nicely.

The nice thing about free spins mode btw is that each scatter gives you +1 free spins. Didn't see too many of them though. Overall a very good experience with Piggy Riches.

Final rating for this game is 7.5/10

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